Is John Crestani a Scam

(Is John Crestani a Scam) – 8 Things you should know about Him

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Is John Crestani a scam? You have probably seen many ads on Facebook and Youtube about john Crestani.

You are wondering what John Crestani is really teaching, can be trusted or whether John Crestani is a scam…

In this John Crestani Review, you will learn the most important things about him to decide if he is a scam or not.

I have spent more than 24 hours analysing John Crrestani’s materials and watching his videos on youtube so I can share my honest option on what is teaching and what I think about him.

In this John Crestani review I will cover:

  • Who is John Crestani and what exactly he is teaching
  • If John Crestani is a scam
  • If he can be trusted
  • If his student are getting results
  • The  Alternative to John Crestani training.

Without further ado let’s get started…

If you are in the hurry you can also watch this John Crestani Review below

1. Who is John Crestani? – An Affiliate Marketer Guru

John Crestani
John Crestani

John Crestani is an influencer in the affiliate marketing industry and a Youtube personality with over 500k subscribers.

John Crestani is also known as Super Affiliate with his long success of making $250 to $500 million per month in sales with the internet.

He decided to share what he has learned on the internet and created Internet Jetset 2015 where is teaching the basics of affiliate marketing.

In 2019 John Crestani rebrand the Internet Jetset to Super Affiliate System (SAS).

It is a step by step affiliate marketing course where John Cresteni is showing it is students how to make money online with affiliate marketing

John Crestani is 35 years old and he is from Santa Monica, California.

He was featured in Home Business Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo Finances, Business Insider and Inc Magazine as 28 years old got fired then built a $500k a month business while travelling the world.

John Crestani’s success did not happen overnight.

He was broke, got fired from his job, suspended from school for cheating and failed on the first business that was making him $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

It happen that John Crestani was selling products that were not approved by PayPal and his account was shut down.

What keep him motivated and pursue his dream as an entrepreneur is The 4 Hour Workweek book by Tim Ferris.

The book teaches about location-Freedom and Time Freedom in the internet business.

As you can see that John Crestani has achieved must success online and is willing to teach you what he has learned.

But the question still can john Cresteni be trusted? Is he legit or a scam? Stay tuned to find out more about John Crestani….

2. John Crestani Interview

There are many videos on Youtube about John Crestani. I find this John Crestani Interview with Tiffany from How To Entrepreneur very interesting.

You can watch it to learn how John Crestani started his online journey and make money with Affiliate Marketing

In this interview, they are talking about everything about Affiliate Marketing and how John Crestani starts $0 to $700,000 per month income.

There are a lot of interesting things you can learn from this internet view.

3. What Exactly does John Crestani teach?

John Crestani is teaching it is students how to make money online by promoting other people’s products and services.

This business model has made him more fortune. John Crestani is making $250 to $500 million per month with Affiliate marketing.

As you can see the life that is living…

John Crestani Live
John Crestani Live

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online from anywhere in the world. The Affiliate Marketing processes look very easy.

Affiliate Marketing Process
Affiliate Marketing Process

But the hard part is to get results that is why John Crestani has launched it is training called Super Affiliate System to teach you to right steps to make money online.

This is a 6-week training course where you will learn everything about Affiliate Marketing.

This is what you will learn in 6 weeks

  • Week one: How to get everything set up
  • Week two: Niche research, mindset, intent, and networks
  • Week three: Copywriting skills
  • Week four: Good Facebook ads
  • Week five: Native ads and YouTube
  • Week six: Scaling and automation
  • Week seven: Bing, Taboola ads and LinkedIn

You can also watch the video below to get familiar with his method of teaching.

4. Super Affiliate System Review.

I have reviewed the Super Affiliate System in more detail you can check it out to see if it is good training for you not and if you can afford it.

The Super Affiliate System is premium training where john Crestani is teaching it is students how to make money online with Affiliate marketing.

What you have to know as an Affiliate Marketer is you are working to drive traffic to people’s websites (merchant) or online offers through affiliate links.

Affiliate Link
Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is your ID where the merchant or vendor will track all your sales. 

As an affiliate marketer, you rely 100% on traffic and without traffic, you do not have a business.

Think about traffic as people who are visiting your store. Affiliate Marketing can be done with free traffic or paid traffic.

Free traffic

This is about ranking your website in search engines. You will need to learn more about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

This method needs time and works to see results.

It is very lucrative if you master SEO and it can help you make passive income without spending any money on ads.

Therefore, if it does not work of course you will waste time not money.

This is the best method I recommend to my audience. It helps you build a relationship and trust. If your audience trusts you.

They will definitively buy whatever product you recommend to them.

Paid Traffic

This is about placing your ads on Google, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. As you can read Paid traffic.

It is not free it involves spending money on Google and other platforms to put your offer in front of your potential audience.

This is the fast way to get traffic to your offers ( affiliate link). But If your offer does not convert well it will affect your ROI (Return On Investment).

The Super Affiliate System’s entire training is based on teaching it is students how to drive traffic with paid traffic.

The drawback is John Crestani’s system is to convert his student to promote his course.

If you purchase the training you are more likely to promote his course which is in the MMO (Make Money Online) niche.

This is a very competitive niche.

If your passion is about beauty, fitness and other niches the training work can still help you but you will struggle a lot to start a campaign that works.

5. Does John Crestani Student get results?

At first glance, it appears that John Crestani’s students are making money with what he is teaching.

But when you look closely at the testimonial that John Crestani is showing on his webinar.

Those testimonials are old mostly from 2016 which I consider meaningless since Affiliate Marketing has changed drastically over the years.

Gone are the days when affiliate marketers could simply rely on Facebook ads and email blasts to promote their products.

These days, it is all about creating content that is interesting and engaging, and that will encourage people to click through and purchase the product.

It is also important to remember that people are much more likely to trust recommendations from people they know and trust.

So it is important to build relationships with your audience in your niche.

That is why I prefer free traffic it involves writing content and making Youtube videos to build a relationship with my audience although it takes time to see results.

But it works if you dedicated your time and energy to creating quality content.

Therefore, if you want to learn step by step how to start your affiliate marketing business with free traffic.

You can check out My Top Recommendation platform which teaches how to build a niche website from scratch.

Overall, affiliate marketing has changed drastically, and it is now a much more complex and sophisticated process than it was in the past.

That is why I said most of the testimonials you find on John Crestani webinars are old and find them meaningless.

It is a bit hard to find decent results from John Crestani students and if you find one or two they are probably promoting the course that pays $460 per sale

6. Can John Crestani be trusted?

John Crestani is an online entrepreneur who has achieved results in the online world.

Whether John Crestani can be trusted or not is up to you to decide and analyse some of the red flags that can be your deal-breaker.

The first red flag is John Crestani is using a marketing gimmick to increase sales.

When you are about to purchase his training you will have this huge discount of $3,988.00 as you can see in the screenshot below:

Super Affiliate Discount

This is just a marketing gimmick to make quick bucks. The training is always sold for $997.00.

Again in this video below. John Crestani is making a sound that making money online is very easy.

I start to believe that is trying to make affiliate marketing a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

To be honest affiliate marketing is not easy as John Crestani make it sound even if you try to sell your product to your friends and family you won’t make a quick sale.

I will also advise you to not consider your friends and family as your potential customer that is why network marketing end good relationships.

Imagine you send your affiliate link to your friends and family that claim you can make $10,000 per month and once they spend the last money $997.

After they also realize the need to spend more money on ads to make money.

What will be their reactions throughout you? Is it not a quick way to end a relationship?

To succeed in this business model you need to be honest and build trust with your audience…

John Crestani also claims that his training can take a completing beginner to make $5,000+ over 6 weeks or less.

This is a very bold claim. As a newbie, you have to digest the process of learning and understand the business model.

I have been online for a while most people who are serious about Affiliate Marketing start seeing results within 6 months and make decent money over a year.

As a newbie in Affiliate Marketing, it is easy to fall for this claim and when you do not see results you will end up calling John Crestani a scam.

That is why most people think the Super Affiliate System is a scam.

Therefore, John Crestani can not be trusted and he is making affiliate marketing look like a Get Rich Quick Scheme business model.

7. Is John Crestani a Scam?

I would not go that far and called John Crestani a scam for the simple reason you will get all the staff he promised to get in the training.

Some of his students are getting results from what he teaches even though the training is a bit outdated.

I will also say that his training was more effective from 2015 up to 2019. Affiliate Marketing has drastically over the years.

To get results and make decent money you will need to follow the new trend and mostly create content that is engaging and useful to your target audience.

You will need to focus on building a relationship and trust with your target audience.

 That is why I recommend my reader to do affiliate marketing through SEO it brings free traffic and you connect with your target audience.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to build a niche website and make money online with Affiliate marketing SEO.

You can check out My Top Recommendation platform for the step by step training.

8. John Crestani’s pros and cons


John Crestani Mindset: As you can tell that John Crestani’s success did not happen in linear form.

He got fired, expelled from school and failed on his first business but he keeps pushing until reaches his goals of being an entrepreneur and travelling the world.

If you want to succeed in any part of your life you will need to build your mindset and never give up on your dream.

Details training: The Super Affiliate System is very details training and does not need any experience starting the training.

Therefore you will learn from an expert affiliate marketer who has made a lot of money online and still making money with affiliate marketing.

The business model: Affiliate Marketing is a very good business model to generate passive income from anywhere in the world.

It is risk-free and does not involve buying stocks and you do not have to deal with any inventory.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection to start driving traffic to your affiliate links. You can live a laptop lifestyle and work from anywhere in the world.


Focus on selling his products: The main focus of John Crestani’s training is to transform his student into salespersons by selling the super Affiliate System.

All the funnels and the email swape are set to promote his training.

Therefore if you have a passion for fitness, beauty and sport or anything I rather recommend you to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build your niche website and make money online.

Outdated training: John Cretani’s training is a bit outdated which is why most of his student results shown in the webinar are from 2017.

I search on the internet I hardly find decent results from it is students.

Affiliate Marketing nowadays is more than setting up a Facebook campaign. You need to connect with your target audience to make your business profitable.

Marketing Gimmicks: John Crestani’s ads and sale page are full of marketing gimmicks.

It makes affiliate marketing looks like a Get Rich Quick Scheme and attracts the wrong people in the business.

Affiliate Marketing need time and work to make it successful.

Is John Crestani a Scam – Final Verdict

John Crestani is a very successful entrepreneur and super affiliate who has built a workforce of people selling his training.

When you watch his videos on youtube is about promoting his training on WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms.

Even if you purchase his training you will end up promoting his training.

All the funnels and strategies are done to promote Super Affiliate System (SAS).

Yes, you can get a lot of value on his training but you have to put in mind throwing money on ads might not be the best idea as a newbie and it can be very costly.

The best way to make money with Affiliate marketing is through SEO and even if it does not work you can only waste your time not money.

If you want to get your feet wet and learn how affiliate marketing work you can sign up for My Free 7 Day Affiliate Bootcamp to learn how affiliate marketing works.

Now is to time for me to talk to you. Do you think John Crestani can be trusted?

Can you really buy his training? Tell me what you think in the comment below.

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