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This is my honest MarketerMagic Review. Hello and welcome to the internet’s most detailed breakdown of the MarketerMagic tool.

I will be going through every single feature. By the end of this MarketerMagic Review, you will know for sure if you will need to purchase this tool for your own online business or not.

And why should you listen to me?

First of all, I can give you a truly honest, unbiased review of MarketerMagic because I am Online Marketer.

I understand the struggle all the Online Marketer are facing having this tool will save your time and increase your profile.

MarketerMagic Logo

Do not take my word for it you can try it for free to make your owner informed decision.

Adding MarketerMagic with Jaaxy you will have bright future online and be ahead of your competition.

Jaaxy is a revolution in finding high traffic keywords with low competition for all type of online marketing.

However, if you are looking to find out if MarketerMagic is a scam or legit tool. You need to relax MarketerMagic is not a scam and it is a product for Kavin David.

I also know the reason why you are searching for a couple of MarketerMagic Reviews to find what you are looking for you will need to read this article to the very end.

What is MarketerMagic?

MarketerMagic is a tool for marketers for all level it has 9in1feature that will help you with your marketing and conversion.

The tool solves some of the most frequently occurring marketing problems with a set of smart and user-friendly tools.

MarketerMagic is an online application so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer because there is no software to download. Try Out For 7 Free Trial Here >>>

MarketerMagic was created by Kevin David who is very successful Online Marketer has made more than 10 million in sale with his training such as

Kevin David has said he will no longer create more course the Digital Course Secret was the last one and it will focus on creating software so far he has created MarketerMagic and ZonBaze.

How to Sign Up with MarketerMagic

You can visit and try out the 7 days trial but you will need to provide your credit card details.

Therefore, if you do not like the tool you can cancel your subscription on before the 7 days trial so you won’t be charged.

How Does MarketerMagic Works?

When it comes to finding keywords to use for articles or new websites, I completely rely on Jaaxy for my keyword research.

It is super easy to use and understand, plus the data is VERY accurate. But when it comes to verify my email and increase delivery rate I rely on MarketerMagic.

That is not all there are more 8 MarketerMagic features that I am going to explain in more detail below:


Social proof ups are proven to increase the opt-in percentage. This is number Social Proof app designed to give your customers a serious case of FOMO!

It has a lean design, Clickproof is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile. Set up takes less than 5 minutes and requires ZERO technical skill.


Send personalized images featuring your customer’s name automatically. LivePic you can auto-magically send images that show your customer’s first name!

This updates dynamically and in real-time. Your sales double when your customers receive a handmade image from you with their name on it!


Track your virtual assistants and teams hours worked and payroll. We now live in a modern world where building MASSIVE remote-based businesses are easier than ever before.

But tracking them can be difficult with WorkHub, however, you can easily stay in control and harness tools like time tracking and real-time screenshots to ensure your remote workers stay productive while on the clock.


Clear your list and increase deliverability rate instantly. The number one issue with email deliverability is invalid emails polluting your list with MarketerMagic.

You not only get instant, real-time verification of your list, you also get live verification installed directly on your website to prevent any fake emails from getting through


Discover unlimited new hot leads for your agency or any business instantly. The hardest part of running an Ad Agency is finding new business to pay your monthly retainer with MarketerMagic, however, this is a breeze.

Find Doctors, Dentists, Real Estate Agents plus tons of other businesses instantly and export your leads or send them an email in the same dashboard.


A link shortener built specifically for marketers and online business owners.

MiniMe you can shorten your links in style and add more value to your URLs. Create retargeting links with your embedded Facebook and Google Pixels.

Easily split the two destination links and track which has the better conversion.

Create deep links that automatically redirect to native apps like YouTube, Messenger, and Instagram for increased conversions and created a link tree to your Instagram bio.


Remove the background of any image for tunnel or product image. This feature saves your time when you want to remove your background picture and paste it onto another picture just upload the image and it will automatically remove the background image.

Email Hunter

Target B2B leads and find the email for anyone in any business. This Email Hunter lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. Find email addresses Search.


Build an email list in your browser and send browser push notifications. Pushboost help builds visitor to subscriber whenever you publish an article or post it will send your visitor notifications.

Is MarketerMagic Worth it?

If you have been in this online industry for a long time you will understand the importance of investing in best tools that will help you scale up your profits. You will also have video training that will guide you on how to use those features.

Therefore, if you are Content Marketers, Digital Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers you will need to get MarketerMagic it will help you save time and money most importantly increase your revenue.

Like I said before, the tool has 7 Day Free Trial >>> and you can cancel the subscription any time. Therefore, if you like it you can purchase MarketerMagic it has different price plan.

MarketerMagic Price Plans

MarketerMagic Price and Plans

What do I like?

As an Online Marketer, I like MaketerMagic because it increases my email delivery rate and deletes fake mails.

There is also feature that I like it called MiniMe is link shortener and the interface of the dashboard is clean and it user-friendly

What I Do Not Like?

To be honest I have not experienced any issues since I am using the tool and I know MarketerMagic is on the new stage. Let wait and see anything I will come and update this review.

Is MarketerMagic a Scam?

We all know that it is not that easy to trust any product or software on the internet due to the high rate of scam.

But if you know Kevin David then the product is legit and I have a full Kevin David Review you can go and read it will help you to make an informed decision.

Therefore, MarketerMagic is not a scam it is an online application that will help you with your online business and you do not have to download any software it is an online application so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer.

MarketerMagic Complaints.

I know you are looking for to know what people are complaining about MarketerMagic to know your deal breaker.

The product is still new in the market there is no complaint but if I find one will come and update this review.

However, if you consider more about BBB accredited and the rating. This might be your deal-breaker because the tools are not listed by the time of writing this MaketerMagic Review.

My Conclusion about MarketerMagic

MarketerMagic is an awesome tool that does not need to be installed onto your computer and can be used by all skill levels of online marketers. As an Online Marketer, you all have a different challenge.

Kevin David face it to that why he created a tool with great features to help you stay on top of your game and worry increase traffic and profile.

Therefore, if you are struggling with SEO and traffic Jaxxy can help you find the keyword with low competition your business to increase traffic to your website.

I have a little Jaaxy widget below where you can enter a keyword and see the results within a few seconds.

However, if you also what to learn Internet and Affiliate Marketing My Top Recommendation.

You will find all the tools you need to be successful including a website, hosting, training and 24/7 support.

Your Feedback Regarding MarketerMagic and What is Your Experience

Thank you for stopping by I hope this MarketerMagic Review help you to make your informed decision.

Therefore, if you have used this tool before please share your experience It will help someone to make an informed decision.

You can also like Social Sharing Button below to share it with your friend, colleagues and family. You will never know who needs it.

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