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Paidverts Review 2020: Is It a Legit Website Or A Big Scam

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Hey hustler! Welcome to the ultimate PaidVerts Review 2020

I have spent more than 15 hours reviewing the Paidverts website, so you do not have too.

If you want to know:

  • What Is Paidverts Is All About?
  • If The Website Is A Scam Or Legit
  • How People Make Money With Paidverts
  • Can You Rely On Paidverts To Pay Your Bills?
  • Is Paidverts Worth It Or A Waste Of Time?

Then you have come to the right place.

I have signed up and tried the website so I can give my audience an honest review.

Below is a screenshot for welcoming me as a member Paidverts…..

Paidverts Welcome Message

Now you know that I have tried You will need to expect my honest review.

So, you are reading a couple of Paidverts Reviews because you want to join the platform and make money.

But you are a bit sceptical about the entire website and you want to know if this is legit or Paidverts is a scam

Paidverts Claim

I will tell you everything you want to know about Paidverts.

Why You Should Listen To Me?

I have been online for while I have tried almost everything.

I have reviewed more than 100 GPT and PTC website. I will recommend you some if you really need to make some extra bucks.

Below is what I have made online this does not have to do with Paidvert or any GPT site.


Therefore, You won’t make this kind of money with the Paidverts or any survey website.

I did it through Affiliate Marketing. If this is appealing to you and you want to know how it works

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Table of Contents

  1. What Is PaidVerts
  2. How To Signup With PaidVerts
  3. How Does PaidVerts Works?
  4. Is PaidVerts Worth it?
  5. How Much Can I Earn with PaidVerts?
  6. What Do I Like About PaidVerts?
  7. What I Don’t Like About Paidvert?
  8. Is PaidVerts A Scam?
  9. PaidVerts Complaints
  10. Can PaidVerts Make Me Rich?
  11. How Do I Make Money Online?
  12. Final Verdict
  13. PaidVert Feedbacks

What is PaidVerts?

PaidVerts is a Paid To Click (PTC) website where people sign up and get paid for viewing ads in a few seconds.

You can also earn money with Paidverts just by:

  • Playing Game,
  • Playing Clickgrid
  • Answering Surveys
  • Completing Offers
  • and Invite a friend to sign up with Paidverts.

This website lets you earn according to your involvement within the dashboard. was found on the 31st of March 2014. It is still a brand new website compare to

But it has become popular with over 3,366,379 members registered.

They have paid out $9,002,377.83 to their members by the time of writing this PaidVerts Review.

Therefore, if you are still asking is PaidVerts a scam? I am sure you have got your answer.

You can also check it out if you still have a doubt it is completely free to sign up with Paidverts.

The website is owned by Jo Cook. I am not sure if it is his real name they are much-mixed information about him and the sad part does not provide any information about him…

Jo Cook also owned another website known as MyTrafficValue this was online since early 2010. Paidverts also operate PTCShare

How To Sign Up?

You can simply visit and click the Register Button.

It will redirect you to a PaidVerts Registration page where you will need to fill up your information such as:

PaidVerts will send you an email to activate your account once you activate it then you are ready to start earning.

PaidVerts signup form
Paidverts Sign-Up Form

Once you login PaidVerts Dashboard is a bit overwhelming. But there is a quick tutorial that will walk you through the Dashboard and understands the platform.

How Does PaidVerts Works?

Paidverts will send you from Monday to Friday 8 activation ads daily on your account worth 96 BAPs.

But other people are talking about 200 BAPs. I think this depends on the country. You can look at the picture below.

Paidverts BAP

Therefore, if you are getting more than 96 BAPs please leave your comment in the comment section.

I just want to know how much and which country you sign up with Paidverts

Those activation ads will expire within 24 hours. You need to click them to increase your chance of receiving Paid Ads.

BAP Is Paidvert Currency…

You will need to click all your activation ads every day. It will help you to accumulate Paid Ads and the more BAPs you have the more money you can make.

Once you sign up with PaidVerts for the first time you will receive 265 BAPs that will help you to start getting Paid Ads

BAP stands for Bonus Ad Points and 1 BAP is worth $0.0005. You will need to accumulate more BAPs to receive Paid Ads.

If your balance is 0 BAP you will not receive any Paid Ads. BAP will help you to unlock Paid Ads.

Every day you can see two types of ads in Paiverts Dashboard.

  • Activation ads
  • Paid ads.

Activation ads will give you BAPs and Paid ads will give you Real cash.

You can also upgrade your account for $0.05. But you will need to accumulate 2500 BAPs before you upgrade your account.

This will help you to earn a bit more unlike other Paid To Click (PTC) that will cost you $800 per year or $50 per month to upgrade your membership

PaidVerts account upgrade helps you to get those recycle ads members who did not click.

$0.05 can make you earn at least $1 before your upgrade account expires and you can upgrade it again.

PaidVerts Referral

You can also refer your friend and family to join PaidVerts and earn 5% of every ad your referral view.

To be honest, this is very low compare to and you can earn up to 25% in commissions.

But you can also Earn with Paidverts Referral in the following way:

  • If your referral buys $100 worth of advertising, you’ll earn an instant $10.00 cash commission!

  • Your referral clicks on a $0.10 paid advertisement, you’ll earn $0.005 cash commission!

  • If your referral buys $100 worth of Bulk Ads which I will explain late. You get an instant $10.00 commission. And your referral also earns 310,000 bonus ad points (BAP). For which you will earn up to $7.75 more if they click on all their bonus ads!

What is Bulk Ads?

PaidVerts Bulk Ads is for people like me who has a Blog Page to increase traffic (visitors) to my website. You can also buy Paidvert Bulk to get BAPS

You can also create your Free Website and promote Paidvert. You will get commissions for people who can sign up with PaidVerts.

For $1 you can get:

  • 25 banners impression (728×90)

  • 100 banners impression (125×125)

  • 50 visits to your website

  • You will receive 3100 BAPs (Bonus Ad Points) in your account.

For $1 you will receive in your account 3100 BAPs worth $1.55 do you know what it means? You have Paid ads to view worth $1.55.

How Much Can I Earn With PaidVerts?

It all depends on how active you are on Paidverts. How many active referrals you have and how many BAPs you have.

If you have a blog page and a YouTube channel like me.

You can promote Paidverts earn a bit more compared to people who just click ads and spamming people on social media with their link.

But I would sweat to promote a website like this that pay close to nothing I would rather promote Amazon Products.

Check out My Work At Home Jobs and see how much you can earn by promoting Amazon products.

Therefore, if you just started with Paidverts you will need to be more active and log in your account at least 2 times a day.

In the morning and afternoon, you can expect to earn less than $2.0 per day.

For course, your earning will increase once you have earned the BAP.

Is PaidVerts Worth it?

I can say PaidVerts is worth it for people who need pocket money like students. I still believe you can make a lot of money as a student with your computer.

Check out 21 years boy from Thailand who made 4 figure with Affiliate Marketing.

Therefore, if you have a lot of time to kill you can view ads on once you are a member and get paid for your time.

The more you are active in the platform the more you can earn all depend on how many BAPs you have.

But you will need to view at least 100 ads to make $1.

Can You really sweat do that?

Thus, if you are looking for something that will help you increase your earnings or build a second income.

PaidVerts is not what you are looking for. It can also be a waste of time and it is not worth my time.

But, if you are looking for a way to make serious money. Instead of viewing ads that pay you for penny check out My Top Recommendation

You will learn how you can build an online business and make money at the comfort of your home.

What I Do like About Paidverts?

  • Earning online

You can earn a few bucks with Paidverts online by doing viewing ads, pay game and more. To be honest, even if it is a slow earning platform, money is money you can earn it on Facebook or Youtube

  • Different Payment Method

Paidverts has many different payment methods to cash out your money. You can choose from whatever payment shows in the screenshot.

Paidverts Payment Methods

  • Different other Paid to Click (PTC) site

Paidverts is very different from other PTC website. It has it is own system to earn according to your involvement in the dashboard.

What I Do Not Like

  • Active Income

Paidverts is not a website that you can make money while you are sleeping. You will need to be active in the dashboard to earn money.

  • Low earning

Paidverts does not pay much. It is low earning website do not expect to earn a lot of more as a member. Most of the ad pay $0.005 it will take you a lot of time to earn decent money.

Is PaidVerts a Scam?

Is PaidVerts a scam or PaidVerts is genuine or fake? The answer to this question is Paidverts is legit and they do pay members.

It is a real PTC website and you can sign up for free.

Paidverts have more than 3,366,379 Members registered since 2017 and they have paid out $9,002,377.83 to their member.

Therefore, if you sign up with Paidverts you do not need to worry you will get paid.

But do not expect to earn a lot of money or quitting your job otherwise you will be very disappointed.

PaidVerts Complaints

So for you have read everything about this Paidverts and how Paidverts works.

It is now the time to know the PaidVerts complaints that does not mean it is a bad platform. People, just I have a different expectation.

Low Earning Potential

Even though PaidVerts is very different from other Paid To Click (PTC) website. The earning potential does not change.

Especially if you do not have a blog page to leverage your referrals commission. There is too much complaint about Paidverts Low Earning Potential.

Not Register with BBB

If you are from the USA and Canada and you are a die-hard fan of the BBB rating. Unfortunately, PaidVerts is not registered with the BBB

To be honest I have found many mixed PaidVerts complaint. If you read them it leads to one conclusion people need quick money, that is not going to happen you will need to work for money.

I completely agree that PaidVerts is a slow earning platform. But it is far better than other Paid To Click sites I have reviewed.

Can You Get Rich with PaidVerts?

Up to now, you have your answer and how much you will need to expect to earn with this platform can you get rich with PaidVerts? I do not think so.

It is a very slow earning platform you can only earn pocket money, this is not a life change opportunity.

For me, I add PaidVerts to my earnings because I am a big proponent of multiple streams of income I do not like leaving money on the table.

Earning small cash from them is better than nothing I can buy toiletry and other stuff missing in my household.

All I am trying to tell you do not rely on PaidVerts ads you won’t get rich folks.

How Do I Make Money Online

I make money online with Affiliate Marketing. If you do not know how it works you can check the free Affiliate Marketing Training.

 First, you will need to choose a NICHE (your interest) my NICHE is to help people to make money online.

Second is to design a website to have an online presence so people can find you on the internet. This very important, do not worry you can design your revenue website in less than a minute.

Third, you will need to write content that people are looking for on the internet to solve their problems.

Your job is to help people first and earning comes after. If you put that in mind you will have a successful online business.

To prove that this method works you were looking for PaidVerts Review. Or related terms like Paidverts scam on Google or other Search Engine then you found my review.

Therefore, if I was promoting a product that you are looking for you will buy it or if you sign up with PaidVerts here.

I will get a commission for referring you to their website. This leads me to the fourth process making money.

You can also look around my page there are ads that Google place on this page. If someone clicks them, I will get paid.

I am in the same business as PaidVerts, right? My website gets more than a thousand visitors per day.

I can get easily earn $20.0 to $50.0 per day with Google ads. If my visitors decide to sign up with PaidVerts.

I will also earn a commission from their earnings every time the cashout this is passive income.

Therefore, if this appealing you can build your website and make a stream of income.

You can check out the free Affiliate Marketing Training and learn how it works.

Final Verdict.

PaidVerts is very different from other Paid To Click (PTC) no wonder they have a lot of members in a short period do be honest.

I do not recommend people to join any Paid To Click (PTC) site but PaidVerts is worth to try it and earn pocket money.

Yes, you have read it rights to earn pocket money in your free time. You won’t earn enough money to pay your bills by viewing ads on the PaidVerts Dashboard.

Therefore, if you are still asking if PaidVerts is genuine or fake you will need to read throughout this PaidVerts Review again and you can also visit the site to see PaidVerts payment proof.

However, if you just say I will pass PaidVerts, I am looking for something big that will help to make passive income and pay your bills.

Yes, there is an alternative to PaidVerts but you need to put in mind that there is not easy money is whether you invest money or time to make money.

The program I am going to refer you just need time for you to build a successful online business this same program help me to quit Uber Eats and live the laptop lifestyle making money at the comfort of my home.

You should check My Top Recommendation and start build your online business with the internet like I said you will need to invest time and it is not an overnight success they were a time when I wanted to give up.

But I have two choices burn my ass in the sun making Uber Eats rich or work for myself.

So, check it out or continue to make your employer rich and live paycheck to paycheck.

Your Feedback Regarding PaidVerts and Your Experience

Tell me what did you learn in this PaidVerts Review. Did I answer all your question? Please leave your comment below.

However, if you have experience with PaidVerts and you are making more than pocket money. I would like to hear from you in the comment.

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