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DuePoint Review – Is the System Legit or a Scam?

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Welcome to my unbiased DuePoint Review. 

I have spent 48+ hours analysing the duepoint.net  system and how people are making money with the Duepoint system.

You might be asking if Duepoint is legit or a scam.

I will answer those questions late in this review.

Therefore, you need to read this DuePoint Review until the very end to make an informed decision.

Please do not forget to leave a comment or share your experience with Duepoint in the comment section…

In this DuePoint Review I will cover:

  • What is the DuePoint System all about
  • If the business is still effective in 2022 and behind
  • The common complaints people have about DuePoint
  • If Duepoint is a pyramid scheme or MLM company
  • If the whole thing is legit or a scam
  • The alternative DuePoint

So, stay tuned…

But if you are in a hurry you can also watch this DuePoint video review below:

South Africa’s economy is very bad right now.

COVID-19 does not make things easy too.

You are probably worried about your income and how you are going to pay your bills.

You have watched the DuePoint Presentation and you understand how people make money with the DuePoint System.

You are excited and also a bit sceptical at the same time.

That is why you are doing a couple of research about the Duepoint system.

I have to congratulate you for taking your time to do your due diligence.

Nowadays people can do anything to make money out of you.

To understand the opportunity and legitimacy of the company or a program you need to read a couple of reviews on the internet.

In this Duepoint Review, I will tell you everything about duepoint.net including the good, the bad and the ugly.

Without further ado let’s get started

DuePoint Review
  • EASE


DuePoint is a network marketing that offers an opportunity for South Africans to make money by recruiting people to join the Duepoint System. 

Company name: DuePoint

Website: https://www.duepoint.net

Owner: Brendan Benfield & Rob Vanderbijl

Product/service: Insurance & Network Marketing

Cost: Different prices

Is DuePoint Legit: YES

The Wealthy Academy Rating: 1.75/5

Do I recommend this? No Instead, I recommend my reader to start an affiliate marketing business this the future of the 21st century.

You check out My Top Recommendation Platform for step-by-step training and learn how to earn affiliate commissions with your laptop and internet connection.

What Is DuePoint?

What is Due Point

DuePoint is a network marketing company that claims to offer true financial freedom for all South Africans by allowing them to build a channel of distribution.

By leveraging their natural spheres of influence, facilitating the duplication of your own time and effort in creating a persistent monthly income for yourself.

DuePoint is a division of Constantia Insurance.

By joining Duepoint as Weath Engineer you will be recruiting people and everyone you recruit must subscribe to the insurance plans below:

  • Access Wealth
  • Family Wealth
  • Wealth Guard
  • Legal Guard
  • Medi Guard
  • MotoMedic
  • Heritage Life

As a DuePoint distributor aka Wealth Engineer, you need to subscribe to one of those insurance plans and recruit more people to join DuePoint.

DuePoint is located on 2nd Payne Road, Corner Main Office Park, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191 and it is a member of the Direct Marketing Association of SA and Direct Selling Association of South Africa.

Below are the DuePoint Teams

DuePoint Teams

How to become a Wealth Engineer

You will need to visit the DuePoint website www.duepoint.net and click join on the main navigation bar.

This message below will pop up.

DuePoint Sign Up
Duepoint Wealthy Engineer form

Therefore, if you were introduced to DuePoint by Wealth Engineer you will need to enter the Wealth Engineer Number.

He/she can get a commission for referring you to the DuePoint and you will need to subscribe to one of the Constantia Insurance service plans which are:

Access Wealth: R349 per Month

The AccessWealth Plan consists of 2 products which are:

  • Tax-Free Investment Account: it is an investment account where you can contribute R100.00 to R2500 per month and withdraw at any time without delay or penalty
  • Personal Accident Policy: It is a R120,000 personal accident cover underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited.

Family Wealth: R299 per Month

This is Funeral Plan + Credit Life Cover. The insurance product is underwritten by Constantia Life and Health Assurance Company Ltd.

This covers you and your family’s funeral costs as well as offers R10,000 cover against any outstanding debt you have specified.

Wealth Guard: R269.00 per Month

This is Personal Accident Cover. The insurance product that covers you in the event of accidental death is underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited.

But it does not cover you in the event of death through natural causes or illness.

This is a Legal Support, Representation and Indemnity. It gives you access to a legal helpline and up to R250,000 legal expenses indemnity per matter as well as CCMA representation and the drafting of various legal documents.

How Does DuePoint Work?

As I said before, DuePoint is a Network Marketing business that needs you to recruit more people to join DuePoint.

As Wealth Engineer,  you will need to build a channel of distribution.

This means you will need to recruit more and more people to become Wealth Engineers.

The more people you recruit the harder the business become. Duepoint is creating a workforce of recruiters the earlier birds are more likely to make money.

For the newcomers is competition probably everyone around you is been introduced to the Duepoint System already.

DuePoint MLM

To understand better the business opportunity I have included this presentation below that explains everything in detail including the DuePoint Compensation Plan.

But you will need to come back and read this Duepoint Review until the end to find out if this going to work for you.

I am sure you understand how the Duepoint System works.

To make money with the Duepoint you have to recruit more people for levels 1 and 2 you will R55 and for level 3 you will earn R27.5 and for level 4 your earnings start diminished.

As you can see the potential of making decent money with Duepoint is very low unless recruiting a batch of people and those people keep on paying for the service every month.

Therefore, if you are not a fan of recruiting people you can sign up with surveytime, timebucks and ysense to earn a few dollars online on free time by completing online surveys and other micro-tasks.

You can also check out My Top Recommendation Platform which teaches how to build an online business with your laptop and internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Is DuePoint System Worth It?

At some point, we all need insurance and DuePoint offer the best insurance policy through Constantia Insurance Company.

The insurance plan is affordable and if you invest in it will be a very good investment for you and your family.

However, when it comes business-wise I do think DuePoint is worth it and the earning potential is very low. You earn R55 recurring income from levels 1 and 2.

To make at least R6,000 per month you need to recruit more than 100 people which is not easy.

Do not get me wrong when I say the earning potential is very low.

This is due to the business model DuePoint is involved in. It shows low earning potential and only 5% succeed in the MLM business.

The DuePoint teams are aware of the success rate. You can look at their earning disclaimer on this screenshot.

DuPoint Earning Disclaimer
Duepoint earning disclaimer

The question you need to ask is why Duepoint chooses the Network Marketing strategy.

The answer is Network Marketing business is more profitable to the company than the Distributor (Wealth Engineer).

It cut the company’s marketing costs and increased profit.

And then you are not only a Wealth Engineer you are their salesperson and their loyal customer. (you buy an insurance plan and you market their business by recruiting more people to join Duepoint).

You will never see Duepoint ads on TV. They use Wealth Engineers to market their business and pay them for doing so that how they cut the cost of advertisement.

Therefore, Wealth engineers are salespersons and loyal customers.

How to make money with DuePoint System?

Everyone that you recruit in your channel will earn R27.5 recurring income as long as the person keeps paying the insurance plan.

From levels 1 and 2 will earn 200% of the people you recruit which is R55 per person.

From level 3 you will earn 100% of the people you recruit which is R27.5 and for level 4 downward your earnings start to decrease.

DuePoint Earnings
The Duepoint Earnings

DuePoint System uses the 3 + 2 formula for the first month you will need to recruit just 3 people.

If every month you recruit just 2 people you will be earning in 6 months R2500 per month.

R9,000 per month within a year and R18,500 within 2 years and within 5 years you can earn close to R100,000.

This is just the theory if you respect the 3 + 2 formula.

It looks very simple on paper. The hard part is recruiting people is not simple

According to due.com, only 1% succeed in this business model.

It is very hard a business model that why I recommend my readers to start an Affiliate Marketing business with the same effort you can earn a decent income and you do not need to recruit anyone.

You will also need to watch this video below that will help you understand the MLM business.

Therefore if you are disgusted with MLM and you need a lucrative business model.

You can check out My Top Recommendation Platform to kick start your online business and learn how you can earn affiliate commissions with your laptop and internet from your bedroom.

Is Duepoint a pyramid scheme?

Technically Duepoint is not a pyramid scheme. It is a Network Marketing company that sells insurance plans through its Distributor called Wealth Engineer.

A pyramid scheme does not have any retail products or services to sell to the public.

Once you sign up as Wealth Engineer you will have to subscribe to one of the insurance plans that Duepoint outsource to the Constantia Insurance Company.

Therefore, Duepoint does not have any retail products or services to sell to the public. The services that you get from Duepoint it outsources from another company.

The company is aware that the pyramid scheme is illegal in South Africa to cover their scheme they need to come up with a service to sell that does not belong to them.

Duepoint has the element of a pyramid scheme. It is already written on the website.

As Wealth Engineers of DuePoint you are not involved in the sale of our products and you are not a financial advisor or intermediary for DuePoint. Your only focus is the development of your channel and the pursuit of your own financial freedom”

Duepoint website

Do you understand?

As Wealth Engineer is all about recruiting people to make money. They make it sounds sweet by the development of your channel in reality is recruiting people into the system.

The DuePoint System Pros and Cons


  • Investing in yourself: To be honest, this is a good investment. Our daily life is at the risk you will never know when an accident can happen or involve in a legal matter this can happen to anyone including me and you. With the DuePoint WealthGuard and LegalGuard, you are on the safe side. That is not all they are 4 more plans you can check on.
  • Recurring Income: As Wealth Engineer you will be earning recurring income from people you recruit until they decide to stop paying for their subscription. You can build a passive income with the DuePoint system if you have many people on your channel.


  • Look like a Pyramid Scheme

DuePoint main focus is based on recruiting people.

Yes, people subscribe to the insurance policy but the Wealth Engineers are more focused on recruiting people to build the channel of distribution.

But someone might disagree with me so let’s look at the definition of the pyramid scheme.

According to Wikipedia is

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products

You can also look at what is written on the DuePoint website below:

Duepoint | How it works

After reading this. Isn’t DuePoint a pyramid scheme? Please leave your comment in the comment section to share your option on this.

  • Low Earning

I guess you have watched the DuePoint Presentation, you will earn R55.00 on level 1 and Level 2 then your recurring income with start decreasing from level 3 downward.

The earning potential with the DuePoint System is very low you need to recruit more people to earn a decent income.

With Affiliate Marketing you can find products that can pay you more than $500 in commission for one sale which is around R8,000 if you promote high-ticket products.

I will suggest you sell High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for better commissions it is better than MLM or  Network Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you step by step how to set up your first website and earn affiliate commission from anywhere in the world.

You can promote any product on your website that pays a high commission.

You can do it all over the world with no limitation to one country the only thing you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

Multi-Level Marketing VS Affiliate Marketing (infographic)

Below is the infographic that explains the differences between Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing.


Can DuePoint Make you Rich?

Everyone is concerned about being rich. My question to you is what is your action plan to achieve your riches?

To answer this question yes you can make money with DuePoint but it will take you a lot of time to achieve it.

You will need to be a go-getter if you watch the Duepoint presentation until the end you will understand that you will need to build your channel of distribution to make money.

The more people you bring into the business the more money you make.

My next question is how many people can you recruit?

If you are not sure then you will not be making money with DuePoint.

You can try surveytime or timebucks to make a few dollars online by completing surveys and other micro-tasks

The Duepoint System is direct marketing where you need to network with people and sell them the dream to join the board and build your channel.

I have reviewed many MLM companies such as LongRich, Herbalife, Amway and more.

To succeed with this business model the chance is only 5% it is either you make money or lose money.

But with DuePoint at least you are investing in yourself.

Therefore, if you do not like the fact that you will need to recruit people to make money and you are still interested to start your home business.

I will suggest checking out My Top Recommendation Platform where you will learn to build a stream of income without recruiting people or meeting anyone better yet you are working in the comfort of your home.

DuePoint Complaint

Every company has pros and cons. If you research Samsung or Apple complaints you will certainly find one or two complaints that do not mean the company is bad.

I have done my research and I did not find major complaints by the time of writing this DuePoint Review.

if you have one please scroll down and leave your complaint in the comment section it will help someone to make an informed decision.

But talking about Due Point and the business model if you are thinking of quitting your job to be a fully Wealth Engineer you will need to think twice.

MLM business takes a lot of effort and only a few people succeed in this business model.

But there is also an alternative to MLM business which is affiliate Marketing here you have the chance to succeed.

You can check My Best Work At Home to see how it works.

Is DuePoint legit or a scam?

If you read this DuePoint Review until here you will understand that DuePoint is a very legit company and you will certainly make money as Wealth Engineer.

But you need to put effort into building your channel (team).

A lot of people who desperately need money or looking for overnight success or a get-rich-quick scheme will join a company like DuePoint thinking that they will make money quick.

Once they realize it takes a lot of effort and they start calling a good company a scam just because they did not get what they expected.

Therefore, if you watch the presentation you understand they emphasize that DuePoint is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You will need to put in some hard work to see the result.

Even though I am already turned off by the fact that you need to recruit people to make money.

If this turned you off too you can try Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate training will help you to understand how to make money with the internet.

Alternative to DuePoint System

The alternative to the Duepoint system is to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

I am an Internet Marketer and I promote different products online using my laptop and internet connection.

I love this business model due to its Geographical Independence. You can do it from anywhere in the world.

For example,

You have a passion for Dogs. You can design a website that talks about dogs and how to train dogs.

Affiliate program for Dogs

You can search for Affiliate Program that trains dogs and sign up as an affiliate. Get an affiliate link for Dog food and other books from Amazon or other Affiliate Networks.

Place those links on your website people who are looking for Dogs food or training worldwide will find your website on google.

Once they buy those foods you recommend through your website and make commissions. You are more likely a blogger.

Your job is to write helpful information for your audience. That is how people make money online.

All you need is to follow your passion.

It works the same way you were looking for DuePoint Review on Google and you find my website.

The good thing is you are building your own brand without creating new products on the market.

You can check out My #1 recommendation platform to learn how to build a niche website and earn affiliate commissions with a laptop and internet connection.

However, if your passion is Forex Trading.

You can sign up for free training with forexsignals.com. Forex trading is also a very profitable business but with a high risk of losing money.

You can minimize the risk by signup with forexsignals.com and learning from the best.

DuePoint Review – Final Verdict

When you are thinking of investing in yourself I will say DuePoint is the right choice. Their insurance policy will help you to save money and it is very affordable.

But when it comes to starting a business with DuePoint you will need to consider the time you will invest in, the profitability and how much you will make per month

DuePoint business strategy is based on multi-level marketing which means you will need to be more involved in recruiting people who are interested in this business model.

The more people you recruit the more money you make.

Yes, it sounds very easy to do.

But the hardest part is to find those people who are interested in this business model and the stats show only 5% succeed with Network Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can be a good alternative to Network Marketing.

People are already searching for the product to buy.

They just looking for more information to make their buying decision.

You as an Affiliate Marketer are just helping them in the decision-making.

Network Marketing business involves more in talking and convincing people to join the program for you to make money.

You will need to organize a lot of parties to increase your chance of networking.

However, if you are someone who does not like bothering people and want to earn some cash full-time or part-time without recruiting anyone.

You can check My Top Recommendation Platform and learn how to make money online with your laptop and internet connection.

You can do it from anywhere in the world without bothering anyone.

Your thought on the Duepoint System

Are you a Wealth Engineer or you have been in the past? Please share your experience whether good or bad it does not matter as long as is useful to my readers.

Thank you for your support.

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21 thoughts on “DuePoint Review – Is the System Legit or a Scam?”

    1. Hi Christine
      Thank you for asking… I am referring people to start the Internet and Affiliate Marketing Business instead of recruiting people. You can check out My Work At Home Job and see how it works and a lot of peoples earning passive income with this method from home better yet your business is all over the world you have an unlimited customer base. It is not Network Marketing or MLM business

  1. Hi Frank
    I am an accountant (ex Deloitte 1992) and have done a 6 month due diligence on DuePoint.net

    I think that you have not been honest or diligent in your assessment, nor even represented the business correctly. Your factual errors make your work and intention questionable.

    You have used a fake sensationalist FEAR, SWITCH & SELL strategy to sell your own training.

    I have personally met with DuePoint exec Brenan Benfield (and other execs) on at least four occasions.

    *You use old details, that are not at all current
    *You misrepresent the simple maths (R27.5 *200% is R55! not R50)
    *It is NOT a recruitment business, as one is not rewarded for recruitment, but rather for the payment of a product.
    *REWARDS are for a prospects direct purchase of open market competitive products.
    *You buy no stock (which is what MLM is all about)
    *MLM also has a binary structure and you are paid on your weakest “leg”. Meaning that they take 50% off your sales commissions. DuePoint pays 100% of the due amounts, as long as the customer has paid.
    *Your affiliate marketing model is based on SINGLE transactions (once-off), and not on the RECURRING purchase of Lifestyle products (annuity income).

    After MY EXTENSIVE and professional research, MY findings are:
    *DuePoint stacks up in EVERY way.
    *It is NOT MLM or network marketing
    *It IS Affiliate Marketing (TELL & CONNECT – don’t sell)
    *One is able to earn very decent money fairly quickly (just have to think and strategise)
    *In DuePoint one builds a Distribution channel ASSET, which provides a RECURRING income stream
    *One can sell the Distribution Channel ASSET or bequeath it.

    I hope this helps you to CORRECT your page or remove it (due to its ulterior motive to SCARE interested persons in order to SELL your training.

    2022 March 14

    I hope you have enough integrity to publish my comment and to correct your work above!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought here about Duepoint I really appreciate it, unlike other members who are attacking me on the social networks. First of all this review can not be deleted I am sharing my own opinion based on my research. The information can be old I completely agreed with you this Duepoint Review was written long ago. But I have done research again the business model remains the same. Duepoint is not Affiliate Marketing it is network marketing. Affiliate Marketing have a single commission and the percentage is fixed and it does not decrease. Again not all Affiliate programs have SINGLE transactions (once-off). I am promoting programs that pay $23.5 (R350) and another pay $99 (R1500) recurring commission. It even much easy to make R20000 per month with few sales. Therefore I do not recommend my audience to waste time promoting products that pay low in commission. Again Duepoint can not be Affiliate Marketing they do not have any retail products they outsource all the services Constantia company to avoid the business model to be a pyramid scheme.

    2. I agree absolutely Richard. I am a qualified Bookkeeper and did deep research and only after one month of 6 hours a day research made my decision to join DuePoint.

  2. Hi, I am apart of DuePoint and find this review as a VERY POOR and UNDERMINING review of the DuePoint Business Enterprise, especially in saying that “The answer is the MLM business is more profitable to the company than the Distributor (Wealth Engineer).” in the point of that what other Enterprise offers you 4 immediately active services on sign up 1: “MediCall” for medical emergencies, 2: “LegalAccess” for Legal advice, 3: “RoadAssist” in case of a breakdown, and 4th: Business Enterprise opportunity. Then you didn’t add that the Enterprise only costs R249 per month with all 4 services included along with at Rank 9 you go on an annual holiday with your spouse and children under 16 years of age valued at R180,000 not to forget about the cash rewards at EVERY RANK and a car fully paid for by DuePoint at Rank 11 valued up to R250,000 not financed through DuePoint and has no DuePoint advertising on it what so ever, you would have known 200% more about the business had you joined for 1 month and downloaded the app, literally 200% more, There is plenty training its just up to YOU to attend the Facebook live streams, Zoom meetings, and watch the training videos on their app they supply all the training and support you’ll ever need. Also Technically the “Job” we are taught to get from a young age, I am sorry to say this but it is, a Pyramid Scheme, boss at the top his workers, working for the Boss. In your image of a MLM with DuePoint you don’t have to run around buying the product again and again multiple times and just for information we are NOT ALLOWED TO SELL INSURANCE PRODUCTS UNDER DUEPOINT! and with Affiliate marketing tell me, is it intergenerational with out requiring any work after it has been built? Does it end the cycle of poverty in your family? does it help the failing and corrupt South African economy through helping others? The first one you will have to answer but the other two are NO and NO! Your site requires an update as your wording states R50 at 200% but it is R55 which it has always been, it has never changed from R55 per first pointer and second pointer. You are not investing in Insurance but intergenerational wealth and encase you did not realise during your “research” THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE PRODUCT is not insurance, please take a deeper dive into your information before publishing a post, but besides the negative and not truly brought to light and unsought after information and important information ignored, as a website designer myself you have a very nicely laid-out website, but slow down on the self promoting part it is just really annoying.

  3. I agree absolutely Richard. I am a qualified Bookkeeper and did deep research and only after one month of 6 hours a day research made my decision to join DuePoint.

  4. Frank you did the best research on and review on Due Point. For me it’s pyramid scheme disguised as a business. No new money coming in from recruits then one fails. They have used the best words such as Wealth engineer, subscribers etc.
    AutoGuru is not insurance but just a continuous subscription to cushion the system to operate. Money is being cycled. You pay R249, your downline get a percentage of it. Pyramid schemes can work for years and they are good too in alleviating poverty so Due Point can be helping people. Only the last ones to join will cry. The company will never share profits from what you didn’t directly contribute but only from yr referral link. No referral no pay, that’s recruitment to me. Yet you still pay R249 each month. Your 249 is split among the person that recruited you.
    A lot is hidden in the good wording used by Richard.

    1. At least 1 among 1000 agreed with me. Thank you for sharing your thought on this DuePoint Review. I have been attacked by many Wealth Engineers but when you asked them to show the proof that they are making money with Duepoint. The answer is always someone who recurring me is making R100,000 per month bla bla bla bla. Due Point is a pyramid scheme they do not have real products and the more you recruit people and the more competitive the business becomes.

  5. I just pi saw a picture of the due point on social media they never recruit me I need to sign my own people’s up

  6. If it SOUNDS like a pyramid scheme, if it LOOKS like an MLM scheme, if it smells like a scheme where you have to pay money to ‘get’ money and constantly sell to new people just to secure your ‘income’, then it’s a scheme and you should run a mile.
    Some lady inboxed me on LinkedIn and I knew straight away it was a scheme, but I decided to research it and check out its legality.
    I came across her video archive: https://dubb.com/v/EarnIncomeIntroDP
    This guy claims that very few South African’s will have a job in the next few years and that only a few people are prepared to work hard to earn an income – these will be the Wealth Engineers. Magically, DuePoint is the answer to all this – Wealth Engineers creating ‘channels’ by recruiting people to pay monthly and sign up for insurance products.
    So if the majority of South African’s won’t have a job in 10 year’s time, how will they continue to pay or start to pay for insurance products without a job, so that “Wealth Engineers” can keep earning their measly ‘commissions’?

  7. The Duepoint members gathered to attack the author, yho.

    Me, I believe Franck… I wanted to join but I got the information and I totally agree… The lady that I saw on tiktok (Petunia) she made it sound doable…. Nah this thing is not doable, u are right, only 1% succeed… the rest will just keep losing money.

    Thank u for ur review, Franck… U are doing the Lord’s work.

  8. The used other company product to cover they business not to be called a pyramid scheme, but the main fact remains its a pyramid scheme which makes money for owns of Duepoint and free marketing for Constantia company. With that R249pm i will advise you buy BTC pm and you will thank me later.

  9. I have been working on getting into affiliate marketing. What most affiliate marketing “guru’s” don’t tell you is that most companies need you to have a certain number of people in either your email list or website traffic before they accept you as an affiliate. Which for the average South African isn’t easy to do because you need to either have a blog and speak directly to the consumer the company offering affiliate commissions are trying to target. So affiliate marketing isn’t for people who are not well versed in the digital realm. So I think please suggest something that every South African is able to do.

    1. I agree with you but there are other affiliate networks that you can join that accept beginners like Digistore24 and Amazon give people 90 days to make a sale to be accepted on their affiliate program. Yes, again affiliate marketing is not easy at all. With dedication, whether you are South African or Chinese you can build a stream of income in the comfort of your home. Yes again to generate traffic you need to be a blogger or Youtuber. If you are reading this Duepoint Review it means I reviewed many products online and recommend other better programs that pay better as affiliates to those programs I earn affiliate commissions.

  10. Hi i totally agree with you about duepoint it might not be classified as a pyramid scheme but it still resorts to the same thing and those people who did make money as you said joined in the early days its virtually impossible to hit a 5 percent market of those that are positive about this and make a livng out of this unless you sit on your computer or phone 24/7 i need to find an affiliate work online i am a pensioner can you give me some guides as to where to go as i only earn a sassa pension and i cant live on that, so good to know someone who reveals the truth

    1. You are 100% correct about Duepoint that is why I do not recommend people sign up for it. If you need guidelines about affiliate marketing you can try out Wealthy Affiliate to test their free training and see what you are getting it. Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online you can earn commission from anywhere in the world and you can reach your audience from around the globe with your laptop and internet connection. But it needs time and effort to build your customer base. But if you are looking for a fix quick financial solution affiliate marketing is not for you.

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