Is FusionCash a Scam? – (In-Depth Review + Pros and Cons)

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Is FusionCash a Scam? Is it a real site to earn cash by completing online surveys and doing some micro-tasks?

I will answer those questions in this FusionCash Review…

Yes, you are searching for FusionCash Review and you want to know how you can earn money with

Many people are looking for ways to earn money online. Unfortunately, not everyone has the right mindset and skills to use the internet to make decent money online.

Can FusionCash help you to make decent money online by completing those microtasks?

I have spent more than 48 hours analysing the FusionCash offer and reading other reviews on the internet and what people are saying about this platform.

In this FusionCash Review I will cover:

What is FusionCash all about

  • If FusionCash is worth it
  • If FusionCash is legit or a scam
  • The alternative to FusionCash
  • How to make money online with your laptop

Without wasting more time let’s dive right into this review…

FusionCash Review
  • EASE


FusionCash is get paid to (GPT) site that rewards it is users by completing online surveys and doing other micro-tasks online

Company name: FusionCash Inc


Owner: Unknown

Product/service: Marketing 

Cost: Free

Is FusionCash legit: YES

The Wealthy Academy Rating: 1.6/5.0

Do I recommend this? No

FusionCash does not have the potential to replace your primary income or help you to have financial freedom.

Therefore, if you want to make passive income online you can check out My Top Recommendation platform and learn how to earn affiliate commissions with your laptop and internet connection.

What is FusionCash all about?

FusionCash Homepage

FusionCash is another get paid to (GPT) site that rewards it is users by completing various activities on the site.

You can simply earn cash with FusionCash by:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Listing to radio
  • Completing tasks
  • Shopping online
  • and more

FusionCash is located in California and they have been in operation since 2005.

They have paid out more than $3 million dollars to it is users by the time of writing this FusionCash Review.

Therefore, if you are staying out of the USA and Canada hard-luck FusionCash is available only in those two countries.

But people from Canada do not get the same offers that the USA users get and you need to have a verified Paypal account to sign up with as a Canadian user.

You can also check out or they are available in almost every country and they offer the same programs

You can sign up with FusionCash by providing a valid email address.

Therefore, if you do not have a valid email address you can create one with Gmail, Yahoo or other free mail services.

Once your email is valid you can now create your free account with FusionCash and also create a password then you will receive an email to validate your account.

The good news about FusionCash is once your account is activated they will reward you with $5 as sign up bonus

How does FusionCash Works?

FusionCash is a platform that reward it is users with cash by completing various tasks in the user area. If you find any tasks that are boring or pay less you can shift to the other one.

This is how FussionCash Works.

You can register as a user for free and pick your favourite way of earning cash. FusionCash has paid surveys, paid videos, paid radio, paid to click, paid tasks, cashback shopping, paid to search, and more.

This is how those activities work:


Who does not like free things? If you are like me. I like to try products or services for free better yet FusionCash rewards people like me for trying new products or signing up for free trials.

It is how it works some programs like Netflix offer 30 days trial to try the program for that period.

Let’s say you find a program or service you like and signup for 30 days trial some will need you to provide your credit card information.

Once the 30 days is over you need to remember to cancel your membership otherwise you will be billed.

This can be tricky if you have signed up with many programs instead of earning money you will start losing money.

Paid Surveys

Completing a survey is another way to earn money with FusionCash. It is just a simple way to share your opinion on other products and services.

Some companies rely on your opinion to have a great customer satisfaction or to improve their services.

By completing surveys online you will get paid between $0.45 up to $2 depending on the length of the surveys some are 10 or 30 minutes long.


Shopping online using FusionCash can be a great way to earn cashback. I would not say this is a rewarding program because it involves spending your money.

You can use this only if you want to buy something so it won’t be your daily way to earn extra cash.

Refer friends and family

Referring people to join FusionCash can be a great way to earn a little more than other offers you find inside FusionCash.

Therefore you will need to refer FusionCash to a lot of people to earn a decent income.

You can earn $1 every time you successfully refer a friend, $2 when they complete their first offer, and $5 every time your referral cash out.

It sounds great right?

But how many people do you know who are looking for this opportunity 2, 5 or 10? If your answer is 2 or 5 you won’t replace your primary income with a FusionCash referral.

You need to refer a lot of people to FusionCash to earn decent money. If you are interested in FusionCash Referral Program.

I will advise you to learn some skills to do it the best ways. Even better you can look for great referral programs that pay a little more.

Therefore, if this sounds good you can sign up for My Free Affiliate Bootcamp and learn how you can earn affiliate commission by referring your audience to different products and services online.

If you master the training you can build a stream of income online with your laptop and internet connection.

Is FusionCash worth it?

Most of the Get Paid To or Online Surveys site does not pay much unless you know how to monetize with their referral programs.

Even though I will not recommend someone to waste their time by referring people to a site that pays less than a dollar.

For me, FusionCash is not worth it and they are better alternatives that you can focus on and start making passive income online.

All the surveys site does not pay much and they have some complaints which are low paying platform.

FusionCash is a very slow earning platform and it is not worth my time you can be better off if you spend time on platforms like as a freelance or learn how to earn an affiliate commission with Wealthy Affiliate.

FusionCash Complaints

You have read all the sweat parts about FusionCash. It is time to check out the other dark side of the platform this is when you will decide if it is worth joining

Surveys pay a penny

Most of the get paid to or paid survey to have a common complaint it is too hard to qualify for a survey and it takes up to 30 minutes to complete.

You can earn $0.5 to $2 depending on the length f the surveys. The waste parts you won’t qualify for every survey you find on your user area

Payment Threshold

It looks like it is hard to make decent money with FusionCash, guess what? To cash out you will need to reach the payment threshold of $25. and have the lowest payment threshold.

 This means if you have not reached out FusionCash payment threshold and you decide to leave the platform.

My friend you are leaving alone and the money remain with them. Therefore do not start this journey if you are not ready to commit otherwise your hard work will go to waste

Only one user per household

FusionCash allows one account per household this makes it even hard to refer people you are staying with you the same house.

Do not try to be smart your hard work and time will go in vain if they find out they are more than one account in your household.

The funnies complaint I found is that someone was denied payment because he was connected to a friend WIFI very strange.

We can be neighbours it does not mean we stay in the same house.

Is FusionCash a scam?

Calling FusionCash a scam will be to hash on them as we all know the behaviour of some people. Many people are looking for overnight success or a quick fix financial situation.

Therefore if the program does not meet their expectations they jump to conclusion that the program is a scam.

FusionCash has been in the operation for over a decade and you paid out over 3 million dollars to its users since their existence.

This show that FusionCash is not a scam is a legitimate platform to earn some cash online.

They might not meet many people’s expectations and they do not meet my expectation.

I will never recommend someone to sign up with FusionCash and I will never call it a scam either.

Is FusionCash real or fake?

FusionCash is a real site where you can earn money online by doing things that you always do daily. You can earn money by watching videos, listing to the radio and even searching on the internet.

You can also earn $5.0 as a signup bonus. FusionCash rewards users just by signing up with their website. If you still think FusionCash is fake.

I have to tell you the platform has been around for more than a decade and they have more than 1 million users and they have paid out over $3 million and they located in the USA, California

The Alternative to FusionCash

The are many online surveys website that can be available in your country and you can sign up for free and start earning a little bit of cash online.

Below is the best alternative to and some of them has a low payment threshold.

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per
Timebucks$2 to $4 per
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per

Whether you sign up with FusionCash or those sites the earning potential is very low.

It will take a while to make even $25 per month on those sites unless you learn how to maximise the referral programs.

The best alternative to those surveys sites or GPT sites is to learn how to make passive income up to 2,500 per month with your laptop and internet connection.

You can earn affiliate commissions by referring people’s products and services online.

Every company that sells products or services online has a referral program also known as affiliate programs.

Amazon referral program pays up to 10% in commission from every sale you make as an affiliate.

But you will need to learn how to reach your potential audience the right way and earn a lot of commission online.

If this sound very interesting you can check out My Top Recommendation Platform for the step by step training and you can sign up for free without providing your credit card information.

How to make money online

I am making money online with this website by reviewing other programs online in MMO (Make Money Online) niche.

I research sites like and show my audience the pros and cons of the program. Then refer my audience to other programs that pay much better without being biased.

If you are reading this FusionCash Review it means this method works and it can work for you If you Sign Up for My Free Affiliate Bootcamp Training and learn this method step by step.

I also have to tell you that you do not need to be in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche to make money. You can still make money online in any niche of your choice.

A niche can be a hobby or interest and you do not need to be an expert in the niche.

If you are interested in Health and Fitness you can sign up with different affiliate programs and start reviewing products and services in the Health and Fitness niches.

You can recommend to your audience some products and services that you trust and that will bring solutions to your audience.

That is not all my friend…

As you can look throughout this FusionCash review there are some display ads just by you reading this review or being on my website I am getting paid.

The more people I get on my website the more money I make.

You can see the estimate you can earn with Google Adsense by displaying ads on your website.

Google AdSense – Earn Money From Website Monetization

This is the best way to earn money online without taking surveys and you can also check out My Top Recommendation Platform for the step by step training.

Therefore, if you are not interested in everything I mentioned above. I know people who are visiting my website has different need and expectation.

You can also learn how to make money in the financial market and is the best platform to learn how to trade online in the forex market.

Is FusionCash a Scam – Final Verdict

FusionCash is a legitimate platform where you can sign up as a user and start earning cash online by completing surveys and other micro-tasks.

But you have to put in mind that Get Paid To (GPT) sites are very slow ways to earn cash online. It will take you some time to cash out.

If you are a fan of completing surveys it will take you more than 2 months to reach the payment threshold in this platform which is $25.

Therefore, if you think FusionCash is not for you or it is a waste of time then you can learn how to leverage the internet and make passive income with your laptop.

 FusionCash owners understood the importance of the internet and they are using it to make passive income by using your time.

You can also use the internet to your advantage and stop earning pennies online by checking My Top Recommendation platform for step by step training.

Your thought about FusionCash and your experience

Are you a member of FusionCash or you have been in the past please share your experience whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it is useful to my reader.

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