Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – 11 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

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What is Belly Gene Is Marketing? Did you see the impressive ads from Billy Gene and you are a bit excited and sceptical at the same time?

You are wondering what Billy Gene is really teaching or maybe you are asking if Billy Gene Is Marketing legit or a scam?

I have spent more than 72 hours researching on Google, Youtube and reading other Belly Gene Is Marketing Reviews to inform my audience what you need to expect from Belly Gene and the course.

If you have not seen the Belly Gene ads. You can watch it here.

In this Belly Gene Is Marketing Review I will cover:

  • What is Belly Gene Is Marketing all About and what you are going to learn?
  • If what Billy Gene is teaching can suit everyone.
  • Why you should or should not buy Belly Gene Is Marketing course
  • Is Belly Gene Is Marketing legit or a scam
  • How to cancel the Belly Gene is Marketing membership
  • The pros and cons
  • What you can do if you can not afford the course and you still need to build your online business.

Without further ado let get started!

Warming: I have to be honest with you I have not bought any of the Billy Gene courses and the information you find here is based on the Billy Gene student reviews and other information I found on the internet.

To access all the courses and tools to review  Billy Gene Is Marketing you need to spend at least $16,000. With all the pieces of information, I got online.

I am sure you need to read my 2 cents review to know if this course is for you or not.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review
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Billy Gene Is Marketing is an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to advertise on social media networks.

Billy Gene knows how to attract people attention in a few seconds and his course is very entertaining. If you purchase the course you will learn from an expert who started Digital Marketing Agency from scratch and build 7 figure business.

Billy Gene has over 145,000 students in 75 countries you can learn his strategies from anywhere in the world.

But before you purchase his course you need to examine your goals, mission and vision and also look into your budget Billy Gene training courses are very overpriced.

If one of your goals is to start Digital Marketing Agency or increase sales as a business owner go for it and you will learn from an expert.

But if you want something different from what Billy Gene is teaching.

You can check out My #1 recommendation and learn how to turn your hobby or interest into profit.

You can also subscribe to My Youtube Channel for more tips and training about how to make money online. My Youtube Channel can also help you to avoid scams online.

1. What Is Billy Gene Is Marketing all about?

Billy Gene Is Marketing is an advertising and marketing agency and social media marketing education platform that teaches people and entrepreneurs how to do marketing on Social Networks.

As an advertising and marketing agency, Billy Gene is Marketing Inc. was founded in 2013 by Billy Gene and worked with some of the largest franchises in the world…

The company is located in San Diego, California. As a training platform, Billy Gene I have over 145,000 students in 75 countries you can learn his strategies from anywhere in the world.

Billy Gene course is mainly based on teaching his student how to start a Digital Marketing Agency and help companies with Social Media Marketing.

If this is what you want then keep reading to find out which course suit you and if you have the budget for it. Alternative to what Billy Gene is teaching is to sell products or services that People Already Want To Buy.

2. Who is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene was born in 1988 and his full name is Billy Gene Shaw III is an American entrepreneur and Social Media Marketer.

Billy Gene grew up in San Diego, CA has all of the normal kids he went to high school and graduate. He studied at the University of San Diego unfortunately he did not graduate.

Billy Gene is a true entrepreneur he has his up and down as an entrepreneur. Before the creation of Billy Gene Is Marketing. Billy Gene founded two companies SWG Mobile Oil Change and Rethink and Relive LLC.

He closed down SWG Mobile for lack of customers and Rethink and Relive LLC was an online classroom to help people break the smoke addictions.

He also struggles to find customers until he comes across Facebook ads that is when the idea of Billy Gene IS Marketing come the light.

Billy was in debt over $50,000, he worked at the gym as the front desk, also as a cold call marketer and now he has built a multi-million dollar business and his net worth is estimated to be $9 million.

With all this success Billy wants to teach you how to succeed online as Social Media Marketer.

3. What Does The course Really Teach?

Belly Gene main focus is to teach you how to do entertaining marketing and attract more customers.

By taking is course is whether you want to start your Digital Marketing Agency or you are a business owner who wants to learn how to do Digital marketing and make more sales to increase your revenue.

Below is Billy Gene Is Marketing programs:

Billy Gene Is Marketing Courses

30 Days Of Genius – $97

This is the course that Billy Gene is saying “ If I had no brand, no money, no noting only with a laptop and cell phone” This is what I will do to make money.

In this course, you will learn from scratch how to do Facebook ads and find customers that will pay you money. Billy Gene forget that to place Facebook ads you need money. Facebook Ads is not for free…

  • Gene pool – $197 per month or $8,613 once-off payment

In this course you a bit of everything about Digital Marketing. The course includes live weekly training, access to previous training, the skill of the month and access to a Private FB group

  • Click Into Customers 2.0 – $1497 once-off payment

In this course, you will learn how to find your target customer and how to convert them into paying customers. You will learn how to create landing pages, funnels using Clickfunnel and build email lists.

  • Sell Like Geneius – $997

In this course, you will learn how to sell like genius online. You will learn effective sale strategies and how to close deals.

  • Geneius Ad Vantage $49 or $497 for a lifetime

In this program, you have access to a zoom call every Tuesday when Billy Gene is giving a new template and showing you how to implement it every week.

You also have access for 5 to 10 minutes in the room to talk to other members

  • Geneius Ad Vantage Plus – $7,500 per year

This program gives you access to the Billy Gene team for one on one consultation. You can schedule a time with the team and ask them any questions or help with putting Facebook ads.

4. Billy Gene is Marketing reviews

I have tried to look into Billy Gene Is Marketing Reviews starting from the Facebook Page the rating is 4.7 out of 5.

Billy Gene Is Marketing rating from the facebook page

But I am a bit disappointed the page does not have moderate it is full of spam comments which could compromise rating and can lead to an artificially inflated star rating.

When I checked on Trustpilot it is 4.1 out of 5. By the time of writing this Billy Gene Is Marketing review I only found 12 people who reviews the course and out of 12 only 2 people are saying the course is terrible.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Reviews _ Read Customer Service Reviews of

On 50 reviews and rating is 3 out of 5. Billy Gene is marketing google reviews 889 has given their feedback and the rating is 4.7 out of 5.

5. Is Billy Gene is Marketing legit or Scam

Billy Gene is Marketing is a legit marketing training and you can learn a lot from it you want to start your Digital marketing agency or you want to increase sales as a business owner.

The training teaches what you have to do. But to implement what you learn and make it successful is up to you.

As you have seen some Billy Gene Is Marketing Reviews on the internet some people who have taken training call it a scam.

The reason for that is they have not implemented what is been teaching in the course or they are lazy people. Running a successful business need time and effort.

But if you need something different to what Billy Gene is teaching or you do not want to start a marketing agency. You can learn The #1 Secret To Build A High-Ticket, High-Profit Business Online.

If you are a lazy bitch this won’t work for you either.

6. Should you buy Billy Gene marketing course?

I would not tell you to buy the course or not. What I would suggest before buying Billy Gene Course is you have to adjust it with your goals, mission and vision.

If your goal is to run a Digital Marketing agency or increase your revenue by making more sales as a business owner you can go for it.

But you also need to look up your budget the course is not cheap, the tools that you need to run a successful marketing agency are also not cheap and Facebook ads are not cheap too.

All in all, you will learn from an expert as you have seen his ads on Facebook. They are very entertaining same as the course.

8. Is Billy Gene Is marketing worth?

Billy Gene Is Marketing courses is very overpriced and has too many upsell. You can find a similar program for a low price.

But if you want to learn only for Billy Gene you sign up for the 30 Days Of Geneius for $97 and also buy the Geneius Ad Vantage for $49 per month.

Those 2 courses are worth your money and you can learn a lot from Billy Gene and kick start your Digital Marketing agency.

The other courses are not worth the money.

If you still looking for more options to start your online business or starting something that does not involve opening up a marketing agency you can also check out #1 Recommendation and earn how to make money online without dealing with customer service.

8. Billy Gene is Marketing Recommend Tools

  • Clickfunnels: Marketing sales funnels made easy – $97 per month
  • Drip: Smart Automated email marketing – $19 per month
  • Freshdesk: Streamline support and make customers happy – $18 per month
  • Leadpages: Build custom drag & drop landing pages – $37 per month
  • Mailchimp: Marketing and email automation platform – $9.99 per month
  • Samcart: A web-based check out platform – $49 per month
  • Slybroadcast: Send thousands of voice messages in minutes -$100 per month
  • Smartsheet: Online spreadsheets for work management
  • Wirecast: Easy tool to stream your videos Live
  • Everwebinar: Host automated evergreen webinars

9. Billy Gene Is Marketing Pros and Cons


  • You will learn Marketing from the expert who has starter from zero to build 7 figure business with Digital Marketing
  • The course is entertaining same as the ads that you have seen
  • Good sale strategies


  • Billy Gene does not return his student
  • Some courses are overpriced
  • Too many upsell

10. Do People Get Refund for enrolling In the Course

I have seen many people are complaining that Billy Gene Is Marketing does not refund people. Does Belly Gene refund his student for enrolling in his course?

The answer is No. But you can only cancel your membership for ongoing service by going

If you want to buy the course and think you can ask for a refund late you are fooling yourself.

11. Does Student of Billy Gene Get Results?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. Let me explain my answer in more detail. There is good feedback from people who bought the Billy Gene courses.

Karin Tierney from Alzina Marketing spends over $16,0000 on the Billy Gene courses and other tools.

When the 30 Days Of Geneius was launched she spend $97 for the course and make $8000 in ROI. Again she purchased the  Ad-Vantage Plus for $7500 and Make $27000 in the ROI.

As you see Billy Gene Students are getting the result only if you implement what you are learning from the course.

Those who are not getting results are expected Billy Gene courses to be all done for you course where you do not have to do anything and make money.

If you are the kind of person please do not buy any online course.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – Final Verdict

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing is legit or Scam? I have been online for while I know how to spot scams online training courses and I also know how to spot chancers who think they can make money without any effort.

Billy Gene Is Marketing is very legit and Billy Gene teaches what he promises the rest is up to a person to implement them and build a successful business.

Do not be a lazy bitch who think you can succeed in life without putting in the work. If your goal is to run a Digital Agency and you have the budget for it go ahead and you will learn for the best in the industry.

But if you something different from what Billy Gene is teaching or something that matches your hobby and interest you can check out My #1 Recommendation and turn your hobby or interest into profit.


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