Is Ask Wonder Legit and Worth It? Best Alternative To

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Is Ask wonder legit? Is Ask Wonder worth it? After reviewing I have seen those two questions pop up all the time on the internet.

I do understand why people are asking those questions the internet have full of scams.

That not all.

You can also find some sites that will waste time by paying a penny to complete some micro-jobs.

For me, it is very important to know the legitimacy and the worthiness of the company or a site before you jump in.

After spending time explaining what is Ask Wonder also known as wonder research and how it works.

I have decided to write a full article and explain if ask wonder is legit and worth it.

In this article, you will know if Ask wonder is legit and if it is what you are looking for or you have to stay away from it.

If those are your main concern before you jump in. Then you have come to the right

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Ask Wonder (Wonder Research) Description

\"Is is a global community with more than 6000 researchers from every corner of the world.

As a Research Analyst at Ask Wonder, you will be doing research for companies and individuals and get paid for your time.

They are many companies and individuals that want answers on certain fields instead of wasting looking for candidates and interview them.

They will contact Ask Wonder (Wonder Research) to assign a qualified person to work on their research.

Below is sample of some questions that wonder research analysts as work on:

  • “What percentage of people whip out their phones to check social media while they\’re waiting in line?”
  • “What is the global market size of the non-traditional human-machine interface industry?”
  • “How many pints of Guinness are consumed on St. Patrick\’s Day in New York City?”
  • “Please provide a list of marketing/advertising companies dedicated to the cannabis industry.”
  • “Please share a list of pharmaceutical patents expiring within the next five years.”

By the way ask wonder (wonder Research) was found in 2015 and it is USA company located outside New York.

They called themselves your personal research assistant. Companies and individuals always contact Wonder Research to help them with some researches.

Wonder Research Analyst Earnings

As Research Analyst at, you can earn $8 to $35 per research. All depend on how difficult the question is and how much time you need to spend on the research and the data that you need to provide.

You can also be selected to be on the review team and earn $1.0 per research that you review.

All the Research Analysts need to submit their research for review before hand over to the Ask Wonder Clients.

Some of those experience Research Analyst earn $35 per hour. The good thing about ask wonder you do not need to reach a minimum payout.

You will get your money every two weeks via PayPal.

Is Ask Wonder Legit?

Yes, Ask Wonder is very legit site and they have been in the business since 2015 and they have more than 6000 Researchers.

Ask Wonder have worked with big companies like KPMG, Bloomberg BETA, CITI Ventures and more.

If you become a Research Analysts at you will need to expect to get your money every two weeks via PayPal.

But you have to put in mind that Ask Wonder (Wonder Research) does not accept anyone to be part of their team.

Wonder Research is not like those survey sites where you need to provide the basic information about yourself and you are ready to answer survey and make money.

With Wonder Research it become more serious, you will need to do a trial research. This is the process of testing your research and your writing skills.

If your application is being accepted you have to do some sort of training and learn some of their guideline before you start taking research for their clients.

But if you application is declined there is no reason to call them a scam.

Ask Wonder is very legit site.

It is just that you did not meet their requirements you can try or and complete survey for money.

Is Ask Wonder worth it?

This is question is a bit challenging to answer. But it all depends on what you are looking for.

If you want to make some extra cash or beer money you can sign up with and you can earn $8 to $35 per research.

If you gain some experience you can make $35 per hours.

You can even make $1 per every research you review if you are selected to be part of the Review Team.

As Research Analyst at, you will be involved in researching and writing for me you can be better off with Wonder Research if you can start your own blog.

You can start writing content that can be found on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As blogger you can build a steam of income online.

Being a blogger it also involve researching and writing instead of working for Wonder Research you can work yourself.

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Pros and cons of Ask Wonder

Every company has it is pros and cons. People have a different expectation and need you can not find a company that does not have negative reviews from their members or customers


  • Learn, work, and earn
  • Remote position, work at your own hours


  • Low Earnings
  • Unable to join the research team if you are staying in New York, California, and Massachusetts

Best Alternative to Ask Wonder

As Research Analyst at you have to submit your research for a review and wait for feedback if your research is being accepted or not.

Some Wonder Research Analyst I have complained that Review Team I have rejected the research without giving a reason to improve it.

It will be very challenging to improve your research without knowing what you did wrong.

Instead of dealing with all of those rejection and low rate you can be a blogger and make passive income online.

If you look at all the research result on Google, Bing and Yahoo people have write all those informations.

When you do your research all those answers you find on those search engine come from people like me who have the website.

The prove you are reading this article and I am answering if Ask wonder is legit and worth it. I am sure you are happy to read my article and the answer that you get here.

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Is Ask Wonder legit and worth it: My Conclusion

Ask wonder or wonder research is a very legit company from the USA they pay their members called Wonder Research Analysts every two weeks by doing research for their clients.

Wonder Research works with big company like KMPG, Bloomberg BETA, CITI Venture and more.

Is Ask Wonder worth it?

All depend on what you are looking for.

Either way I am will not recommend anyone to sign up with

I do believe if you can do your own research and write quality content this will help you to build a stream of income online.

All you need is to find what people are looking for on the internet and write quality content that can read on google and you can monetize your content with display and affiliate marketing.

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Is Ask Wonder legit? Is Ask Wonder Worth It? Your comment.

If you have used before or you are a Wonder Research Analyst please leave your comment whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it will help the reader to make an informed decision.

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