Is Selling Herbalife Worth It?

Herbalife Review – Is selling Herbalife Worth it and Legit?

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Is selling Herbalife worth it? Is Herbalife legit?

This is an unbiased Herbalife review, I am going to answer those two questions in more detail and at the end of this Herbalife review, you will decide if you can sell a Herbalife or not.

Maybe some years back, the concept of online business would have made no sense to many of us but in today’s era, it is all about earning online.

The internet has made it possible… What was once considered impossible has made lives easier for many now.

Can you make money online with Herbalife? What exactly is Herbalife? How people are earning through it?

I am sure you must be having a lot of confusion in your mind. But don’t worry because you are in the right place!

I have compiled answers to all your questions.

In today Herbalife review I will be sharing how Herbalife works and how you can make money with Herbalife. Can you make passive income with this business model?

Let dive right in and see!

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife Review

Herbalife is a Multi-Level Marketing company established in California. They sell health and wellness products, weight loss packages and also skincare items too.

The companies have over 8,900 employees and nearly 2.7 million online distributors as per the latest reports. The company is soaring high with a net income of $296 million!

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes.  The company operates from Cayman Island while its headquarter is located in California.

Due to high market demand, they are operating in 94 countries. Mark started this company from his car with an aim of helping society while using herbal ingredients. Sadly Mark lost his life in 2000 due to an accidental overdosage of alcohol.

How does Herbalife work?

As you open their webpage you will see a list of products and packages that they sell.  You can either join their community by applying for distributorship.

In this way you will earn commissions for your sales and as they have remote passive income criteria so you can manage it according to your own convenience. You can either earn through selling products or recruiting more participants in the network.

Why Should not join Herbalife?

Health and wellness is a trillion industry. If you want a share in this industry join Herbalife or any MLM company as a distributor is not a good idea!

Those company has implemented a good strategy to make you as their salesperson and the potential client to make themselves richer.

  • As Salesperson: You promote their company by recruiting other salespersons (Distributors).
  • As Potential client: Buying more product to qualify for the bonus point and other shiny objects

All the MLM company has almost the same strategy.

They offer different packages and level so you can qualify for the different bonus, discounted price and other shiny objects.

You will end up buying your own stock to qualify for those shiny objects.

People lost all of their money with this business model. Below is the video John Oliver demonstrated how MLM companies work.

Do you still want a trillion share of health and wellness product?

I will suggest starting an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Here you do not need to buy any product or stock all you need is to sign up with Affiliate networks like Amazon, Walmart, ShareAsale and others.

They will give you an Affiliate link that you need to promote.

Everyone who is buying through your affiliate link you’ll earn a commission. Some affiliate network pays up to 75% commission.

If you want to know how affiliate marketing work you can download My Free Making Money Guide and understand the process of making money online with Affiliate Marketing or you can start your free training right away by checking My Top Recommendation platform.

How much does Herbalife costs?

Okay so there are three levels of joining Herbalife as a distributor you can either join them as their preferred member or you can purchase their business package.

Each level is explained below in detail:

Preferred Member

A preferred member can buy Herbalife products at a discounted rate. This is only beneficial for you if you are interested in only purchasing products and not selling.

The cost for this level is $34.95. However, preferred can convert to distributorship by buying a business package.

Business Package

There are two business packages that Herbalife is currently offering:

  • International business pack -$94.10
  • International business pack super starter -$124.10

If you avail of this package then you officially sign for distributorship for Herbalife products where you can work sell products according to your convenience.

How can I earn with Herbalife?

Earning a good amount from a company that has nearly 2.7 million distributors is no easy task. Only people who are good at understanding how to network or know how to recruit more people into the business can make profits from it.

So basically earning from Herbalife works in two ways,

  • You buy their products as a distributor and then sell those at the company suggested retail price and you get all the profit. The more you sell the more profit you can make. If you make a lot of profits, then you will need to qualify for a 50% discount on purchasing the products.
  • Recruit more people into this network, build a team then you will be given commissions from their sale. You get bonuses for recruiting more than 10 people.

So either you have to sell their products or you have to recruit more people! The choice is yours! But most people are making money with Herbalife by recruiting more people.

Does Herbalife have any refund policy?

Luckily Herbalife has mentioned a refund policy on their page:

  • If due to any reason you are not satisfied with the product you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund or product exchange.
  • If due to any reason you wish to cancel your distributorship you may return all the unopened products that were bought in the last 12 months for a full refund.

Herbalife complains

After going through many Herbalife reviews there are some things that I do not like about Herbalife.

Some of them I have mentioned below:

  1. As per the latest reports, distributors aren’t being able to earn much from the sales. It is reported that they are earning around $15k per year. After investing much, I find out distributors are not earning enough!
  2. Herbalife products are very expensive. If you compare their products to market products they are way more costly. Selling an expensive product is a tough job!
  3. Herbalife was sued for $200 million by FTC in 2016 for their unstructured business model. This bought lot of negative fame to the family and eventually company faced a downfall.
  4. This company works more or less on a pyramid scheme working method. In many countries pyramid schemes are illegal.

Is Herbalife a scam?

Well, Herbalife is not a scam company. Their products are authentic with great customer feedback.  The only point that is doubtful for many is the MLM business model but in my opinion, if you can sell enough Herbalife products you earn a pretty decent amount.

But it won’t be an easy task.

They are over 2.7 million distributors around the world probably your family, friends and colleagues already know one of the top Herbalife distributors who is buying the product at a discounted price.

As a newbie, you have not yet qualified for the discounted price.

It will also be a hustle and you will end up buying your own stock to qualify for bonus points and discounted price.

With Affiliate Marketing you do not need to qualify for a discounted price or even by the product.

Affiliate Marketing is the best business model online and you can make passive income without paying any products or recruiting people.

You can download My Free Making Money Guide and start learning.

Is Herbalife an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

After reviewing Herbalife business models I can say that they work as MLM. There is one good and one bad thing about it.

Let’s start with the good point MLM is not a scam or illegal. But I personally prefer affiliate marketing over MLM as an efficient way of earning.

The negative point about MLM you make very little profit from it or no profit at all. The waste you can even lose money

MLM can be only beneficial if you have lots of connections and you can easily recruit people and build your team.

Even though I said Herbalife work as an MLM business but let not forget they were sued for $200 million by FTC in 2016 for operating as Pyramid Scheme.

The Pros of Herbal life?

  1. They sell some legit proven products. Customers have really liked their products and have given positive feedback.
  2. Many famous celebrities have endorsed this product. World-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the ambassadors of Herbal life. Celebrity endorsement has played a major role in the popularity of this company.
  3. They do not have any designed compulsory monthly sale chart that means that there are no sale quotas. You do not have to sell a designated number of products to remain active.
  4. They offer two ways of earning. If you are not a fan of recruiting then you can simply work on sailing the Herbalife products.

Is selling Herbalife worth it?

I will yes it is worth it. They have good quality products. But before you make your investment it is better to formulate the whole business plan.

Consider the number of distributor around you and those who are paying at the discounted price. Can you aggressively recruit people? Are you a go-getter?

MLM is not a part-time job is a full-time job. You always need to network with more people and recruit every time you have a chance to increase your earning.

This is not a laptop lifestyle or online business you need to network with people or organize a lot of parties to meeting new people every day to make your business profitable.

Best Alternative to Herbalife?

Ever since I have studied affiliate marketing I have become more convinced about it. In comparison to MLM which is more likely as pyramid schemes in disguise, affiliate marketing is more effective and the odd of success is very high.

Let me explain what exactly affiliate marketing is. In affiliate marketing, you can sell any product on your own basis without any need for investment and recruiting more people.

The best part all commission you earned is completely yours!

People build 5 to 6 figure with affiliate marketing all you need is to place the product in front of your potential client

I was also unaware of affiliate marketing until I found this training program online. Basically, during my search for earning money online, I came across Wealthy Affiliate, which is an online community for all affiliate marketers from around the world.

You can join have access to 10 affiliate marketing training, one website to kick start with your online business and a keyword research tool absolutely free!

They also have a premium membership that cost $49.00 per month the membership gives you access to:

  • 10 free websites
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Web builder
  • 50 lessons on how to build an online business
  • 70 lessons on affiliate Boot camp

You can click here for  your first money discount instead of paying $49.00 you can pay $19.00

My Herbalife Review Final Verdict

Herbalife is a legit MLM company that sells quality product through their distributor. Is selling Herbalife worth it? Yes but you have to be a go-getter.

Herbalife has over 2.7 million distributors around the world this number say it clear that there is a lot of competition.

Anyway, the odds of success in any MLM business is very low. MLM business is more profitable for the company do not the distributors.

MLM companies strategy is to make you (distributor) a potential client who buy the product on the daily basis.

No wonder Herbalife net income of $296 million while distributors make less than $15k per year. If you want to have a piece of cake in this trillion industry do not join any MLM business.

You can rather start your affiliate marketing and earn commission from different products. You can download My Free Making Guide and understand the process of making money online with Affiliate Marketing.

Your Herbalife Review

Are you a Herbalife distributor or you have been in the past? Please consider leaving your Herbalife Review whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help my reader to make an informed decision.


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