5 Best Paid Survey Sites

5 Best Paid Survey Sites for 2021 – Make Money Completing Surveys online

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I am going to walk you through 5 Best Paid Survey Sites for 2021 that can easily pay you for answering short surveys

And those Paid Surveys Sites are legit and most of them pay you via PayPal.

5 Best Paid Survey Sites

In fact:

These 5 Paid Survey Sites were my top site that helps me to earn online when I first started my online journey.

I called them Best Paid Survey Sites because they are still effective even today and you can sign up with them for free.

But what you have to know is you can not make a living with those sites and you can not rely on them to pay your bills.

The combination of those paid survey sites can make you $5 to $15 per day.

All depends on how much time you spend on taking surveys and how many active referrals you have.

In this post, I will also give you tips and tricks so you can maximize your earnings on those Paid Survey Sites.

Why You Should Listen To Me?

Hey, My Name is Franck Chanda I have been online since 2018 I started making money online with Paid Survey Site.

But those sites did not give me the freedom that I wanted and switched to Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Almost everyone on the internet starts with Paid Survey to make money and late switch to something else. If you can related please leave your comment and what you are doing now.

Paid survey sites are free to sign up and you can start making money right now.

But it does not give you the freedom to buy whatever you want or quitting your 9 to 5 job because they are paying a penny per task.

I am a full-time Internet and Affiliate Marketer. I have been making passive income with my laptop and internet connection.

This is how much I have made so far.


What Is Paid Surveys Site?

Paid Survey Site is also known as Get Paid To (GPT) site is a platform that connects you to the Survey panels.

You can easily register as a survey taker and answer short surveys and get paid for your time.

The are many paid survey sites on the internet and it is very easy to register with those Survey panel.

But most of them are a waste of time and some need you to upgrade your membership to earn more.

I will never advise anyone to upgrade your membership on those sites. I have prepared you the 5 Best Survey Sites that you can sign up now and start making money.

You do not need to upgrade your membership on those sites.

Stay Tuned….

How Does Paid Survey Site Works

There is a batch of research companies that need to conduct market research.

They need to gather information to improve their products and services.

They rely on your opinion.

So, those research companies will contact the Survey panel and pay them a fee to find people like you who need to make money online by taking surveys.

Those research companies need targeted market research then you will need to provide:

  • Your Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • and household responsibility.

Then they will match your profile with surveys that you need to complete and pay you for your time.

Is Paid Survey Site Worth It?

Whether spending your time on the paid survey site is worth it or not all depend on what you are looking for.

If you want to earn a few bucks with your phone or on your free time this selection of the 5 Best Paid Survey sites will be worth it.

But if you want to make a lot of money on the internet even quitting your 9 to 5 job those Paid Survey Sites are a waste of time.

But some can still be useful if you want to get your cashback when you buy something online.

Let examine those 5 Paid Survey Sites and see what you can get it. Should we? Good!

Therefore if you have used some of them before please leave a comment it will help someone to make an informed decision

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My 5 Best Paid Survey Sites

This is the selection of the 5 Best Paid Survey Sites I have selected for you. It will help to not waste your time on other Paid Survey Sites that do not pay much and others are completely a scam.

1. Timebucks


TimeBucks is not only a paid survey site it is also a reward site. You can earn real cash for performing various tasks and activities that you are doing every day. I also have full Timebucks Review you can check it out.

You can earn cash from doing things such as:

  • Taking surveys,
  • Posting on social media,
  • Watching videos,
  • Installing free apps,
  • Playing games,
  • And more…

Sign-Up Timebucks For Free >>>

2. Ysense

Ysense is paid survey and it is also a global online community with many earning options. You can also read this Ysense Review to get all the information you need

You can start earning:

  • Paid online surveys,
  • cash offers,
  • Appen Tasks
  • And more!

Sign-Up with Ysense For Free >>>

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a paid surveys and the most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash. Check out the Swagbucks Review

You will earn points for the everyday things you already do online. you can earn by:

  • Shopping at your favourite retailers,
  • Watch entertaining videos,
  • Search the web,
  • Answer surveys
  • and find great deals.

Sign-Up with Swagbucks for Free >>>

4. Paidviewpoint

PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site. The main focus is only answering surveys but you can earn with PaidViewpoint in two ways

  1. Completing Surveys
  2. Referral

You can earn up to $25 for everyone you refer to Paidviewpoint. Heck! Your referral has to be an active member this is to avoid people opening fake accounts or inviting cats and dogs.

Read this Paidviewpoint Review or check it out by yourself by signing up below.

Sign-Up with Paidviewpoint for Free >>>

5. Surveyeah

Surveyeah Logo

Surveyeah is a paid surveys site that sends paid online surveys to its members. You can read the full Surveyeah Review to understand the platform in more details

Their goal is to help students and graduate students complete their theses by finding the people who correspond to their research.

They have around since February 2014 and they are currently present in 123 countries around the world in five continents.

Sign-Up with Surveyeah for Free >>>

How To Get Paid with Those Surveys Sites

You will have first to reach a payment threshold than you can request for payment. All these sites have a different Payment threshold from $5 up to $25.

You will get paid Via:

  • Paypal
  • Gift Card
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer

You will have to choose your payment method you feel comfortable with or available in your country. But the perfect payment method online and stress-free is Paypal.

Paid Surveys Site complaints

As you know you can not meet everyone expectation and there is no such thing as a perfect company.

All those paid survey sites they have common complaints. Below is what you need to expect as complaints

Earning Potential

As I said in the beginning you can not rely on those sites to make a living. If you are looking for a way to make a lot of money with the paid survey you will soon be disappointed.

Hard To Find a survey to complete.

You will have to put in mind that you won’t qualify for all the surveys. Researchers are looking for a targeted candidate to complete the survey.

Therefore, if you are not part of the requirement that they are looking for you won’t qualify to complete the surveys and you will waste a lot of time to find survey that you qualify for.

Tips and Tricks To Make Money with Paid Survey Site

Most of the people what to complete surveys quick without reading it. Those sites have become more clever to detect that you are not reading the question.

You have to be careful whenever you are completing surveys and take your time.

There is always trick questions to see if you are reading the question or you just want to complete and get paid.

You have to be honest in answering your question. Researcher rely on your answer to improve their service and products.

Therefore, if you follow all the tips and tricks you will increase your chance to qualify for almost every surveys and also get high paying surveys.

You can also create your website and review other paid survey site and refer them to your main paid surveys site.

Once someone signs up with your link and be an active member you will earn commissions from them.

So those paid surveys site can pay you a 20% to 25% of your referral earning.

Let say I refer you to those paid surveys sites and you become an active member and when you earn $100 I will get $20 for doing nothing every time you cash out.

This does not affect your earnings those sites will reward me for referring you to their site.

How Do I Make Money Online?

I make money online has blogger and internet and affiliate marketer. I have built a stream of income online.

You can also look around this post they are ads that Google Adsense place on this post whenever someone clicks on it I get paid.

All I need is to write a post that people are looking for on the internet. If you question is does it works?

You would not be reading this post if it was not working. You researched for the Best Paid Surveys Site and you are here.

It works also with Affiliate Marketing I can review any product from Amazon and when someone buys it through my link and get a commission.

This is the best way to make money online without spending any money on ads to promote amazon product. You can also get My Free Make Money Online Guide Here.

Final Verdict

There you got the 5 Best Survey Site. If you spend must of your time on those sites you can earn a couple of bucks and it will add up your income.

But do not expect to earn much and it will be big mistake thinking of quitting your 9 to 5 job and depend on those paid survey sites.

There are many facts that can affect your earning and it hard to make consistency income with paid surveys. People are barely making 100 per month with those sites. But if you really want to make a living online I can help you.

Your Feedback and Experience with Paid Surveys Sites

Have you tried those paid surveys sites? Please consider leaving a comment below.  Good or bad doesn’t matter as long as it is helpful to our visitors.

Thanks for your support!

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