Six Figure Mentors Review – Is SFM A Pyramid Scheme?

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Welcome to my Six Figure Mentors Review! Do you want to be a pro at affiliate marketing? It’s possible under the mentorship of successful affiliate marketers.

The good news is many of these inspiring personalities offer training courses. 

Some of these courses are really good, while others don’t live up to the hype. Unfortunately, Six Figure Mentors also fall in this category.

After spending a whole day researching, I am excited to present you all the facts and hidden truth about Six-Figure Mentors.

In this Six Figure Mentors Review I will cover:

  • What is Six-Figure Mentors all about?
  • The men behind Six-Figure mentor
  • How to make money with Six-Figure Mentors?
  • Is it legit or a scam?
  • Six-Figure Mentors complaints
  • Alternatives to Six Figure Mentors

What Six-Figure Mentors

It is an online educational platform that teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing

Here is its intro from a six-figure mentor website: 


SFM has been providing education on affiliate marketing since its launch in 2010. SFM provides different tools, programs, resources and coaching services to interested people for creating a laptop lifestyle. 

 The founders of SFM describe it as a digital business system that teaches you how to make your money by promoting any product you want online.

At least, it’s what SFM claims.

Let’s find out if is it really true? But first, let\’s meet the founders of SFM. 

Who is Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are the founders of six-figure mentors. Stuart started from nothing but only with a laptop and a dream to achieve something big.

With a lot of patience, research, and trial and error, he made himself stand out in the world of digital marketing

Jay Kubassek is also a self-made millionaire. Together with Stuart Ross, he co-founded two multimillion-dollar companies. 

Here is their intro from the SFM platform: 


Are the founders of SFM really angelic? 

Helping others to grow their business sounds very noble and angelic. Right?

But in the case of SFM\’s founders, there is a lot more to the story. Both guys are not as legitimate as they show themselves.

They have a history of promoting MLM products.

Back in 2010, Stuart used to promote a company called YourNetbiz. The company has been shut down for years just like MOBE, which is a pyramid scheme. 

Jay Kubassek was one of the top salesmen of a company named Liberty League International. It used to sell self-help products to promote inner growth.

In Australia, it was declared as an illegal pyramid scheme in 2009. Various reports across different websites also found out that Liberty League International is nothing but just a scam. 


Based on this information, I highly doubt any program Jay and Stuart are selling or promoting.

How to make money with Six-Figure Mentors? 

You may have heard of Six-Figure Mentors from any of its affiliates or advertisements. You may also be impressed that many of the students of SFM are making huge money.

But there is a lot more to the story. 

According to my research, most of the students of SFM make money by promoting SFM itself. They promote the course through paid advertisements on Facebook.

When people buy the course through their affiliate link, they get a commission for each sale. There is nothing wrong with that. 

The problem of the training is focused on promoting their SFM course. If you buy this course you are forced to enter into the MMON ( Make Money Online Niche).

This is a very competitive niche and it will take you months to see results and if you are not persistent you will give up along the way.  If you want to make money online in different industries such as fitness, beauty, sport and other industries I will recommend signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a community with over 2 million Affiliate Marketing and you will learn step by step how to build your niche website and make money online from your bedroom.

Six-figure mentors pricing and membership

Stuart and Jay offer various programs. There are three membership levels listed on the six-figure mentors\’ website. 


  • Student access 

It is SFM Introductory and it used to cost a one time of $29.95. Now it is free for everyone. It covers introductory modules, promotional information and 1-on-1 consultation. 

  • Essential membership

It covers step by step marketing blueprint, live events recordings, digital business modules, training curriculums and much more. I

t is priced at $97 per month with an enrollment fee of $99. 

  • Elite membership

Besides covering the training of essential membership, it also covers system setup certificates and webinars. By purchasing this membership, you would be paying $2,500 per year plus $97 per month. 

Discount info: You can get $100 off for essential membership by availing of their 72-hour discount offer after signing up. 

Now let’s do the math. 

It would cost you 97 times 6=$582 (excluding enrollment fee)

Further, they would also push you to take your training to the next digital expert\’s academy (DEA) level. The prices of DEA courses range from $2500 to $20,000. 

This is not the only money but you would also be spending money on costly ads. It makes the whole training program very expensive. 

There are much cheaper and better courses available that provide a lot more value for less money.

Check My Top recommendation that only costs $49 per month and also teaches you how to drive free organic traffic.

Better yet you can start your 10 free training without even given your credit details information

Six-figure mentors Pros and Cons


  • Free trial

You can join SFM for free but you will be given limited access to the content. Still, a free trial is useful to decide if SFM is right for you. 

  • 30 days refund policy

The best thing I like about SFM is its 30 days refund policy. You can get a full refund if you don’t like the SFM module without getting any questions asked. 

  • No application fee anymore

Back in time, SFM used to charge $29.95 as an application fee. It’s good they got rid of this as SFM receives a lot of criticism for it. 


  • MLM marketing 

Many training programs offer affiliates, but I found SLM quite different from others.  Jay and Stuart claim that after getting training from SLM, you can promote any product you want.

But the results of their students show the opposite story. 


After scrolling web pages after webpages, I didn’t find even a single example of a student who had made money without promoting SLM. 

It’s clear from Jay and Stuart\’s working strategy they follow the MLM business module. MLM companies are often subjected to criticism by different industry experts.

Whether MLM companies are good or bad, one thing is clear: there is very little chance of making considerable money. 

  • Push you to upgrade training

Throughout the training, SFM will push you to upgrade your training and spend money on paid advertisements. 

Here is the review of an SFM student:

  • Not impressive testimonials

Stuart and Jay put many testimonials on the webpage of six-figure mentors. But none of the testimonials makes sense to me. 

Look at this example.


Claire doesn’t make clear whether she is earning a significant amount of money or not. Her testimonial only shows she is introduced to a good community and is hopeful about the future. 

  • Background of SFM founders

Before six figure mentors, Stuart and Jay used to work for MLM companies that were accused of being an illegal pyramid scheme and selling illegal things. 

This makes the whole SFM training by these guys questionable. I would recommend you to learn from someone who has a good reputation in the market. 

Is a six-figure mentor legit or a scam? 

Neither is it completely legit nor a mere scam. It claims you can promote any product but at the same time forces students to promote SLM. 

It’s not a scam as it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But considering all the facts, including the bad association of its founders with MLM companies,  I won’t recommend you to join this training. 

There are many alternatives to SFM which are a lot cheaper and provide more value. 

Alternatives to six-figure mentor 

Sign up for an Affiliate Marketing training course is the best option if you want to succeed online as an Affiliate Marketer.

The big challenge is to find a program that put their student first. Some programs are in the business of looting people or making money for themself.

A Wealthy Affiliate is an Internet and Affiliate Marketing training course that you can trust and they have been in business since 2005 is an affordable option for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing. 

It covers all aspects of affiliate marketing from paid to unpaid traffic. WA offers freemium membership for a lifetime without any cost and it includes one website and keyword research tool.

Its premium membership is priced at only $49.00

WA also provides website hosting services and a premium keyword analysis tool for free. 

I would recommend you to try its freemium membership before joining a six-figure mentor. After all, it’s free. 

If you are not interested in investing and trading you can sign up with is an amazing platform for those who want to step inside the world of forex trading. 

Their training is equipped with everything you need to succeed in the forex world. They provide the best forex signals, virtual rooms for trading, mentorship of experienced persons and much more. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Six-Figure Mentors Review – Final Verdict

Six-Figure Mentor is in the business of looting people online. They have set up a tactic to push their student to buy a digital expert\’s academy (DEA) that cost up to $20,000.

It aims to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Considering Stuart and Jay\’s strategy and background history, I won’t recommend you to join this course.

Moreover, SFM is overpriced. Within this range, you can get many alternatives that provide a lot more value. You can also check My Top Recommendation for learning how to set up your revenue website and make passive income with your laptop and internet connection.

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