Affiliate Marketing Case Suty

Affiliate Marketing Case Study 2021- The Road To 6 Figure Income Online

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The world is going digital. I can’t stress enough over it. The pandemic even further accelerated the process, and now everyone is trying their way to earn online especially passive income.

There are tons of ways to build a passive income online, but my favourite is Affiliate Marketing. In case you do not what is Affiliate Marketing it is the process of recommending someone else products and services and get paid a commission.

The process is very simple many people overcomplicate it and others think is hard to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.


You can earn a handsome amount of money if effective steps are implemented. This Affiliate Marketing Case Study will show you the steps that most successful Affiliate Marketers use.

I am following it to establish My Six Figure Income Online.

I know what you are thinking, here comes the GURU hype B.S. I am very far to be a GURU but I have made decent money through Affiliate Marketing.

This Affiliate Marketing Case Study will show few people who make 4, 5 to 6 figure online through Affiliate Marketing and those people are real.

They can give hand to establish your own Affiliate Marketing business and make passive income. But you need to commit and the action.

So let’s get into the details. 

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My Affiliate Marketing Case Study and The Process to Earn 6 Figure Income Online

The term Affiliate Marketing was not new to me when the idea of generating passive income came to mind. But like most beginners, I was confused like a child who had been left in the middle of the ground and asked to build an empire.

You may think it was lack of information that made me perplexed, but it was a river of information that left me hyperventilating. 

To keep the story short, as soon as I join the Affiliate Marketer Online Community and started following some Affiliate Marketers who made 4, 5  to 6 figures income per month.

I started implementing some steps that I have learned within 2 weeks I made my first commission of $8.00 that motivated me and now I am making commission almost every day.


To reach the six-figure income per month with Affiliate Marketing is possible. But it needs time, work, determination, tools and the right platform that will guide you to reach your goal.

At the end of this Case Study, I am going to recommend you a platform that will help you to achieve your success and make a decent income with Affiliate Marketing.

Below are few people who are doing very well with Affiliate Marketing and they are members of the platform I am going to recommend you.

Of course, if you are interested in learning how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.


Eddy Salomon— He is a successful Affiliate Marketer From the USA who makes 5 figures online by recommending people products/service.

In August he earned $10,640,56 and in January 2020 in his article, he compiled all the affiliate marketing commissions He Made Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing.

This income did not happen overnight and Affiliate Marketing is not getting rich quick scheme. Eddy understands the process of making money online with affiliate marketing.

Then he implemented all he has learned and boom he has built a 5 figure online business through Intenet and Affiliate marketing.


Jerry Huang— 21-year-old high school graduate/college dropout living in Taiwan. He is another example of a successful affiliate marketer.

Jerry Huang started from nothing and he worked as a restaurant waiter.

Jerry is making passive income online through Affiliate Marketing and living the laptop lifestyle.

He made $7,395 in a WEEK through First Black Friday his success again did not happen overnight.

You can also read his process in his article: Are You Willing to Work for FREE? (The Secret to Success in Anything!)

You would be surprised to know these are not the only people, but there are tons of other legends who are earning this much amount per month through affiliate marketing.

Honestly, these are the people that make me believe earning money through affiliate marketing is possible.

My objective is to turn my website into a six-figure income. To do that, I will follow the path I have learned while closely observing these Affiliate Marketers.

You can also start this journey with me by signing up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate Here. Hey, friend if you do not like your current financial situation is time to change it now.

But it will need a commitment to long term success if you are quick on giving up whenever you face a challenge Affiliate Marketing is not for you.

This Affiliate Marketing Case Study the purpose is to show my audience that is possible to make money online and escape the slavery of the 9 to 5 job.

Whether you want some few hundred or thousand dollars per month, it is very possible. But Rome was not built in one day…

\"RoopeRoope Kiuttu— It is an amazing guy from Finland and worth following on Wealthy Affiliate.

I use some of his strategy and training to increase my online earnings.

This guy also made $5,000 in a week you can read his article: I Made $5,000 in a Week + Got All-Expenses-Paid to Vegas!

Affiliate Marketing helps him to travel the world. He is also a Youtuber with over 97k subscribers.

Following him can motivate you to push and work toward achieving your goal.

As you can see it possible to make money online with Affiliate Marketing. All you need is the right steps to follow and action to take and a commitment to work toward achieving your goal.

The Steps To Build Six-Figure Income with Affiliate Marketing

Well, it is the common yet most effective steps to follow to build passive incomes online or stream of incomes with Affiliate Marketing that every successful Affiliate Marketers followed. 

1. Choose your niche

It is the first but most crucial step that sets the foundation of your Affiliate Marketing business. By choosing the wrong niche you are more likely to fail as an affiliate marketer. Here are some of the few things to consider when finding a profitable niche. 

  • Consider your passion

Well, you can choose any niche whether you are interested in that particular niche or not. But I would highly suggest you do consider choosing the niche which makes you excited and forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Working on a niche in which you have no interest is very likely to get you off very soon. 

I would suggest you make a list of all your hobbies and look through them carefully and find out the niche on which you can work.

It can be either fishing, gardening or something else. But whatever you choose, make sure you have a little bit of knowledge of it. Expertise can be developed over time. 

  • Narrow down your niche

Specify the category in your niche in which you are going to work. For example, if you choose a health and fitness niche, you can subcategorize and choose massage chairs.

By niching down, you can rank better, even in niches that have high competition. It will help you focus on a particular area of your interest and effectively communicate with your target audience. 

  • Assess the competition for your niche

While finalizing a niche, also assess how much competition you will face in that particular niche. You may have heard that niches with low competition are best to choose, but hold on, these niches also bought only limited profit. 

You can assess competition through Jaaxy. Just type your niche (broad keyword), and it will display relevant keywords to your niche, keyword difficulty and more. 


If you want a full course on how to choose your niche or become a successful Affiliate Marketer. You can also check out My Top Recommendation platform and get all the tools and training.

2. Build a website

After successfully choosing your niche, it’s time to execute your plan to establish a Six-Figure Income with Affiliate Marketing.

You can choose any platform to reach your audience. It can be either Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. But having a website or Youtube channel is much easier.

For the rest of those platforms, you can focus on them once your knowledge increase and you know how to reach your audience. 

 By building a niche website you set the foundation of your business. Think about your website as a front store or back office.

If you need help to build a niche website that can reach your audience and rank well in Google and other search engines.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most sophisticated and feature-rich website and hosting platform. You can build your revenue website with a few click. It is not Rocket Science to design a beautiful revenue website and you do not need any coding.

Better yet you can also get a free website to kick start your Affiliate Marketing journey.

3. Attract visitors (Traffic)

 Once you have completed the 2 steps now you need to learn how to place your website in front of your potential audience.

They are 2 ways you can do it to place your website in front of your potential audience (client). It can be whether through Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic.

Paid traffic has both advantages and disadvantages.

Generating paid traffic will cost you money (Placing ads on Facebook, Google or Youtube). If you are a beginner and you do not know what you are doing it will affect your ROI (Return On Investment).

But you will get traffic as soon as you pay. This option is only suitable for advanced Affiliate Marketers and people with a big budget.

Organic Traffic is more effective and does not cost you any money (It is free traffic). It is the practice of ranking your website higher on Google and other Search Engines.

This involves creating quality content that people are looking for on the internet and learning a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

All of this you can learn by sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and if you are reading this Affiliate Marketing Case Study it means their training works. 

4.Make Money as Affiliate

This is the last step to earn revenue online through Affiliate Marketing you need to perform it wisely.

You can sign up with different Affiliate Program in your niche and they are plenty of Affiliate Networth that you can join and Amazon is one of them.

In case you do not know other affiliate Networks you can check out Clickbank, JVzoo and WarriorPlus you can find a lot of products to promote on your website and make commissions.

But if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing step by step and increase your earnings I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

This is an online community for all level of Affiliate Marketers.

Remember this business model is a very lonely journey but with an online community like Wealthy Affiliate they are is plenty of people you can rely on and help you succeed online. 

You can also find everything in one place and you do not have to outsource anything. As a member, you have a website builder,  Web Hosting, Keyword Search Tool, Weekly Webinar and training from experienced members.

My Tips To Choose The Best Affiliate Program

Choosing an Affiliate Program to join can be a bit tricky below are a few things to consider when looking for affiliate programs.

1.Consider commission levels

Search for affiliate programs that pay recurring commission. This way you can make passive income very fast and also consider how much commission you can earn per product/sign up.

There is a common misconception that high-paying commission affiliate programs are the only way to establish a Six-Figure Income online.

Affiliate programs that pay high commissions have more often low sales. While low commission products often have more sales. So choose the affiliate program that has moderate to high paying commission with average sales. 

2. Quality Product/Programs

Promote a program or product that provides true value to it is customer and claim what it is. Promoting a low-quality program/product and bragging about it as a masterpiece would not get you anywhere. Instead, you will end up ruining your reputation and waste time when people start asking for refunds.

3. Vendor support

Choose programs that offer good support to their affiliate partner. It can really give you peace of mind knowing you have support when any problem occurs.

Check My Top Recommendation that offers Excellent Support, High-Quality Affiliate Marketing Training, Tools and Reasonable Commissions. Better yet you can sign up for 10 free lessons and understand how Affiliate Marketing works

The Does On Your Website To Increase Your Earning

As Affiliate Marketer, you need to know how to guide your visitors to take action or follow up with them.

  • Link placement 

You need to strategically place your link on your website. Well, affiliate links should be bold, large and in colour text so that they are easily visible to your visitors.

Place your affiliate link in the beginning and middle of the page or post. People rarely scroll to the end of the page. 

  • Call to action

It should be a key element on every website. It will direct your visitor through the buying journey and what to do next. It can directly impact your conversion rates. 

  • Email Marketing

When your traffic is growing you need to learn how to generate lead by collecting email from people who visit your website.

Aweber or Getresponse are autoresponders that will help you to collect lead from your website and set your campaigns. 

This will help you grow affiliate revenue from email lists is another way to enhance your monthly income. 

By people leave their email when they visit your website you can always follow up with them. This will you help you to build trust as people do not buy on the same day. But they already show interested in whatever you are promoting.

Your email list will remain yours no matter if google changes its algorithm. It will connect you with your audience and send them back to your website again and again.  

Common Mistakes Avoid as Affiliate Marketer 

Not only have I studied the success stories but also the common mistakes that most affiliate marketers make that put them away from building a six-figure income with affiliate marketing. 

  • All Focus on selling

The basic purpose of affiliate marketing is selling the product and getting a commission. But when you prioritize selling over providing genuine content, your audience starts detaching from your content.

Being an affiliate marketer means you are responsible for guiding people to buy the right product. So balance your focus between helping people and selling products. 

  •   Update contents

The most common mistake bloggers and Affiliate Marketers make are they don’t update their content regularly. Keep a close eye on the program you are promoting to know if any policies are changing, so you can update your content accordingly. 

If you still have any doubts about affiliate marketing, check My Top Recommendation to learn how to build a sustainable affiliate marketing business. 

Affiliate Marketing  Case Study – My Final Verdict 

In this Affiliate Marketing Case Study, I have discussed the few steps that are proven to build a six-figure income business. I have also shared a few common mistakes that should be avoided to build a sustainable business.

However, I believe learning before implementing is very crucial. So I suggest you check My top recommendation to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

One thing sure if you do not implement when you have learned or take action you won\’t reach your goal. with this business model, the only failure is not taking any action or giving up!

Let’s grow together on our way to establish a high-profit Affiliate Marketing business and escape the slavery of the 9 to 5.

Your Journey as Affiliate Marketer and Achievement

Are you an Affiliate Marketer or you have been in the past? Please share your experience whether good or bad as long as it will be useful to my reader.

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