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PTCshare Review 2020: Is It A Scam Platform?

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Hey folks! Welcome to the definitive PTCshare Review 2020. 

I have spent a lot of hours researching for PTCshare.

I even tried the platform to find out if people are really making money with the website.

So I can give my honest PTCshare Review to my reader.

PTCshare Welcome Back Message

Now that you know I have really tried the website. I will tell you everything you need to know about PTCshare.

Below is what you will be learning in this PTCshare Review.

  • What PTCShare Is All About

  • If The Website Is Scam or Legit

  • If People Are Marking Money with PTCShare

  • The Alternative To PTCShare

  • Why Should Not Waste Your Time With This Website

If you have tried to make money online you probably know that you can make money by watching ads.

However, this may sound too good to be true right? You are asking yourself if PTCShare is a scam or legit website to earn money by viewing ads.

You have come to the right place.

I am sure you have visited you are a bit sceptical about the website.

That may be the reason you are searching for a couple of PTCShare Reviews to find out the truth.

Yes, you can make money by watching ads online.

But how much money can you make with those ads? Can you quit your job and rely on PTCshare?

Stay tuned to find out…

What is PTCshare?

First of all, PTCshare is an advertising platform where advertisers pay a certain fee to put an ad on the PTCshare dashboard.

By being a member of PTCShare your job is to click those ads and PTCshare will share a part of their profit with you.

That makes PTCshare a Paid To Click (PTC) platform where members get paid for viewing ads

PTCshare is own by Marc De Koning and is been operating by Paidverts this website offer the same service as PTCashe and the headquarter is in Scotland.

The website has been around since June 2019, they have more than 237,990 members registered on their website.

PTCshare has payout more than $413,031 to its members by the time of writing this PTCShare Review.

PTCshare Payout

How To Sign Up?

You can visit than create your account.

You will need to fill up all fields as you can see in the picture below:

PTCshare Registration

PTCShare is available globally everyone around the world can register as long as you are over 16 of age.

It also available in 7 language which is:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

Once you have registered and accept the terms and conditions.

You will receive an email to activate your account then you ready to start earning moola

How Does PTCShare Works?

You will be going to earn money by viewing ads on the PTCShare Dashboard.

Once you log in you will be reward with 100 BAPs for being a member.

PTCshare Bonus Point

The BAP is PTCShare Currency which stands for Bonus Ad Points. It is also called Activation Ad.

You will need to have it to receive the Paid Ads, the more BAPs you have the more Paid Ads you will receive.

If your account has 0 BAPs will not receive any Paid Ads. Do not worry about BAP if you do not have, PTCShare will send you 8 activation ads per day to earn BAP.

Each activation ads worth 5 BAPs and it will expire in 24 hours. You will need to click on those activation ads with 24 hours.

1 BAP is equal to $0.0005 which mean you can have Paid Ads to view worth $0.02 per day, the more BAPs have the more money you can make.

There is also daily BAP Bonus that you can earn with PTCShare by being an active member. You can also complete small tasks to earn BAP Bonus.

You will earn BAP according to your involvement within the website

You can also earn money by playing ClickGrid, Referring a friend to sign up with PTCShare.

There are also 3rd party survey panels. Where you can complete short surveys and get paid.

Thus, if you looking for the paid survey site you can check out and

PTCShare Referral

You can also earn money by telling your friends to signup PTCShare. As a member, you will have a referral link you can send to a friend and family.

This will track all their activity and earn commissions from them.

By referring Ptcshare to people you will earn:

  • 7% commission on their every ad buy

  • 3% commission on the value of their ad clicks

  • Eligibility for more daily referral ad issue

  • A ton of achievement points, increasing your part of the daily achievement ad issue

Do you know you can also refer people to Amazon, Clickbank and ShareASale? Once someone buys anything those retailers you earn commissions

This is one of my secrets on how I make money online. I am not alone people are making a lot of money with this method.

It called Affiliate Marketing you can check out My Work At Home Jobs and see how it works.

I always tell my reader to do this instead of promoting websites like PTCShare that will pay you a penny.

You can promote a high ticket product that will pay up to $200 in commission depending on the product.

Clickbank Profucts
Clickbank Products

Imagine you just sale 15 of those products in a week… How much will be in a month?

How Much Can I Earn with PTCShare

There is not a straight answer to this question all depend on how active you are on the platform.

However, the BAP is the fuel to your earnings. The more BAP you have the high Paid Ads you will receive and the more money will earn.

I have analyzed the PTCShare payment proof that you can find on the PTCshare website.

The Top PTCshare members are making less than 15 per month.

PTCshare Top Earners

Therefore, if you are a member of PTCShare and you are earning more than this please leave your comment.

It will help someone to make an informed decision. However, if this is not what you expected and you want to earn more.

You can learn how to build a brand with your laptop and internet connection. Check out the free Affiliate Marketing Training and see how it works.

Is PTCShare Worth it?

To answer this question is PTCShare worth it? I would say it depends on what you are looking for and responsibility.

If you are a student who needs some pocket money go for it and you can also sign up with and to maximize your earning whenever you do not find a task to complete in one platform.

But, if you have old folk with responsibility and you want to increase your earnings even save some cash. PTCShare is not what you are looking for.

The amount of time you will spend on this website it is not worth it and they pay a penny per task

It will be better if you can look for a part-time job. If you do not have enough time and you have some skills you can be freelance on site like

Companies and people need help with Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Creator. You can check it out and find what you can provide.

Thus, if you do not have any skills but you can follow instructions and you are willing to learn. You can start your online business and build a stream of income. Start Your Free Training Here

What do I like?

  • Earning with the internet

I like the fact that you can earn a few bucks for free on the internet in your spare time. Yes, I mean free bucks. How much do you earn spend your time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Daily Reward

There is also some daily reward you can earn to increase your earnings in PTCshare. Like completing offers and play games

  • Support

Whenever you have an issue you can get support by sending them an email. Go to contact us and fill-up the form and state out your issue and you will get your answer with 24 hours.

What I Do Not Like?

  • No PayPal

PayPal is the best payment method on the internet and stress-free. However, PTCshare does not have PayPal.

The only payment option you get is Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, Payee, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

  • Active Income

This is not making money while you are sleeping like Affiliate Marketing. You will need to be very Active and earn a few bucks online.

  • Low Earning

PTCshare does not pay a lot of money. It will be very hard to make even $15 per month.

Is PTCShare a Scam?

PTCShare is not a scam. It is still a brand new website with a lot of potentials. They started operating in June 2019 and they are growing very fast than other Paid To Click (PTC) site I have seen.

The platform has already 239769 members and they have payout $413,328.5129 to their members by the time of writing this PTCShare Review.

By looking at the amount of money they have paid out you will have your answer to your question if PTCShare a scam.

Therefore, if you need my opinion. I will say that PTCShare is very legit and I have tried the website you do not need to worry about payment.

PTCShare Complaints

This is the time to find out what people are complaining about PTCShare. This is how will find your deal-breaker

Do not quit your job

We all know most of the people are coming to to make money.

But you have to put in mind this is not the life-changing opportunity and you won’t make enough to even quit your job.

I found a lot complain about the low earning potential. What do you expect guys?

It is Paid To Click website they do not pay enough and some people even go even far and say viewing ads is a waste of time.

Can You Get Rich with PTCShare?

Paid To Click (PTC) website it is a Paid To Click (PTC) website if you know one then you know how the rest of them operate.

Do not expect to earn a lot of money with those websites. You can earn pocket money that what you need to expect will all the Paid To Click site.

This is not a life-changing opportunity or laptop lifestyle. So you won’t be rich with PTCshare. It is a very impossible mission. Lol

However, you can still use the internet and build a revenue website that will make you a passive income.

But do not get me wrong to make money online you will need to be very determined, work little hard and have a clear vision to achieve your goals.

Therefore, you can check out My Top Recommendation and see exactly how I quit Uber Eat delivery and work from home and living the laptop lifestyle

How Do I Make Money Online

I am making money with Internet and Affiliate Marketing. I have learned how to build a stream of income with the internet.

This passive income and others called it making money while you are sleeping.

Look around my website you can see ads that Google has a place on my website. If someone clicks on it I will get paid. Like PTCshare right? You can build your own website too.

My website is getting thousands of visitors per day. This is better than spending tons of hours on PTCshare to earn less than $5 per day.

All I need is to write quality content that people are looking for. Without content Google, Facebook and other platforms would not exist.

That not all. Like I said I have built a stream of income. I have also other websites where I promote dog foods and watches online.

I refer people to the dog foods or watches that they are looking for, once they buy it I get a commission. It called Affiliate Marketing

The fact that you are reading this PTC Review it means this method is working and I learn it through Wealthy Affiliate.

To prove again that is working. First of all, I do not know you and I do know where you are coming for but you were looking for terms like is PTCShare a Scam?

Or How can I make Money with PTCShare? Any terms that are relating to than you here reading my PTCShare Review.

This is how I make money online and you can do it too.

My Final Verdict

PTCShare website looks very professional compare to other websites I have reviewed before.

But if you check it out more there is nothing new it is a Paid To Click (PTC) website with a low income earning.

When you log in the dashboard for the first time is a bit overwhelming. You can waste a lot of time to try to find it out how to use it for me it is not user friends.

Therefore, PTCShare is 100% legit and you will get paid for your time. But do not expect to earn a lot of cash with PTCShare.

However, if you need another alternative to PTCShare to make a lot for money. You might need to check out My Top Recommendation.

This program teaches people how to build a revenue website and make a stream of income with the internet.

I can read your mind when you read building a website. Do not be scared building a website is very easy. If you can use Microsoft Word you can build a website it is just copied and paste.

Your Feedback About PTCShare and Your Experience

Thank you for stopping by if my PTCShare Review if this helps you please click the Social Sharing Button to share it with your friend and family.

I do not forget to follow me on the social network whenever I post a review like this you will notify and it will help you to avoid scam online.

However, if you have experience with PTCShare please leave a comment below it will help someone to make an informed decision I know what is working and what is not.

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