Solmax Global Compensation Plan

Solmax Global Compensation Plan and Member Ranks

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Before you know the Solmax Global Compensation Plan and Member Ranking I will suggest you read the Solmax Global Reviews this will help you to understand the business model and what you are getting involved.

Doing your due diligence is always the best idea before you spend your hard money on those so-called income programs. Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme or MLM business model?

I have explained in more details the Solmax Global Business Model you should read it here to make an informed decision.

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The internet has the power to connect you with your potential client and make money without moving around the only thing you need is laptop and internet connection.

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Solmax Global Compensation Plan

Solmax Global claims to have Compensation Plans that suit everyone need and they have up to 7 Packages.

PS: All the price are in Pound


Solmax Global is working together with Ignitor100 as a marketing partner to promote it is projects and develops a user community for it is business.

Each package you purchase will give you an Academy Credit that will allow you to have access to the Ignitor Academy online educational course in 25 languages from the Fintech Industry.

Solmax Global Bonus

Solmax Global has 4 differents income bonuses:

1. Direct Bonus

Direct Bonus is more likely every time your referral pays for a membership you will have a 10% commission.

Anyone can register with Solmax Global and you can refer the Solmax Global packages to people without even buying the package yourself and earn 10% commission.

2. Team Bonus

The Team Bonus is for members who already have the Solmax Global Package and want to earn more from his/her team. The team structure is build-up in binary compensation.

Every people you recruit can be placed on the left or right team and the revenue generated by sales in each team is added up.

It is calculated as much as 10% of the business volume in the weaker team and paid every Monday throughout the year.

3. Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus is paid on the gross team bonus to the members. The qualified members for this bonus are paid a weekly matching bonus.

  • Elite Package: You will get 20% on level 1, level 2 15%, level 3 10% and level 4 5%
  • Professional Package: You will get 20% on level 1, level 2 15%, and level 3 10%
  • Premium Package: You will get 20% on level 1, level 2 15%
  • Executive Package: You will get 20% on level 1

4. i100 Bonus

The i100 Promotional Bonus each and every member who buys an igniter academy package will receive promotional i100 tokens.

Members can either lock these i100 for 12 months for additional 100 tokens or receive up to 2% daily promotional i-100 tokens.

Solmax Global Member Rankings

The Solmax Global Member Rankings are pretty straightforward. Starting from qualified Broker you can go all the way up to Global President on your own pace.


Ranks requirements

  • In order to redeem a rank award, your Solmax Global account has to be verified.
  • Multiple accounts per person only one account is eligible for an award per rank
  • An account owned by 2 people, only one award per rank will be given out.
  • Broker ranks which can be redeemed as funds to the cash accounts as well. From the director and above ranks, awards can only be redeemed at the Solmax Global events
  • Car awards will have Solmax Global design stickers on them that must remain unchanged.

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