Is Making Money with Bolt as driver worth it

Unbiased Bolt Driver Review – Is Making Money As Bold Driver Worth it

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Welcome to my unbiased Bold Driver Review ex Taxify.

I am a big fan of building a stream of income at the comfort of my home and I hate living paycheck to paycheck. I am always looking for a way to make some extra income online or offline.

Therefore, I have been looking for different part-time jobs and to my surprise, I came across many companies that always come up with sweet campaigns.

But I was confused when I check reviews of those companies.

Some of them were Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies which I am not interested in such business models.

I know how MLM companies trap you in their network and you end up losing money by trying to qualify for the discounted price products and point value.

Then I found Bolt which claims to earn money with your vehicle driving passenger as a part-time job but it is more like your regular job.

I decided to analyze Bolt’s opportunity and how drivers are earning money with it.

The outcome will shock!

In this Bolt Driver review, I will compare it to affiliate marketing which another opportunity that you can make money without buying any products or owning any products.

Yes, Bolt does not have any cars yet they have built a strong network that is connecting passengers with drivers to help them move around the cities.

Bold make commissions from every passenger who requests a trip with their App.

The question you might have right now is:

  • What is Bolt and how Bolt works?
  • Is being a Bolt Driver is really worth your time?
  • Can you make decent money as Bolt Driver?

I have spent some time reviewing the Bolt earnings and what they have to offer if you sign up with them as a driver

Let’s find out!

What is Bolt?

Taxify rebrand to bolt

Bolt is a worldwide online community that connects passengers with drivers to help them move around the cities more efficiently.

Basically, Bolt Technology is a company that provides transportation and food delivery services through their Bolt App. Bolt is just like other transportation services providing a platform where the passenger can request a ride with your phone.

Bolt was found by Markus Villig in 2013. To your surprise, the founder and CEO was just a 19-years old high school student when he started Bolt. He had just one aim of providing a single platform to all taxis and also make a source of a good income as a part-time job.

The company has grown from its beginning with currently operating in 40 countries with over 1 million drivers and 50 million customers globally.

Bolt’s net revenue was reported to €150 million.

Bolt Technology headquarters is located in Northern Europe, Tallinn. Bolt app is doing great in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. It was previously known as Taxify, which got rebrand to Bolt in 2018.

How to become Bolt Driver?

If you wish to join Bolt as a driver then you can visit their webpage and sign up as a driver and you have to sign up by providing your contact details and other pieces of information.

You may have to upload some necessary documents as well.

Once the application process is completed you have agreed with their terms and condition after that you will be provided with a username and password.

They have to verify your account details along with your criminal record, health history, and driving license. After completion of all legal terms and conditions, you are obliged to provide transportation services in a professional manner.

How does being  Bold Driver Work?

You will need to have a smartphone that can support the bolt app and you have to have a car. You will receive a request from the passenger with all the full information like the pick point, drop off, and the price.

Your fare is calculated by the distance you travel. Once you have dropped off the passenger you might get other requests nearby depending on the demand of place you are working.

You can decide to take other requests or cancel them.

As a Bolt driver, you can work on your own time to maximize your earnings you need to work on the pick hours and in the busy city.

For every request, you get as Bolt Driver there is a 20 to 25% commission for Bolt. You as Driver you are responsible for buying your own petrol and other expenses to maintain your car.

 Why you should not join bolt as a driver?

Bolt is an internationally recognized app but with very few benefits for Drivers, you need to work long hours to earn decent money.

Honestly speaking this kind of earning does not impressive to me you will be always on the road.

Do not get me wrong Bold is one the best transportation service but it is the more profitable owner and the passengers.

As a Bolt driver is another rat race that you need to avoid at all cost.

Bolt claims for it being a part-time job to earn some extra income with your vehicle in reality to earn some substantial income you are bound to opt for it as a full-time job.

Other drawbacks are the are too many drivers on the platform that reduce your chance of getting more request this affect your earnings.

The commission rate is too high that left the driver with almost nothing. You have to pay for your petrol and other expense to maintain your car.

If I would look for some other part-time way to earn some extra income I recommend finding an opportunity that has flexible working hours.

You can start an affiliate marketing business.

Think about it bolt does not have any cars yet they made €150 million in revenue and they available in 40 countries.

Bolt just design an app that connects passengers with drivers and earns commission from drivers whenever someone requests a rider.

Technically bolt is an affiliate to drivers  in another word they are the middleman between passengers and drivers

same as Affiliate Marketing you can sign up with Affiliate Network like Amazon, Clickbank, SaleAShare and others Affiliate Network and start making commission without owning any product.

All you need is to do like Bolt but this time you design a website and start referring digital products to people and make a commission.

Your website can be found by everyone in the world. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other research engines can send you tons of potential buyers to your website and make commissions.

People are making passive income with affiliate marketing from the comfort of the home with a laptop and internet connection.

This is not an overnight success and initially, you have to take small steps and most importantly stay motivated.  To know more about affiliate marketing you can download My Free Making Money Guide.

How much I earn as a Bolt driver?

Your earnings depend on how many times you go online, the city you are working in, and the demand. The are many facts that you have to consider before we start talking about how much you can earn as Bolt Driver.

According to Bolt blog, a full-time driver can earn £1,200 per week including the Bolt commission and other expenses for the driver to be on the road.

Expect to make home plus or minus £750. If you are renting a car you are in deep shit!

In South Africa, a full-time Bolt Driver makes R8,000 per week including Bold commission and other expenses. Bolt drivers can take home around R5,000.

Most of the drivers in South Africa are renting cars and pay between 2,000 to 2,500 per week. They are obviously earning less than R5000

If you want to increase your earnings I have shared some valuable tips as well.

  1. Go online during busiest hours so you get maximum rides. Remember rush hour is your friend.
  2. It is not about just being online; you have to be active as well. You must accept maximum requests. Also, more than 40% rejection of requests from your portal will eventually lead to the blockage of your account.
  3. Take as many rides as possible. Turn on back to back rides feature which will enable you to see a request near that location when you are in between another ride.
  4. Be a good employee and try to read all the notifications that Bolt sends you. In this way, you will stay updated about Bonuses and campaigns. This will help you in increasing your weekly earnings.
  5. To earn more and more you have to make sure you are in the good books of your customers. At the end of each ride always politely ask each customer to rate your service. Remember a rating below 4.6 will get you blocked from using the Bolt App.

Pros and Cons of Bolt driver


  • Relaxing and comfortable working style.
  • Additional tips on long rides
  • You decide your ride at your own convenience
  • Lots of social interaction and communication


  • Long working hours. To make a decent amount for a living you have to work overtime
  • Unreliable salary with very few benefits.
  • Only beneficial for you if you like driving or have a car of your own
  • You have to be very careful of each customer as their rating is crucial for your stay in the company.
  • No safety rules for drivers
  • GPS issues, other technical issues sometimes cause a lot of trouble

Is being a Bolt driver worth it?

After my analysis I came to the conclusion being a Bolt driver is not a relaxing job as timings are not fixed and most of you have to work for extended hours to make decent money.

I would not recommend anyone to join Bolt as it is paying very little amount in return for the service they are asking for.

If this is the only option you have right now go for it and always to for other ways to make some extra income and escape this rat race.

When you are looking for options to make some extra income or replace your primary earning you will find numerous options but the main question is any of them worth an attempt?

I agree in this era of we all are in search of easy and convenient ways of passive earning.

But the right step for this would be formulating a proper business plan.

If it’s worth your investment, are you getting enough to pay with respect to the time you are giving, these are some of the questions that you should consider before investing.

If you are interested to know more about online earning download My Free Making Money Guide. I would recommend you Affiliate marketing as a better and more efficient way of earning passive income. Bolt is an affiliate to those drivers and they are making passive income just by watching driver driving around

To know more about affiliate marketing join this free training camp and learn exactly how you can make money without owning any product.

A better alternative to Bolt as a driver?

In terms of convenience and unrestricted policies, Affiliate marketing is a better source of passive income. Most of you confuse Affiliate marketing with MLM.

Let me be clear with the concept of affiliate marketing.

Basically in affiliate marketing, you sign with any company like Amazon or WallMart. You will be provided with an affiliate link which you have to refer to potential buyers who need to buy some product online.

The basic advantage is:

  1. You are not restricted to any particular timing.
  2. It’s a remote job. All you can do from your home in your comfortable environment.
  3. You don’t have to add or recruit members to earn commissions.
  4. No need of buying their products for bonuses.

I just came across one of the most reasonable Affiliate marketing training online in which they are giving 10 pieces of training, one keyword research tool, and one website absolutely free for beginners. You can try out and understand how you can build your online business and stop driving around to make a living.

Is Make Money As Bold Driver Worth it? My Final Verdict

Some companies market their campaigns well enough to trap people to invest in them. But in long run, you are the one who is going to suffer.

Bolt Technolgy provide a good service to the passengers but it is not a good way to earn whether you are working full-time or part-time. You invest your own time to driver people, you put in your own car, buying your own petrol and they are other expenses like insurance, maintaining your car.

But what you get in return is not worth it.

Always review your decision before you jump in any opportunities you find. Therefore if you want to get out of the rat race of driving with Bolt or your 9 to 5 job or maybe you want to make some extra income.

You can download My Free Money Making Guide and learn how to build a stream of income from home and leave the laptop lifestyle.

Your Bold Driver Review

Are you a Bolt driver or you have been in the past? Please share your own experience whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help someone to make a informed decision.

Thank you for your support






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