Qyral Review: Is This Personalized Skincare Worth the Hype?

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Welcome to my in-depth Qyral Review.

I have spent more than 24 hours reading reviews and analysing the Qyral business opportunity and how their members make money with Qyral so I can give my reader an honest Qyral Review.

In this Qyral Review, I will cover:

  • What is Qyral is All About
  • Qyral Business Model
  • Qyral Pros and Cons
  • Compare Qyral Business model to Affiliate marketing
  • The alternative to Qyral

Without Further Ado let’s get Started…

Ever scrolled through social media and seen glowing reviews about a new skincare line that promises to be customized just for you?

That is likely Qyral, a company offering personalized skincare regimens and weight-loss solutions.

But before you jump on the bandwagon, let’s take a deep dive into Qyral Review and see if it lives up to the hype.

Qyral Review
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Qyral is an MLM company offering personalized skincare, hair care, and weight loss products, founded by Hanieh Sigari.

It focuses on scientific customization and provides earnings through retail sales, recruitment bonuses, and residual income.

However, affiliate marketing offers a more accessible and flexible way to earn money online.

Unlike MLMs, it involves low start-up costs and no recruitment pressure.

Therefore if you want to start an affiliate marketing business Wealthy Affiliate provides comprehensive training, essential tools, and a supportive community, making it ideal for beginners and experienced marketers.

Overall, affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate is a more sustainable and lucrative option than Qyral’s MLM model.

  • Company Name: Qyral
  • Website: https://www.qyral.com/
  • Owner: Hanieh Sigari.
  • Product/Service: MLM
  • Cost: $79 once off and $8 per month
  • Is Qyral legit: Yes 
  • The Wealthy Academy Rating: 2.4/5.0
  • Do I recommend this? No

I would rather recommend checking my #1 Recommendation Platform for step-by-step training to make decent money with your laptop and internet connection.

What is Qyral all about?

Qyral is an MLM company located in California US that specializes in personalized skincare, hair care, and weight loss products.

They offer a five-step “Ultimate” regimen and a two-step “Essential” regimen, both supposedly tailored to your individual needs.

Additionally, they provide access to licensed dermatologists for consultations and even offer prescription medications for weight management.

Hanieh Sigari, a pioneering entrepreneur, biochemist, and disruptor in the anti-aging industry, founded Qyral, a holistic skincare brand.

Qyral represents the culmination of her lifelong mission to enhance lives and promote longevity.

But there is some rumour that she has been removed from her operating role at Qyral, effective immediately, and is being investigated for a variety of alleged fiduciary breaches.

Qyral emphasizes using scientific approaches to create customized products based on individual needs.

The company’s offerings include:

  1. Skincare Products: Tailored to individual skin types and conditions.
  2. Hair Care Products: Customized solutions for various hair care needs.
  3. Weight Loss Supplements: Personalized to aid in weight management.

Qyral Business Model – Multi-Level Marketing

Qyral follows the typical MLM structure where members, known as “Consultants,” earn money by selling products directly to consumers and by recruiting new members into their downline.

Earnings are made through:

  1. Retail Sales: Profit from selling products at retail prices.
  2. Recruitment Bonuses: Earnings from bringing new members into the network.
  3. Residual Income: Commission from the sales made by downline members.

The Qyral Compensate plan is a bit complicated as most MLM companies.

But I will try to summarise as I can. Qyral affiliate membership is $79 and then $8 a month.

There are 4 affiliate ranks within Qyral’s compensation plan where you need to maintain $300 in PV a month and generate $1000 -$4000 in personally recruited downline GV a month

Qyral Joining Pros and Cons

Qyral is a relatively new MLM platform that has been gaining attention for its unique features and benefits.

When considering whether or not to join Qyral, there are several pros and cons to take into account.

Pros Joining of Qyral

  • High-Quality, Personalized Products: Qyral’s emphasis on personalization ensures that customers receive products tailored to their specific needs, which can be a strong selling point.
  • Focus on Science and Research: The company invests in scientific research to back its products, which can instil confidence in both sellers and buyers.
  • Potential for Residual Income: As with many MLMs, the opportunity to earn passive income through the efforts of your downline is appealing.
  • Training and Support: Qyral provides training and support to help Consultants succeed, which can be beneficial for those new to sales or MLMs.
  • Customization: Qyral’s claim to fame is its personalized approach. By taking a short online quiz, you receive a recommended skincare regimen with ingredients supposedly catering to your specific concerns.
  • Dermatologist Consultations: Qyral offers consultations with licensed dermatologists, which can be helpful for some users, especially those seeking guidance on prescription medications.
  • Potential Income: As an MLM company, Qyral offers the opportunity to earn money by selling its products and recruiting others to join the business.

Cons of Joining Qyral

  • High Start-Up Costs: Joining Qyral requires an initial investment, often including purchasing a starter kit and maintaining a monthly auto-ship of products. This can be a financial burden for many.
  • Recruitment Pressure: Success in Qyral heavily depends on recruiting new members. This pressure can be off-putting and lead to strained relationships with friends and family.
  • Market Saturation: The MLM model can lead to market saturation, where there are more sellers than buyers, making it challenging to find customers.
  • Income Disclosure: Like many MLMs, Qyral does not guarantee income. Many participants may find it difficult to earn significant profits, especially if they struggle with recruitment.
  • MLM Structure: MLMs are notorious for being difficult to make money in. The income potential for Qyral distributors is likely skewed towards those at the top of the pyramid, with the majority of participants struggling to see a profit. BehindMLM.com, a website dedicated to reviewing MLM companies, highlights the challenges associated with Qyral’s business model [behindmlm.com].
  • Limited Transparency: Qyral’s website lacks transparency regarding the ingredients in its products and the qualifications of its dermatologists. Independent reviews of the product’s effectiveness are also scarce.
  • Cost: Qyral’s products are on the pricier side, especially considering the lack of readily available independent reviews on their efficacy.
  • Packaging Waste: Some customer reviews mention excessive packaging with product being difficult to dispense entirely, leading to waste.

Compare Qyral to Affiliate Marketing: A Clear Winner

Affiliate marketing is another popular method for making money online.

Unlike MLMs, affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link.

Let’s explore the benefits of affiliate marketing and why it might be a better choice than joining an MLM like Qyral.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Low Start-Up Costs: Unlike MLMs, affiliate marketing typically requires little to no initial investment. You can start promoting products with just a website or a social media account.
  2. No Recruitment Necessary: In affiliate marketing, your earnings depend solely on your ability to sell products, not on recruiting others into a downline.
  3. Wide Range of Products: Affiliates can choose from a vast array of products and services to promote, allowing you to select niches that genuinely interest you.
  4. Flexibility and Control: As an affiliate marketer, you have complete control over your business, including which products to promote and how to market them.
  5. Passive Income Potential: Like MLMs, affiliate marketing offers the potential for passive income. Once your content is up and running, you can earn money from sales made through your links with little ongoing effort.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Time and Effort: Building a successful affiliate marketing business takes time and consistent effort. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  2. Learning Curve: There’s a learning curve to understanding how to effectively market products, generate traffic, and convert visitors into buyers.
  3. Competition: The online marketplace is competitive, and standing out among other affiliates requires creativity and strategic marketing.

 Why Affiliate Marketing is the Smarter Choice

Affiliate marketing empowers you to be your own boss and build a sustainable online business. Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Choose a Niche: Select a niche you’re passionate about, whether it’s beauty, fitness, travel, or anything else.
  2. Build a Website or Blog: Create a platform to share valuable content with your target audience.
  3. Join Affiliate Programs: Sign up for affiliate programs of companies whose products or services align with your niche.
  4. Promote Products: Recommend products you genuinely believe in and use high-quality, informative content to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

When it comes to starting with affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate stands out as a top recommendation. Here’s why:

  1. Comprehensive Training: Wealthy Affiliate offers extensive training modules that cover everything from setting up a website to advanced marketing techniques. This training is invaluable for beginners and experienced marketers alike.
  2. Community Support: Wealthy Affiliate has a vibrant community of members who provide support, share tips, and offer feedback. This community aspect helps keep you motivated and informed.
  3. Tools and Resources: The platform provides a range of tools, including website hosting, keyword research tools, and content creation resources. These tools simplify the process of building and growing your affiliate marketing business.
  4. Proven Success Stories: Many members of Wealthy Affiliate have shared their success stories, demonstrating that the training and resources provided can lead to significant earnings.
  5. Free Starter Membership: Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership, allowing you to explore the platform and start learning without any initial financial commitment.

 Qyral Review – Conclusion

In summary of this Qyral Review, while Qyral offers high-quality, personalized products and the potential for residual income, the inherent challenges of MLMs—such as high start-up costs, recruitment pressure, and market saturation—make it a less appealing option for many.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing, particularly through a platform like Wealthy Affiliate, presents a more accessible, flexible, and potentially lucrative opportunity for making money online.

Affiliate marketing’s low start-up costs, absence of recruitment requirements, and wide range of products to promote make it an attractive alternative.

Wealthy Affiliate, with its comprehensive training, supportive community, and essential tools, stands out as the best platform to start and grow your affiliate marketing business.

If you’re looking to make money online and want to avoid the pitfalls of MLMs, I highly recommend starting with affiliate marketing and signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

 It’s a proven path to building a sustainable online business and achieving financial independence.

 So, ditch the Qyral hype and embrace the exciting world of affiliate marketing!

P.S. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or getting started with Wealthy Affiliate, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m here to help you on your journey to online success!

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