Wealthy Affiliate Case Study

I have Analyzed 10,000 Wealthy Affiliate Members Site: Here Is What I have found about their success

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I recently analyzed 10 thousand Wealthy Affiliate Members’ websites and read a thousand posts inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I also read some Wealthy Affiliate Case studies so I can answer these questions:

Why do some members are more successful than others? What is the cause of failure?

Does Wealthy Affiliate training really work?

I investigated and stalked a bit Wealthy Affiliate members who are teaching inside the platform (online – not physically obviously) and what strategy they use to get the result.

And in this Wealthy Affiliate Case Study, I’m going to share what I have discovered.

A Summary of My Most Interesting Findings Are As Follows:

1. Most successful members who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate have a clear mission in mind and they work hard to achieve their mission.

2. 70% of the members who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate are just checking the platform and most of them do not even fill up the profile.

3. Successful members guide their referral with a mini-course or a guide to understanding the affiliate marketing processes.

4. Members who quit so fast are scared of writing or do not know what to write about.

5. Some members start seeing results and consistent sales within a year. Heck, this is not a “get rich quick scheme”.

6. Most people who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate do not take any action they are worried about the membership fee. “You can not achieve anything if you do not invest in yourself”.

7. Members who are seeing fast results and make money within 3 months are very active on their website and they are publishing content almost every day. Examples of Jerry Huang and Roope Kiuttu.

8. 40% of members who upgrade to the premium membership give up within 3 months. This conclusion is based on my own referrals. This cannot be true for other members since we do not have the same skills.

9. Wealthy Affiliate training work. But it needs a lot of time and disciple to achieve your goals this is true for any making money online business.

10. Wealthy Affiliate members rank well on the search engine. This conclusion comes after analysing thousand of members’ posts in the MMO (Make Money Online) or AM (Affiliate Marketing) niche.

11. Members who choose different niches than the MMO or AM niche see fast results since the MMO niche is too competitive.

Successfully Wealthy Affiliate Members already have a mission to achieve

Wealthy Affiliate has more than 2.1 million members to see this number you have to check Kyle and Carson’s profiles.

Everyone who signs up as a member automatically follows them. But that does not mean all those people are active members.

I have reviewed 10 thousand Wealthy Affiliate members’ websites and read some posts.

I found out successful members have a mission and they commit to it to achieve results.

Roope Kiuttu worked as Taxi Driver, Grocery Store Cashier, Babysitter, Lawn Mover and Call Center Guy.

Roope Kiuttu
Roope Kiuttu – Wealthy Affiliate Member

He was tired of trading his time for money and decided to look for a way to make money online then he found Wealthy Affiliate.

He followed the process which is learning and implementing the skills that he learned inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Today Roope is travelling the world and he also create his own training program called Tube Journey To Freedom.

He also has a Youtube Channel that has close to 150 thousand subscribers by the time of writing this Wealthy Affiliate Case Study.

Roope Kiuttu mission was to quit the 9 to 5 job and stop trading his time for money.

He understood that being successful is a process and success does not come overnight.

Roope Kiuttu posts videos also every day on Youtube to increase traffic to his Affiliate Links.

Now It is making passive income and travails the world.

Jerry Huang is another successful member who convinced his parents to give him a chance to pursue his dream by not following Traditional Education.

Jerry Huang – Wealthy Affiliate Member

His focus was on Financial Education and Personal Development.

He withdrew from attending the National University of Singapore to pursue his dream.

He followed the Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training and took massive actions.

Jerry Huang achieved the 4-Figure passive income within 4 months.

Wealthy Affiliate Income Growth
Jerry Huang Income Growth

As I have said successful members have a mission and take massive action to achieve results.

You can check out Jerry Huang’s video for more explanations of his success and how he started.

Chris Myles is also knowns as Benjisdad. His mission was to replace his wife’s income.

Chirs Myles – Wealthy Affiliate Member

After his wife gave birth he decided that his wife should quit her job to become a stay at home mom and take care of their son.

Again his mission was accomplished through hard work and determination.

Today Chirs Myles is having an online training called the Blogger Evolution.

Key Takeaway: Successful people work for missions, not for money. If you work for money you will end up doing what you do not like just to pay the bills.

This is why many people have been stuck in the 9 to 5 job AKA the employment slavery because they are working for money, not for their dream (mission).

70% of the members who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate are just checking the platform

Most of the people who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate are just checking the platform.

Others are scared of the banner below and the countdown.

The Wealthy Affiliate starter membership is free for a lifetime. But you will receive the basic training.

I have noticed with my referrals they are scared of popup upgrade messages.

When I said 70% of members who sign up are just checking the platform.

This number is based on my referrals this can not be true for other members.

Some people sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and do not fill up their profiles.

In fact, they completely forget the platform after signing up.

I noticed most successfully members do not directly refer people to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate.

They give their referrals an option to sign up for a short training or download a guide to follow up on them.

I have also implemented the same strategy to collect emails using Getresponse.com and it helps me increase my sale.

But if you are a newbie and you do not get enough traffic to your website.

There is no need to collect emails until you reach maybe 100 visitors per day to your website.

Key Takeaway: No everyone who signs up with Wealthy Affiliate will upgrade to a premium membership on the first attempt.

For some of them, you need to follow up with them. Building an email list is very important.

Successful Wealthy Affiliate members guide their referrals

A lot of people who sign up with Wealthy Affiliate do not know what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works.

Even though Wealthy Affiliate has an actionable step by step training to follow some people need to be guided.

I have noticed a lot of successful members go the extra mile to help their referrals with a mini-course or e-book to show them how Affiliate Marketing works.

There are free tools like canva.com where you can design an e-book for your referrals and ask them to download it by giving out their emails to follow up with them.

The more you help your referrals the high chance of them upgrading to premium membership.

This applies to any product that you are promoting as an affiliate.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you need to add a lot of value to your referrals to increase your affiliate commissions.

Key Takeaway: Always help your referrals. Add value to your offers it will help you to increase sales.

Writing is a major problem for some members and it freaks them out

Those days of buying an email list from a marketplace like Udimi and start sending emails to increase traffic to your affiliate links are long gone.

Affiliate Marketing has changed drastically over the years.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you need to serve your audience by writing helpful content that drives traffic to your affiliate links.

Let’s look at the two scenarios to see how content marketing works.

Dorcas (name of person) got an unexpected email promotional for Keto Diet Plan and Lena (name of person) searched on Google for Keto Diet Plan.

Between the two people who are more likely to buy the Keto Diet Plan?

Of course, Lena is going to buy The Keto Diet Plan because is searching for it.

Dorcas is probably not going to buy it.

She just receive a spam promotional email for  Keto Diet Plan.

She probably received more of those emails since her email is on the date base of people who selling Diet Plan.

The chance of Dorcas buying the Keto Diet Plan is very slim.

Content marketing is very important.

You are writing content for your specific target audience and it is more profitable plus it drives free targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Eddy Salomon said the biggest issue he has noticed with newbies is they are terrified of writing.

Eddy Salomon
Eddy Salomon – Wealthy Affiliate Member

I also receive messages from my referrals telling me the same thing and they do not know what to write about.

I completely understand…

Almost everyone at Wealthy Affiliate felt the same way.

If you are reading this Wealthy Affiliate Case Study. I am sure you have pick up some grammatical errors.

I am French speak and English is not even my second language.

But that does not stop me from writing and pursue my dreams.

The truth is you do not need to be an expert in writing to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer.

Your first few articles won’t be that good.

But with time you will improve and be an expert.

Therefore, if you do not know what to write about you can also check out Answer The Public for endless Ideas.

The good thing about Answer The Public is they tell you what people are searching for on Google and other Search Engine.

Key Takeaway: Writing is a skill that you can improve in your journey. It does not need to be the main key to stop you from pursuing your dream.

Most Members start seeing results within a year.

As I said before I have checked many member websites and even stalked some of the successful members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Most of them start seeing results within a year unless you are very disciple and workaholic then you will see fast result.

They are also many facts that can delay your success a little bit.

As you know Wealthy Affiliate training is based on ranking your posts or articles on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Those search engines do not trust new websites.

A brand new website needs to be live for a long time and also publish quality content for search engines to trust your website.

Another thing that you have to understand is most members start as complete newbies to affiliate marketing.

They have to go to the stage of learning and they need to digest the process.

Then understand the business model and know what content to write for website rankings.

Therefore, if you accept to learn without worrying about your premium membership fee and also focus on your goals you will see results.

Key Takeaway: It takes time to start seeing results and you need to digest the process without worrying about your membership fee.

Most people who fail with Wealthy Affiliate do not take any action or Lack Patience

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people how to make money online with Affiliate marketing.

Once you sign up as a member you will need to fill up your goals and the time you are willing to invest to achieve your goals.

This is the most important step.

Unfortunately, some people do not take any action or work until they reach their goals.

Your goal without any action plan is just a dream.

Some members are worried about the membership fee.

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership cost $1.6 per day. Almost the same price for your daily tall Starbuck coffee.

This is the only main start-up cost to run a successful online business.

To build a successful business or reach your goal has some price which is learning and implementing what you are learning.

Most importantly you need to digest the process to reach your goal.

Unfortunately, some members lack patience and they want to see results now.

Rome was not built in one day.

Key Takeaway: A goal without any action plan is just a dream.

40% of members who upgrade to the premium members give up within 3 months

People are desperately for results without understanding the process to get the result.

Unfortunately, this business model needs initial work.

Some people claim Affiliate Marketing is dead.

As you see this feature snippets from Google.

Affiliate Marketing is here to stay.

It is probably dead from people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme or overnight success.

Therefore, if you commit to your goals and follow the training inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform you will achieve results.

But this might not happen within 3 months.

It all depends on your niche and the amount of work you put into your website.

For those who are in the MMO or AM niche. I have seen most of them making decent money within a year.

Key Takeaway: 3 months might not enough to see results. Focus on the process and commit to your goals.

Wealthy Affiliate training works

Wealthy Affiliate’s main objective is to teach it is members how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing by looking at the Lower Hanging Fruit Keywords.

What is a “low hanging fruit” keyword? It is a low competition keyword.

With a brand new website, it is more difficult to get ranked under the more competitive keywords.

You are much better off investing your time and energy in targeting low competition keywords.

The idea behind this approach is to get rankings, in volume, and to be able to do so with much more ease than trying to go after more competitive terms.

Let’s say you find a keyword that has less competition and that keyword receive 50 monthly traffic.

Yes, It is not enough traffic to make decent money.

But if you write 10 articles or posts per month on different Keywords that bring 50 traffic per month.

Your website will get 500 traffic within a month and if you continue with this approach your traffic will increase steadily.

The more traffic you get to your website the more money you make.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the tools like keyword research to find low hanging fruit keywords, Web builder, hosting and support to build a successful business online.

In short Wealthy Affiliate training work.

Key Takeaway: It is hard to rank a brand new website under the more competitive keywords. Always looking for low competitive keywords to see fast results.

Wealthy Affiliate members dominate the search result.

For the past year as a Wealthy Affiliate member. I have noticed in the MMO or AM niche some of the posts I found on the SERP (search engine results page) are from Wealthy Affiliate members.

That does not mean all the Wealthy Affiliate members are in the MMO or AM niche.

It is easy to notice because of their Affiliate Link than other members who are promoting healthy products and other affiliate programs. 

A quick search on google and the results speak.

Wealthy Affiliate Member rankings

I have done many searches before writing this Wealthy Affiliate Case Study as you can see another result here.

But someone can debate about this or say I have selected some keywords that rank them well.

You are free to do your own search on google as well.

All I have discovered is if you follow the training, use tools within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and commit to your goals.

Your website will rank well and get more traffic.

Key Takeaway: Members who follow the training and take action. Their website rank well on search engines

Avoid the MMO or AM niche for fast Result

The MMO or AM niche is very lucrative. But it is a very competitive niche and it will take you a while to see the result.

I have read many posts from Wealthy Affiliate members who were in MMO or AM niche after deciding to try a different niche they see fast results.

Amjad Judeh was promoting Wealthy Affiliate and other MMO productions.

His website had 218 blog posts and 300-400 unique visits per day and his income ranged between $2k-$4k per month.

Amjad Judeh – Wealthy Affiliate Member

Then he decided to try another niche and create a new website for that niche. With less than 10 visitors he already makes $134.80 in commissions.

You can read his post inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Thabo Khoza started as a complete newbie and follow the training that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Clever enough he did not go with the obvious niche.

His website is all about Vegan Diet.

Now he is making a consistently $5,000 per month as an Affiliate Marketer just by choosing a no MMO or AM niche.

I have seen many fast results from members who are choosing a low competitive niche.

Key Takeaway: As a newbie, you need to avoid the MMO or IM niche for fast results.

Wealthy Affiliate Case Study – Conclusion

Most of the Wealthy Affiliate members who succeed with Affiliate Marketing using the materials inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform have a clear mission than others who are just checking out the platform.

Those who failed can not blame the training. You got everything you need on the platform to start your online business.

The problem is some people who are starting the training are giving themselves a time frame to see results.

Therefore, if you are that person who already set a time frame to see results you are set to fail.

Success needs consistent work and a clear mission. In this online business, failure occurs when you give up.

Wealthy Affiliate training works and they are also too many successful members who are also teaching inside the platform.

Therefore, you will learn from people who have achieved results.

If you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you need to set your daily, weekly and monthly goals and commit to them.

Do not be afraid of the membership fee is only cost $1.6 per day.

Do not be afraid of writing…

Your first 10 posts or articles won’t be good with time you will expert.

Now It is time I have to talk to you.

What’s your #1 takeaway lesson from this case study? Or maybe you have a question about the Wealthy Affiliate.

Either way, leave a comment below right now.

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3 thoughts on “I have Analyzed 10,000 Wealthy Affiliate Members Site: Here Is What I have found about their success”

  1. Hi,

    I love Wealthy Affiliate because it is the perfect place for people who want to learn about online business.

    It’s like a one-stop shop for everything you need to know. The training is top-notch, and the community is so supportive. I’ve never felt so encouraged to keep pushing forward in my business.

    Plus, the tools and resources available are incredible. If you’re looking to start an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be!

    And I love reading the success stories!

    As you say, you need to write or create (eg video) in some way, and you need a mission.

    All the best with your mission!


  2. Hi Franck,

    Thanks for this detailed analysis of Wealthy Affiliate. I think online success belongs to those who didn’t give up when facing the first setbacks, like Roope and Jerry. They are good examples for people who like to make money online through affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate seems like an excellent platform to learn everything. I will take a look very soon.


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