M4Jam Review – Make Some Extra Income In South Africa

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Welcome to the M4Jam review. I have spent more than 12 hours review m4jam.com and their application and how people are making money with M4Jam (Money for Jam).

I have seen many questions pop up on the internet. Is M4jam legit or a scam? Is M4Jam worth it or a waste of time?

All of those questions I am going to answer in this M4Jam review.

The fact is that people are more concerned about the legitimacy of M4Jam and how people make money with this app.

I will explain everything that you need to know and at the end of this M4Jam Review, you will decide if M4Jam is what you are looking for or not.

Most of you who are reading this M4Jam Review is looking for a way to make money online or make some extra income full time or part-time.

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M4Jam Review
  • EASY


M4Jam is a micro-jobbing platform that offers a lot of opportunities to South Africans to earn some extra income by complete some micro-tasks through their mobile device anywhere, anytime.

You can sign up for free and start completing some micro-job. But do not expect to make a lot of money with M4Jam or quit your job.

Is M4Jam legit? Yes, It is a legit opportunity to make some extra cash. But it might not be worth it if you are looking for a way to make a lot of money or quit your job.

Some jobbers complained about the account being blocked and some jobs being rejected after submission. 

Therefore, if you want to make a lot of money online and you are willing to commit to long term success or quit your 8 to 5 job.

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What Is M4Jam


M4Jam is a micro-jobbing platform that offers a lot of opportunities to South Africans to earn some extra income by complete some micro-tasks through their mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Georgina Midgley is the co-founder and CEO of M4fam. The company was registered with the CIPC in 2003 but they start operating in 2014.

How To Earn Money M4Jam?

To earn money with M4jam you need to be 18 years or older to be legible to register as a jobber. Then you have to download the M4jam app on Google Play Store or App Store.

Once you have download the app you will need to register as a jobber by providing your cellphone number and create your password and put this Promo code: KELMOL.AF.

Then you are ready to start completing some micro jobs and earn cash with M4jam. You can find batches of jobs to complete and earn some cash.

You can also invite your friends, colleagues, families to download the app and earn a 5% commission every time they complete the job successfully.

How Does M4jam Work?

M4Jam is a platform that offers South Africans some micro-tasks to complete with their phones and earn some extra cash anytime you complete some tasks that find the M4Jam app.

Once you log in you will find some tasks that you will need to do those tasks can be anything like:

  • Data Gathering
  • Research
  • Brand Engagement
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Point of Interest Validation
  • And more

All those tasks you find on the M4Jam will take you less than 10 minutes to complete and you can earn R15 to R60 per task.

For some tasks, you will need to visit a construction site or Pazza shop and take some pictures and upload them in the app and get paid.

But you will need to follow all the instructions carefully otherwise your job will be rejected and you need to redo it again it will be waste of time and money for transport fare and sometimes you won\’t get paid.

If you are disgust by the fact that your job might be rejected and you won\’t get paid you can sign up with Surveytime.io or Timebucks.com and complete surveys without leaving your place.

But do not expect to get rich with those sites. You can also download My Free Making Money Guide that will help you to understand the process of making money online

Is M4Jam Legit or a scam?

M4jam is a legit company that developed an application that everyone in South Africa can have access to and do some micro jobs to earn some extra cash.

The company have been registered with the CIPC in 2013 and start operating in 2014.

Many people have earned real cash with M4jam and their app has been downloaded by more than 50, 0000 people in South Africa and those people are earning money with their phones by completing some micro-jobs.

They are also few M4Jam complaints on the internet especially on Hellopeter.com some people are complaining about the job being rejected after complete it and some account being blocked.


On the M4Jam FAQ, they have explained why some account has been blocked and some job being rejected.

You need to follow all the instructions before you submit your job and if you are trying to check the system your account will be blocked.

Therefore, M4jam is not a scam. It is a very legit company that has been in business for more than 7 years.

You can simply get the money that you have earned on the platform via Shoprite or EFT.

Is M4Jam worth it?

Whether M4jam is worth it or not. All you need to know before you download the app you cannot rely on M4jam to pay your bills or quit your job and start competing with those micro-jobs to make a living.

M4jam does not pay much. This can be more interesting and worth it for a student who needs some pocket money or maybe a transport fare.

You can also sign up with Surveytine.io or Timebucks.com and complete surveys online or do some micro jobs and earn few bucks.

If you are someone like me with a lot of responsibility and you are looking for a way to make decent money to add to primary income or replace your primary income M4jam is not what you are looking and it can be a waste of time.

You can also check out My Top recommendation on how to build passive income full time or part-time from the comfort of your home with your laptop and internet connection.

Pros and cons of M4Jam


  • Passive Income

With M4jam you can make passive income just by inviting people to join the platform and every time someone joins and do the job you will earn 5% of whatever they are earning.

Let say I invite you and you use my promotion code: KELMOL.AF whenever you complete a job worth R30 I will earn R1.5.

If you have a lot of people you can make decent money. You can download the app by click here and support my blog by using a promo code.

This will help me to maintain my website and I can always provide people with quality content that help to make informed decisions.

  • Remote Job

The other thing I like about M4jam is you can do the job remotely which means in your free time and make few bucks. Just pick up your tasks on the app follow the instruction, complete the job and you get paid.


  • Slow earning Platform

M4jam is very similar to all the micro job apps and sites I have reviewed. It is just a slow earning platform that you cannot rely on it to pay your bills.

If you want to make decent money full time or part-time you can check out My Top Recommendation training and learn step by step how to build passive income with the internet.

  • Poor Support

I have seen a lot of complaints on Hellopeter.com. Many jobbers are complaining about their accounts being blocked and jobs rejecting without any communication from the support.

Jobbers are complaining about the lack of support and whenever jobbers try to reach out to M4jam support there is no response

Best Alternative to M4Jam

For me, M4jam is not something new. I have been online for a long time have seen apps and sites like M4jam.

There are hundreds or thousands of micro job sites on the internet. Below are other sites that you can sign up for whenever you do not job on M4jam or you do not want to go out and complete some tasks that you find in M4jam.

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per hoursSurveytime.io
Timebucks$2 to $4 per hoursTimebucks.com
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per Hoursysense.com
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per hoursSwagbucks.com
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per hoursPaidviewpoint.com

Again do not expect to be rich or make a lot of money with those sites. The combination of those sites will help you make decent money.

If you are serious about making a lot of money online or quit your 8 to 5 job and work from home. You can check out My Top Recommendation way to make passive income online.

Heck! I am not promoting a get rich quick scheme or overnight success. You can need to put in some work and be consistent in what you do.

Is M4Jam legit and worth it: Final Verdict

M4jam is very legit but it might not be worth it to many people who are looking for serious income or something to replace their primary income.

If you are a student and you need some pocket money or some extra cash go for it and download the app on Google Play Store and App Store.

You can use this Promo Code: KELMOL.AF during the registration to get more benefits. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more tips and training about how to make extra income.

Therefore, if you need a lot of money and you are willing to put the time in the long time success and reach your goal whether is quitting your job or working from home.

You can check out My Top Recommendation way to build passive income with a laptop and internet connection.

Is M4Jam legit? Is M4Jam Worth It? Your comment.

If you have used M4jam before or you are a jobber with M4jam please leave your comment whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help the reader to make an informed decision.

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