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Crowd1 Review – Is Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM Company?

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Welcome to my unbiased Crowd1 Review for 2021.

I have spent more than 72+ hours analysing the website and how people make money with crowd1

Nowadays everyone is looking for a way to make some extra income. People jump in any opportunity they find online without doing proper research before investing.

The consequences they fall into a scam and other shiny objects.

After reviewing multiple MLM company I can definitely say making money with this business model is not easy and there is also a high chance to lose money.

Every decision you take must be reviewed and analyse the risk before investing your hard money.

Are you ready to unfold the truth of this giant world of networking? In today Crowd1 review, I will be discussing:

  • What is Crowd1 is all about?
  • How people make money with Crowd1
  • If Crowd1 is legit or a Scam
  • and If Crowd1 is a pyramid scheme or MLM?

I have shared everything after my detailed analysis and not only that, to make it beneficial for you there is an opportunity that you need to take advantage of it at the end of this Crowd1 Review.

Let’s read!

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 Review

As the name suggests Crowd1 is a crowded Multi-Level Marketing company found by Jonas Eric Werner in 2019.

The company claim itself as an education platform.

Basically hereafter investing a certain amount you are given some educational packages for real estate, marketing and gaming.

Their main domain is registered as The company recently celebrated its 10 million users milestone.

Well, that’s huge!

Jonas Eric Werner is a famous Sweden entrepreneur with a net worth of 8 million dollars.

He is been in the networking marketing business for the last 20 years, Synkronice-Springlo is one of his owned companies.

The CEO of Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) which is a parent company of Crowd1 is Johan Staël von Holstein.

He also co-founded companies like Icon Medialab which had a peak value of over $480 million. After the downfall of, he was assigned as CEO of Crowd1.

How does Crowd1 work?

Basically, when you download the Crowd1 app you are offered 4 different packages to choose from. You can enrol on any educational program for which they have partnered with

As a Crowd1 member, you need to recruit people to join crowd1 and buy the package then you are given a profit from it.

Here they have named profit as owner right share which is the amount the company pays you in return. Members are also given access to affiliated companies for example AffilGo and Miggster

Why should I not join Crowd1?

I have spent 72+ hours going through the Crowd1 materials, I can not in good conscience recommend anyone sign up with Crowd1.

It has too many red flags and it has been banned in many countries.

You are more likely to lose money in this business model and the odds are low that you will succeed in the MLM business.

Instead of starting to recruit people to make money, I will rather recommend you to start an Affiliate Marketing business where you do not need to recruit anyone.

You just have to promote someone else promote and make a commission whenever some purchase the product you are promoting.

You can download My Free Making Money Guide and understand the process of making money online with Affiliate Marketing in absolutely any NICHE.

How much does Crowd1 cost?

As stated earlier there are different packages available. To make them more understandable they are mentioned below:

  • White Level – for  99 Euros
  • Black Level – For 299 Euros.
  • Gold Level – For 799 Euros.
  • Titanium Level – For 2499 Euros.

How can I make money through Crowd1?

You can make money from crowd1 after investing in one of the packages stated above.  After the investment, you get the owners right share.

For example

  • White level- Owner’s right share of 100 Euros
  • Black level – Owners right share of 299 Euros
  • Gold level – Owners right share of 1000 Euros
  • Titanium level- Owners right share of 3500 Euros

As the basic principle of this company, the more people you recruit the more profit you make.

For example, you sponsor two people then they invest in any of the above packages and they further recruit two people and you get a commission of it.

You get a different commission at different invested levels:

  • White level- Recruit 4 people and get a 10% commission from each member
  • Black level- Recruit 8 people and get 10% commission from each member at level 1 and level 2.
  • Gold level- Recruit 16 people and get 10% commission from each member at level 1, 2 and 3.
  • Platinum level- Recruit 20 people and get 10% commission from each member at 1,2,3,4 and 5.

To attract great masses and to increase company’s revenue they have introduced this feature of bonus.

So basically you get a special bonus from the company on sponsoring more members. This looks like a great method of increasing the owner’s right share.

 What is the crowd1 refund policy?

According to the crowd1 refund policy, you can get your complete money-back guarantee within 14 days.

The only limitation is once you have utilized crowd1‘s partner products your money will not be paid back to you.

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Crowd1 complains?

I have got some mixed reviews on this one. Honestly not many people are happy with how crowd1 works.

The company does promise good earning but the entire gained amount goes straight to crowd1’s account and according to members no one has ever been able to withdraw it.

As the company works on recruitment method, so when you run out of people to recruit all your hard work goes in waste and the one at the bottom of that hierarchy suffers the most.

The company has been in the headlines for their claims of partnership with Premium bet, which they denied.

Crowd1 has been banned from many countries for its false claims. However, the company has denied any of such allegations and called them propaganda against them.

If this alone is a deal-breaker and you are seriously looking for a way to make money full-time or part-time.

You can download My Free Making Money Guide and understand the process of making passive income with your laptop and internet connection or you can start your free affiliate marketing by checking My Top Recommendation platform and learn step by step how to build a revenue website and make passive income from home.

Is Crowd1 a scam?

Well after my detailed search for the truth I believe that Crowd! it is not a scam. But I can not recommend any to sign up with this company.

Many people invest for their compensation rewards, but eventually, they get into this cycle of recruiting more and more for the company and make little to profit for themselves.

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Is crowd1 an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

Crowd1 has an element of MLM or Pyramid Scheme but it is more like a Pyramid Scheme which is the reason why many people are not very in favour of it.

Earning through MLM or Pyramid schemes is not a piece of cake;  you will need to buy an expensive product and recruiting more people for you to earn decent money.

You may see people making money from such schemes, but there is a lot that goes in the background and Crowd1 does not have a long lifespan their pyramid Scheme will collapse or will shut down by Federal Trade Commission it is just about time they find out their scheme.

Is Crowd1 worth a try?

Since the company has a policy of a 14-days money-back guarantee you can give it a try. If my Crowd1 review does not convenience you enough but you should give it a try after being well prepared for it.

For me, Crowd1 is not worth it and the risk of losing money or make no money at all is high. But I am not going to make your decision for you after reviewing my analysis you are free to choose what you find correct!

Is there any better alternative to crowd1?

As a matter of concern, I consider affiliate marketing more effective than MLM marketing. The best part of affiliate marketing is, there is no need of recruiting people.

You make a commission from your product you promote.  Both MLM schemes and affiliate marketing should be learned well before entering into this world of business.

After reading my detailed Crowd1 review if you are making up your mind to start an online business you can check out My Top Recommendation training program and learn how to make passive income without recruiting people

This is the best affiliate marketing training program and online community for all online entrepreneur.

You can start your free training and have one website to kick start with your online business and if you like the training you can upgrade your membership for only $49 per month only.

The Premium Membership you will have:

  • 10 free websites
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Web builder
  • 50 lessons on how to build an online business
  • 70 lessons on affiliate Boot camp

What is better than sitting in your own comfortable environment with just a laptop and good internet connection and earning some real cash?

This training will help you to build an online business in an absolutely niche and if you master it you can build a 5 to 6 figure online business without recruiting people or owning any product.

You can try it for free without providing any credit card. But always remember this is not an overnight success or get rich quick scheme.

Your success will be determined by your learning, the action you take and the hard work you put in.

Crowd1 Review: My Final Verdict

Crowd1 is becoming a global demanding website where people are earning money by recruiting people to join the company.

The core of this company is based on promoting their membership through their network and making these products accessible to their members.

The fact that it works on an MLM and Pyramid Scheme has doubted many people in investing in it.

When the scheme crashes, the one at the bottom of the pyramid has to suffer the most. If the company works on changing some of its rules or maybe switch to an Affiliate Marketing business model then we will be seeing a lot of positive outcomes of it.

If you are looking for ways of earning online then it is better you join Affiliate Marketing Program and start learning the basics first.

There are certain steps you need to learn to put products in front of your potential customer once you have mastered them then there will be no stop.

You can build a 5 to 6 figure passive income from your comfort of your home using a laptop and internet connection.

But keep in mind that this is not an overnight success or get rich quick scheme!

You can download My Free Making Money Guide to understand the process of making money with Affiliate Marketing or you can go straight to the training by checking My Top Recommendation platform and start learning right away.

Your own Crowd1 Review

Are you a Crowd1 member or you have been in the past? Please consider leaving your own Crowd1  review whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help my reader to make an informed decision.



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