Plexus Worldwide Review

Plexus Worldwide Review – Pyramid Scheme or Scam MLM Company?

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This is my complete review of the company that sells nutrition, personal care products, and dietary supplements,

In this unbiased Plexus Worldwide review I will cover:

  • How Plexus Worldwide works
  • Plexus Worldwide compensation Plan
  • If the whole business is legit or a scam
  • If Plexus Worldwide is a pyramid scheme or not
  • The best alternative to make money from home.

So without further ado, let’s get started

Plexus Worldwide Review
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Plexus Worldwide is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells nutrition, personal care products, and dietary supplements through it is distributors known as Ambassadors

Plexus Worldwide has a different product that you can sell as Ambassador. But some product has a side affects and it has been banned in Australia it will be very difficult to sell Plexus Worldwide product due to the bad review that the company has.

Even though I do not recommend my reader to join any MLM business the odd of success in this business model are very low.

I would rather recommend you to start an affiliate marketing business If you want to know how it works you can start your free training by checking out My Top Recommendation platform and learn how you can build an online business without owning any products.

What is Plexus Worldwide and how it started?

Plexus Worldwide Review

Plexus Worldwide is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells health products based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and founded in 2008.

It deals in Health care, Weight Loss, Personal Care, Breast Health, and Nutritional Supplements.

It does Social Marketing for selling products too.

Plexus Worldwide ranked in the world’s 40 largest direct-selling organizations with being included in the 500 lists of Fastest-Growing Companies as well.

It comprises 200 – 500 employees who work with a mission to help consumers live healthier and happier lives. Besides, it has 550,000 entrepreneurial Ambassadors worldwide.

Plexus started with two proper tiers.

They started their business as distributors.

Alfred Petersen ran an organization in 1992. Soon he became a top company distributor in his home town Canada. In 2001 he merged his company with another direct sales company.

Unfortunately, shortly after the 9/11 economic downfall, his sales got worst and he decided to own his network marketing company.

He founded an organization in Scottsdale with a single article called Plexus Worldwide. He introduced a Breast Checking Kit to help ladies screen breast cancer for themselves.

On the contrary, Robinson at that time was marketing breast cream. And Robinson thought this merger could be significant for their sale increment if he cracked the deal with Petersen.

But the deal turned down after months of negotiations.

As Petersen found he had a dangerous disease, so he intended to close the organization down. But his inner guilt did not let him do so and he started finding an investor.

Luckily he found young Robinson as an investor. Robinson was a successful distributor at that time in various direct sales companies and he was looking for investment opportunities in the industry.

Like this, these two men hit off together and became partners.

In 2008, the recession hit hard. They discovered people focus on food more than breast creams. They decided to cater wrong priorities of people by launching a new product weight loss drink.

The drink was afterward transformed into powder form after its storage and shipment issues.

They used catchy marketing tactics to increase their sales.

After then, they experimented with products with new formulas by combining them with Plexus slim. Soon they invented new products, accelerator, and accelerator plus.

Hence, Plexus Worldwide started to establish and they needed someone who could connect them to the executive side. That’s why they decided to make Alec Clark the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Alec Clark worked on the corporate side, and Robinson and Petersen managed distributors

How does Plexus Worldwide work?

Plexus Worldwide works like an MLM scheme that provides an opportunity to everyone to join the company with annual fees for buying and selling its products.

It has three types of account which people can join as:

  1. Retail Customers – Purchase products at retail price through the Plexus website and their up line ambassador earns commission from their orders.
  2. Preferred Customers – purchase products at a discounted price as they buy monthly subscriptions. Get an additional 10% discount on a 4th consecutive subscription. Their up line ambassador earns commission from the orders they give.
  3. Ambassadors – Sell the products and earn commission on sales. They have their own product selling website and direct clients.

Plexus worldwide welcomes new ambassadors wholeheartedly with a welcome pack of $109 or $209, as its biggest company in the direct sales industry which deals in health care and self-care products.

People join the company as ambassadors, instead of competing with people within the company.

Thus, making increment in their sales as when average sales increase, vice versa company’s profit will also increase. As result, everybody will get benefits.

The ambassadors recruit people and sell products, the people in the downline recruit more people along with selling products.

 Levels Qualification

Plexus worldwide offers eleven ways to earn income, among which the plexus points are more beneficial. Ambassadors gain points on the purchase of their down line ambassadors. There are different rankings that the ambassadors get based on their gained points.

Level of achievement Levels paid on
Ambassador Pay level 1
Senior Ambassador Pay level 1-3
Silver Ambassador Pay level 1-5
Gold Ambassador Pay level 1-5
Senior Gold Ambassador Pay level 1-6
Ruby Ambassador Pay level 1-6
Senior Ruby Ambassador Pay level 1-7
Emerald Ambassador Pay level 1-7
Sapphire Ambassador Pay level 1-7
Diamond Ambassador Pay level 1-7

Points Distribution


Pay Level 1-3 5 Plexus Points
Pay Level 4 4 Plexus Points
Pay Level 5 3 Plexus Points
Pay Level 6 2 Plexus Points
Pay Level 7 1 Plexus Points

The points increase the earnings of the ambassadors too. Bonuses are also given to the ambassadors to earn commission and increased sales.

I recently review Herbalife they also sell health and nutrition products and they have a similar compensation plan as Plexus Worldwide.

Why you should NOT join Plexus Worldwide?

  • As an Ambassador, you will need to recruit more people and invest more money to move to different levels and earn points. You are not only an Ambassador (Distributor) you Plexus Worldwide potential client.
  • BBB has received over 600 real complaints against its products, including catastrophic side effects to mild discomfort and ineffectiveness of the product. Besides, FTC has received 800 complaints about Plexus worldwide products.
  • Due to negative reviews of the products, it is hard to sell them and difficult to convince the customers. You will always be stressed about sales so that you could get a commission and a higher ranking.
  • By recent news, FTC has sent warning letters to 16 multi-level marketing companies over the misguidance made by their representatives on social media. It was claimed by ambassadors of Plexus Worldwide that their products can treat or prevent coronavirus.
  • Additionally MLM scheme has a high rejection and loss rate. This scheme leaves ambassadors bound to maintain their position to level up and get commissions as their earning which is very less and not worth the efforts.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is a trustworthy way to earn a passive income. According to Forbes, the affiliated marketing industry is the most growing ever since 2020, and it’s predicted, by 2022 affiliated marketing will eclipse the $8 billion mark.

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In affiliate marketing, you can prevent yourself from recruiting people and buying expensive products.

Just select your niche and favorite products, and learn more about the products you select and then recommend them to potential clients.

All you need is your laptop and stable internet connection to reach more potential clients worldwide, and then you are all set to work comfortably from home.

How can I earn through Plexus worldwide?

You can make money from Plexus in 2 ways.

  1. Sell products and make a commission
  2. Recruit people into the company and get bonuses

First, for both of the plans, you have to register in the company by paying 34.95$ annually and maintenance fees $100. 

Plexus Worldwide Pros and Cons


 I must say Plexus has played a strong strategy in “reputation management.” A few pros are:

  • Established company

Plexus Worldwide is a registered legit company having a widespread network and hyped products. The products are found to be effective and valuable in the market. The chance of earning is there whether it is difficult or commission is less.

  • Money-back guarantee

The products of Plexus Worldwide have a money-back guarantee if they don’t show effectiveness within 60 days. This offer attracts the customers towards this company and builds the trust of clients. Ultimately, people start taking interest in products and believe in their effectiveness.

  • Product variety launch

According to the business news report, the Company’s revenue has quadrupled in the last two years by launching more weight-loss and pain relief products. In the future, the new range of products can cause a boost in sales.

  • Free replicated website

Ambassadors can sell Plexus Worldwide products on their own websites with their own decided selling prices. They can directly sell products to clients and get direct buyers…


Cons of Plexus Worldwide are more than the pros, stated as follows:

  • Fake positive reviews of products

Ambassadors have flooded social media and blogs with positive reviews. Literally, they swear by its quality and effectiveness, by giving their example (which is all fake, in my view after reading their genuine complaints on Fb groups)

  • Misguidance by representatives and ambassadors

Many distributors promoted health drinks and supplements as coronavirus prevention medicine. It’s a misrepresentation by a brand in a difficult pandemic situation which is wrong in general. As we all know, corona hits everybody, whether old, young, healthy, weak, rich, or poor.

  • Expensive products

Products are overpriced and it’s difficult to sell expensive products. The prices also get higher when direct sellers sell products on their own websites with their own prices.

  • Pyramid scheme in disguise

Plexus Worldwide is an MLM scheme as ambassadors can only earn through recruiting people by adding them to their down line and getting commission for their buying and selling.

You have a down line that also has more recruited members so the shape of the down line having multiple legs makes it look like the pyramid. Pyramid schemes are banned in many countries as they are illegal.

  • Monthly expenses

There are monthly charges as well as hidden charges. You need to buy or sell products to keep yourself active as an ambassador else you will get out from the run of ambassadors. Only 1% of the money is made in so much time.

  • Downward trend

The people are getting out from MLM so Plexus Worldwide is facing a downward trend as its search on Google is going down every month. It tells that people are taking less interest in such schemes now.

Is Plexus Worldwide a scam?

In simple words, no, it’s not a scam. Plexus Worldwide believes in transparency. It pays its ambassadors and offers legit products and sales plans.

But In general, there are low profits earned in MLM schemes and you end up spending more than you earn in this business model.

Firstly they ask you to pay the joining fees and then maintenance fees to keep your membership intact. And it does not seem to be possible to pay these dues with its earnings.

In my opinion, it’s more like paying from your own pocket rather than earning.

Affiliate marketing vice versa is a growing industry, with paying its potential learners. It’s easy to learn, you can download My Free Making Money Guide and understand how you can make a lot of money online without owning any products or recruiting people.

Is Plexus Worldwide a pyramid scheme or MLM?

Plexus Worldwide is an MLM Company, set up in a pyramid scheme in disguise. An MLM business is set up to ask you for a small investment and require you to build up a team by recruiting more people to earn a commission.

On the contrary, you are not earning any money or earning in a very less amount unless you start recruiting more people to join the scheme.

Not only that but you also require an active downline team that should be recruiting people or buying products so that an ambassador could stay in the game of leveling up for getting more commission and bonuses.

Is Plexus Worldwide worth it?

Before jumping on to the final verdict for Plexus Worldwide, get through some basics.

An MLM company should have a low startup, maintenance cost, and high-quality affordable products. But Plexus Worldwide has a joining fee of $39.95 and $100 maintenance fees.

The success rate in any MLM company is lower. Like 73% to 99% of ambassadors lose money in this scheme. Furthermore, they are 5 out of 100 success stories connected with Plexus Worldwide.

In my opinion, it’s not worth joining it with such a low rate of success. Moreover, the time and efforts you invest to recruit people and find sales for your products are not worth your income.

Even if you have great marketing and communication skills, it is difficult to direct the leads towards your expensive products having negative reviews.

In fact for building a business, I would recommend you to start affiliate marketing with an easy guide as you can earn passive income without paying for products and recruiting people.

If you need any assistance regarding affiliate marketing, you can download My Free Making Money Guide or you can start your free internet and affiliate marketing training by checking up My Top Recommendation training program.

Best alternatives to Plexus Worldwide?

The best alternative to Plexus Worldwide or the best way to make money full-time or part-time is to start an internet and affiliate marketing business.

This way you do not need to buy any products or recruit people to make money. There are many vendors who have great products that are selling like hot cake they just need a bunch of people to spread the word and reach many potential clients.

Those vendors can pay you up to 75% in commission for everyone who purchases their products. Many people have built a stream of income online or make 6 figures just by recommending vendors’ products online.

But it is not an overnight success or get rich quick scheme and you need to learn how to work to reach the potential buyer and Wealthy Affiliate as a full set of training and tools to help you build an online business with the internet and affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in investing can be a good place for you. As you can read by the name is Forex Trading platform. You will also get full training and mentorship to start training like a pro.

Plexus Worldwide Final Verdict

Many products of Plexus Worldwide are not FDA approved. Fast Relief, ProBio5, and Bio Cleanse are not safe for use. FDA claimed it as illegal drugs with improper safety directions.

Plexus slim drink has also claimed to be ineffective due to no proper research has been conducted on this sole compound although; individual research on each ingredient has been done.

Plexus Worldwide products are banned in Australia. The Australian government has claimed, Plexus Slim Accelerator capsules and Plexus Slim Accelerator 3 Day trial pack have severe health risks and one should not consume.

Additionally, Plexus Worldwide is an MLM venture because, in an MLM venture, recruiters recruit people and earn from their sales and their own sales.

They motivated recruits to invite more people in this chain to increase their sales and profits but sadly only the one on top earns a profit. Mostly 99% of people lose money in this scheme.

If you want to build a business and earn online, you can earn smartly through affiliate marketing.

Have a look at My Top Recommendation and learn how to make money online. Get free pieces of training and own a free website and keyword research tool. Master your business niche and earn wisely.

Your Plexus Worldwide review

After reviewing and studying the whole brand, what do you think about Plexus Worldwide? Please leave your own Plexus World Review in the comment below.

Your review will help my readers to make an informed decision.

Thank You for your support!

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