Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam – What is Misha Wilson is Hiding

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Welcome to my Super Affiliate Network Review. Everytime when you browse on the internet you will see program that claim to teach people to be rich.

Super Affiliate Network ReviewMy question is there is batch of people who do not enjoy their date to date job but they are just seating in the office waiting for the better why ain’t their joining those programs claim you can be rich in short time.

Maybe for sure some have tried it and see it just hyper claim, Super Affiliate System claim that you will make money in 2 hours and 12 Minute Affiliate Claim you will make $465 per day just by spending 12 minutes with their system. Yes, you can make that money but not as a newbie.

I have review those programs not everything that the claim is true now is time for me to show you another program that you are searching right now Super Affiliate Network.

I know the ads are very convincing and the $1 fee for 30 days trial is tempting but there is more you need to know before you join the program.

Therefore, you will need to pay close attention to my Super Affiliate Network Review you might find your deal breakers here.

If you are wondering and asking if the Super Affiliate Network is a scam or Misha Wilson the founder and CEO is also a scammer. I have all you need to know right here so stay tuned to find the truth.

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Super Affiliate Network is an online Coaching and Mentoring platform that provide an Affiliate Marketing training to help new and expect Affiliate Marketer to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

However, the training will cost you more than $12,497 plus there are other hidden costs due to the training is based on pay traffic. The training is not low budget-friendly. I would rather advise you to check My Top Recommendation if you are interested in this business model and you can even build your 2 free websites right away.

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What is a Super Affiliate Network?

Super Affiliate Network is an online Coaching and Mentoring platform that provide an Affiliate Marketing training to help new and expect Affiliate Marketer to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

Once you are a member you will find a series of video training, webinar and the perfect part you will have a coach assigned to you to assist you along in your business journey.

Super Affiliate Network was found in 2015 by Misha Wilson who is the youngest successful online Entrepreneur through his expertise he decides to create Super Affiliate Network helping others who want to succeed online and his company is based in Kihei, Hawaii.

How to sign up with Super Affiliate Network?

You can signup by visiting where you will land on the official web page and then you will need to click the registration button and it will redirect you to page where you will need to fill up your First Name, Last Name and your Email Address.

Once you click create account it will redirect you another page where Misha Wilson the founder and CEO is explaining everything about the program in 3 minutes 49 seconds.

Then you will need to chose whether to try it for $1 for 30 days trial or signup straight for SAN Basic Membership which will cost you $37 per month just by skip the $1 trial.

However, If you go to the 30 days trial and decide to continue with the membership it will cost you $47 per months. You will save $10 per month if join the program straight away without going to the trial.

How does Super Affiliate Network Works?

Super Affiliate Network has 3 different memberships and 2 up selling which you will need to know before you join the training and I will explain it in more details below.

  • Basic Membership ( $47 per month or 37 per month if you skip the $1 30 days Trial).

SAN Basic Membership is the weeks Bootcamp training with 21 modules that focus on Mindset, Psychology, Email Marketing, list building, selling strategy and Automation.

You will also have one on one coach to help you along with the training and you will be accountable to your coach before he unlocked you to the next module. After becoming a member you will be hit with 2 upsells.

1. Solo Ads Success Formula cost $97 once-off

This training is all about Email Marketing. It shows you how to collect lead and set up your campaign.

2. Super Affiliate Monthy Newsletter $47 once-off

You will have access to video newsletter from the owner Misha Wilson teaching all the strategies that will help you in your business.

  • Pro Membership ($2,497 one-off fee)

This is advanced training that includes the Basic Membership and the Solo Ads Success Formula, this is for you to scale up your business and you will access to the private Facebook Group and series of coaching.

  • Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497 one-off fee)

Maui Intensive Mentoring is the last membership where you can spend 4 days in mastermind even at Maui where you will work closely with Misha Wilson helping you with Marketing Tunnels.

So far you get all the information that needs your budget the question is do you have the budget for this training?

There is also a hidden cost due the training is base on paid traffic, Solo Ads and email marketing this will cost you money by the away Aweber is the best email marketing service if you have the budget for SAN training.

However, if you think this too much for online training like I do you can checkup My Top Recommendation where all the training is base on finding a profitable niche, free traffic and how to build an authority website and plus you have 24/7 support, website builder and free Keyword tools ( Jaaxy)

Can Super Affiliate Network Make you Rich?

I have a different way to answer this question when someone asks me. Affiliate Marketing is Multi-Millionaire business and many people are building a passive income around it and escape the rat race.

Neil Patel has a net worth of $30 million all the money was generating through Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing.

The owner of SAN is youngest multi-millionaire he also builds his worth through Affiliate Marketing and I know plenty of people who build worth with this business model and I am  also following the path.

To answer the question yes you can be rich with Super Affiliate Marketing if you follow all the training and strategies that the training offers but it will cost you up to $12, 497 It is not low budget-friendly and most newbie can not afford it.

However, if you like the idea of Affiliate Marketing and Internet marketing but you can not afford the SAN training I will suggest to check up My Top Recommendation where all the training is focused on the free organic traffic, SEO and how to build an authority website this is very important for Affiliate Marketer and it will cost you 300 times less than Super Affiliate Network (SAN).

Super Affiliate Network Complaint

There is not suck things as a perfect company all of them has pros and cons but it is better you know what you are signing up for and know your deal Breakers.

So, let find out what is your deal-breaker in this Supper Affiliate Network Review

The Focus Only On Paid Traffic

As Affiliate Marketer you will need to be skill up and learn more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Building an Authority website and choosing a profitable niche for your business this will help you a lot in the long term run.

Plus when you start this journey you do not have enough budget to spend on Solo Ads and Email Marketing. Clearly, Super Affiliate Marketing is not for the newbie and people who are running in a tight budget.

Look Like A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is called stealing from Peter to pay Paul. The training is also base on promoting Super Affiliate Network (SAN) and recruit more people to join the program. The boring part is if you recruit someone and you have Basic Membership and someone joins to Pro Membership you ain’t getting any cut.

Therefore, if you are interested in building your business in absolutely in any niche without involving in recruiting people to join the system you can try My Top Recommendation. In fact, the Pyramid Scheme is illegal in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

High price and too much upselling

It might be very exciting to try out Super Affiliate Network (SAN) for only $1 for the 30 days trial the program already been designed for you to spend more than $12,497 in the training.

Do think is just coincidence to let you try a program for $1 and leave you alone?

They are making you taste the honey and you know what? You will stick there. Do not get me wrong the training is valuable and worth it but not for $12,497 in today technology.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the same training and you try it for free no credit card required and if will cost you $49 per month only if you decide to upgrade to a premium member and you can have up to 50 free websites in absolutely any niche, give it short you got nothing to lose.

Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is owned by Misha Wilson is a legit training platform and the has been in the business since 2015. Their training is super good but I do not like it because they are very focused on Solo Traffic and Email Marketing.

Those methods are costly and ineffective if you are running on a low budget.

How the hell did you leave out free organic traffic training and building an authority website Misha Wilson? Besides all of those, you will be hit up with upsell that will cost you a fortune.

However, if you have the budget you can go for the training and you will learn from the best but if your budget is too tight I would recommend you to start your training with Wealthy Affiliate there is no up sells or hidden cost and it free to learn up 10 lessons.

My Conclusion about Super Affiliate Network Review

Super Affiliate Network is a great platform to learn about Affiliate Marketing. The training has the professional videos and webinars are incredible good.

I also like it when the training is locked until you complete the quiz before you more to the next module. This will help the user to understand everything before starting a new module.

However, the price is insanely high in today technology online training are very affordable anyone can afford it but not with Super Affiliate Network (SAN) and the other things I do not like is their training is focused on Solo Ads, Email Marketing and promoting Super Affiliate Network which is looking to me like a pyramid scheme.

Solo Ads and Email Marketing will cost you money if you can not afford it your business is not going anyway.

As Affiliate Marketer you will have to know how to find a profitable niche, generating free traffic through SEO and be more involved in researching for low competition Keyword this will help you in the long run even if you do not have the budget for solo Ads and Email Marketing free organic traffic will help you a lot.


All of this you can only find it at Wealthy Affiliate their training is based on how to build an authority website that will help you generate money even if you are running on the low budget as an Affiliate Marketer you will need to know how to generate traffic.

As a newbie you are here to learn the business and be able to make a sales even if you are running on a low budget Wealthy Affiliate training will be the best choice to start  with your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Your Feedback Regarding My Super Affiliate Network Review and your Experience

Have you tried Super Affiliate Network (SAN)? Do you think Super Affiliate Network price is affordable? Do you have a success story with this program? Who is Misha Wilson do you? Please leave your comment below it will help someone to make an informed decision.

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