Ask Wonder Review – Make Money Doing Research Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to my unbiased Review.

I have spent more than 50+ hours reviewing Wonder Research website and how people get paid so I can give my audience an honest Review if they want to know:

  • How Works?
  • If Wonder Research ( Can Help You Make Money Online and Have Flexible Life with Your Friends and Family
  • If Is Legit?
  • How Much Can You Make Per Research?

Then you have come to the right place.

The internet have a lot of opportunities for everyone. But you need to find the right opportunity and the right system that can be a life-changing one.

Some people make money on the internet by viewing 30 seconds advertisement. I make money by doing research and answering a popular question that people are looking on the internet.

Pretty much like service right? Am I Wonder Research Analyst? Nope, and you will be probably better off without them.

All depend if you want to Make Money Now vs Make Money Late.

You will need to read this Review  until the very end to understand what I mean from that.

What is (Wonder Research) is a global research network company that helps individual or small to a medium-sized team who need a very detail and quick answer on the topic that they are interested to learn more about.

They called themselves “your personal research assistant“. Wonder Research ( is also a global online community for smart people who get paid by doing research ( answering question).

They called their member as “Wonder Research Analyst”. The company is based in New York and they have been in the business since 2015.

But it does not matter where you are in the world you can join them and start doing research and make money online.

How does Work?

People who need some answers on certain topics that are interested to learn. It can be anything mostly is business, technology, marketing or product recommendation.

They will contact to find people like you to conduct some research on those topics and get paid for your time.

Below is sample for topic people do research on:

“Please build me a list of the biggest biotech companies (5-10) focused on pain management and a list of recent M&A deals of pain companies?”

“How many people who earn $150,000/yr or more want to buy a house but cannot because they do not have enough money to pay a down payment?”

“What are the top 10 best in class subscription personalization experiences?”

“Who are some prominent researchers in the mobile (iOS/Android/BB/Windows) hacking scene? what special achievements have they accomplished and where do they currently work?”

“Need help with an itinerary for 3 days in Berlin.”

You do not have any schedule you will work on your own time. But you can not save your work and do it late.

You will need to complete it on one sit and you can not request many projects at once.

Why you should Not join

I have spent 50+ hours going through the Wonder Research ( website, reading other people reviews and complaints.

I can not in good conscience recommend anyone sign up with

The amount of time and work you put in to organize your research and what you get paid for it entirely not worth it.

You also have to put in mind that if your answer does not meet Wonder Research Guideline your answer will be rejected and you won’t get any cent.

If you want to make money doing research and writing. I will advise you starting a blog and Wealthy Affiliate can teach step by step how to start a successful blog and make money online.

You are reading this Review because I did some research and write this piece of content that answer questions that people are looking for on the internet.

But from start, you will need a little bit time to see money come in and what you earn per day is way too much then what you will earn from Wonder Research.

The question might be how do you make money? You can look around this post you will find display ads. That how I monetize with my blog.

You can also find affiliate links on this post. Once someone by any product through my affiliate link. I will get a commission without any extra cost to the buyer.

If you are here it means Wealthy Affiliate training works. I have seen people making 6 to 7 figure online as a blogger.

It is very impossible to make 6 figure with Wonder Research

How much does cost?

Wonder Research ( does not cost anything. It is free to apply to become Wonder Research Analyst.

But they will ask you some basic questions about yourself, give you a short multiple-choice quiz and then ask you to complete a trial research assignment.

This is just the process of testing your research skills. If your application is being accepted then you will be ready to start completing some research for Wonder Research Client and make money.

How much money can you make with

All the research that you find have a different price all depends on the scope and challenge of the questions.

On the FQA, they said you can earn up top 15$ to 25$ per hours. It also all depend on how active you are on this platform.

But other Wonder Research Analysts has reported you can earn $5 to $16 per hours. But you will get paid for each project you successfully complete.

You do not have to reach a payment threshold in Wonder Research ( You will get paid after two weeks via PayPal.

Is worth it?

The answer to this question will depend on how soon you need money. If you need quick bucks right away then you can go with Wonder Research (

But if you want to make serious money or replace your primary income and you are willing to invest time.

You can start an Affiliate Blog this will help you work on your own schedule and spend time with people you love.

The time that you invest in answering questions for Wonder Research Client you can invest it on your blog and make a lot of money online.

You can also download My Free Making Money Guide. This will help you understand how you can stop trading your time for money and make passion income online.

Is legit? Is it a scam? is a legit website and it is been in the business since 2015. They have some good reputation and this is not an online paid survey website that pays close to nothing.

Again they do not accept just anyone to be part of their team of Research Analyst. The quiz and trial research assignment will determine if you are the right fit for their team.

If you want to make quick bucks online doing research you can go for it.

But you will be better off without them all depend on how fast you need to make money. If you need quick few bucks go for it.

But if you need a lot of money you can start your Affiliate Blog and make a lot of money. Like I said before you will need to be very termination, have time and be more consistent in your writing than you can make your first $1,500 within 6 months. Support + Community


Wonder Research does not have online support for their visitors and I did see FQA page on their website for people to read and learn more about the service and what you need to expect as Wonder Research Analyst.

Likely I found one link of their FQA on Reddit provided by their director.


When it comes to online business I also always research to find if they have an online community. This is very important for the member to interact and help each other whenever they have any issues.

Wonder Research ( has a vibrant and growing community of Researcher Analysts who help each other out and share tips in Slack.

They will send you an invite to join the Slack once you are approved as a researcher. Complaints

There is not such things as prefect company. Due the simple reason everyone has his own expectation. Below is what people are complain about Wonder Research (

Research being rejected

Wonder Research Analyst has been complaining after the hard work of researching. Their work has been rejected without providing feedback to improve the answer.

Another member said he tried to improve the research following the Wonder Research Guideline he still received the same feedback “Your response does not reach the level expected from Wonder Research clients

Contract being terminated

Some Wonder Research Analysts has been reporting about contract being terminated without any reason.

Positives of

You will learn difference skills including business skills and be good at writing. You will also be intellectual challenged.

You will also know:

  • Learn more about an extremely wide range of topics
  • Gain credentialing for use in job applications
  • Join part in a vibrant community of knowledge lovers and researchers
  • Make a meaningful impact on big projects in a number of industries
  • Get a platform to share your expertise on the topics you know and love

Final Verdict

You can make some decent amount of money as a Wonder Analyst and is a very legit website.

But this is not the kind of making money while you are sleeping ( passive income). It is an active income where you need to work your butt off and follow all the Wonder Research Guideline to avoid work being be rejected.

On the hand, if you want to turn skills into a profitable online business you can download My Making Money Guide.

You will learn how you can make passive income online and have flexible life with your friends and family.

Your Review

Are you a Wonder Analyst or have you been in the past? Please consider leaving a review below good or bad does not matter as long as it is helpful to our visitors.

Thanks for your support!

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