Solmax Global Review

Solmax Global Review – The Untold Truth About

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This is a very detailed and unbiased Solmax Global Review that will help you to understand the entire business model and decide if you can sign up with or not.

I have spent more than 50 + hours analyzing the Solmax Global compensation plans and how they operate.

I have to tell you they have a complicated compensation plan and their operation is not straightforward.

Therefore, if you are researching:

  • What is Solmax Global is all about?
  • Will the company help you to improve your financial health?
  • Is Solmax Global a scam or legit?
  • The common complaint about Solmax Global.
  • Is Solmax a Pyramid or MLM Scheme

Then you have come to the right.

Before I start going deep into this Solmax Global Review.

I have to tell you that I am not affiliated with this company in any form and no one pays me to write this Solmax Global Review.

I just think is very fair if I explain to people what the company is all about and what they are getting involved in before they sign-up.

I will also take this opportunity to introduce you to My Top Recommendation platform that will teach you how to start your online business without recruiting anyone.

This will give you more options to explore other opportunities and make the right decision that you think is good for you and your financial growth and stop relying on one single income.

Solmax Global Review
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Solmax Global is a Multi-Level Marketing company that claims to offer a business opportunity for enhanced financial independence by investing in Equity Token some sort of cryptocurrency.

In reality, Solmax Global does not have any product to sell to the public their members also known as Independent Marketing Partners (IMP) make money by recruiting other people and earn 10% commission on their weaker team, and also earn different bonuses.

A business model that is based on recruiting people to make money is Pyramid Scheme and this business model is illegal in many countries. Therefore I do not recommend anyone to join MLM or Pymarid scheme the odds of losing money are high.

I would rather recommend someone to start an internet and affiliate marketing business this business model is very profitable and you do not need to buy any product or recruiting people to make money.

If you are interested to know how affiliate marketing works you can check out My Top Recommendation platform and learn how you can make passive income from home using your laptop and internet connection.

What is Solmax Global?

Solmax Global claims to be a Multi-Level Marketing Company that gives people an opportunity to build a revenue stream of income to improve their financial health.

They also claim that their company is determined to help entrepreneurs succeed by offering strategic training and support.

If you are thinking of improving your financial health you need to stay away from any MLM company. Those companies are blood sackers.

The MLM statistics and studies have shown that MLM participants (distributors) make less than 70 cents per hour in the sale and few of them make $500 in the last 5 years.

By the way, on the Solmax Global website, there is no information to shows who is the owner of Solmax Global this can be a big red flag.

Any MLM company that does not come forward and provide the owner information does not worth your hard money.

The company history is very important we have seen such companies gain some popularity in the morning and vanish the next day.

When I check out on it shows that the website domain was registered in 2010.

Most people said it is a UK-based company and others say it is from Pakistan. On their terms and conditions, it says the registered office is in the Republic of Ireland.

Solmax Global registration address

How does Solmax Global work?

As Solmax Global member Aka Independent Marketing Partner (IMP) you will have the opportunity to earn substantial levels of commission by promoting Solmax Global Membership.

The company membership starts from £25 to £5000 you can choose any membership that you can afford by checking the list below:

  • Smart-£25
  • Rockie – £50
  • Basic – £100
  • Starter – £250
  • Executive – £500
  • Premium-£1000
  • Professional -£2500
  • Elite – £5000

Solmax Global does not have any retail product or service to sell to the public. They claim that their IMP’s are investing in Equity Token.

This is some sort of cryptocurrency that was created by Solmax Global and claims it will rise in price by 600% to 800%.

Every MLM company that does not have any retail product always comes up with some sort of investment like oil and other cryptocurrencies to make their business legit.

In reality, they are just a Pyramid Scheme.

As Solmax Global member (Independent Marketing Partner IMP) make most of their money by recruiting new members.

With this type of business, you are a salesperson for an MLM company.

You are making money by selling the company’s membership from recruiting other salespeople and getting a percentage of their sales, then a percentage of sales from the people your recruits recruit, and so on.

The Independent Market Partner (IMP) is just a fancy name. You are a salesperson. You will need to build your downline and earn a commission from your team.

Solmax Global uses a binary compensation plan where you can have two legs.

You as a recruiter you will be placed on level 1 and you will need to recruit 2 more people on level 2 then decide which member to put on your left or right leg.

As Pyramid grows Solmax Global will pay you 10% of your weak leg every Monday throughout the year.

This is called a Team Bonus but you can also earn 10% of your direct sales and other bonuses.

Solmax Global claims to be a marketing partner to Igniter Academy, YourRent, BizPad, and Aladin. As IMP you are also able to promote those companies and earn a commission.

When you look at Solmax Compensation Plans there is no explanation or commission structure that explains how much you will earn from those companies.

Again Igniter Academy does not confer any academic credit.

Igniter Academy terms and conditions

What is the point of providing this service? Do you understand? They just want to cover up their Pyramid Scheme.

Is Solmax Global worth it?

Solmax Global compensation plan shows that to make money you need to recruit more people and they do not have any retail product or service to sell to the public.

This kind of business is known as a pyramid scheme and it is illegal in most of the country.

I know what you think. “If it is illegal why are still operating”.

My answer… There is still very new and it very hard to spot those pyramid schemes most of them come up with a low-quality product or any kind of investment to cover up their tracks.

Most of the people know Solmax Global as MLM or Network Marketing because they claim that members are investing in Equity Tokens

The Statistic and other studies have shown that MLM participants make less than 70 cents per hour in the sale and few of them make $500 in the last 5 years.

Making money in this kind of business model is almost impossible. Does making 70 cents per hour in the sale worth your time?

Is Solmax Global worth it? I do not think so…

Why you should NOT join Solmax Global

Having spent 50+ hours going through the Solmax Global compensation Plans and member ranking.

I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone sign up with Solmax Global.

Simply put, the odds are low that you will succeed with Solmax Global, and also 90% of people who join MLM Company lose money.

Another thing this is my deal-breaker for me Solmax Global has the element of operating as a Ponzi, Pyramid, or MLM Scheme this kind of business model has a short lifespan.

How much does Solmax Global cost?

Solmax Global has different membership that cost £25 to £5000.

But you can also sign up for free and start earning 10% on direct selling for anyone who you refer to Solmax Global and buy the membership.

To qualify for other bonuses like Team Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, and others you will need to upgrade your Membership to:

  • Smart-£25
  • Rockie – £50
  • Basic – £100
  • Starter – £250
  • Executive – £500
  • Premium-£1000
  • Professional -£2500
  • Elite – £5000

How much money can you make with Solmax Global?

Solmax Global does not have any earning disclaimer on its website. It is hard to tell how much IMP can make.

According to the Solmax Global Compensation Plans, you can also earn 10% of direct selling for everyone you recruit and buy the Solmax Membership.

You can also earn a 10% Team Bonus on your weaker team.

Solmax Global binary compensation plans mean every new member an IMP recruit can decide to place them on the left or right leg and earn 10 % commission on your weaker leg.

You can also earn Marching Bonus and igniter100 Bonus. To earn those bonuses all depend on how good are you to recruit new members.

Solmax Global Complaints

If you are searching for Solmax Global Complaints at this stage I did not find any major complaint.

But some people are a bit skeptical about the ROI (Return on Investment) that the company promise.

If buy the Starter membership which is £250 within 200 days with a rise in the price of 600% to 800% you could get £1,500 to £2,000.

There is not any kind of explanation for such ROI or value per Equity Token or how many Equity Tokens are provided per membership.

This looks like a Ponzi scheme…

Is Solmax Global legit? Is it a scam?

At this stage, it will be too soon to conclude if Solmax Global is a scam or not. You need to do your due diligence before you invest your hard money.

Doing some research is always the best ideal before you spend your hard money on this so-called income program.

I would also appreciate new or existing IMP coming forward to share their experience in the comment section for people to make an informed decision.

This Solmax Global Review is for everyone who has a piece of information to share with the public.

Then people will decide if Solmax is a scam or a legit income program based on your comment and your experience.

Is Solmax Global a pyramid scheme? Is it MLM?

After analyzing the Solmax Global operation, their compensation plans, and how their Impendent Market Partner makes money.

At this stage, Solmax Global cannot be treated as a Pyramid scheme alone. It does have the elements of Ponzi, Pyramid, and MLM scheme.

Such business models are on the radar of the government and have a short lifespan. You just need to be aware of that before you put your hard money in.

Support + Community

Solmax Global Support

When it comes to income program that needs people to invest their hard money I value the support that someone can get. I do not want to seat the whole day wondering what is going on when I am stuck or need help.

Solmax Global does not have any online support or Frequently Question and Answer page. The only way to get hold of them is to simply fill the contact form and wait for the answer.

Solmax Global Community

When you visit it is written

“In the current market, there is a fundamental problem when networking businesses interact with their community. A gap forms between the central office and its networkers, leaving the latter feeling disconnected and isolated”

I do not understand if they understand what that means or maybe I do not understand well the English I am a French Speaker.

Solmax Global does not have any online community or any forum to interact with their IMP or IMP interact within the community and learn from each member.

If you decide to join Solmax Global you will feel disconnected and isolated they do not have any online community or a forum to interact with other IMP’s

Better alternatives to Solmax Global

There is always a better alternative to every income program all depend on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for any kind of investment you sign up with and learn how to trade in forex marketing like a pro. They have full training that will help you to minimize the risk of losing money in forex trading.

But if you want to make money online without investing a lot of money you just need to learn a simple process that Wealthy Affiliate is teaching and you can even have a free website to kick start with your online business…

To be honest every business takes time.

If you want to start a business while you are desperately in need of money you won’t succeed in any business.

It is better to focus on your job or find an alternative higher-paying job and gets paid a monthly salary.

If you are serious about making money in a legit way without recruiting people or building your downline you can check the 4 steps to make money online in ABSOLUTELY any NICHE this can be the best Alternative to Solmax Global.

Follow these steps and implement them you can build a strong business online. I have seen people making 5 to 6 figures online with this business model.

Again I am not here to promote a get rich quick scheme or overnight success it needs time and work.

Final Verdict

Ponzi, Pyramid, and MLM scheme have seductive ROI (Return on Investment) and more people jump on this business model without doing their due diligence.

If a company is promising the ROI that is too good to be true. It probably a scam.

Another thing selling a membership through direct selling or build your downline is very difficult if you do not have a wide network to fall back on.

If the company that you are promoting has bad reviews and poor customer service and other problems, it will be hard to convince your network to buy the membership.

There are other ways to have a flexible work schedule where you call the shots and create your own income. If you are interested in building your own online business without recruiting or build your downline to make money.

You can check out My Top Recommendation. You will learn everything you need to know about building your own business.

You will also receive a website, hosting. Training, 24/7 support, and some pretty awesome tools.

Your Solmax Global review and your experience

If you are a member of Solmax Global or you have been in the past, please consider leaving your own review whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it is useful to my reader.

Thank You for your support!


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4 thoughts on “Solmax Global Review – The Untold Truth About”

  1. Hi .. this Solmax people are Scammers and fake business . they elwrnt to gather more than 500000 member around 122 counters !! as they started at London UK since 2017 as based there with logo named Solmax & Igniter100. Thin Igniter200 thin changed the name to Whyi , instead of Solmax . They collected money as they offer packages by our credit cards and collect personal informations of course to registering with them and since more than year did not pay “penny “ or any profits or compensation to the members , they always hold zoom meetings telling people to wait & be patient as they facing or changing their web site or implement a new currency named SMG tocken ! With SMG wallet ! Which haven’t any ability to trade with any currency plate forms or stages ! They changed the name from Solmax to Whyi with educational packages and they did not respond or respect to return our money or pay back even the basic packages we paid from them with promise and commitment to have interest of daily 1% to be transferred to our banks account mostly each one of us paid 250 £ to buy package with Solmax since one year and three months no news or paying as they stopped the bank transfer , also stopped daily package profits “1%” which supposed to be paid after each amount reaches 100 British pound £ . Thin they changed the purchase or paying from sterling UK pound to US Dollars ! Thin changed the name from Solmax to Whyi ! Thin this done throughout 2020 – 2021 . They are not straightforward, they are scammers with fake & fraud business through the internet sits and zoom meeting and doing monkey business . Kindly alert with red light ? any body thinking to join these Solmax or Whyi to avoid such ripoff & thieves gang “ Pakistani nationality “ living in London !

  2. This Solmax, Igniter100 or the new name Whyi is scammers the lued and convinced all investers to participate buy paying 25$ t0 5000$ packages and in return they will pay them profit from 4$ to 6$ from the exchangers they sent forms of 3 types and made every invester to register all that was a lie. Nothing happened one year and a half Philippines found out the lie they went to court and informed them if what the Pakistani foynder abdulrahman sendue did to the so their is a case agaist solmax at the court if Philippines. We are urging the court in England to give us back our money from this company which called now Whyi.

  3. I have invested in solmax but when i need to withdraw i don’t see that happening !i am really offended how could these people be so cruel ???

    1. It is always better to do more research before you invest in any business. I am really sorry about your experience. I hope this Solmax Review will help more people do not fall into the traps

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