Work From Home For Moms and Dads [Proven Success]

Welcome to my Work from Home For Moms and Dads

But do not worry about the title this is for everyone. This post guide you to build work from home and start making passive income.

I know why you are reading this post I understand and appreciate your hustle.

We are in real-world making an extra income is always essential.

I am going to reveal to you a simple step that will help you to generate monthly income with Amazon and other Affiliate Networks and maybe quitting your job within a year.


Knowing how to build your own Work from Home it is very important. It will protect you from falling into a scam and other pyramid schemes.

I always see many groups and pages on Facebook, people are looking for the opportunity to make extra income.

They are a lot of the damn groups like Work from Home for Moms and Dads full of spam posts. When you look at those groups they are talking about Affiliate and Internet Marketing.

They are just doing it the wrong way and no one is showing the right way to do it and start making money from home.

They are not even talking about the power of having your own website or blog page.

However, everyone is spamming with their affiliate links for people to join whatever opportunity or product they are promoting.

Stop Spamming People With Your Link

In this post, I want to help someone to avoid spamming people with their affiliate links and use it the right way.

To create Real Work from Home with Affiliate and Internet Marketing. Whether you are young, student, mom, dad or retired person this will work for you.

If you master it you will have great success online and build a stream of income with the internet and forget the rat race of the 8 to 5 job

Therefore, you can do it Full-Time or Part-Time. But you need to have a laptop and internet connection. 

Wait minute!!!

You will need also to have time and work toward your success and achieve your goal. Like I said before do not mind the title Work From Home For Moms and Dads this was just keyword with low competition.

So, Google can index this post and you can find it in the search engine.

Whenever someone is searching for this keyword or term they will find this post. 

An Uber Eat Driver Quit Delivery With This Business Model

Before I got deep in this topic you will need to know that, this method helps me to earn money from the comfort of my home.

 I know a lot of people who built 6 to 7 figure business with Affiliate Marketing not by spamming with their affiliate links on Facebook Groups.

By the simple method that I am going to reveal it late in this post and this method is powerful.

I was Uber Eat Driver. Now I am working from home and earning a lot of commission.

I will be lying if I say I am making 6 figure online and have financial freedom. I am just earning enough to quit Uber Eats.

My goal is to make 6 figure a month within a year or two.

But it needs a lot of hard work, clear mission and time to achieve it

So, this is not an overnight success or Get Rich Quick Scheme hard work always pays.

Work at Home For Moms and Dads equal To Online Business.

You have to treat this as a business or company even though it is your small hustle.

However, if you treat it right you will be making 6 to 7 figures at home without a damn boss.

Let look at starter business

If you want to start a business according to Fundera 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small businesses fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business.

Wait I will explain why I mention this.

Let say you want to buy a franchise it will cost you a lot of money and Mc Donald is in the business years.

Therefore, if you have the money to buy their franchise it will be a lifetime investment.

But if you do not have the money to buy the franchise what do you do?

Start a business that you are not sure if is going to succeed or fail or just stay and work for someone for the rest of your life?

That where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

Instead of creating your product or buy an expensive franchise.

Therefore, you can promote existing products and services and make commissions

You can promote books, Phones, Laptops, TVs, software anything that you can imagine.

Those products have been there for a long time, people will still going to buy them until the end of the world.

The advantage you are promoting it worldwide thank you for the internet. Can you see your potential income?

You do not need to buy any franchise and it is free to join amazon and other Affiliate Networks and start promoting those product right away.

This is how people are building a Work At home Jobs and you do not need to buy the product.

You just need to promote it and get your commission the owner of the product will deal with the shipment of the products and all the headache that comes with managing the product and inventory.

How can I do this?

Before I start just think little about how many people are shopping online every day worldwide. 

I bet you also do your shopping online.

Let take an example of Amazon According to Amazon revenue in 2018 is $52.9 billion and most of its revenue comes from people who purchase their products online.

Do you know that most of the sales from Amazon come from people ( Affiliate Marketer) who promote Amazon products and earn commissions from it? 

Let me explain this in details.

basketballLet say Amazon is selling this basketball and you signup with Amazon Affiliate Program. 

Amazon will give you a unique link that you can promote on Facebook, Twitter and your website.

When someone clicks on that link and buy from it you will earn a commission. 

Amazon has products in almost any category.

This process of choosing a basketball as your particular interest is called a NICHE.

A NICHE can be anything you want to promote there are thousands of niches you can imagine Wealthy Affiliate will help you find a profitable NICHE that you can promote and make commissions

They will also teach you how you can build a revenue website with your NICHE for Google and other Search Engine to send you buyers and make commissions. 

Maybe your question is why Amazon is not promoting its products itself?

My answer is they would not making billions of dollars if they did not let other people promote their products.

Just Imagine the number of people in the world promoting their products vs Amazon alone. 

Anyway, this is part of their marketing strategy and many companies are doing it to save their marketing cost. Does it make sense?

Do you See An Opportunity Of Create your Work at Home Job?

First of all, if you are a sale person in the company you know how it works and your salary is based on commission

Why not trying to build your own business instead of making your company rich? 

I can tell what you think. Do not know worry I will show you an online community with successful Affiliate Marketers that will teach and support you 24/7 on how to build your Work at Home Jobs

Like I said before you will need to focus and take action.

Once you understand all the concept you will be able to make passive income just working at the comfort of home.

How Is Affiliate Commision Work?

Affiliate marketing is like any other business you are doing offline.

But this is risk-free and you do not need to buy any product or create your product. 

Just promote someone else products and services and earn commission.

Amazon pays 5% to 10% in commission depending on the product and they have over 100,000 products online. 

Do you see the opportunity of making money online at the comfort of your home?

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Whenever you sell a product through your link you get commissions depending on the product percentage.

I am a big fan of Amazon because I earn a commission from different products 

But I know more company that pays up to 75% in commission.

Keep reading this Work at Home For Moms and Dads and I will show you those companies. 

Did I mention that it’s free to join and become an Affiliate with those companies? Hell Yeah, It’s 100% free!!! 

But you will need to go to the training and learn some skills and how to leverage the internet to make commissions.

I like Affiliate Marketing due to the geographical independent.

Stay at home mom jobsYou can be on vacation or any way in the world just with your computer and internet connection, money is rolling in.

Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme or overnight success.

You need to understand the process of making money and leverage sales.

This is a business you are building online, other business models need capital and employees to handle customer service, shipment, and inventory.

The good news about Affiliate Marketing you do not have to deal with all of those complicated things

You just need to invest time and the owner of the product will deal with all the headaches that include shipping the product and customer service.

Let us do the math and shows how this work

I am talking about Amazon because most of the people are familiar with it.

But there is more company like ClickBank, PayDotCom, ShareAsale, CJ Affiliate and a lot of more that offers an affiliate program and they pay up to75% in commissions.

Let say you have sign-up with Amazon as an affiliate and Amazon gives you a unique link that you can promote. 

At this stage, you will need to be on social media with more followers or have a website that drives traffic for people to click your link.

Scenario 1

Let say you are promoting Product A that cost $225 and the commission is 15%.

 You have an average of 20 peoples per week clicking on your link and only 7 peoples buy from it.

Let do the Math

$225 X 7 buyers = $1,575.00 per week X your 15% Commission = $236,25 per week.

In a month is $236.25 X 4 weeks = $945.00 in commission imagine if you are getting more sales

Scenario 2: 

The buyer decided to add to the cart Product B $175 and the commission is 10%

Let do the Math

$175 X 7 buyers = $ 1 225.00 per week X your 10% commission = $122.50.

In a month $122.5 X 4 weeks = $490 in commission

Note: You are legible to get a commission if someone buys a different product from your link.

So, Product A ($945.00) + Product B ($490) = $1,435.00 in commission

Do you understand this Work At Home From Moms and Moms?

Many people are building a stream of income with this method and some are making 6 to 7 figures in commission worldwide.

rocket scienceThis is not Rocket Science everyone can do it.

Hey, but you will need to learn how to leverage the internet a make a lot of commission.

There is 10 free lessons to understand how this works you can do it. 

You can start your Free Training Here and build a revenue website that is the foundation of this Work At Home Jobs. 

Think about your website as your office or store.

It looks very easy on the paper but you will need to understand how to drive traffic on your link. Keeping reading  I will reveal that now.

The Process of Building Work At Home Jobs

There are 4 steps to make money with affiliate marketing.

I already explained one throughout this Work At Home For Moms and Dads which is choosing a NICHE.

I will only explain the second process here which is the foundation of this Work At Home Jobs.

Therefore, if you want to learn about it in more details you can click on the picture below.

4 Steps for making money online

I will talk more about the second step which is building a website, this is a business you are building.

You need a website It is the foundation to generate commission from the comfort of your home without it.

It is very hard to make sales

Think about your website as a front store. I know some training teach this in different way and make you run after money.

It is a very important step after choosing your NICHE and it will make money come to you.

Do you remember when I explained about links? This where your links come in.

You will need to place those links on your website and write great content like the one you are reading now on your website.

Good content that will attract visitors (traffic), the more traffic you get to your website the higher chance your visitors will buy from your links and the more money you make.

Your job is to help people find the product that they are looking for and influence their decision regarding the product and refer them to the possible product that you think will help them to find a solution.

How Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

There are many training programs online that teach how to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

To create your Work at Home Jobs but most of them are very expensive and others are scams.

I have found one online community that will give all the tools and training to be very successful with Affiliate Marketing.

They will give you up to 10 free lessons to drive test the program just check it out and see how it work.

I have a full review of the program and it is one of My Top Recommendation 

If you are interested to start your Work at Home Jobs this community will teach how to make real money with Affiliate Marketing.

Motivation QuoteThis community has over 1.4 million members worldwide with successful Affiliate Marketer in the platform. 

Do not take my word for it you can check it out for free below there is nothing to lose

Why this is the best community?

To succeed with this Work At Home Jobs, you will need great support, top-class training, and tool that wealthy affiliate offers all of it in one place such as:

  • Live support 24/7 from experts
  • Webinar
  • Step by step training
  • Website/ hosting
  • Keyword tools
  • Communicate with other successful affiliate marketers

Conclusion About My Work At Home For Moms and Dads

Most of the Work at Home For Moms and Dads you are looking are scams.

However, if you find one you will be earning a penny like completing surveys.

Even download apps and other rewarding sites like Get Paid To (GPT) and Paid To Click (PTC) that pays close to nothing.

However, you can build your real jobs for stay at home through Affiliate Marketing without spamming your links and make a lot of money.

 Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to build a strong foundation. I will advise you to sign up as a starter member and check things out.

Therefore, I have to warn you there is no easy money after all you need to put more effort and more time. 

The training here is straight forward if you follow every step I am pretty sure you will succeed. 

The training work very well if you are reading this blog post it means it works for me and it will certainly work for you.

However, if you are looking for overnight or Get Rich Quick Scheme success it is not going to happen here or elsewhere.

Stop Struggling to Make Money Online

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