Mr. D Food Driver Review [2021] – Is Becoming Mr. D Food Driver Worth it?

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This is my complete review of the most popular food delivery service in South Africa, Mr D Food also known as Mr Delivery

In this Mr D Food driver review I will cover:

  • How does Mr D Food work?
  • How to earn with Mr D Food as a driver
  • If it is worth it to become Mr D Food driver
  • Other alternatives to make money in South Africa.

So without further ado, let’s get started.



If you are a customer this Mr D Food Driver review is not for you. Go ahead and place your order and enjoy your meal.

This Mr D Food Driver review is for people who want to become Mr D Food Driver (driver-partner) or for someone who wants to make some extra income.

Mr D Food Delivery Review
  • EASY


Mr D Food is also known as Mr Delivery is an online platform that connects hungry folks to the restaurants’ menu and restaurants to the delivery drivers.

As a driver-partner, you can make R10 -R15 per trip as a Mr D Food employee. But if you sign up as a contractor you can make R25 per trip weekday and R30 per trip weekend. 

After expenses, Mr D Food Driver makes R4000 to 6000 per month.

Heck! You need to work long hours to achieve that amount. This is another race rat and I will not recommend anyone to work with Mr D Food as a full-time job.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to start your online business and make passive income with a laptop and internet connection.

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Mr D Food and  Uber use some strategy to make money without owning any restaurant or car yet they are making billions in revenue.


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What is Mr D Food and how it works?

Mr D Food is also known as Mr Delivery is an online platform that connects hungry folks to the restaurants\’ menu and restaurants to the delivery drivers.

Mr D Food is an online restaurant marketplace and they are working as a middleman with great technology to get your best meal right with your phone and increase restaurants order and revenue.

Mr D Food was around since 1992 as Mr Delivery when ordering was done over the phone from printed menus on your fridge at home.

In 2014 bought it and in 2016 Mr D Food launch their first app and become South Africa’s leading online food delivery.

This is how Mr D Food works as a customer you have to download the Mr D Food app on Google Play or the App Store.

Once you have the app you have access to different restaurants menus and you can place an order and the restaurant will receive your order on Mr D Food machine (I don’t know what they call it).

The restaurant has a set of times to prepare the food. Once the order is ready a driver near the restaurant will receive the request to come and collect the order through their phone.

The driver can collect the order from the restaurant and delivery it to the customer.

Every time a customer place an order they will be charged an R35.00 delivery fee and Mr D Food change restaurants 22% commission per order requested from Mr D Food app.

How to become Mr D Food driver?

You can visit Mr D Food webpage and click become a driver-partner. You have to fill up a sign-up form and one of their consultants will contact you to finalize the registration.

You have to meet their requirements

  • Own smartphone required with android V6 or higher for the delivery app & GPS
  • Your own scooter, motorbike, or light vehicle
  • ID or Password
  • Valid Drivers Licence
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Bank details
  • Vehicle Registration form
  • Clear criminal record

If Non-South African, please bring

  • National/International drivers license
  • Valid passport
  • Work permit/ Asylum

Once your application is successful you will need to go to training and show you how the Mr D Food app works and after the training you are ready to start earning.

How to earn with Mr D Food as Driver?

Every time you collect an order at the restaurant and deliver it to the customer you will earn R25 per trip and other drivers earn R10 per trip.

I will explain this just now!

Mr D Food has employed drivers and contractor drivers as known as a driver-partner:

  • Mr D Food driver

If you sign up as Mr D Food employee you will get a scooter/bike and petrol for the company and they will pay you R10 per trip.

You will need to make 20 trips to make R200 this is not an easy task and it is hard to receive 20 trips per day maybe on the weekend.

  • Mr D Food driver-partner.

If you sign up as Mr D Food driver-partner you need to have your own scooter/bike and pay for your own petrol and they will pay you R25 per trip.

If you make 2o trips it is R500 removing all your expenses you can take home plus-minus R300

To make 20 trips per day you will need to work from 7 am to 10 pm this is not flexible hours as they are advertised on their website.

If you want a flexible hours job you check out My Top Recommendation steps and learn how you can make passive income using your laptop and internet connection.

Otherwise, you can also sign up with and to complete online surveys and make some pocket money.

How much can you earn with Mr D Food?

To earn with Mr D Food depend on many factors. It is not like Uber Eat where you can work anywhere in town or other cities.

Mr D has some branches if you are from Sandton you can not work or receive a request from Bryanston.

Your earnings depend on the demand, what time you go online and how active you are.

I know Mr D Food claims to earn extra income working flexible hours it is never flexible hours if you want to make decent money.

Some drivers work from 7 am to 10 pm to make a decent income.

According to some Mr D Food driver reviews that I find on the internet drivers are making R4000 per month with my experience working as an Uber Eat delivery driver.

You will expect to make $5ooo to $6ooo per month after all the expenses. You also need to put in mind that you need to work long hours to achieve this result.

 Is Mr D Food worth it? AKA Mr Delivery

After analyzing the opportunity and how much time you put in and what a driver spends to deliver with Mr D Food I do not think Mr D Food is worth anyone\’s time.

This is just another rat race while the owner is making passive income just by using their app.

Mr D Food charges R35 from the customer as a delivery fee and a 22% commission from the restaurant.

This means if the customer orders food worth R300 Mr D Food will get a 22% commission which is R66.

But what drivers get after long hours of work Mr D Food is not worth it and I will advise you to stay away from Mr D Food and look for a proper job with flexible hours of work.

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Mr D Food Pros and Cons


  • You are your own boss

The good thing about Mr D Food is you can schedule your hour to work. If you can also decide to work full-time or part-time no one will ask you any questions.

You are your own boss.

  • Earn Some Extra Income

Although I am not a fan of this method of earning. But you can make some extra income working with Mr D Food and always do it as a part-time job.

Do not quit your job to do this full time is It is a big mistake.


  • Pick up Experience

Although you have set up a fare of R10 per order for Mr D Food employed driver and R25 per order for driver-partner.

But the pick-up experience is not good sometimes you can get a request to pick up to 3 to 5 km and you are not going to get paid for it.

  • Long working hours 

To make decent money with Mr D Food you need to work long hours like I said before some drivers work from 7 am to 10 pm this is not flexible hours as advertised on the website.

  • No Fix Salary

Your earnings with Mr D Food depend on the demand and how active you are. If the demand is low are screwed. No one can control this! You will always have to work under pressure to have money to pay your bills

Alternative to Mr D Food

The alternative to Mr D Food is to join Uber Eats as a driver but the outcome of working as a delivery driver is almost the same.

Those companies are in the business of using people and make passive income while watching you sweating your butt.

If you decide to join Mr D Food you can also sign up with this online survey website below and complete surveys whenever you are not delivering and make some pocket money.

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per
Timebucks$2 to $4 per
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per

The best alternative is to start your online business this does need any capital but you need some tools like an internet connection and laptop.

Think about this Mr D Food is the middleman between customers and restaurants for that they make a 22% commission per order just by bringing customers to restaurants.

You can also become a middleman with Amazon by referring customers to their products and earn 4 to 10% commission for every product they purchase.

Let say you decide to promote gym equipment


For every sale you make can pay you 4 to 10% commission. Imagine you can 100 items per month you can around $1,000 to $1,690 per month which is around $14,500 to R24, 500 per month.

It is very possible to make even more.

You are promoting those products around the world with your laptop and internet connection. This method of earning commission online is called Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to know how it was you can check My Top recommendation platform and learn how to start your online business without owning any product.

You can also build a stream of income by following the 4 steps to make money online with your laptop and internet.

This involves a bit of research and writing content that people are looking for on the internet.

Mr D Food Driver Review – My Final Verdict

Some companies promote their opportunity very high. But when you look very closely it’s just a trap to use people and make a fortune by using other people\’s resources.

After reviewing Mr D Food and what drivers are earning I will not recommend this way of earning to anyone.

If it is what you can do for now go for it and always look for others sources of income.

But if you want to work from home full-time or part-time I will strongly recommend checking out My Top recommendation platform and start your online business without owning any product.

Your Mr D Food Driver Review as driver and experience

Are you a Mr D Food driver partner or you have been in the past? Please share your own experience whether good or bad it does not matter as long as is useful to the reader.

Thank you for your support…




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