Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme

Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme? Pyramid Scheme? MLM? – May Be 1in3!

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Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scheme or MLM? After writing Solmax Global Review on during my research I came across a lot of question that people are looking for like:

  • Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme?
  • Is Solmax Global A Pyramid Scheme?
  • Is Solmax Global a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

After analyzing the Solmax Global Compensation Plan and Member Rankings. I can tell you their business model is 3in1.

They are operation as Ponzi, Pyramid and MLM Scheme.

It is simple to say that, right?

I will explain everything in more details. At the end this of this article I want you to tell me in the comment if everything makes no sense.

By the way, I am not writing this article to tarnish their online reputation and no one pays me to write this article.

I just think is only fair if people understand a little bit of what they are getting in before they spend money in this so-called income programs.

They are many of the so-called income programs and others become more popular at the start. Once people know how they operate the loose popularity other vanished with people’s money.

Therefore, if your main intention of reading this article is to know if you can jump into this income program.

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All you need is to have a laptop and internet connection to build your online brand and help people with your skills.

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Is Solmax Global a Multi-Level Marketing?

Before I answer this question I would like you to watch this video below to understand what MultiLevel Marketing is.

Do you understand how Multi-Level Marketing works?

By the way, all the Solmax Global members are called Independent Marketing Partner (IMP).

As IMP you can make 10% commission from the direct sale of Solmax Global membership and you can also earn the Team Bonus by recruiting other new members and earn a commission on your downline team.

Indeed Solmax Global is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model and their members called Independent Marketing Partners (IMP\’s) are marking money by selling the Solmax Global membership and also recruiting new people to join the company.

That how every MLM business operate although Solmax Global does not have any retail products to sale to the public.

To cover their track of being illegal Pyramid Scheme When you buy their membership you will get Ignite Academy Credit and they also said you are investing in the Equity Tokens.

Is Solmax Global Pyramid Scheme?

I want to watch this short video to understand how the pyramid scheme operates. By the way, a pyramid scheme is illegal.

But companies come up with different strategies to cover their tracks.

There are no tangible products for sale. People are making money by recruiting other members to join the scheme.

Is Solmax Global Pyramid Scheme? Let us find out!!!

What is your thought about Solmax Global after watching this video?

I am pretty sure you know how they operate.

Some Pyramid Scheme can tell you that you are investing in oil or other cryptocurrencies. In reality, there is no product or service to sale.

Solmax Global claims that their IMP\’s are investing in Equity Tokens (cryptocurrency) that they have created and the price in the market will increase at 600% or 800%.

In the reality, IMP makes money by promoting Solmax Global membership.

The waste part of it they are operating a Binary Pyramid Scheme where you need to recruit more and more to earn from one leg.

Other things that you should look at the company they do not have retail products or services. Every membership that you by it include Ignitor academy credit to access to the online training.

This is just to cover their Pyramid Scheme.

The main purpose people join the Solmax Global is to make money not to study and IMP does not even mention it on their speech.

All that you will hear from their presentation is how you will earn from Solmax Global Compensation Plan and how you need to recruit new members.

Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Schemes?

I always include a short video that will answer your question very well. Is Solmax Global a Ponzi Scheme?

Watch this video to find out how the Ponzi Scheme works…

When you look closely at the i100 bonus. When you buy a package with Ignite 100 you have two options you can either lock your share for 12 months and receive an additional 100% bonus.

Eg: If buy package worth £1,000 and clock your share for 12 months you will get an additional £1,000 and the company will pay you after 12 months £2,000.

They are not a simple explanation of how they will invest your fund.

They are just operating as a Ponzi Scheme. The fund comes from new members who buy the package and they will pay it to the existing member and so on.

Is Solmax Global Scheme a Ponzi?

They are close elements that Solmax Global is operating as a Ponzi Scheme. On their website, they do not explanation of how they invest their members to earn 100% in return.

Final Verdict

Solmax Global has the elements of Ponzi, Pymarid and MLM Scheme. If a company or income programs is operation is such a way you need to be very careful before you invest your money.

Again company that focuses on recruiting people to make money does not long lifespan. They end up vanishing or close down by the Federal Trade Commission.

I will recommend staying away from such a business model not only you are going to lose money. It is also hard to make recent money with such a business model.

The stats I have shown that 99% of people join MLM business model end up losing money.

Therefore, if you are looking for a legit way to make money online and does not involve in recruiting other people to make money.

You can check out My Top Recommendation and learn how to make money online without recruiting anyone.

Is Solmax Global a Ponzi? Pyramid or MLM Scheme?

What can you say about Solmax Global? Are you existing member or you have been in the past? Please share your experience with the company whether good or bad it does not matter.

As long as it will help our reader to make an informed decision.

Thank you for Support!!!

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