Amway Review – Is Amway Scam or A Pyramid Scheme?

In this Amway Review, I am going to reveal you the untold secret about Amway business and if Amway is a pyramid scheme.

Amway Review

I have spent more than 24 + hours reviewing the Amway Compensate Plan and how people make money in this business.

So I can write an honest Amway Review that will help my reader to make an informed decision.

If You Are Asking:

  • Is Amway Legit?
  • Is worth it to join the business?
  • What People Are complaining about Amway
  • Is the business still affective in 2020?

Then you have come to the right place.

Why You Should Listen To Me?

Mr Chanda

I am Franck Chanda and I make money online with Affiliate and Internet Marketing. In this Money Making Industry (MMI), they are a lot of scams and other programs that promise people overnight success.

I have made it my business to review those programs and tell my reader what they should expect and if the program will work for them and if it is just a scam.

That is exactly what I am going to do with Amway and I have reviewed more than 50 MLM companies like:

I Know how the MLM works and All of them have one thing in common is to recruit people to make money and some are still using the traditional marketing which makes the opportunity a bit hard to make decent money and I will explain how in this review.

You can also download my free guide if you really want to know how you can make money online with internet marketing.

This guide can also help you to improve your marketing skills even if you decide to sign up with Amway.

What is Amway? 

Amway ( American Way) is Health and Wellness largest American Multi-Level Marketing with revenue of $8.8 billion.

The sale product Like:
  • Amway Home
  • Glister
  • G&H,
  • Nutrilite
  • Artistry
  • AmwayQueen
  • eSpring
  • Atmosphere
  • XS Energy

Amway is the number one multi-level marketing company with more than 18000 employees in 100 countries and has more than 3 million Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Company Amway Global
Founder Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos
Founded 1959
Headquarters Ada, Michigan, United States
Products Nutrition Product, Beauty and Home Care Products
Website Official website
Revenue $8.8 billion in 2018

Amway’s History

Amway was found in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, they have been a friend and business partner for years.

Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos the founder of Amway

How To Sign Amway?

To sign up with Amway as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) you will need to join under an existing distributor and choose the starter kit that you can afford.

This will give you the opportunity to sell Amway product and earn commission on the people you recruit in the business and also earn commissions on their sales.

Amway Starter Kit

Amway has two Starter Kit that you will need to choose depending on your affordability:

Welcome Kit: It is $62.00 including a guide that will help you to start your own business, brochure and step by step training.

Product Kit: It is $83.99 including all materials you get in the welcome kit and Amway product worth $150 you can use it or you can sell it.

How Does Amway Work?

Amway is MLM they do not sale product on the store but they sale it through their distributor called Independent Business Owner (IBO).

They IBO  are making money in two ways by selling the Amway product and recruiting people to become distributors and earn commissions from them.

Below is a quick video that explains how Amway works and the Amway compensation plans and how to earn bonuses and other rewards.

Here are the two ways to earn with Amway

1. Selling Product

Amway has more than 480 products by the time of writing this Amway Review as an Independent Business Owner (IBO).

You will not struggle to find a product to sell just pick products from Amway catalogue and start selling it.

To be honest, Amway has quality products in the different category you can imagine, name it and you will probably find it in Amway catalogue.

Amway product

Amway Products

  • Nutrition: supplement, sports nutrition, weight management, and Energy Drinks
  • Beauty: Skincare and makeup
  • Body: Haircare, body care, oral care and more
  • Home Product: Dish detergent, Laundry surface care and more
  • Jewellery and Accessories: necklaces, bracelets and more
  • B2B Product: Cleaning, Laundry Products and more

As you can see there is a lot of more product you can sell if you decide to be Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO).

Do not be excited yet please keep reading this Amway Review to get all the information that will help you to make the right decision.

2. Recruiting People ( Selling the Dream)

To make more money as an IBO you will need to recruit more distributors and teaching them to do the same. You will become a leader and make commissions from their sales. This is how you will be selling the dream to the potential people who are interested in the business.

You will need to tell them to attend meetings, presentations, and seminars where they will be introduced to the group of other Amway leaders making unrealistic promises about earnings.

If you join Amay guess what happens next, you will start hearing if you want to be more successful you will need to buy this book and tape that will cost you about $60.

You will also hear that if you do not attend this presentation your business will be left 6 months behind again that will cost $50 and they have a seminar and presentation almost every week.

Therefore, more books and other materials you buy guess who benefits the Amway Leader who is on upline, who recruited you.

That is also the main reason Amway make 8.8 billion in revenue because they are a lot of material to buy, meeting and presentation to attend that will cost you a lot of money.

Is Amway Worth It?

Amway is not worth for the simple reason they are still encouraged member to use traditional marketing like organising parties and creating pamphlet. Those method used to be affecting years back.

Another problem is you can not build a strong business by recruiting people. Yes, you can sale Amway product but they a lot of company that sale the same product at an affordable price.

Lastly, all the MLM company strategy is to make you think you are a business partner (Distributor) in reality you are a potential client.

Those compensation Plans is to motivate you to buy more product even if you do not sale well hoping to get the rewards and qualify for other bonuses.

Is Amway a Pyramid Scheme?

Amway has been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission as they are operating as a Pyramid Scheme. Amway comes out clean people are not only making money by recruiting people they also making money by selling product.

The video below explained the difference between Multi-Level Marketing and MLM

This is a tough most of the MLM company cover their tracks by selling products even though the IBO are required to recruit a new distributor to join the business.

If you are been around in network marketing and understand the MLM business you will agree with me that the more distributor you recruit the more money you make.

Amway Complaints?

No company is 100% right in their operation but if there are too many complaints it comes to our attention to dig down and find the truth.

If you are Amay Independent Business Owner you do not have to worry about Amway product they have a 100% satisfaction rate.

Below is Amway Complaints that you need to read through to find your deal breaker.

Product Too Expensive

Some of the IBO’s are complaining that the products are too expensive, is very hard to making money and you will end up buying your own product to earn Point Value (PV) and Business Volume (BV) just to qualify for other bonuses and rewards.

Lack of Training

Amway still encourages people to network by throwing parties and sharing pamphlet. The problem with those Traditional Marketing you are limited to one location.

Amway does not teach the power of using the internet for your business to reach money people around the world. Many people complaints that is very hard to make money with Amway due to lack of training. You can also find other Amway complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Is it Amway a scam?

Whether Amway is the scam or not its is up for you tell if you ask my option I would not recommend you or any person to join MLM company.

Do not get me wrong Amway has a great product and you can be guaranteed that you will never get many complaints from the customer.

But your chance to succeed in this business are very slim. I can hear your voice saying that not everyone is the same but the number do not lie only 48% of the IBO are active and 90% Amway revenue comes from people out of united state.

When you talk about Amway in united state more people would not give you their time because they know how they business operate.

To run away from the bad reputation Amway has rebranded to Alticor and Quixtar. In some countries, they are still operating as Amway.

How I Make Money online

I make money online with Affiliate and Internet Marketing. All I need is to find a profitable NICHE and find potential clients in that NICHE and recommend products to them.

You do not need to buy any products that even make the business risk free and you do not also need to recruit people to make money.

They are also service like Netflix that you can promote it and if someone subscribes to the service you will be getting recurring income until the person stops paying.

Let say you have found a service to promote that cost $250 per month and the commission is 50%. Yes, most affiliate programs pay up to 50% in commission.

Then you manage to find 10 people $125 commission times 10 equal to $1,250 per month.

You have the potential to find more people and make recurring income. Remember your business is online it can reach many people as possible worldwide and people are making 6 to 7 figures with the internet,

That I how I make money online. You can also download my free guide that will help you to understand the entire process.

Final Verdict

Amway has great products that you can sale and the company have been there for a while they are not fly by night.

If you do not follow their traditional marketing and try to build an online store and collect lead you will be the successful Amay Independent Business Owner. But the problem is the products a bit are overpriced and the Amway competitors are selling at an affordable price.

You will also need to recruit people to make money. It is about building your team and earn commission on your downline. That means you have to come out on your comfort zone and hustler hard like a hunter.

This kind of business is not a laptop lifestyle. You will always have to speak to people whenever you have a chance. If you want and laptop lifestyle business and make money without recruiting people and buying any products.

You will need to consider starting your Internet Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate offers 10 free lessons that will teach you exactly how to find a successful NICHE and build your online brand.

Your Amway Review 

Are you an existing Amway distributor, or have you been in the past? Please consider leaving a review below good or bad it does not matter so long as it is helpful to our visitors.

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  • Quality Product
  • Multi Millionaire Niche
  • Global Company


  • Lack of Training
  • Lawsuit
  • Hard to make consistence Income

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