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Sebastian Gomez Review – Is 1 on 1 Coaching Scam?

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Hey hustler! Welcome to my Sebastian Gomez Review. If you are always looking for a way to make money online.

Probably one of the websites you visited has installed a cookie on your browser.

You are now seeing a lot of ads for people who claim to teach you how to make money online.

Sebastian Gomez even claims to teach people like you and me to make a passive income of $4,000 per month in the next 90 days with his Sebastian’s Affiliate Mastermind Training.

Sebastian's Affiliate Mastermind

You are wondering if Sebastian Gomez is a scam or it is just an empty promise like other internet Gurus always say and you are searching a couple of Sebastian Gomez reviews to find the truth.

I have to congratulate you for doing your due diligence before you sign up with the training the internet has a lot of scams.

The only way to find what is legit and what is a scam you need to read a couple of reviews online.

In this review, you will know who is Sebastian Gomez, how he operates and I will answer that question that always comes to people mind is Sebastian Gomez a scam. Stay tuned to find out the truth.

Who is Sebastian Gomez?

Sebastian Gomez is a young successful Affiliate Marketer from Costa Rica and business owner of Digital ROI Solutions LLC.

Sebastian GomezAt the age 14, Sebastian Gomez was selling candy at school so he can buy his X box 360 and it was making $10 per day.

Through this process, he realizes that he can still make money without working for someone.

He decided to find a way to make money online and search for every keyword on Google.

He ended up doing Affiliate Marketing that took him a year to make his first commission of $49 then he was very excited.

At the end of his grade 11, he was making $1,000 online with affiliate Marketing by promoting other people products like website hosting services, marketing software and email autoresponders.

In 2015 after attending a live class from Miami he decided to start an E-commerce business.

On his first week, he made $100 a day, in 3 months hit $1,000 a day and within a year I was able to make $10,000 a day all with Facebook Ads.

During his journey, he has learned a lot and decide to help other people to make money online with Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce.

The is the agency that helps people with the E-commerce business and is where he is teaching people affiliate Marketing for free.

How To Sign Up with Sebastian Gomez Training

You will need to visit and click the free training or start your own profitable online business tab and you will be redirected to the signup form where you will need put your email address and create your password.

Sabatian Gomez Registration form

Once you have registered with the training you will receive an email with a link to start your free training right way.

How Does Sebastian Gomez Works?

Sebastian Gomez is an affiliate with ClickFunnel and he understands the power of helping people to generate income online Kudos for that.

By creating this free training called Sebastian’s Affiliate Mastermind is to help people to succeed within the Affiliate Marketing Business.

Therefore, if you decide to sign up through his link and promote ClickFunnel.

You will get all the training, bonus and support from him until you succeed with your business.

Therefore, if you success and he will also make a recurring commission with Clickfunnel.

The breakdown of the lessons that you will be going you through:

Lesson 1: How to generate $100-$1000 per day online even if you are completely new

Lesson #2: How to become a 6-figure affiliate marketer even if you’ve failed multiple times before…

Lesson #3: Over my shoulder training where I show you the exact process to build $1000+ per day sales funnels

Lesson #4: 90-day game-pan to generate $4000+/month

Below is some bonus that you will get from Sebastian Gomez if you signup with Clicktunnel through his link.

1. Done For You High Converting Sales Funnel

You will get the exact sales funnels that Sebastian Gomez use to $10,000+ per month. Sales funnels are a series of simple pages that allow you to automate and grow your business online

2. Done For You Email Swipes

You will get an email swipes that will persuade people to the action and start making commissions and sales.

3. Facebook Lead Generation Program

You will also get access to Sebastian Gomez Facebook Lead Generation Program that will teach you the exact advertising techniques to send people to your funnel

4. Done For You Facebook Ad

You will get Facebook Ads template that you can use to generate traffic. I will give you the Ads copy and the structure of the video Ads you should use generate traffic.

5. Leverage My Bonuses To Get Sales

Once you sign up using Sebastian Gomez Clickfunnel link you can also utilize these bonuses with your referral. Sebastian Gomez is here to help you succeed and help your referral success too.

6. Private Facebook Group

You will get access to the Private Facebook Group is a group of action takers, people to support each other and you will have live training weekly with Sebastian Gomez and Q&A session to make sure you are on track with your business and following all the steps.

7. Leads And Sales Accelerator Manual

This is a manual that will help you to generate leads and sales for any of my online businesses. This manual will teach you in more detail how the whole process works so you can improve your skills and make more money

8. 10K IG Followers Program

you will get access to this full Instagram training curriculum. That will allow you to generate sales by posting simple posts and stories.

9. Successful Funnels Case Studies

This is a successful case study funnel that Sebastian is showing how he invested around $5000 and made back around $30,000 this will help you to have a successful business online

10. Wrapping Things Together Session

This the last bonus that Sebastian Gomez is showing how to you all the bonus together and start making passive income with your business

Sebastian Gomez says all of this bonus worth $24.567 I do not completely agree with him I have seen also many gurus selling training like this at the affordable price.

Anyway, you will get all of those bonuses free from him only if you sign up through his ClickFunnel link.

But, you will have to put in mind that all the training is focused on the paid traffic I understand that paid traffic is fast to generate and it also costs money

You need to know every business has it is up and down you will need also to know how to generate organic traffic (Free traffic) that will help you in the long run.

You can also book a 1 on 1 coaching with Sebastian Gomez team and you will need to fill up a form with all your goals.

The team will reach out to you via Skype but I am not sure How much it will cost for this session.

How to generate organic traffic?

You have seen Sebastian Gomez presentation, right? But you were not sure about the training.

You went and do your research on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other Search Engine looking for the keyword (Terms) Sebastian Gomez Review and is Sebastian Gomez a scam or some related keyword.

Then you land on my page that is organic traffic I get for those Search Engine.

To generate this traffic you will need to create content that people are looking for on the internet and Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engine will send you a ton of traffic to your website.

The big question is how to create content that will rank high on Google and other Search Engines.

Wealthy Affiliate has step by step training that will teach how to generate organic traffic and how to build a successful Internet and Affiliate Marketing from scratch without sending a ton of money on Paid Traffic.

Better yet you can drive test the training for free and have free keyword tool called Jaaxy, Free hosting, free website, support and a community over 2 million Internet and Affiliate marketers

Is Sebastian Gomez Training Worth it?

Of course, the training is worth it and the guy has put too much effort to provide people with quality video training and other bonuses.

This will help you until you become successful with affiliate marketing as you can tell that promoting ClickFunnel has recurring income.

Therefore, if you fail he won’t generate money for you. I hope you understand why the gave all the bonuses to help you succeed online and also generate a recurring income with your referral.

However, this training is not for everyone because it needs a lot of budgets to generate traffic.

Therefore, if you do not have traffic no matter what you are promoting if people can not find it you can make a sell without traffic you do not have a business.

If you do not have enough money to invest on Paid Traffic I will recommend you to start your training with Wealthy Affiliate.

You will learn how you can build your Affiliate Marketing Business from scratch with both Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.

However, if you have the money and you are interested more in promoting ClickFunnel Sebastian Gomez is your guys.

What do I like?

The training is very detailed and it gives value to everyone who wants to start affiliate marketing.

I also like the fact that Sebastian Gomez understands that in this industry is about helping people first and the profit will come along that what you will need to expect if you sign up for Sebastian’s Affiliate Mastermind

What I Do Not Like?

As I said before the training is focused on Paid traffic which means not everyone can afford it.

Even if you can afford the ClickFunnel membership you will need to invest a couple of dollars on Paid Traffic to increase sales.

Therefore, if you were someone like me who used to do Uber Eats Delivery building an online business that base on traffic will be almost impossible.

Luckily I found Wealthy Affiliate their step by step training and the community help me to build an Affiliate Marketing Business without investing money in Paid Traffic and I quit Uber Eat Delivery

Is Sebastian Gomez a Scam?

This is a very good question to ask and I understand you do not want to put your money to waste and the internet has too many scams and no one is in control of it.

Therefore, if you have read this review until here you will understand that Sebastian Gomez is successfully Internet and Affiliate Marketer.

He is a real guy that helps people to build a success full business online with Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce

I hope your question has been answered if you want to do business with him go-ahead.

You will have a good mentor that will guide you throughout your journey and those bonuses are useful.

Sebastian Gomez Complaints

You have to know that every company has pros and cons. You also have to put in mind there is no such thing called a perfect company. So, it is time to know your deal breaker.

No BBB Profile

The Better Business Bureau can be a useful resource against scams, for those you who use it. Unfortunately at the time of writing Sevastian Gomez Review is not listed with them.

Lack of building an authority website.

To make money online you will need to have a website and that what you will have when you sign up ClickFunnel and unfortunately Sebastian does not teach how to create an authority website.

Therefore, if you have an authority website full of content that people are looking for you will receive a lot of organic traffic for Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engine.

Even if you are broke and you do not have money to put in the Paid Traffic you will still going to have visitors to your website and make sales.

My Conclusion about Sebastian Gomez

Sebastian Gomez is a nice young guy and very successful affiliate marketer who trains people on how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing by promoting Clickfunnel product.

Yes, the free videos training is very detailed and showing you everything you need to know to start promoting Clikfunnel and make commissions.

You will also get a lot of bonuses from Sebastian’s Affiliate Mastermind but you will need to sign up with Clickfunnel through his link.

Sebastian Gomez is an affiliate to the program once you buy it he will get a commission and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, his training is focused on the Paid Traffic that will cost you money and if you do not have the budget to invest in the paid traffic you do not have a business that means you will not make any money.

In the online business, you will need to generate traffic. Paid traffic is a fast way to get people to visit your website and make sales.

But you will need also to learn how to generate organic traffic (free traffic) from a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people to start an Internet and Affiliate marketing Business and their training is base on organic traffic.

You can drive test the training for free just by signing up with them you will also have a free website to kick off with your business.

Your Feedback Regarding Sebastian Gomez and What is Your Experience

Thank you for reading this Sebastian Gomez Review I hope it helps you to answer all your question.

However, if you have experience with this training and you have made $4,000 within 90 days please leave your comment it will help someone to make an informed decision.

Therefore, you know also someone who might need to read this please click the Social Share Button to share it with them.

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