PayDotCom Review

PayDotCom Review – Scam or Legit Affiliate Network?

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This is the definitive PayDotCom Review for 2021 and beyond.

I have spent more than 100 hours reviewing website and how it works so you do not have to go to the same process.

If You Want To Know:

  • How PayDotCom Works
  • How To Make Money with PayDotCom as Affiliate
  • The Common Complaint About PayDoTCom
  • How To Make More Commissions
  • The Alternative To PayDotCom

Then you have come to the right place…

I have to be clear here this PayDotCom Review is for Affiliate only. It does not concern Ventors.

 If you want to lunch your product on PayDotCom you can go ahead you will have all the tools and connect with many affiliates to promote your product.

What is PayDotCom?

PayDotCom is online marketplace that connect Vendor and Affiliate for mutual benefit by promoting Vendors product as Affiliate.  In short PayDotCom is Affiliate Network where you can find Digital Products and Software that you can promote as Affiliate and make commissions.

PayDotCom was found in 2005 by Mike Filsaime who is an Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur Expert.

PayDotCom has more than 1000 products in any niche. It is an excellent opportunity for Affiliate to find any product to promote and make money online as PayDotCom Affiliate.

In 2018 Mike Filsaime decided to merge paydocon with JVShare own by Andrew Darius for the new revolution and innovative marketplace.

Andrew Darius is the owner of Explaindio Video creator and he owns other software and automation tools that helped small business owner and other internet marketer automate their online business.

How Does PayDotCom Work

In simple word, PayDotCom is a platform that connects Vendors and Affiliates for a partnership and do business together for mutual benefit.

Here is how PayDotCom Works:

PayDotCom Ventors

They are the product owners who need a platform and tools to increase revenue by reaching clients from around the world.

PayDotCom allows anyone (Ventors) regardless of your technical skills to sell digital products such as software, education-based courses, and memberships.

PayDotCom Affiliate

As an affiliate, you have access to the vendors’ product. You can promote those products online and make commissions from every sale you make.

PayDotCom Commission Structure is range from 5 to 85%. If you are an Expert Affiliate you can make a lot of money on this platform.

Unfortunate for beginner  PayDotCom does not offer any Affiliate Marketing training. If you want to make money as an Affiliate or you have been struggling to make sales.

You can check up My Top Recommendation Affiliate Marketing training. You will have access to the free 10 lessons and have one website to kick start with your business.

Is PayDotCom worth it?

In general, all the Affiliate Network are worth it. If you find a great product that does not have too many refunds you will make a lot of money as an Affiliate.

But many Affiliate lacking the skills to reach many clients and make more sale. For me, Affiliate Marketing is the skills that you will need to learn if you are serious about making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate has tools and training that will help to succeed online as Affiliate and Internet Marketer and you can sign up for free…

To answer this question is PayDotCom worth it? Absolutely I am a PayDotCom Affiliate and I have made a couple of sale in this platform.

 I just do not like the fact  that Vendors are responsible for paying Affiliate, unlike Clickbank. You will have many commissions delay.

Why you should NOT join PayDotCom

  • If you want to learn how to make money as Affiliate they do not have affiliate training.
  • If you want to have your commission in one place. Vendors are responsible for paying Affiliate. You will have to many commission coming left and right.
  • If you are looking for an affiliate community and learn from others. PayDotCom does not have an online community. You better join Wealthy Affiliate they have more than 1,5 Affiliates from around the world and you will learn a lot from them.

How much does PayDotCom cost?

PayDotCom does not cost anything. It is free to become an Affiliate and start promoting Softwares and other Digital Products.

As an Affiliate, you can signup with PayDotCom using your email address and create your password. You need to make sure you used the right email address.

 PayDotCom will send you email verification to verify your account and activate it. Once your account is been verified you will log in the PayDotCom dashboard and have access to 1000 plus products.

But, you will need to send Vendor request to promote their product and service. If you are a new affiliate it will be a challenge due to a high number of request.

Most of the Vendors like dealing with an Affiliate who has a bit more experience to help them sell their products fast.

How much money can you make with PayDotCom?

Yeah, people always ask this kind of question before their jump in any business. They want to know how much money they will be making with PayDotCom.

You can make as much as you want there is no ceiling with Affiliate Marketing the sky is the limit. But you will need to put some effort and understand the affiliate marketing process and how to make more sales.

If you need training, tools and support you will need to check My Top Recommendation Affiliate Marketing Training and you can have your free 10 lessons as Starter Member.

As PayDotCom Affiliate, you will get your commission via PayPal every time you make a sale. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to create one and it is completely free. Paydotcom commission range from 5% to 85%.

You can track your sell performance in the PayDotCom dashboard how many people click on your link and how many people buy the products from your link.

You can not get your commission instantly. The vendors hold your commission for the Refund Policy once this process passes you will get your money through your PayPal.

What is the PayDotCom refund policy?

DayDotcom does not have a refund policy like Clickbank. Every Vendor has the owner refund policy depending on the product you are promoting.

Some have 30 to 60 days money-back guarantee. You will need to check out the product refund policy before you promote it.

PayDotCom Complaints

As a company, you can not always meet people expectation. It is normal to have some few complains that does not people they are bad complaint. 

Below is what Affiliate has been complaining about. Time to find your deal breaker.

Affiliate Request

As an Affiliate, you have to send a request to the Vendor before you start promoting their products.

Vendor mostly prefers to deal with an affiliate who has been with paydotcom while and affiliate who are making money in the platform.

It will be hard for a new affiliate to get approved to promote a big product. New affiliates are complaining about those Affiliate Request.

Vendor payout

They are an urge number of affiliates who are complaining about the payment delay or no payment at all.

Vendors are responsible for paying Affiliate. You need to understand if you find a vendor who is greedy you will need to sweat a little to get your commission.

No Online Support

It is very important for any business to have a strong support service special if you are dealing with money. 

PotDotCom is lacking support. However, there is a tutorial and FQA Page. If you are facing the major problem you will need to lodge at a ticket then wait for a couple of days to get your feedback.

Is PayDotCom legit? Is it a scam?

PayDotCom is a legit is Affiliate Marketing Network with a great marketplace. You can find different products to promote as Affiliate from Software to Digital Products.

However, I do not like their payout method that is done by the vendor. You will have too much commission delay and have a little hard time to get your commission if you do not find an honest vendor.  Unlike Clickbank, they are responsible to pay all the affiliate…

Besides the struggle to get your money at once and delay on your commission. PayDotCom is very legit and if you are an expert affiliate you will make a lot of money on this platform.

PayDotCom Support + Community


PayDotCom does not have an online support. If you need help you have to make use of they FQA Page or lodget a ticket to get a response in 24 to 48 hours.


PayDotCom does not have any online community or forum for Affiliate. This can be a great resource for Affiliate to connect with others and learn from other Affiliates.

This is just unformatunaly I know being Affiliate and Internet Marketer is up and down and lonely journey.

Connecting with other successful Affiliate can boost your motivation. If you need that online community that you can interact with other Successful Affiliate you can Sign Up with Wealthy Affiliate here for FREE.

Better alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

If you are looking for a better alternative to PayDotCom you try paid Clickbank.

They are responsible to pay Affiliate and you will get your commissions all at once, unlike PayDotCom.

You will need to be aware that Clickbank have a lot of Affiliates and it becomes very competitive and hard to make sales.

I will rather advise searching for some products on the internet in your niche and look if the have Affiliate Program.

Then you can sign up as Affiliate this way your product will be unique and you won’t have too much competition. 

If you do not any Affiliate skills and you want to make money online. You can check out My Top Recommendation Affiliate training.

Final Verdict

PayDotCom is a great Affiliate Network that you can Sign Up as Affiliate and start promoting Vendors product and make money online.

They have good features that you can have as Affiliate like tracking your sale and how many people click your links. 

But the PayDotCom dashboard is a bit overwhelming and it needs a lot of improvement.

If you are looking for a product to sale and make commissions you will find more than 1000 products in absolute any Niche.

But if you are struggling to make sales the platform does not offer any Affiliate Training. You can download My Free Making Money Guide that helps you to build an affiliate website and make more sale online.

Your PayDotCom Review and Your Experience

Are you a PayDotCom Affiliate or have you been in the past? Please consider leaving a review below good or bad does not matter so long as it is helpful to our visitors.

Thanks for your support!

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