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TISSA Review – The Untold Truth About Tissa.co.za

Welcome to my Tissa Review. Today you are going to know everything about Tissa.co.za and how people are making money with Tissa.

They are many questions on the internet people are wondering if Tissa is a scam or legit. I have signed up and test their system so I can give my audience an unbiased Tissa Review.

I spend almost 50 hours reviewing all the training materials and the opportunity Tissa provide so do not have to  go the same process if you want to know:

  • What Tissa is all about?
  • How to make money with their system
  • Is Tissa a scam?
  • The common complaining about Tissa

Then you have come to the right place…

Before I start reviewing Tissa I have to let you know that. Tissa does not provide any job and It is not a recruiting company.

All the email you are receiving is misleading. There is no job! Tissa is kind of a Pyramid scheme you need to recruit people to make money.

What is Tissa?

TISSA stand for The Income Solution South Africa. They claim to offer an income opportunity to people who need to make an extra income from home.

Tissa also claims that their system DataHub Copy and Paste, My @Home Career and Survey365 is the best-proven system in South Africa although is available also to  Namibians.

Tissa was found in 2004 and It is registered with the CIPC and their Company Registration Number: 2014/079529/23.

Tissa Company Registration Details
Registered in CIPC Database
  • Name of the Company: The income Solution South Africa (TISSA)
  • Website: http://www.tissa.co.za
  • Established: Since 2004

How does Tissa work?

Tissa is a website that shows people how to make money online with affiliate marketing. If you are looking for an employment Tissa does not have any job position.

You will have to buy those 3 packages if you interested in their program:

  • My @Home Career / My Income Generator
  • Survey365: R280

DATAHUB Copy & Paste and My @home Career

Those packages are almost the same thing. If you buy those package you will have access to the member area where they will show you how to set up your account with other Affiliate Networks and start promoting products online.

Click2Sell, ClickBank, PayDotom and other Affiliate Network are free to join and you do not have to pay to join those platform.

Tissa will also show you other free classified websites to promote those products. To be honest Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online.

I have been making money online as an Affiliate and Internet Marketer. You can do it full time or part-time. But what you get as Tissa Member won’t help you to make any cent online.

I always tell people Affiliate Marketing is skills that you will need to learn and if you master it the sky is the limit. You can build a 6 to 7 figure online business and make passive income.

If you want to learn how Affiliate Marketing works. You can download My Free Making Money Guide and learn how you can build a stream of income online.


This is another package that Tissa offer. They are a lot of research company need people to complete surveys for them to gather data that will help them improve their products and services.

All those Survey websites are free and you do not need to spend any money to register with them. You have to put in mind that those survey websites do not pay much.

It can be waste of time if you are looking for a way to make a lot of money. You can expect to make $0.5 to $1.25 per survey ( Value in Rand is R8.00 to R19.00)

If you want to make money completing the survey you can check out My Top 5 Paid Survey Websites

As Tissa Member you are automatically a Tissa Representative which means you can recruit other people to join Tissa and earn a commission of R90.00 for everyone who buys the membership.

Tissa teams are teaching those Tissa Representatives to place a fake job on the websites like Gumtree, OLX and other free classified websites to collect emails and submit it to Tissa.

The called it worksheet and Tissa will send those people emails for a job position.

Another thing you have to put in mind Tissa is telling their representative to write a fake positive review on Tissa Facebook Page and Hellopeter.com to motivate people to buy the membership.

Is Tissa worth it?

Tissa is not worth it and you won’t make any money unless you decide to recruit other people to join Tissa. It is like a Pyramid Scheme you need to recruit people to make money.

That how most of  Tissa Representatives are making money.  Pyramid Scheme is illegal in most of the country and you need to be aware of that.

It is hard to close down those companies like Tissa due to the strategy that they have implemented to cover their track.

Once you buy the Tissa Package you will access to the member area that shows how to sign up your account with other Affiliate Networks. Enough to defend themself that they are selling real products.

Why you should NOT join Tissa

I bought one of the Tissa packages you can see it below.

Welcome To Tissa Email

I have spent more than 50+ hours reviewing Tissa website and material. In good conscience, I can not recommend Tissa to anyone.

If you are looking for a side hustle you can complete surveys on SurveyTime and Timebucks. But do not expect to make a lot of money with those websites and it is free to join.

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How much does Tissa cost?

To Sign Up with Tissa you have to choose one of the 3 packages below:

  • DATAHUB COPY & PASTE system: R440.00
  • My @Home Career / My Income Generator: R480.00
  • Survey365: R280 Once Off and R55pm per month.

You can also be a VIP Member and get access to all the package for 79 per month. But you need to pay first for the DATAHUB Package of R440 once-off.

You can save your money by sign up with those websites below and start complete surveys online.

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per hoursSurveytime.io
Timebucks$2 to $4 per hoursTimebucks.com
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per Hoursysense.com
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per hoursSwagbucks.com
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per hoursPaidviewpoint.com

How much money can you make with Tissa?

Like a said before you can only make money with Tissa if you decide to recruit people and you make R90.00 as commission from everyone who buys the package.

There is no way you can track if someone on your Worksheet joins Tissa. You just have to trust them.

I would not trust someone who is lying people about employment to do business with. The is no way you can track your sales.

What is the Tissa refund policy?

Tissa has a 14 to 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the package that you buy you can request your refund.

But to get your money back you will need to show them that you have implemented what the show you in the package.

To be honest you won’t get your money back and I have read many complaints regarding this issue. They hate to refund people.

Tissa Complaints

If you have been following me or reading my review you will understand that I do not write my review without showing what people are complaining about the company or product.

The complaints will help you to make an informed decision and find your deal breaker.


Tissa is not a recruiting agency and they do not hire anyone. You will be receiving emails to apply for a position with a due date in reality there is no job.

They will use different strategies to push you to buy their membership. They are saying they work with different companies and you can complete some tasks with your phone. In reality, anyone can sign up with those survey websites for free and start completing surveys for money.

Fake Job 

Tissa is teaching it is members (Tissa Representative) to post a fake job position on some classified websites just to collect emails.

Be aware of the job position that comes from Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

Is Tissa legit? Is it a scam?

If you have read this Tissa Review until here you will have your answer to this question. But if you need my opinion I will advise staying away from Tissa not only you won’t make money and you will lose your hard R440 for the membership fee.

Do not get me wrong Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online and I have been making money online as Affiliate Marketer since 2018 but I did not make any money when I start.

In 2019 I manage to build a stream of income and quit Uber Eat delivery. I am making money with my laptop and internet connection.

You can check out My Top Recommendation platform and learn how Affiliate Marketing works and how can make passion income online and quit your 8 to 5 job

What does Tissa actually teach?

To understand what Tissa is teaching you will need to understand what is Affiliate marketing. This is the process of promoting someone else products or service and make a commission for every sale you make.

This process helps many people to make a lot of money online. You can watch this video it will help you understand how affiliate marketing works.

What Tissa is teaching is how to sign up with Affiliate Network like Click2Sell, ClickBank, and PayDotom. You can also learn how to get your affiliate link on those Affiliate Networks that all you will learn from Tissa.

What doesn’t Tissa teach?

Signing up with those Affiliate Networks is just one step. You will need to learn how to put those products in front of your potential clients and make sales to earn your commissions.

Tissa does not teach you how to build an online foundation like having a website or youtube to generate traffic (visit).

This is very important you can have the best product in the world if you do not how to generate traffic (visit) you won’t make any money.

If you want to learn step by step how Affiliate Marking works and make a lot of money. You can download My FREE Making Money Guide and build a stream of income online.

Final Verdict

Many people are searching for Tissa Reviews to find out if Tissa is legit or a scam and other people do not really know what is Tissa.co.za is all about.

If you have read this Tissa Review until here you know what Tissa really is and how they operate.

In general, they are misleading people and they do not hire anyone. They are just selling Affiliate Marketing information that is not worth it and you can only make money with Tissa if you also decide to recruit people to buy those pieces of information.

Your Tissa Review your experience

Are you a Tissa Representative, or have you been in the past? Please consider leaving a review below good or bad does not matter as long as it is helpful to our visitors.

Thanks for your support!

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  1. The above review does not give correct information. I’m a member, Tissa never expected from me to write a good review or be a representative. To be representative you get commission as follow:
    R70 per person joining the @Home Career and Datahub
    R40 per person on the Survey.

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