Digital Course Secrets Review

Digital Course Secrets Review – Find out the Good and Bad

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Hey folks. Welcome to Digital Course Secrets Review for Kevin David.

You have seen Kevin David ads on the social network and you are more interested in starting your own Digital Education course to make passive income online.

Digital Course Secrets

But you are a bit skeptical about the course or maybe you are asking is Digital Course Secrets a scam or is it worth $1,997?

Therefore, you are searching for a couple of Digital Course Secrets Reviews hoping to find out the in and out of the training.

You have come to the right place and I am going to answer those questions base on my experience online and explain it in more detail.

I will also know who should go and register for the course and who should not register for the course.

Then I will provide a link to attend the webinar. So you can have a clue about what you will get involved with.

However, if you do not have time to attend the webinar this Digital Course Secrets Review will give you an overview of the course and what you should expect.

But I will suggest you attend the webinar to make your own decision. Before I start going deep in this Digital Course Secret  Review.

I have to tell you that I am not Kevin David’student I have done my research, attend the webinar and I have been following him for a while. So you will need to expect my honest review.

Therefore, I have to tell you now so I can have other questions and concerns to answer late.

The Digital Course Secrets is not a scam whether is for you or not that what you will need to find out in this review.

Let me Introduce you, Kevin David, the creator of the Digital Course Secrets.

Kevin David is an Internet Entrepreneur and eCommerce Coach to students who are interested in starting an online business.

He has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 14. He grew up in the suburbs of Oregon playing soccer and the passion for sport taught him valuable lessons about competition, hard work and the art of winning.

Kevin David Digital Course Secrets

He always knew that he was destined to be an Entrepreneur… Despite his young age, Kevin opted in every business opportunity he could find whether that was selling Baseball Cards or candy bars!

Years later, Kevin began travelling and creating gaming apps and website blogs learning how to monetize using the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Adsense. He had some success, but nothing would compare to what was to come.

Kevin David also owns a movement called THATLifeslyleNinja that inspired entrepreneurs to live by their own rules, be their own boss and create the life that they have always dreamed of living. You can also check out the full Kevin David Review

In 2017 Kevin was on a mission to create another path that would allow people to free themselves from 9-5 corporate slavery.

Kevin David has created online courses like Shopify Ninja Masterclass, Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass and this Digital Course Secrets Masterclass you are going to read the review now. You can click on those courses to attend his webinar.

What is Digital Course Secrets?

Digital Course Secrets for Kevin David is an online course that teaches people how to start an online Digital Education Course from scratch through their passion and skill to make passive income online.

You can visit to purchase the course and it cost is $1,997 you can do 1 payment of $1,997 or 5 monthly payments of $599.

You will have a 14-day money-back guarantee or you can Sign Up Here to attend the webinar and you will need to provide your email as shown in the picture below.

Digital Course Registration form

Click Send My Case Study and it will redirect you to a page where you have to reserve your seat for the webinar. At the end of the webinar, you will have an option to purchase the Digital Course Secrets

How Does Digital Course Secrets Work?

It is a series of video training that includes 6 chapters and 3 bonus. It is a very comprehensive course with 23 hours of video content with 200 download PDF pages enough for you to start a successful Digital Course.

Below is the summary of all the chapter so you will have an overview of the course and the work that you need to put in to start your Digital Education Course.

digital course secrets chapters

1. Choosing Your Course Niche

This is 5 hours and 30 minutes of video training the chapter is talking about how to find the evergreen NICHE (interested, passion or hobby) that never gets out of style.

Below is what Kevin David is covering this Chapter.

  • Finding a subject that isn’t affected by seasonality or trends
  • Polishing Your Selection, and Proving Its Value
  • Using Basic Human Nature to Sell Your Course
  • Naming Your Course in a Single Day
  • The Five Questions that Guarantee Your Course will Give You Financial Freedom
  • Embracing A New Mindset: How Your Mental Paradigms Shape Your Reality

2. Building Your Tribe 

This is 4 hours and 5 minutes of video training the chapter is talking about to identify and understand what it takes to become a creator.

  • Cementing the Success of Your Movement by Structuring it with these 3 Elements
  • Starting Using the Most Efficient Actions (the 80/20 Rule/the Pareto Principle)
  • Importing the Pre-made Lead Magnet and Squeeze Pages onto your website
  • Constructing Your Avatar (A Profile of Your Ideal Customer)
  • Utilizing the Power of Your Growing List (Follow-up Email sequences)
  • Sparking Your Infinite Free Traffic Monster (Your Youtube Channel)

3. Validating Your Course Idea with Real-World Data

This 2 hour and 35 minutes of video training the chapter is talking about learning to deeply understand the customer and validate your Idea using MVP.

Below is what you will learn in this chapter:

  • Becoming the Person People Want to Buy From
  • Validate Your Course Idea Using POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Founding Your Course on the 3 Things that Your Customers Want from You
  • Figuring out the lowest Your Course is Worth to Your Buyers (Minimum Viable Offer)
  • Being Better than Your Competition by Providing the Most Value in the Most Genuine Fashion

4. Organizing, Pricing, and Outlining Your Course

This is 3 hours and 25 minutes of video training the chapter is talking about learning to organize, initially price and build your course technology infrastructure.

Below is what you will learn in this chapter:

  • Gaining Inspiration from Competitors by Looking at their Organization and Content
  • Piecing Together Your Course’s Skeleton (Your Material Outline)
  • Keeping Your Students from Overwhelm
  • Becoming a Maestro of Pricing
  • Optimizing Your Chapter Titles for Both Google and Visitors
  • Winning the Internal Battle – Your Lazy Mind vs. Your Conscious Mind
  • Using the Right Medium: A Picture Paints a 1000 Words, but a Video Makes Millionaires

5. Building Your Course Technology

This is 2 hours and 50 minutes of the video training the chapter is talking about how to build a minimum Technological backbone required to sell a fully automated digital course.

Below is what you will learn in this chapter

  • Obtain an EIN Number from the IRS in Less than 10 minutes
  • Set up an LLC in a place with no business taxes so you’ll save money
  • Open a business bank account with Your LLC’s New Articles of Incorporation
  • Set up a Domain Specific Email so that Your Contact Information Looks Professional
  • Organize your Business Expenses apart from your Personal Spending
  • Import Kevin’s Proven Sales Page into Your Own Clickfunnels Account
  • Eliminate Writer’s Block from Your Entire Future

6.Marketing Mastery

This is the last chapter with 5 hours and 20 minutes of video training the chapter is talking about creating a marketing and launch outline focusing only on the highest ROI ad platforms and launch techniques.

Below is what Kevin David is covering in this chapter:

  • Mastering the Art of Storytelling
  • Learning to Scale from the Mouse and Elephant
  • Polishing Your Diamond in the Rough (Scoping in on Your Perfect Audience)
  • Riding the Chaotic Blue Algorithm (Deciphering and Mastering Facebook Ads)
  • The PPC Stairway to Heaven (The Perfect Elements of the Perfect Facebook Ad)

This is an overview of Kevin David Digital Course Secrets. I am sure you understand what you are getting in and the amount of work you will need to put in. You will also get 3 bonuses for this course.

Digital Course Secrets Bonuses

Below are the 3 bonuses that Kevin David is giving away on this Digital Course Secrets

BONUS 1: Raising Your Army

In this bonus, Kevin David is teaching how you can leverage profit by implanting the affiliate program and your students can spread the word to other people who are interested in your Digital Course

BONUS 2: Facebook Messenger Bots

Kevin is explaining our you can initiate the automated robot to work for you and reply to your message and safe your time to work on other important tasks.

BONUS 3: Automated Evergreen Webinar

This webinar masterclass is the best training ever that Kelvin is teaching how to automate an engaging webinar that will repeat every 15 minutes.

Is Digital Course Secrets Worth it?

If you are an instructor, lecture or someone with skills and you are thinking to create a course that will help people across the globe with you new skills.

This will be a good investment for you and make a passive income by helping people with new skills and a new mindset. Whatever Digital Education Course you want to create you have to provide value to people

You will learn from start to finish on how to build a successful Digital Education Course that your audience will beg you to sign up for your course.

The course is very comprehensive with 23 hours of video content with 200 download PDF pages enough for you to start a successful Digital Education Course.

What do I like?

The training is very detailed even a complete beginner can go to the training and start his own Digital Course. It is very beginner-friendly and Kevin David as done the hard work no wonder why is very popular.

The only task for you is to take action and follow the training along and provide quality Digital Course to your customer.

What I Do Not Like?

This training is for people who have the budget to spend on creating the Digital Course. If you do not have money but you have skills and dream to start your Digital Course, unfortunately, you won’t do much.

The $1,997 will help you to start the course but you will not have enough money to spend on your ads and buy other tools to set up your Digital Education Course.

Therefore, if your interest is to make the passive income online you can also check up My top Recommendation

This does not involve creating a course or product. Just spreading the word to people who are interested in a particular product and service and get paid a commission.

Can You Get Rich with Digital Course Secrets?

The answer to this question is to stop thinking about money or being rich you should focus on creating quality Digital Course that provides value to your students.

Therefore, if you look throughout Kevin David courses it is very engaging with quality video training and materials.

However, if you focus on helping students first the will spread the word to other people and you will build trust and brand.

No wonder why Kevin David is making millions of dollars in sale and has a lot of followers on the social network because he understands the power of helping people in need.

Is Kevin David Digital Course Secrets a Scam?

There are plenty of reasons to ask this question and pretty sure you want to invest in this course but you do not want your hard money to go to waste.

Therefore, if you have read throughout this Digital Course Secrets you have already found your answer to this question.

If you did not go to throughout the review you were just skimmy this Digital Course Secrets then you miss out a lot of information.

Anyway, Digital Course Secrets is not a scam. The course is teaching the legit way to make money online by creating Digital Education Courses that help people and build your passive income.

Kevin David, your future coach and mentor has made more than 10 million dollars sell with Digital Education Course

This guy is genius, he worked as an accountant at ….. and Data Privacy Consultant at Facebook and he has multiple courses with quality content that provide value to it is students you can check it out by reading Kevin David Review.

Kevin David Complaints

Although I think Kevin David is doing a great job of teaching people about this industry, it does fall short in some areas.

It is not a knock because every company has certain areas that can be improved. That said let me lay them out for you so you can make an informed decision.

No BBB Profile

Some people before they buy anything online they have to go and check the Better Business Bureau this increase some credibility and know what people love about the course and what the are complaining about so people can make informed decision base on other people experience.

Refund Policy

I have seen few complaints about refunding as I said before you will need to go to the Digital Course Secrets Webinar to decide if this what you are looking for and some people just jump in the program without reading the terms and condition.

You will have only 14 days to test the program and after that, you can not request for your refund. I also think 14 days is not much to test the program 30 days will be fair enough.

How do I make money online

There are many ways to make money online. You just have to find the right system and tool that is working for you.

People are involved in the Stock Marketing, Forex Trading and now you can create a Digital Course.

There is no wrong way to make money online as long as is legit and you do not scam people you just have to find a business model that is working for you.

I am an Internet and Affiliate Marketer I promote people products and services online and get a commission.

I have seen many people making 6 to 7 figures with this business model including Kevin David.

To be honest, creating a Digital Education Course is not for me not like I am stupid. I follow my passion and I am doing good and it is working for me.

However, if your passion is to create a Digital Education Course than go for it and I will promote it and we can share the profit. Lol

For me, this is the best way to make passive income and you do not have to deal with bad reviews, refund, customer service and all the bullshit of operating a business and make your customer happy.

Therefore, if you are interested in this business model you can check out My Top Recommendation and learn how you can build a stream of income with Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

My Conclusion about Kevin David

You have read Kevin David Digital Course Secrets Review until here. Surely you understand what you will get involved in you if you purchase the course.

Your job is to create a valuable Digital Course that will help people and provide value to their life if you do that you will build a brand and build trust all around the globe.

I am pretty you have found your answers to your questions in this review and you have made your decision kudos for that.

However, if you have not yet make a decision here the link to access the Digital Course Secret Webinar.

Kevin has stated that whether you are brand new or a veteran course creator this Digital Course Secret has a ton of value to help you from the start to the finished product.

I do believe even if you are a newbie there is room to learn anytime. Before you sign up for the course answer yourself this question what skill can I provide to people?

Do you have enough skill to change the life of others? Is my course going to sell and give value to people? Can I provide a quality course that won’t give a bad review?

Therefore, if all the answers are positive then you will have to sign up for the course and you will learn from someone who has made more 10 million with Digital Courses.

However, if you think this is not for you do not worry. You can still make money online just by spreading the word to the world and make passive income with the Internet and Affiliate Marketing

You can check out the Wealthy Affiliate step by step training and start your online business with Affiliate and Internet marking at the comfort of your home.

Your Feedback Regarding Kevin David and What is Your Experience

Thank you for reading this Digital Course Secrets Review and I hope you enjoy it and you will also have to understand that I am French speaking sorry for some grammatical error.

Therefore, if you have experience with this training whether good or bad please share it here it will help people to make an informed decision.

You can also click the Social share button to share it with your friend and family who are interested in to start the Digital Course.

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