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Kevin David Review – Is Kevin David A Scam?

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Hey Hustler!!! Welcome to Kevin David Review. You have seen this Dude all over the Social Network like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Networks.

You can even feel like is a stalker on those Social Networks because is everywhere you go.

Now you do not even have a choice, you are forced to watch his ads hoping you won’t see him again. Boom he caught your attention.

However, you are a bit sceptical of signing up with his training and now you are searching for a couple of Kevin David Reviews to get the full answer to your questions like is Kevin David a scam.

Is Kevin David legit? I am pretty sure you have more questions than that and this review will answer all the question you have in your mind.

Before I dive into the details, I just want to say this is going to be a long but in-depth Kevin David Review.

heck! I am not Kevin David student, so you will need to expect my honest review.

All the link you will find here, it will lead you to Kevin David free trial and webinar so you can watch it to make your own informed decision

To be completely honest with you, YES, you can make real money with Kevin David Courses, just like you have probably seen some screenshots from its student a few thousand dollars per day.

So, this is not a scam BUT whether this will work for you and get the same results is a different story.

My main purpose of this review is to offer you my objective view on these courses and all the necessary information you need to make your own informed decision.

Let’s begin…

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is a very clever young dude he graduated at Oregon State Honors College with Summa Cum Laude and at the young age, he was selling Baseball Cards and Candy Bards.

Kevin DavidHe also worked as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Facebook as Privacy Consultant until he launched his first Amazon product since then is all over the places.

On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media Platforms, Kevin David has been viewed millions upon millions of times for his expertise on building successful online businesses Empires.

A top-ranked Amazon seller, serial entrepreneur, award-winning motivational speaker and international best-selling author who combines his relentless pursuit of greatness and strong business mindset to inspire the next generation.

His dedication to his students and partners is second to none, and his passion for teaching countless entrepreneurs from around the world how to reach the best of their potential knows no equal.

It is this discipline and dedication that earned him the moniker – The Lifestyle Ninja.

There is no person alive who found success before experiencing failure. For Kevin, various failed business launches almost finished him.

It was not until he discovered the might of Amazon, however, that his real potential began to shine through.

Kevin quickly became one of the world’s leading Amazon teachers and mentors, launching his company ThatLifestyleNinja, an online training academy that teaches new entrepreneurs how to build booming online businesses from scratch with zero skill or experience.

Since then, ThatLifestyleNinja has built many of the largest entrepreneurial Facebook communities in the WORLD and his YouTube channel has gained close to one MILLION subscribers from all over the world.

Kevin has since been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, the Wall Street Journal and more for his achievements, and his training courses continue to create success stories every day for his students and business partners.


Though success came fast and furious, Kevin’s drive to do better and help more people achieve their goals is stronger than ever.

Every day Kevin David courses teach people how to sell on Amazon FBA, how to build profitable Facebook Ads, and Kevin even now builds completely automated Amazon businesses FOR his students in his brand new (invite only) Amazon automation program!

To further help people achieve their goals, Kevin wrote and released Unfair Advantage, an international best-selling book that explains the secret behind the wild success of companies like Airbnb and Uber, and teaches people how to unlock the secret to success and real greatness.

Dedicated, passionate, and a strong motivator – he goes above and beyond every day to help change people’s lives for the better and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.

How Does Kevin David Work?

Kevin David is like any other entrepreneurs who are in the business of making money.

But he understands the online concept that most people do not know is to help people first.

The number of people you help the will spread the word and you will build trust and definitively build the brand.

All the Kevin David courses are very detail training that brings value to his student.

I will explain each of the training below and provide the links to free trial and the webinar so you can through it and make an informed decision.

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a very detailed course that teaches people to start a successful dropshipping business with Shopify.

The course content 5 modules and more than 65 video training. You also have access to the Facebook Group to interact with other successful drop shippers.

Below is what you will learn in the course:

  1. Finding Your Home – Run Product – Research
  2. Finding the Best Supplier
  3. Creating Your Shopify Store, Optimization and Setups
  4. Your Marketing Explosion
  5. Scaling and Expanding to the Moon

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Bonuses

  1. ClickFunnes Sales Explosion
  2. T-Shirt Masterclass
  3. Email Marketing Training

Therefore, this course is not for everyone if you want to start your dropshipping business or you are someone who is in the business but you are struggling then you can start this course.

Below is the link to the Webinar I will advise attending to understand what you will get involved with.

Register For Shopify Ninja Masterclass Webinar >>>

But if you have other passion for other staffs that is not dropshipping or eCommerce do not register for the course just for the sack of money probably won’t succeed.

However, you can try My Top Recommendation to start an Affiliate and Internet Marketing business.

Therefore, if this is not your passion do not go for it follow your passion is what will make you successful.

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass is an online course that teaches people like you and me to start a very successful business online.

The course very details and provide value to Kevin David’s Student

Below is what you will learn for the course:

  1. Product Research
  2. Suppliers and Shipping
  3. Product Listing, Product Ranking, and Site Optimization
  4. Your Product Launch Strategy
  5. Email follow-ups and Reviews
  6. AMS and Amazon PPC
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. The Millionaire-Seller hack

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Bonuses

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Bonuses

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is an online course that teaches people and social media marketing agencies on how to run a successful campaign on Facebook.

The course is a series of video tutorial even a complete newbie can follow along and start a Social Marketing Agency.

Below is what you will learn for the course:

  1. Understanding Facebook Ads and What Works
  2. How to Go from Complete Beginner to Facebook Ad Ninja
  3. How to Create Your Ultra Targeted Audiences That Will Skyrocket Your Business
  4. How to Create Ad Copy and Creative That Convert Like Crazy
  5. How to Make A Ton of Money with no Need Of Your Product
  6. The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Facebook Ad Profitability

Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Bonuses

  1. Creating Killer Facebook Ad Funnel
  2. The Ninja Instagram blueprint
  3. How To Use Messenger Bots

Register To Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass Webinar >>>

Digital Course Secrets

Digital Course Secrets is an online course that teaches you how to turn your hobby or skills into a potential money-making course.

The course is divided into six chapters, plus some bonus content.

Below is what you will learn for the course

  1. Choosing Your Course Niche
  2. Building Your Tribe
  3. Validating Your Course Idea With Real-World Data
  4. Organizing, Pricing, and Building Your Course For Explosive Growth
  5. Technological Evolution
  6. Marketing Mastery

Digital Course Secrets Bonuses

  1.  Raising Your Army
  2. Facebook Messenger Bots
  3. Automated Evergreen Webinar

Register To Digital Secrets Webinar >>>

Marketer Agency Program (MAP)

Marketer Agency Program (MAP) is an only course that helps people to start a Digital Marketing Agency with no experience, skills or money where you can earn $5000 a month or more.

Exciting right? Yes, the course is very detail with quality training but you need to take action and work toward accomplishing your dream.

A lot of people are asking is Kevin David a scam? When you search for the complaint and look at the training.

You will soon understand that people are not using the material to their advantage.

This training has 9 modules that will work you to the process of opening your Digital Marketing Agency.

  1. How to 10x your investment for this course
  2. The exact script Kevin David uses to close customers on $1000+ contracts as a complete beginner
  3. How to get customers instantly with one simple (follow up = profit!)
  4. How to close your prospect on your free call (advanced sales tips for beginners)
  5. How to drastically increase your conversion rate for signing on new clients
  6. The perfect contract to send your clients to close the deal
  7. How to get set up to run ads and who pays for ads and how much to spend on ads
  8. How to get your clients new profitable customers in addition to re-targeting their website traffic
  9. How to set up hugely profitable retargeting ads for your clients

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • People who want to earn a passive income
  • Anyone who wants to get out of the 9-5 job

Start your Marketing Agency Program Free Trial >>>

Therefore, if you do not have a passion for Digital Marketing Business do not just register for the course.

I do believe your passion is what will make you successful. So follow your passion, not money.

MarketerMagic tool

It is the 8in1 Marketing Tool that solves some problems that Internet and Affiliate Marketing, Blogger, Marketing Agencies and consultants are facing.

Therefore, If you add it with Jaaxy The Keyword Tool you will have a bright future ahead.

The 8 features of MarketerMagic that you need to know:

ClickProof: Social proof ups that are proven to increase the opt-in percentage

LivePic: Send personalized images featuring your customer’s name automatically

WorkHub: Track your virtual assistants and teams hours worked and payroll

EmailVerify: Clear your list and increase deliverability rate instantly

ManyLeads: Discover unlimited new hot leads for your agency or any business instantly

MiniMe: A link shortener built specifically for marketers and online business owners

BackgroundTrimmer: Remove the background of any image for tunnel or product image

Email Hunter: Target B2B leads and find the email for anyone in any business

PushBoost: Build an email list in your browser and send browser push notifications

If you are:

  • Digital marketing consultants
  • Content marketing consultants
  • Social media marketers
  • Affiliate marketers and bloggers
  • Marketing agencies
  • SEOs
  • Digital product creators

You will understand the importance of having these tools at one place and MarketerMagic is what you need.

Try the 7 Days Free Trial >>> and also try Jaaxy >>> The Keyword Tools that will help you with your SEO and Ranking in the Search Engine.

ZonBase Tool

It is 10in1 Tools that help to increase Amazon profit using a targeted keyword.

As Amazon Seller, you will understand that having the best tools will scale up your profit ZonBase is the tools that have it all in one.

You can check out the ZonBase Feature Below:

ZonResearch: Easily search through all products in the Amazon database using advanced filters.

Easily find high demand hidden keywords with more searches and less competition.

Reverse ASIN: Identify your competitors’ MOST Profitable Keywords in seconds

Track the exact ranking of every keyword your product ranks for

Sales Estimator: Estimate the number of sales of any product on Amazon

PPC AutoPilot: Launch your product and rank to page one FAST guaranteed

Page One: Create profitable PPC campaigns automatically using A.I.

Product Validator: Get your product reviewed by a team of experts BEFORE investing

Listing Optimizer: Have our team of experts create a fully optimized listing for you

Photo Enhancer: Get the perfect product photos for less than half the cost

Try ZonBase For Tree >>>

Is Kevin David Training Worth it?

There is no doubt that the course and tools that Kevin David provide are worth it and all the videos training are more detail that gives you value and help you to start your profitable business.

But you will need to follow along and take action otherwise the training is just the training it won’t work for you.

All in all, this will be a good investment that will scale up your skill and if you master the training you will have a bright future and online presence and most importantly make money.

At this stage, I am sure you can tell Kevin David is legit and smart dude his summa cum laude can tell by itself.

What do I like?

There is a lot of things that I love about Kevin David, First of all is a smart dude and his story is different for the rest of us who were broke and find success.

Kevin David was working as a privacy consultant at Facebook most of us will consider it as a dream job.

This job was not what he wanted his mission is not to work for anyone and he decided to pursue his entrepreneur journey and to help people also to pursue their passion.

What I Do Not Like?

I do not like his marketing strategy where he shows Cars, Masons and other successful students screenshot of what they are earning.

I guess most people need proof. I hope his marketing strategy is working for him there is no doubt about that.

Can You Get Rich with Kevin David Training?

If you have this question in your mind I will be honest with you that this the wrong question. The right question is can you work forward achieving your success?

Yes, all the training and materials are there but the training is just training without action if you do not take action and using to your advantage you won’t achieve anything

Successful people know what they want in life and the take advantage of every opportunity that the can find to make them successful.

You have seen the screenshot of Kevin David student you can see there is potential in the training to make you rich all you need is action.

Is Kevin David a Scam?

You have read this Kevin David Review until here and I am pretty sure you have your answer to this question is Keving David a scam.

In the beginning, have started by the introduction to tell you who Kevin David so you can have a clear picture of your future mentor if you decide to buy his product.

Kevin David is legit and is real dude with a lot follow on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other Social Network.

His mission is to help everyone to escape the rate race of the 9 to 5 job slavery.

Therefore, if you feel you are one of them and you want to escape you can try attending his webinar below depending on your passion.

Kevin David Complaints

There is not a perfect company or perfect human being that you need to put in mind so let check what people are complaining about Kevin David products and tools.

Refund Issue

All the training and tools have 14 to 30 days money-back guarantee from the date of purchase and I also think is probably not enough time to test the course for some people.

They are some complaint regarding refunding. You won’t get your money back after the 14 to 30 days.

No BBB Profile

If you are a fan and you consider everything that Better Business Bureau I have to say including the rating, unfortunately, all the Kevin David Product and tools are not listed with the BBB.

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

The most complaints that you will find on the internet about Kevin David product if you read throughout the complaints. People are expecting overnight success without putting the work.

Yes, we all see the screenshot for successful students but we did not see the obstacle and the amount of time the put in this training to achieve success.

Therefore, if you are looking for overnight success and Get Rich Quick Scheme Kevin David course is not what you are looking for and I doubt you can find it anywhere.

My Conclusion about Kevin David

I hope this Kevin David Review clarify everything you need to know and expect from the training and the tools that you are looking for to start your online business journey and improve your online presence and increase profit.

There are many reviews on the internet bad and good about Kevin David the best way to find your answer is attending the webinar and try those trial try to make your own decision.

I am not Kevin David’student and I learned Affiliate Marketing from someone else you can check it out by Click Here

But you will never see anywhere even in this review calling Kevin David a scam just because it is not my mentor.

I like good innovation that helps people and also like his mission to help people to escape the rat race of 9 to 5 job slavery.

I do believe everyone can live life to their own term most importantly to stop living Paycheck to Paycheck.

Your Feedback Regarding Kevin David and What is Your Experience

Thank you for reading my review if you have experience with all the Kevin David Training please leave your comment Bad or Good it will help someone to make an informed decision.

Therefore, if you know someone who might need to read this Kevin David Review please click the Social Share Button below to share it with your friend and family.

PS. In any business that you want to get involved, you will need to know that your success depends on your work and determination to make it happen. Whatever programs, tools and system you have if you do not take action and set your goal you will never achieve anything.


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2 thoughts on “Kevin David Review – Is Kevin David A Scam?”

  1. The “depends on work you put in…” cliche does not work here. He specifically says:
    “We’ll build you a 100% Hands-off Passive Amazon Empire…

    ❌ No catch.
    ❌ No stress.
    ❌ No effort.

    ENJOY 70% of the profits for doing 0% of the work!
    We’ll take care of EVERYTHING for you and manage your online business from front end to back.”

  2. I’ve been a member of his program for a little over a year and a half. I spent 24k to join as part of the Emerald program, and another 15k on buying and shipping the first recommended product. Since the sales began, I have lost all the money I had invested with the product, and, to add insult to injury, I am another 3k in debt because of his people starting a PPC campaign which quickly chewed up any potential profits. My total losses so far with his program total in the neighborhood of 45,000.00 and I can’t get one of his people to help. They just don’t care, at all. They’ll sympathize, but won’t lift a finger to claim responsibility, and you’ll be left holding the bag. Take my advice: avoid this program like the plague.

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