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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (0 to 6 Figure Online Business)

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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. Are you probably wondering what is this business model is all about or What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

I will try my best to answer all the questions you have at the back of your mind and also help you build an online business with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing…

In this article I will cover:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and how and it works
  • The benefit of Affiliate Marketing
  • What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • How to start High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • How much affiliate marketers can earn

The world is going digital and companies need marketers to spread the word around the world about their products or services to increase sales.

We all know that every company need marketing to make sales.

In this digital world, you can sign up with different companies as an affiliate and start promoting different products or services without leaving your home using a laptop and internet and earning commissions.

Affiliate Marketing

The fact of promoting other people products and earning commissions is called Affiliate Marketing.

According to Statista, company spending on affiliate marketing will hit $8.2 billion in the U.S by 2022.

There is no better time to start your affiliate marketing business than now.

There are two types of affiliate marketing:

  1. Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  2. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The difference between the two is that one pay a high commission and the other pay a low commission.

Just imagine making money online with your website or youtube channel without creating or owning any products or services.

In this post, I will show you exactly how High Ticket Affiliate Marketing works and how to start your High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and build 6 figure online business from scratch.

Process of building a online business with Affiliate Marketing

Heck! I am not promoting overnight success or get rich quick scheme. Affiliate Marketing need a lot of time and effort to make it profitable and the sky is only the limit.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing or business model in which a commission is paid to someone who successfully promotes a company product or service and makes a sale…

As I said before every company need marketing to increase sales. Affiliate Marketers has a great chance to build an online business and make a stream of income.

This is not Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and you do not need to buy companies products or services or stock up any product.

All you need is to look for a company affiliate program and sign up as an affiliate and you will get your unique affiliate link like the one below.

Affiliate Link

This link will help the company you sign up as an affiliate to track all the sales and pay you commissions.

In general, they are 3 parties in Affiliate Marketing System:

  1. Company or Merchant: This party owner the product or service and holds 100% ownership
  2. Affiliate: This can be anyone also known as a publisher, who can persuade people to buy products. You are a middleman.
  3. Customer: Based on the name alone, this is someone who will buy products from the affiliate through an affiliate link.

You might ask why companies do not promote their products or services alone?

This tragedy helps companies to effectively market their products or services with a low budget, low effort and time and guarantee a high return on investment.

Why Do Affiliate Marketing?

They are many reasons why people do Affiliate Marketing. My personal reason I hate depending on one source of income or living paycheck to paycheck.

I hate having a boss who is ordering me around! With Affiliate Marketing I am my own boss…

Let me name common reasons why people do Affiliate Marketing below:

  • Low cost and risk: You do not need any customer service or stock up any products all you need is a website or create a youtube channel to start. If this does not work you only waste your time not money.
  • Work remotely: You can work any time and you do not need to worry about a damn boss. You are your own boss
  • Geographical Indenpence: You can work from anywhere in the world using your laptop and internet connection
  • Build passive Income: The effort you put in now can generate money for many years
  • Build stream of income: You can promote different products and services and earn commission from all the products
  • Financial Freedom: If you do Affiliate Marketing the right way you can build good cash flow and you do not need to worry about money.

How much money can I make as an affiliate marketer?

I really do not like answering this question. For me, it sounds like you are running after money and people who ask this question are set to fail.

Let said I told you that you can make $300 per day or $3,000 per day and then what?

Start Affiliate Marketing Business and give up in a few months if you do not see that money coming in!

I do not want to waste your time.

This business model is for people who have a mission and purpose in life and not for losers who are running after money and stick 9 to 5 employment slavery (The Rat Race).

Rich people and Affiliate Marketers are like soldiers the work for a mission. Rich people are successful because they do not work for the money they work for a mission that means to accomplish their dreams and goals.

I hope you understand my point!

Anyway, let me answer your question. Jacob Caris one of the 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer share one of his product commissions as you can see in the screenshot below.

Jacob Caris Affiliate Commission

Eddy Salomon in his September 2021 report I Made Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing he showed how he made commissions for promoting different products as a blogger.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Commissions

For me, I consider Affiliate Marketing as sowing.

You cannot plough, sow and harvest and eat on the same day.

It is very impossible

Sowing same process as affiliate Marketing

As a newbie, your earnings will be very little. You are in learning mode and figuring out which strategy to use to increase your earnings.

By regularly putting work you should expect in terms of productivity:

Low-level affiliate (earning up to $300/day) — This’ll happen when you continuously nurture your seedling until it becomes a modest plant

Intermediate-level affiliate (earning up to $3000/day) — This’ll happen when your plant becomes self-sufficient with room for growth

High-level affiliate (earning more than $3000/day) — This is when your plant is a fully grown tree that continues to produce more fruits

Your success will be determined by the material you provide, your niche, how frequently you create content on your website or youtube channel…

If this business model is appealing to you and you want to get a piece of the pie in the billionaire industry you probably need to get trained.

You can sign up for 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge and build a High- Ticket, High-Profit Business Online.

Ticket Affiliate Marketing – Summary

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is a strategy some affiliate marketers adopt to promote only products or services that pay high commissions.

If you have been promoting products or services online as an Affiliate Marketer you know that affiliate marketing needs a lot of time and effort especially if you rely on organic traffic.

It breaks my heart when I see someone promoting products that pay $1 in commission to make $1,000 per month you need to sell those products to 1,000 people which is not easy.

With High Ticket Affiliate Marketing if you are promoting products that pay $100 in commission. You just need to make 10 sales to make $1,000 same effort different result.

The process of starting a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing business is still the same as Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

The only difference is you have to sign up with Affiliate Program that pays that High Commission.

If you were been doing Affiliate Marketing for while and you do not make enough money you probably need to change your strategy and adapt for High Ticket affiliate marketing.

But if you are a beginner and you want to start your affiliate marketing journey I will advise you to get trained first and learn how to drive traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood for any online business without it you do not have any business.

Even if you promote a product that pays $1,000 in commission if people can not find it you won’t make any sale.

Therefore you can sign up for the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge and learn The #1 Secret to Build A High-Ticket, High-Profit Business Online.

Folks any business whether online or offline needs initial work. I can not tell you it will be easy to make money online but your success depends on you and only you can this business work.

No matter what training you take if you can not implement what you have learned or you do not take any action you won’t make any money.

How to start a high ticket affiliate marketing

They are some steps to follow to start a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Business. The problem that most people are facing or fail in this business model is they are missing the right education.

If you want to succeed with Affiliate Marketing or Build a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you need to know The #1 Secret To Build A High-Ticket, High-Profit Business Online.

you can sign up for 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge and get trained!

Below are the steps to start a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The process or the steps of starting a High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the same as starting a Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing the only difference is you are signing up with an affiliate program that pays up to $1,000 commissions per sale.

  • First Step: Choose your Niche

This can be anything at all, any interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with. I will explain this step in more detail late in this article.

  • Second Step: Choose a platform

Whatever platform you are going to choose I will advise you to choose the easiest that will help you build an audience and increase your affiliate sales this is the foundation of your online business.

I will recommend starting a blog or YouTube channel or both if you are comfortable with them they are relatively easy and cheap.

Theoretically, you can do affiliate marketing on any platform like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, etc

  • Third Step: Sign Up with High Ticket Affiliate Program

You can simply google it High Ticket Affiliate Programs in your niche and sign up as an affiliate.

Marketing, business, and entrepreneurship are filled with high paying affiliate programs that pay up to $1,000 per sale. You can explore the following high ticket affiliate programs.

  • Shopify
  • WPX Hosting
  • WP Engine
  • ConvertKit
  • ClickFunnels
  • Liquid Web

One of the mistakes some affiliate marketers do is to sign up with affiliate programs without knowing how to generate quality traffic (visitors) to make sales.

Remember without traffic you do not have a business. If you want to succeed as Affiliate Marketer and build 6 to 7 figures online you need to get trained.

  • Fourth Step: Attract Visitors (Traffic)

They are many ways to attract visitors ( traffic) to your affiliate links. Think of traffic as people who come to your store.

You can simply go with Google ads or Facebook ads and start getting visitors (traffic) to your link and make sales.

But they are some pros and cons with paid traffic you can get click to affiliate links as soon as you place your ads on Google or Facebook.

You need some budget and if you are a newbie you might lose money and when your budget runs out you do not get traffic to your affiliate link.

The best way that recommend to my audience is to learn how to generate organic traffic (free traffic) by creating quality content that attracts visitors.

It also has pros and cons.

It takes time for your content to rank on search engines. If It does not work you can only waste time not your money.

If you find this article on Google or other search engines it means it works for me and you can build passive income with organic traffic if you take the right approach.

That is why I recommend my audience to check out The #1 Secret To Build A High-Ticket, High-Profit Business Online you will learn everything on how to generate paid traffic and organic traffic.

  • Fifth Step: Earn Commissions.

Once you have people who are visiting your blog or seeing your videos on Youtube and you can start earning commissions.

They are over 550 Million products/services that you can promote as an affiliate. To convert your traffic or your lick to sales you need to start building an email list to follow up with your visitors.

Most of the time people come to your website or youtube channel not to buy. They are just looking for information.

You need to learn how to sell the product that you are promoting to them when they sign up for a newsletter or to your lead magnet.

There is more to talk about Convert clicks to sales for this reason I will invite you to sign up for the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge to learn  how to build a successful business online

Choosing Your Niche and Finding Winning Products to Promote

Finding a niche can be a bit tricky at first. But if you do it well it will lead to building a successful online business and building a passive income stream. First of all, you need to assess your skills, interest and your goals and ask yourself a few questions:

  • What special skills have I developed?
  • Is this something I love to do in my free time?
  • Would I do it even if I wasn’t getting paid for it?

Once you get your answer and identify your niche then you can do some research to find out if there is a market for your niche and demand for it. You can use Jaxxy a Keyword Research Tool or Google Keyword Planner.

Type the keyword and analyse the search volume stick to 1k to 10k per month search volume, Look at the competition.

Go with low to medium competition and suggested bids go with the higher bid. This means people are spending money on that keyword.

The next step is to narrow down your niche. Your niche cannot be too broad. You should narrow down your niche to focus on a very specific target audience.

This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and see faster results… Now how to find winning products to promote as an Affiliate Marketer?

You can simply go on Google and type your niche keyword plus affiliate programs. You will find a lot of products to promote as an affiliate marketer.

You can analyse them and look for Affiliate Program that pays a high commission.

My advice is to stick to the digital products and products that pay recurring commission and only promote products that you are personally using and products that you trust.

Final Verdict – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is the best way to increase your online revenue as an Affiliate Marketer. If you value your time and effort you can promote a product that pays a high commission.

Why promote a product that pays $10 per sale while are batch products and services that pays up $1,000 per sale with the same effort.

Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing might sell fast but you need 100 sales to make $1000 while High Ticket Affiliate Marketing only need one sale.

If you are a newbie to this business model you probably need to get trained to succeed online and you can sign up for the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Therefore if you are running after the money you probably need a job and get a salary every month.

Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone it is for people who mission and want to live life on their own terms. Here is your question for you what do you think about this business model?

Do you have what it take to succeed as an affiliate marketer? If you enjoy reading this article please share it with your friends.

That for your support!

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