Royal Prestige MLM Review – Is Selling Cookware A Scam?

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Hey guys and welcome to Royal Prestige MLM Review. One thing for sure you are looking for to find out how Royal Prestige works.

I know Royal Prestige Distributor have shared with you the juice story of the business and you are a bit excited and also skeptical at the same time.

That why you are searching for a couple of Royals Prestige MLM Reviews to find out what is this business is all about and how much money can you make.

I have to congratulate you for taking the time to do your due diligence that is a good way to find what is working and not working before you jump in any business.

Therefore, if you are asking is Royal Prestige a scam or pyramid scheme you have come to the right place.

I have everything you need to know about Royal Prestige including the complaints and also the alternative to this business model.

Why should you listen to make?

I have been online for a long time and I have tried MLM business and I have reviewed other MLM companies such as Mary Kay, Amway. Herbalife and others. This business model is more profitable for the company than the distributor.

Therefore, if you want to know why this might not be the business model to get into you will need to read this Royal Prestige MLM Review to the very hard.

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What is Royal Prestige?

Royal Prestige is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sell cookware and household products. The company is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and Peter O. Johnson found it in 1959.

Since the creation of Royal Prestige, it has become one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world and it been operating by Hy Cite Enterprise LLC

They have 4,500 distributors worldwide in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, among others

How to Sign Up

To sign up as Royal Prestige you will need to sign up under existing distributor if you do not have one you will need to
and click on find or become a distributor and you will have to fill up a form like this below

Royal Prestige Distributor Form

Once you submit the request Royal Prestige will assign a distributor next to your location to help you with all the process.

However, it is hard to tell how much you will need to pay to become a distributor the website does not provide any information but I guess you will need to buy the Starter Kit like other MLM business.

Therefore, if you know how much is to Royal Prestige starter kit please leave your comment in the comment section it will complete this review and help my audience to make an informed decision.

How Does Royal Prestige Works?

Like all the Multi-Level Marketing company you make money by selling the product and recruiting people to join the company and become a distributor and earn commissions from their sales and the people that they recruit.

Royal Prestige works the same way there is no difference. Below is the product that you can choose and start selling.


There are different type of cookware product like:

1. Innove

Royal Prestige CookwareThis revolutionary waterless, greaseless cooking system will maximize the nutrients and flavour of your dishes. Below is the type of Innove products

  • 5-piece complementary
  • 6-piece gourmet
  • 7-piece classic
  • 8-piece special
  • 10-piece family
  • Paella pans
  • Colanders
  • Stockpots
  • Individual pieces

This cooking system has a 50-year limited warranty from the day you purchase the product.

2. Novel

The cooking systems are designed to cook fresh and frozen vegetable with very little added water. Below is the type of Novel productsNovel Cookware

  • 5-piece complementary
  • 7-piece classic
  • 8-piece special
  • 10-piece family
  • Paella pans
  • Stockpots
  • Individual pieces

3. 5-PLY

This cooking system its unique cooking method, lets you cook most types of meat, poultry and some types of fish without any added grease, fat or cooking oil. Below is the type of 5-PLY products5 PLY Cookware

  • 5-piece complementary
  • 7-piece classic
  • 8-piece special
  • 10-piece family
  • Gourmet skillets
  • Paella pans
  • Colanders
  • Individual pieces

Royal Prestige does not only sale cookware you can also find products on the catalogues such as:

  • Juicer
  • Tableware
  • Filtration Air
  • Filtration Water
  • Other accessories

However, you can not find any product on their catalogues all I know you can purchase the product once-off or by payment plan.

Royal Prestige does not disclose its compensation plan, and again it is tough to tell how can you earn for selling the product and recruiting people to join the business.

Therefore, if you were asking is Royal Prestige pyramid scheme I hope you have your answer now. To make thing clear is not a pyramid scheme they have a real product that you can sell and make money with it.

How Much Money Can You Make with Royal Prestige?

It is hard to say how much can you make with Royal Prestige on the website they are no pieces of information about the compensation plan and there is not earning disclaimer.

Therefore, if you are so confident about your products and your distributor earnings why do not disclose it on your website and be transparent to people who want to join the business.

Due to the lack of information on the Royal Prestige website, I just did a quick research about the MLM as a whole so you can have a clue if you are interested in this business model.

According to people who are involved in MLM make very little money or even lose money on all the inventory they need to buy.

All MLM participants quit within the first year, 90% of all representatives left the company within five years. This can you give your clue about the business and I will suggest starting Affiliate Marketing and you do not need to buy any product.

You just need to choose your NICHE (passion, hobby or your interest) and design a website for your NICHE and promote products in your NICHE and earn commissions. I will explain this one late in this review if you are still confused.

What do I like?

What likes about Royal Prestige is just by selling a small amount of cookware every month it can be very profitable. The product range for $250 to $800 for individual product and $800 to $3500 for the set. This price you can only find it through user complain in BBB.

What I Do Not Like?

To succeed in this type of business you will need some sort of training and support which the company does not provide. What I also do not like is MLM business model only a few people succeed in this business the number does not lie only 1% of people succeed with the MLM business model.

Is Royal Prestige a Scam?

Royal Prestige is not a scam and they have average 250,000 new customers each year, the company have reported that in 2019 their revenue reached $306 million.

Therefore, you might be a bit excited to have some share of their revenue until you read Royal Prestige complaints and the lawsuit that might scare you off and your potential clients.

I also find a lot of complaint on the BBB website about misleading sale tactic from distributors that are making empty promise just to make you join the business.

The number of complaints that I found for Royal Prestige and the distributors misleading sale tactic makes me more dislike the MLM business model and I am better off with this business model.

I love Affiliate Marketing with all in me I do not need to mislead people to make a sale and you do know ever have to speak if you do not want to your website do all the work and your email marketing can finish up the work if someone is a bit skeptical to buy the product.

Royal Prestige Complaints

Complaints are part of the business you can’t make everyone happy and that is fine and if you find complaints that does not mean the company is very bad or a scam.

But when they are serious complaints it makes to our attention to judge if the actual business opportunity is worth it. So with that said, I have dug up some complaints so you can decide.


The district attorneys of San Francisco announced the settlement of a consumer protection lawsuit against Hy Cite Corporation, whose Royal Prestige cookware and water filtration products were being sold by distributors in California using allegedly deceptive advertising and unfair business practices.

They agreed to full refunds to the more than 400 consumers and pay $250,000 in civil penalties and costs.

The San Francisco Superior Court also prohibits Hy Cite, its employees and distributors from engaging in misleading sales representations about the health benefits of the company’s cookware and water filtration products

Poor Support

There are 51 complaints on BBB (Better Business Bureau) by the time of writing this Royal Prestige MLM Review only a few have been resolved more people are complaining about the quality of the cookware and other pots are melting from the heat.

How Do I Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

I simply follow the 4 processes that Wealthy Affiliate Teaches which are:

  • Choosing a NICHE
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  • Create content that people are looking for on the internet
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To prove this method work and you were looking for information about Royal Prestige or review and you have landed here and you get all the information you need. So you should consider starting your Affiliate Marketing business.

My Conclusion about Royal Prestige

Almost in every household, people are using cookware and demand is high if you are interested in selling the cookware product you are more likely to succeed this is a very lucrative business.

Royal Prestige Cookware is very expensive just by selling a small amount every month can be very profitable but selling it has distributor can be a bit costly special if you do not have money to buy at the wholesale price.

Therefore, if you are more interested in selling cookware the profitable way without buying the product and convincing people to buy it.

You can become an affiliate with Amazon and other online retailers. All you need is to promote the product through website and when someone buys it you will make a commission. Better yet you can add many cookwares and build a stream of income with your website.

However, if you do know how it works or builds your own revenue website check out My Top Recommendation to start your 10 free training. You will learn everything you need to know about building your online business with Affiliate Marketing.

Your Feedback Regarding Royal Prestige and What is Your Experience

Thank you for reading this Royal Prestige MLM Review and if you have experience with this company and you are making money please share your experience. It will help many people to make the right decision.

However, if you are more interested in Affiliate Marketing and you have questions that you need me to answer you can leave in the comment section otherwise please click the social sharing button to share this review with your friend and family.

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