Alphay International Review – Is a MLM or Pyramid Schemes Company

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Welcome to my unbiased Alphay International Review.

I have spent more than 100 + hours research for Alphay Internation compensation plan and how the company works so I can inform the public what is Alphay Internation all about.

Is Alphay Internat legit? Is it a great business opportunity? Can you make money with Alphay Internation? If those are your question then you have come to the right place.

Earning some extra cash with a Multi-Level Marketing company is not easy in fact some of us lose more than we invest. So after studying many business opportunities I decided to share my opinion on it.

In today’s Alphay International review I am going to reveal what is this company is all about and if selling herbal medicines is profitable for you?

Well, let’s find out!

What is Alphay International?

Alphay International is quite popular for selling vitamins and herbal medicines which are produced from mushrooms.

Due to the sudden increase in health and wellness consciousness, Alphay created a huge audience for its products.  The company is doing great business with net revenue of $200 million.

Alphay International is a billion-dollar company that was found by Hui Chen in 2002 under the name of Jiangsu Anhui Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

The company originally started in 1959 by selling edible mushrooms. Alphay International is now doing well from all over the world with having locations in Canada and the USA.  Not only that they have nearly 100,000 distributors.

How does Alphay International work?

Alphay International sells lifestyle products including vitamins and traditional Chinese medicines. Alphay International sells their product with the claim that their product does not have any chemical preservative hence they are harmless.

If you sign up with Alphay International then you have to buy their products at the discounted price as a distributor and then you can sell them at retail price.

In this way, you will earn a commission for each purchase. Another way of working with them is through recruiting new members to your team and for every order purchase by a new member you will get a commission.

Alphay International has categorized twelve distributors ranks. Each distributor has to achieve a certain level to qualify for commission and bonuses.

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Sapphire
  4. Ruby
  5. Emerald
  6. Diamond
  7. Key Master
  8. 1 Star Key Master
  9. 2 Star Key Master
  10. 3 Star Key Master
  11. 4 Star Key Master
  12. 5 star Key Master

Why you should not join Alphay International?

I would not recommend anyone joining Alphay International as a distributor. They work on MLM schemes which is not profitable in the long run.

To make decent money demand to recruit more people to join the company for you to make commissions from the product they purchase.

In short, MLM requires more effort in requiring people and purchasing more products to qualify for the bonus points and discounted prices.

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How Become Alphay International Distributor?

The distributor membership cost is $35. This basic membership covers a website, training, and an offline office.

After signing up for membership you can opt for one of the two starter pack:

  • Builder pack for $249 and you earn a 5% commission
  • Executive pack for $999 and you earn a 15% commission

Other than the membership fee you have to pay for two more activation fees. One for commission activation is $1.95 and one for pre-deposit commission processing fee $1.50.

You need to earn a minimum of $10.00 to qualify for commission.

To make it easy for their distributor they have launched this option of auto shipment where distributors don’t have to place an order, they automatically receive it.

It is only useful if you are selling the same products every month.

How can I earn as Alphay International Distributor?

There are various ways of earning from Alphay International.

Retail commission

If you buy their products at a discounted price, you can sell them at retail price. If a customer buys that product through your link you will earn a 25% commission.

First-order Bonus

If you recruit more people to your team then every first order placed by a new member will get you a first-order bonus of 15%.


To qualify for Alphays’s commission each distributor and his/her team must have a PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) of a minimum of 50.

Personal qualifying volume is the sale volume generated by retail orders.

 Binary commissions

Residual commission or binary commission places the distributor at the top of the team and then each team splits into its two affiliates or branches. Sale volume is tracked weekly and affiliates are paid in accordance of how much they spent on their first product.

For example

  • 175 PV worth of product – 5% commission
  • 350 PV worth of product -10% commission
  • 700 PV worth of product – 15% commission
  • Qualify at Key master or – 20% commission

Unilevel Residual commission

An unilevel commission structure places distributors at the top of the team and each personally recruited member below them.

In this way, they keep adding members below them forming a team. Alphay International pays a percentage of sale volume to each affiliate member.

The amount is paid according to each distributor’s level and rank.

For example:

  1. Silver – 15% on level 1 and 5% on level 2
  2. Ruby – 15% on level 1 and 5% on level 2 to 6
  3. Key master – 15% on level 1 and 5% 2 to 9

Rank Achievement Bonus

Rank achievement bonus is a one-time cash payment when a distributor qualifies for emerald or higher rank.

  • Diamond level maintained for consecutive 3 months – $5000
  • 3 Star Key Master maintained for consecutive 6 months – $50,000
  • 5 Star Key Master maintained for consecutive 6 months       – $1,00,000

Complains of Alphay International

Not FDA Approved

Products are not FDA approved. Hence it is difficult to sell these products. Customers are reluctant in buying such products.

 No grant amount

There is no tip or allowance for your business-related expense e.g. travel, fuel.

More Investment

This is a commission-related earning. To earn a commission of a valuable amount you have to invest more in buying their products.

MLM based business model

Alphay International works on MLM based scheme. There is no growth for MLM schemes and you end up losing your money. It is not only your loss but also for the ones you will recruit.

Is Alphay International a scam?

Well, technically Alphay International is not a scam. The company is listed among the better business bureau (BBB). But the main issue is there aren’t any reviews or feedback about it.

Also, it being an MLM company doesn’t help you in earning a decent amount. You will need to recruit more people and buy expensive products to qualify for Point value and discounts price. People lost a lot of money trying to qualify for those shiny objects.

Is Alphay International an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

After reviewing Alphay International’s business model I concluded that the company solely works on MLM schemes. But they are few signs of operating as a Pyramid Scheme.

With their appealing commission rewards and ranks many people end up investing in it and in return are unable to make income from it.

There are very few reported cases where people have earned from MLM companies. In comparison to MLM, Affiliate marketing is a better source of passive income.

There isn’t much investment, you can work according to your convenience and the chance of succeeding with Affiliate marketing is high.

But you need to learn the basics and how to put the product that you are promoting in front of your potential buyer. To know more about making passive income online with Affiliate Marketing you can check My Free Making Money Guide.

Is Alphay International worth a try?

After analyzing Alphay International’s business model I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The main drawback is this is an MLM company.

They have improved their compensation plan but still earning through them is still not reliable. The only way to earn a bonus is to recruit more people to your network which is not an easy task because no one invests without a guarantee of earning a good amount.

The other means of earning is through buying their products which investing more to qualify for the bonus points and point value. For me, Alphay Internation is not worth it and you will end up losing money in this business model.

A better alternative to Alphay International?

I am sure you must be having mixed reviews. The truth is I am not in favor of MLM companies but at the same time, I prefer earning passive income online.

In terms of passive income, I choose affiliate marketing as a better alternative.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient ways of earning passive income while sitting at your home. The process of becoming an affiliate marketer is very easy you sign up with companies like Amazon.

They provide you with an affiliate link to track all your sales and pay you commissions no need to pay any products or stocks.

All you have to do is to promote the product and give your customer your affiliate link. Any customer who buys from your affiliate link you will get a commission.

You don’t have to recruit people or buying expensive products.

A few months back I was also confused but then I found this great opportunity of learning affiliate marketing.

They are offering a great deal where there are giving away 10 training, one website, and one keyword research tool absolutely free for beginners.

They also have one premium member for only $49.0 only. In premium membership they offer:

  • 10 free websites
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Web builder
  • 50 lessons on how to build an online business
  • 70 lessons on affiliate Boot camp

In terms of membership fee and training, they are offering this looks like the best deal. To make good earning it is important to learn the basics of marketing.

If you interested in learning how to build your own business with Affiliate Marketing I will suggest you create your free account by click here and check out the program and decide if this what you are looking for or not.

Is Alphay International an MLM or Pyramid Schemes – Final Verdict

Alphay International has elements of MLM and Pyramid Scheme. You can sell their products but you need also to recruit more people to make a decent income. The company is in the market for so long but still, there aren’t many reviews and very little information available online.

Alphay International is more likely MLM and I don’t find it impressive. It involves buying expensive products to qualify for a discounted price, bonus points, and recruiting more and more people to make money.

In all honesty, this opportunity looks doubtful and the odds of succeeding with this business model is low I would prefer passing it on.

If you are looking for online earning where you can work on flexible hours with no restrictions from the company then you may download My Free Making Money Guide and understand the process of building your online business in absolutely any niche.

Your Alphay International Review

Are you an Alphay International distributor or you have been in the past? Please consider leaving your own Alphay International Review whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help my reader to make an informed decision.

Thank you for your support…



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