Income School Project 24: My Honest Review

Income School Project 24 Review — What Exactly Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler teach?

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As the world is going digital, everyone is trying their way to earn passive income online.

But not everyone is born lucky to gain success at the very first attempt. In fact, the data reveals 97% of the digital marketers fail in attempting to establish their six-figure income business online.

What’s the reason?

That’s definitely a lack of guidance and information. Here, the role of Income School Project 24 comes into play. You might be wondering: Is Income School Project 24 legit? Does it provide actual value? 

In this complete Income School Project 24 review I will cover:

  • What is Income School Project 24 is all about?
  • Is it legit or a scam?
  • What Income School Project 24 teaches?
  • The alternative to Income School Project 24

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Income School Project 24 Review
  • EASY


Income School Project 24 is an online course that teaches how to create an online business through blogging and youtube.

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler provide a lot of value to their students in this course. However, the course does not have a refund policy and it cost $449 per year. If you do not like the course you can not request your money back.

They do not provide also a free trial to drive test the training. If you can afford the course go for it. But My Top Recommendation platform offers a free trial to drive test their training and also offer a free website.

You can also upgrade your membership that cost only $49.00. Better yet if you upgrade your membership within 7 days you can only pay $19.00 for the first month.


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What is Income School?

Income school is an online educational platform that preaches how to build an online business through Affiliate Marketing. The income school website has been live since 2015. 


Income School doesn’t have only a website but also interacts with their audience on the ‘Income School’ Youtube Channel.

You might have stumbled upon their youtube channel when looking for any SEO or marketing tips. In fact, they are pretty popular on Youtube for internet marketing and SEO. 

Income School preaches the idea of building an online business through blogging and youtube channels.

In a nutshell, it involves building niche websites, writing engaging and quality content, and monetizing your channel through affiliate links and display ads. 

Sounds Interesting? Right.

Well, before getting into further details, Let’s look at the men behind Income School. 

Income School Project 24 Founder

Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler are founders of the Income School Project 24. They have been friends since high school.

They turned their friendship into a business partnership in 2014. \"Men

  • Jim Harmer

Jim Harmer can be an inspiration for anyone who is struggling to survive. Back in 2008, he was a bachelor’s degree holder and working at a dollar shop.

Like every family person, he wanted to give his family everything they desire. While working at a dollar shop, he listened to podcasts about internet marketing (the true nature of his soul). 

Eventually, he started his own website 

FunFact: He is one of the 40 most famous photographers online.

Side by side, he also started studying law and became an attorney. And you know what, his love for internet marketing made him earn more money than his law business. 

  • Ricky Kesler

Rickey Kesler is an MBA holder. Before he owned Income school, he worked as a marketing analyst and product manager.

Despite achieving so much in life, he was waiting for a true call. 

In 2014, he got a call from his high school friend, Jim Harmer, and received a business proposal. In 2015, they founded Income School

I like the fact that Ricky and Jim are both transparent and never hide their websites. They ran several successful sites. They are pretty popular on youtube with 264k subscribers at the moment. 

What is project 24? 

Project 24 is a unique online course of Income School that teaches you how to build a passive income online through blogging and Youtube.

It is called Project 24 because it will take you 24 months to build an online business; that’s what income school says. 

It’s constantly updated as the SEO and internet techniques are outdated. But at the moment, It consists of 

  • 265 videos
  • 75 lessons
  • 132 podcasts

Podcast discusses the new techniques and tips to rank higher on google. It also discusses the updates of SEO.

Who is the Income School Project 24 For?

Income school projects 24 suit people belonging to these categories: 

  • Beginners

Anyone who is new to the world of blogging and youtube can join the Income School project.

Its module 60 steps to a successful site can help them learn how to set up a website (WordPress), install plugins, curate attractive articles, and drive traffic. 

  • Advanced Internet marketers

There are millions of website owners who are putting all of their energy into satisfying Google algorithms. So for maintaining competition, Google is continuously updating its algorithm, sometimes weekly or sometimes monthly. Advanced Internet marketers can stay updated about anything new happening in the world of SEO. 

  • Those who tried and failed

There are tons of people who fail at internet marketing despite putting in all of their efforts. It’s because they are missing any of the critical details needed for a successful online business.

Project 24 provides you with the blueprint that you can follow exactly to see which part is missing. 

  • Have plenty of time to watch videos

Project 24 contains a tremendous amount of content. It will take plenty of your time to go through the whole course at once. So if you really can’t manage that time, you shouldn’t step into project 24.

  • People who are not looking for a quick-rich overnight scheme

You won’t be making six figures overnight. Income school is very transparent that it will take you 24 months to build a successful online business.

So, if you are looking for a quick-rich scheme, stay away from project 24, in fact, online marketing.

How much does Income School project 24 cost? 

It cost you one payment of $449 per year for the first year of subscription. For successive years, you will pay $249 per year. Furthermore, the website hosting and domain registration will also charge you some money. 

It’s quite expensive for a beginner.

Check out My Top recommendation platform for free training and fee website and if you like the training you can upgrade for $49.00 per month. 

What is inside the Income School project 24? 

Curious, what’s inside project 24. Its webpage displays only basic information. Once you enroll, you will be asked to join its community and podcast. 

It involves 13 modules that not only cover affiliate marketing but also many aspects of digital marketing. One of my favourite modules is the first one: 60 steps to a successful site. 

60 steps to a successful site

It’s a blueprint course that beginners can easily replicate. It includes:

  • How to choose a niche?
  • How to create a website on WordPress?
  • How to do keyword research? 
  • All about SEO
  • Writing 30 articles and posting 10 videos on youtube
  • Website monetization

Other modules include

  • Build an Internet Marketing business with youtube 
  • Search analysis
  • Picking profitable niches
  • No Nonsense SEO 
  • Web Traffic snowball
  • Email marketing 101
  • Myth-busting
  • Find and train writers
  • Website reviews
  • How to improve writing skills and speed
  • Monetize your website with advertisement
  • The success mindset

Income School Project 24 Pros and Cons


  • Regular updates

Many training programs don’t regularly update their content, which creates problems for their students. I really like that Income school is updating its content regularly where SEO rules are changing rapidly. 

  • Free Acabado 

The design and layout of a website contribute to the ranking of a web on google. It’s because different themes affect the speed of your website, and Google doesn’t like slow websites. 

Acabado is a paid WordPress theme. But After joining project 24, you will get it for free. It achieves 100 on google’s page speed even after lots of images. 

  • Active Community and Support System

After getting a subscription to project 24, you will get access to its private community. Not only its support community but Jim and Ricky are also active. They, on average, reply to queries 50 times per week. 


  • Late focus on monetization

They put monetization at the very last step. As per Jim, if you can get money, you can get traffic. But this doesn\’t imply every case. Monetization should be considered while choosing a niche because many niches are not monetizable. 

In fact, many project 24 students complain that after putting so much effort and time into building niche websites, they end up realizing that a specific niche is not monetizable.

I will encourage you to check My Top Recommendation to walk you through all the steps to learn how to make money online.

  • Entirely No focus on Link building

In my Authority Hacker review, we conclude that the entire focus on link building can cost much money and kill the focus on user intent.

That’s right.

But not paying attention at all to link building can be the cause of your failure to build an online business. 

Balanced link building is crucial for your website to get recognized by search engines. Check out My Top Recommendation that pays equal attention to every factor to rank your web higher on google. 

  • Not suitable for competitive niches

It may prove successful for low competitive niches. But the strategy will not work for competitive niches, as it doesn’t involve all off-page SEO techniques (backlinks). 

  • No keyword research tool 

I find the whole concept very weird. Income school doesn’t believe in any keyword tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush, as they don’t show exact results.

Sounds ok. But searching keywords based on intuition doesn’t make any sense. Does it? 

  • No Refund policy

Income school project doesn’t offer any refund policy or money-back guarantee. So anyone not liking the course will get their money wasted. However, Wealthy Affiliate offers a starter package for free without any cost and no credit card required.

Is it worth joining?

There is no doubt the income School Project 24 is a legit training program. Jim and Ricky, at their best, provide their students a lot of value. But still, there are many loopholes in the training course.

Although they don\’t recommend keyword tools, you are definitely going to need them to speed your success. It\’s going to cost you a lot of money with all the tools needed. However, if you love their strategy and money is not a problem for you, you can join Project 24. But If you are short in budget, Wealthy Affiliates is the best option for you, as it also covers the cost of a premium keyword tool.

Alternative to Income school project 24

Wealthy affiliates are my top suggestion to everyone who wants to build an online business through affiliate marketing

The course is easy to learn and pays attention to all the factors essential for ranking. It offers free website hosting and domain registration that makes it less costly than Project 24. 

It also provides free access to a premium keyword tool that can cost $19 monthly.  But if you are looking for another alternative to make money online.

You can sign up with and learn how to make money in the Forex Markets. For also need to consider the risk appetite in this business model.

Of course, they are a lot of money to be made and Forex Signal will teach you how to minimize that risk and trade like a pro.

Income School Project 24 Review – Final Verdict

I presented all the facts and insights of Income school project 24. Not relying on keyword analysis tools and backlinking can delay the chances of your success in building a sustainable online business.

However, My Top Recommendation provides you with everything needed to establish a stable income business. With all facts in front of you, now it’s your turn to decide if you want to join income school project 24 or not.

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