Marketing Agency Program Review

Marketing Agency Program Review – Is Kevin David Course Legit or Scam?

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Hey folks and welcome to Kevin David Marketing Agency Program Review the MAP. I am sure you have come across with Kevin David ads whether on Facebook or YouTube and you are wondering what is this course all about.

You have come to the right place and this will be in-depth Marking Agency Program Review and if you are asking is Marking Agency Program a scam or legit?

I have to be honest the course is very legit but whether you can make $5000 a month with this course is another story that you will have to read this Kevin David Marketing Agency Review until the end.

Therefore, I have to tell you that I am not Kevin David Student that means you will need to expect an unbiased and honest review from me.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I have been online for a long time and I know what its working and what is not working. All in all, you will need to follow your passion that what will help you succeed in this online business.

Making money is not that easy as you think, as all the Gurus are saying you will face challenge and obstacle. But if it is your passion you will do whatever it takes to continue pushing.

Therefore, if you are running after a shiny object just for the sack of making money you won’t do much and I have been there I know how the online business work.

However, if you want to know how I quit Uber Eat Delivery and follow my passion and build a revenue website and make passive income with the Internet and Affiliate Marketing you can check out My Top Recommendation.

If having a Digital Marketing Agency is your passion then you will need to read this until the very end to know what you will need to expect in this course.

What is Marketing Agency Program?

Marketing Agency Program is a video course that was created by Kevin David to help people to start a Digital Marketing Agency with no experience or money to make $5000 per months.

This is a very details course with a lot of value that will teach you everything you need to know to start your Digital Marketing Agency.

Kevin David will show you where to find your potential client, how to approach them and how to close your first deal.

In this course, you will find temples of contract that you can edit and send to your client. This course is all is done for you, all you need is to follow along and take action.

Who is Kevin David

Kevin David is 30 years old successful online entrepreneur and he grew up in Eugene, Oregon.

He also created ThatLifestyleNinja this is a movement that inspired entrepreneurs to live by their owner rules and always follow their dream.

This movement has more 900 thousand subscribers on YouTuber and 225 thousand followers on Instagram. His mission for this movement is to free people from 9 to 5 corporate slavery.

Kevin David graduate with Summa Cum Laude and He works as an accountant in Portland and also worked as Data Privacy Consultant at Facebook in Menlo Park.

He decided to quit his career and follow his passion for entrepreneurship and he created so many online courses and make more than 10 million in sales.

Below is Kevin David other Courses and link to the Webinar.

How to Sign Up with Marketing Agency Program

You will simply need to visit and fill-up the form you can see the screenshot below the course will cost you $37 and you will have 30 days money-back guarantee if you do not like the cost.

Marketing Agency Program Sign up form

Unfortunately, the course does not have a free trial where you need to drive test the course before you buy which means you will need to provide your credit card and purchase the course and if you do not like the course. You will have to email within 14 days to request your money back.

However, if you are more interested in drive testing the program before you buy it you can try Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that teaches people who want to start an online business in absolutely any niche that you are passionate about.

How Does Marketing Agency Program Works?

Kevin David Marketing Agency Program course is very simple training to follow along Kevin will show you how to approach your potential client by offering free service that will build trust with those clients and beg you to work with them.

All you need is to analyze their website if they do not have Facebook Pixel helping to install it for free and propose them to manage their Facebook ads that will help to increase the return on investment

The Facebook pixel is code that you place on the website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website

Kevin will teach you it step by step and how to set your own professional Digital Marketing Agency and where to find your potential client and how to close your deal.

Kevin David Marketing Agency Program has 9 detailed chapters which are:

  • How To 10X Your Investment For This Course
  • The Exact Script Kevin Uses To Close Customers on $1000+ Contracts As A Complete Beginner
  • How To Get Customers INSTANTLY With One Simple (Follow Up = Profit!)
  • How To Close Your Prospect On Your Free Call (Advanced Sales Tips For Beginners)
  • How To DRASTICALLY INCREASE your conversion rate for signing on new clients
  • The Perfect Contract To Send Your Clients To Close The Deal
  • How To Get Set Up To Run Ads, Who Pays For Ads and How Much To Spend On Ads
  • How To Get Your Clients New Profitable Customers In ADDITION To Re-targeting Their Website Traffic
  • How To Set Up HUGELY Profitable Retargeting Ads For Your Clients

After completing this course you will be ready to start your Successful Digital Marketing Agency like a prof.

You will need to put in mind that without MarketerMagic Tool you do not have a business this tool have 9in1 feature that will help you to increase your revenue.

But there is only one feature that will allow you to find the potential clients the feature is called ManyLead

What Does ManyLead Do?

ManyLead help you finds highly relevant leads in any industry and from any region you want that including contact information of the business owner. I am talking about emails address, phone numbers, and social media accounts.

All you need is to analyze their website if they have Facebook Pixel and if they do not have one you can explain the purpose of having one and offer to install it for free.

After you can propose them to manage their Facebook ads. You already make your first impression they will probably say yes to pour proposal than you are ready to start doing business with them.

In this course, you will also learn how personalized a video presentation with Loom that will record your scream.

This will give you more credibility and look like a prof when you explain what you are going to offer to your potential client.

Is Marketing Agency Program Worth it?

My question to you is how much money did you spend on your qualification that makes you live paycheck to paycheck? Do the math $5000, $10000 or $25000 and you are working a job that you do not like.

Therefore, if I tell you that you can only pay $37 for this course that teaches you how to be your own boss and quit the 9 to 5 jobs will you still ask the same question?

Anyway Marketing Agency Program worth more than $37 I have seen high ticket course that charge a whooping of $1,500 and you will have to put in mind that this course is in test phase once Kevin David gets more positive feedback I pretty sure he will increase the price like his other courses.

What do I like?

To be very honest I like everything about this course and all the tool that Kevin David provide.

Therefore, if you do not have any experience of running a business or setting up your contract you will find everything in this course.

You will also have email temples you can send to your potential client and follow up email all set in this course. You can send blast personalized email using SendGrid and the free version can do the job.

What I Do Not Like?

What I do know like is the MarketerMagic does not come with Marketing Agency Program package you will need to buy it aside and it cost $37 per month but you can try the 7 days Free Trial Here.

Any in any business you will need to buy other tools to speed up your process but MarketerMagic is must-have without it you do not have the business. This is a smart move for Kevin David he gives you once-off training and gets a recurring income on the tool.

Marketing Agency Program Complaints

All this stage the course is still new and there is no complaint online if you have one you can leave it in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision.

But if you also consider the BBB ( Better Business Bureau) rating and accreditation Unfortunately Marketing Agency Program is not listed with them and I am sure this can be deal-breaker for some people but It is not a big deal.

Is Marketing Agency Program a Scam?

Marketing Agency Program is not scam It is very detail course that will teach you steps by steps on how to start your own Digital Marketing Agency from scratch without any money to invest in ads.

Kevin David has done all the work for you include tools, contract, message to send to your potential client and start making money right away.

Therefore, all you need is to follow all the training and take action. Your question might be how can I find the client?

As I said before with MaketerMagic tool you will be able to find leads for your potential client in your location.

All you need is to contact them and offer a solution to improve their online presence and marketing.

My Conclusion about Marketing Agency Program

Kevin David Marketing Agency Program is the best training in this industry so far that teaches you exactly what to do even if you do not have any experience with Digital Marketing.

Therefore, if your passion to own a Digital Marketing Agency then go for it and follow all the training and most importantly take action.

You will find everything that you need to start your Digital Marketing Business this training is kinder all is done for you.

You will learn how to find your potential client using MarketerMagic, How to professionally send a message or email to your potential client even they do not respond you will have a set of messages to follow.

Everything is included to start your own profitable Digital Marketing Agency like a professional. However, if you are not good at making a cold call and convincing people this is not for you.

But there is always a room to learn. You will need to contact your potential client, follow up and attend the meeting if they agree to meet you.

Therefore, if you want a business that does not need to follow up, talking and all the thing that you make you anxious.

You can try My Top Recommendation and build a revenue website that will do the talking and converting your visitors into a potential client.

Your Feedback Regarding Marketing Agency Program and What is Your Experience

Thank you for reading the Marketing Agency Program Review I hope this review helps you to make an informed decision.

Now is time to ask you a question is this business model that you are interested in please your comment maybe I will have something that you are looking for.

Therefore, You will also need to attend other Kevin David webinar maybe it will help you find what you are looking for.

However, if you are experienced with Marketing Agency Program (MAP) please share your experience here it will help someone to make the right information.

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