IS Shawn Josiah A Scam

(Is Shawn Josiah a scam) – 7 Things To Know About Shawn Joshia

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Is Shawn Josiah a scam? What exactly does Shawn Josiah teach? Can you make money with his program?

You probably receive many emails from Shawn Josiah or one of his affiliates introducing Shawn Josiah’s programs to you.

You are probably wondering if Shawn Josiah is a scam or his programs are legit.

I understand your concern…

The internet is a playground of all sorts of scams, fake gurus and no one can be trusted and especially if they promised to teach you how to make money online with less effort.

A few months ago.

I saw a program that claims to teach how ordinary people are manipulating the Netflix secret algorithm to make Perpetual Income up to you $432 per day profit.

It sounds very good to make Perpetual Income, right?

I checked the program out and guess who is the owner?

Shawn Josiah!

Shawn Josiah
Shawn Josiah

I decided to do some research and educate my audience about Shawn Josiah.

I saw huge search results on Google and other search engines about him and what I found will shock you.

In this Shawn Josiah Review I will cover:

  • Who is Shawn Josiah?
  • Shawn Josiah net worth
  • Shawn Josiah Programs
  • If Shawn Josiah students achieve results?
  • The alternative to what Shawn Josiah teach

Without further ado let’s get started…

You can also watch also this Shawn Josiah video review.

1. Who is Shawn Josiah? Can be trusted?

Shawn Josiah appears to be a very successful Internet and Affiliate Marketer on his own.

He comes from a modest family in Singapore.

He has won 3 times in a row the Clickbank Platinum award as an Affiliate.

Shawn Josiah Clickbank Platinum winner
Shawn Josiah Clickbank Platinum winner

I have to outline the program the Shawn Joshia was promoting is Clickback University has been determined to be a borderline scam by and the program has been discontinued for purchase.

The Clickbank Platinum award is only given to the affiliate who made over $250,000 in gross sales on Clickbank in a year with this success he decided to launch his program called Perpetual Income 365.

On his website, claim that the program has paid out over $1.2 million to his affiliates in 2020.

Can Shawn Josiah be trusted? What exactly does Shawn Josiah teach? Are his students get results?

I will show you everything in this Shawn Josiah Review.

By the way here are other Shawn Josiah achievements:

  • Clickbank Platinum Award: 2019, 2020 & 2021
  • Clickbank No.1 eBusiness Product Vendor (Perpetual Income 365) in 2020
  • WarriorPlus Top 5 Affiliate: July 2020
  • 7 Figure Affiliate Marketer in 2019

2. Shawn Josiah Net Worth

I estimate Shawn Josiah’s net worth is around $2.2 million. I have reached this conclusion based on his claim.

  • First claim:

He has personally generated over $1 million in net commissions in a calendar year and now owns an email database of over 400k+ subscribers that generates

  • Second claim:

Perpetual Income 365 had paid over $1.2 million in affiliate commissions.

This means he also makes $1.2 million. Since Perpetual Income 365 pay a 50% commission for every successful referral.

3. Shawn Josiah Programs

Shawn Josiah has created a batch of programs that he is selling on Clickbank, WarrioPlus and on his website

Below is what I have found:

  • Perpetual Income 365: A beginner-level Email Marketing software and program that aims to turn ordinary people into $10k/month online entrepreneurs.
  • Email Profit Academy: An advanced Email Marketing training academy that grooms normal individuals into 7-figure internet affiliates by simply sending simple emails.
  • Email Profit Academy Live: Meet Shawn Josiah in person in this 2-day Bootcamp and learn how to build a sustainable online income from anywhere in the world without owning a single product
  • BlazeFunnels: This is a funnel builder software that creates proven-to-convert affiliate funnels that are automatically connected to the offers on Clickbank. This clone to Perpetual Income 365
  • FreebieCash: This is a Brand New Automated Done For You System that allows you to make money by giving away Freebies.

Shawn Josiah’s mainly focus is to show you how to become a commission-based salesperson by promoting his program and earning commissions.

No wonder Perpetual Income 365 is considered as top offer e-business in Clickbank. Shawn Joshiah has built a workforce of salespersons.

Therefore if you do not want to be a salesperson to Shawn Josiah and you want to build a high ticket, high-profit online business.

You can join the 15 Day Business Builder challenge and learn how to make money online.

Alternative to the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is to learn how to build a niche website and start earning affiliate commissions with your laptop and internet connections.

You can check out My #1 Recommendation platform for step by step training.

4. What does Shawn Josiah teach

Shawn Josiah teach people how to start an online business with Internet and Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing.

Internet and Affiliate Marketing is a very good business model and it has made people like Shawn Josiah 6 to 7 figure income online.

Shawn Josiah has created more programs all done for you to make life easy for new affiliates as he claimed.

Those programs are mainly designed to promote his products and earn commissions for them. In reality, Shwan Joshia is creating a workforce of salespersons.

The other thing that Shawn Josiah is teaching to his student is to get traffic to their landing page using Solo Ads. With my years of experience in online business, Solo Ads are not quality traffics.

What are Solo Ads

Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners.

Just imagine how many people are buying the solo ads from the email list owners and how many emails those people on the list get per day.

Some end up not opening the email or opt-out.

If you want to start your Internet and Affiliate Marketing journey. You need to learn how to generate quality traffic this is lifeblood or an online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform you can join and learn how to choose your niche, build a niche website and learn how to generate free quality traffic.

5. Does Shawn Josiah Student get results?

It appears that Shawn Josiah’s students are getting results by promoting his programs.

But they do not make consistent income and some do not even break even.

Kareen Pierre from Canada made $624.34 from June 11 to Jun 13 after joining one of the Shawn Josiah programs.

But she does not tell how much money she spent on ads. Most of the testimonials you will find about the Shawn Josiah programs are mainly for new students.

I bet some students after understanding the affiliate marketing business model move to something very relevant.

Successful Affiliate Marketers does not use all don’t for you system.

They learn the basics of affiliate marketing which means how to generate traffic this is the lifeblood of any online business.

If you want to learn how to build a niche website and learn how to generate organic traffic.

You can check out My Free Affiliate Bootcamp and learn how to make money online with organic traffic (free traffic).

6. Is Shawn Josiah legit? Or Scam?

It will be too soon to identify if Shawn Josiah is legit or a scam. Let’s define the term “scam” first and you will judge him by yourself.

According to google “scam is a dishonest scheme; a fraud”. define it as a “fraudulent or deceptive act or operation”.

When you visit the perpetual Income 365 landing page you will find the video that explained what Shawn Josiah going to teach you in the program.

At the end of the video, you will find a testimonial for a lady that claims to make up $10,000 per month with Perpetual Income 365.

Perpetual ncome 365 Fake-Testimonial

She is just an actor you can find her on She is a freelance video spokesperson anyone can hire her to make a video.

In fact, Shawn Josiah hires her to make a fake testimonial.

Again if you look on the BlazeFunnels and FreebieCash landing page on the testimonial section you will find this guy.

BlazeFunnels Fake Testimonial

As you can see he has different names on the Blazefunnels is Richard I and on the FreebieCash Robert Borthwick-Dand.


If you right-click on the picture and click search google for the image you will find that is a computer-generated face.

All of those testimonials are fake and those people are not real.

Another fake testimonial here.

FreebieCash fake testimonial

This is are just a virtual Image. You can see this picture it is also been used and they called her Laura and on FreebieCash she is Kelly Thomas.

As you can see Shawn Josiah can not be trusted. He is using deceptive acts or operations to convince people to buy his programs.

Therefore Shawn Josiah does not operate in a legit way and he is an outright scam for a reason you will get access to what is selling.

7. The alternative to what Shawn Josiah teach.

Most of the program or offer that Shawn Josiah is offering is Affiliate Marketing software.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people or company products or services and making commissions when a sale occurs.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will need tools to help you run your affiliate marketing business.

But the most important thing you need to know as an Affiliate Marketer is to know how to generate traffic.

Think about traffic as people who are coming to your store. If you do not have the traffic you do not have a business.

They are two types of traffic:

  • Organic traffic or free traffic: It is the traffic that you get from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It involves knowing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).
  • Paid Traffic: It is traffic that you get from Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads. It is not free you need to use your credit card to pay for the service. You get traffic as soon as you pay for the service.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach step by step how to build an online business foundation and get organic traffic.

This involves creating quality content which means becoming a blogger and making a video on Youtube as Youtuber.

The other alternative to what Shawn is teaching is the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

This training teaches you how to build a high ticket, high-profit online business with email marketing and paid traffic.

If you want to make money online I will recommend those training and will learn how to make passive income with your laptop.

Is Shawn Josiah a Scam? Final Verdict

After defining the term scam and I can also say Shawn Josiah is an outright scam for the simple reason you get access to what is teaching.

There are too many fake testimonials that help him to generate more sales. He also uses some marketing gimmicks and fake scarcity to market his program.

I will strongly advertise to stay away from any of Shawn Josiah’s programs especially if you are a newbie in the online business world.

If you want to make money online and you are willing to learn step by step how to build affiliate website and earn affiliate commissions.

You can check out My Top Recommendation platform for Free Training to kick start your online business.

If you have taken any course from Shawn Josiah or purchased any of his programs.

Please leave a comment below whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it is useful to my reader.

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2 thoughts on “(Is Shawn Josiah a scam) – 7 Things To Know About Shawn Joshia”

  1. Hi Franck,
    Thank you for this article. I have purchased a program which called ClickCash. I can tell you for sure that he is a scammer. He promotes his programs with 30day money back guarantee, which is a lie. Two days after I purchased the program, I have asked for a refund. After three weeks…they are telling me

    “Admin replied
    Nov 29, 13:13
    Paypal has temporarily banned our payment account and we are unable to process your refund. Pls open a dispute on Paypal so you can get this refunded directly from Paypal. Thanks”

    Franck, doesn’t it look like a scam to you?

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