Inboxdollars Frequently Asked Questions

Inboxdollars FAQ — 17 Most Frequently Questions

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This is Inboxdollars FAQ I have decided to answer the 17 Most Frequently Questions about

The online world has a lot of buzzes maybe you recently hear about or someone told you that you can make money with or save money.

I recently reviewed the website in more detail and how it works.

You can check out my complete Inboxdollars review this will help you to make an informed decision if you want to sign up with this website and earn money online.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. What is Inboxdollars all about?

Inboxdollars is an online rewarding program or GPT (Get Paid To) website that reward user for completing different tasks online.

You can sign up for free and start earning cash and you can get paid by taking online surveys, reading emails, completing offers and you can even get your cashback by shopping online

2. How Inboxdollars works?

Inboxdollars work as the middleman between brands and consumers.

Different brands have partnered with Inboxdollars.

They want their products and services to reach the consumer to get a different opinion on different products and services that will help them to modify, innovate or improve their products and services by collecting data through their online surveys.

3. What is the Inboxdollars app?

Inboxdollars App is an application that facilitates users to access different tasks on the phone from anywhere.

Earn cash and get paid for your everyday online activities with the Inboxdollar App. It’s free to download the app and start earning online.

4. What does Inboxdollars do?

Inboxdollars connect brands with consumers. Some brands want to test their products before putting them into the market.

You will find different products to test and get paid. Market Research companies need to conduct marketing research to collect data and understand the buying behaviour.

They will set series of questions to answer (surveys). You will be paid for a different activity that you do with Inboxdollars.

5. When does Inboxdollars pay you

Inboxdollars pay you whenever you reach your payment threshold for the first payment is $30 and afterwards, you can request your payment whenever you reach $10 or more. The payment process takes 3- 5 working days.

6. Where is Inboxdollars based out of?

Inboxdollars is based in the USA in Minnesota, with offices just outside of St. Paul. That may be the reason why they only allow users from the USA to signup with Inboxdollars.

If you want to earn some extra income but are not from the USA you can try out SurveyTimeTimebucks and Swagbucks.

7. How does Inboxdollars pay

Once you reach $30 you can request your payment by select Request Payment in the user area. This is just for the first payment the second payment can be $10.00 or higher.

Inboxdollars has different payment methods they pay users via Gift Card, Check, PayPal and Visa. You can choose whichever payment you feel comfortable with

8. How to delete Inboxdollars account?

Users can cancel the account anytime by clicking Cancel Account under the My Account in the user area. If a user cancels the Account, they will also be deemed to cancel all their Cash in their Account and referrals.

9. How much does Inboxdollars pay to watch videos

You get paid around $0.30 — $0.60 per day watching videos. Some video pays $0.01 for 20 to 30 seconds video you will need to watch a lot of them to make $0.3 per day.

10. Why was my Inboxdollars account deactivated

Inboxdollars can be deactivated if you remain inactive for 6 months and your account can also be deactivated if you violated the terms and conditions that include suspicious activities, frauds and account duplication.

11. who owns Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is own by Daren Cotter the CEO. But it is managed by Protege LLC American online marketing, consumer polling, and market research company that manage other rewarding websites including Swagbucks, MyPoints, ShopAtHome, InboxDollars, CouponCause, Ysense, and Upromise

12. Are Inboxdollars and Swagbucks the same?

Both are rewarding websites manage by the same company called Protege LLC.

However, Inboxdollars is available in the USA only. Swagbucks is available worldwide. All most the same tasks that you find in Inboxdollars you can find in Swagbucks

13. Is Inboxdollars legit

Yes, Inboxdollars is a very legit website that was around since 2000 and they have payout over $60 million in cash, PayPal and Gift cards to their user.

If you want a share of this reward you can sign up today and start earning.

14. Is Inboxdollars worth it

This question can be tricky but I like the way Inboxdollars emphasized on their website that you can not get rich complete those tasks.

For every task that you complete you can earn near $0.01 to $5 per task. But the amount of time that someone can put in to earn $15 to $50 per month is not worth it.

The same amount of time if you invest it in building your affiliate marketing business you can make a lot of money.

This Affiliate Marketing Case Study shows how people are making a decent income online

15. Is Inboxdollars Safe and Trustworthy

Yes, Inboxdollars is a safe to use and trustworthy website. You can also download the application and start completing surveys on your phone and doing different tasks.

However, Inboxdollars will share your email with other third parties. Beware of receiving different email promoting and other offers.

16. Is Inboxdollars available in the Philippines

Inboxdollars is USA based company that allows only people from the USA to sign up and earn cash.

So it is not available in the Philippines.

If you are looking for a rewarding website and earn cash online you can try out YsenseSurveytimeTimebucks and Swagbucks they are almost available in every country.

17. Can Inboxdollars pay through PayPal

Yes, Inboxdollars can pay you through PayPal. For me, this is the best payment method online and Inboxdollars process the payment to PayPal within 3 working days.

InboxDollars FAQ — Final Thought

In this Inboxdollars FAQ, I have answered the most popular question about This is one of the oldest rewarding websites that you can sign up for free and start earning few bucks online.

This way of earning is very quick but it can also be a waste of time if you want to make decent money online. By the way, this website is only available for people from the USA.

YsenseSurveytimeTimebucks and Swagbucks are almost available in every country..

If you want to make passive income without taking surveys or wasting time in Inboxdollars. You can check out My Top Recommendation platform and learn how to build a revenue website with few clicks.

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