Goldenclix Review: Is It Worth The Hype Or Not?

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Welcome to My Goldenclix Review, I have been analysing the Goldenclix website and their earning opportunities for a while.

I have spent more than 10 hours searching the internet and analysing Goldenclix’s proof of payment to give my reader an unbiased Goldenclix review.

Is Goldenclix worth your time? Is the site legit or a scam?

This Goldenclix Review will answer all those questions. In effect, I will cover:

  • What is the Goldenclix is all about
  • Goldenclix earning opportunities
  • Their earnings system
  • If the Goldenclix is worth it
  • The alternative to Goldenclix
  • Goldenclix frequently asked questions

Without further ado let’s get started…

When you first come across Goldenclix, you are introduced to a world of Pay-To-Click (PTC) opportunities.

PTC sites are online platforms where you can earn money simply by clicking advertisements and completing small tasks or offers.

Goldenclix has been around since 2013 and it is a sister website of Silverclix which I have reviewed too

The idea behind those platforms is straightforward!

Advertisers pay the site to display their ads, and part of that payment is passed on to you, the viewer, for your engagement.

Goldenclix presents itself as one of these platforms, promising an easy way to earn extra cash.

As a newcomer to the site, the concept may seem appealing.

Essentially, you are invited to make money in the comfort of your home, with the simple action of a mouse click.

But is all that glitter gold?

My first interactions with Goldenclix revealed a mix of curiosity and scepticism.

On the face of it, the site offers a straightforward proposition: sign up, click ads, and start earning.

But as many of us know, when something sounds too good to be true, it often is.

With the promise of earning money so easily, it’s important to ask: what’s the catch?

In the next section, I will jump into the various ways you can earn on Goldenclix.

Beyond just clicking ads, the site offers several other activities meant to boost your earning potential.

However, it’s critical to evaluate whether these opportunities genuinely lead to substantial earnings or if they merely serve as a façade for a more intricate play of numbers that may not be in your favour.

Goldenclix Earning Opportunities: More Than Just Clicks

When you peel back the curtain on Goldenclix, you will find an array of ways to earn, setting it apart from the run-of-the-mill PTC site.

Sure, the foundational method is clicking ads, but there’s more to the story.

You will come across various tasks ranging from participating in surveys, completing offers, and even joining contests.

Each activity translates into cents tucked into your account balance.

Let’s examine each task and how much you will get paid.

Click Ads

On that view ads tab, you will find 11 different categories of Ads to click starting from Goldenclix ads to Offers4all PTC Ads.

Offers4all is another paid-to-click platform that promotes his business inside the Goldenclix platform.

With clicking ads  you will earn  $0.0003 per click which means you have to click 10,000 ads per day to earn $3.0

Goldenclix Paid Ads

To earn a bit more per click you need to upgrade your membership which start from $4.99 up to $800.

I would not advise you to upgrade your membership since there is not guarantee that you get your money back or break even.

Paid Surveys

On the surveyearns tab you will find different survey prodivers where the offer surveys, offerwall and Paid game.

You will earn from completing 5 to 15 minutes surveys and the payout is around $0.14 to $0.45

Goldenclix Paid Surveys

Goldenclix pay very little money than Surveytime which you can earn a dollar per survey.

I do not understand since Goldenclix is middleman between survey providers and users.

There is also offerwall on Surveyearn where you can earn money just by signing up with some websites or downloading apps.

There are more opportunities to earn money with Goldenclix you can earn from playing games to flip the coin.

All of those earning opportunities paid very little and I do not want to bore you with those details.

Once you reach your payment threshold of $0.15 you can writhdrall your money to Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoins, AirTM, or

Referral Program

Referral program is the best way to increase your earnings with Goldenclix specially if the people you refer to this platform become active users.

As free member (wooden) you will earn 35% of your referral earnings.

Therefore if you upgrate your membership you can earn up to 250% of your referral earnings.

That looks like a big deal but remember some one have to click 10,000 ads per day to earn $3.0 which can be discouraging.

Let’s stack Goldenclix up against its competitors.

As far as offerings go, it’s on par with what you would typically see elsewhere – that’s the baseline.

But is the baseline good enough?

That’s the question I keep coming back to.

If you are going to spend your time on a PTC site, it’s only wise to ensure your time spent bears fruit, or in this case, reasonable profit.

Quantifying the ‘reasonable’ in profits without an upgraded membership is where things get sticky.

On paper, the prospect of earning a little extra cash for minimal effort seems appealing.

However, the reality is, that without ascending through the site’s membership levels, your earnings might just remain spare change.

This might lead you to ask whether staying at the basic level is akin to leaving money on the table.

An in-depth look into this is what I aim to provide in the subsequent section.

The ‘Spend More, Earn More’ Mechanism: A Closer Look

At the core of Goldenclix’s earning system lies the notion of spending money to potentially accelerate earnings – a common concept across many PTC sites.

For users enticed by the platform’s promises, this investment strategy can raise some red flags.

When it comes to upgrading membership, Goldenclix presents several tiers, each with a cost attached.

Goldenclix Membership levels

Higher tiers promise greater earning rates and benefits, but the initial investment might not always justify the returns, especially for those new to the site.

Here’s my frank assessment: if you are exploring a platform to make money, being urged to spend your hard-earned cash to earn more can seem counterintuitive.

It begs the question of whether the platform is designed more to monetize from its user base rather than to empower it financially.

I can’t help but weigh in with my view of time as a commodity.

When you are exchanging substantial time or money on PTC sites, it’s critical to consider alternatives where your time could be more lucratively invested.

It’s time to assess if your efforts in clicking and investing could deliver the monetary results you aspire to.

Time vs. Money: Efficient Ways to Earn Online

When I scrutinize how we earn money online, the value of time becomes glaringly apparent.

We all have just 24 hours in a day, so I firmly believe in maximizing the value of every hour spent working.

With Goldenclix, you are essentially trading a considerable amount of time for a relatively small return.

Although Goldenclix offers various tasks, I have noted that the time investment does not match the earning potential when compared to other online platforms.

Sites like Surveytime and Timebucks tend to provide more substantial rewards for time spent on their respective tasks.

Now, Surveytime is noteworthy for its straightforward task-to-payment process, often delivering instant rewards upon task completion.

Timebucks, in parallel, offers a wider array of activities, ranging from surveys to watching videos, and even using TikTok.

You can also sign up with those website below to increase your earnings online

SurveyTime$3 to $5 per
Timebucks$2 to $4 per
Ysense$2 to $3.5 per
Swagbucks$2 To $3 per
Paidviewpoint$1.5 To $3 per

I assess that your time, a non-renewable resource, is better invested in platforms where the return is more significant.

It requires strategy and selecting where to dedicate your efforts, especially when considering long-term financial goals.

In moving forward, this perspective naturally leads to the consideration of alternatives that can yield a meaningful income for less time investment, one of which I will explain in the next section.

Exploring Alternatives: The Road to Passive Income

It’s clear by now that if you are aiming for a significant online income, GoldenClix might not be the stop you want to make.

Yes, you could earn some cash there, but it’s a long road filled with low returns for precious time spent.

Turning our gaze elsewhere, stepping into the realm of affiliate marketing opens doors to a world of potential passive income.

Unlike PTC sites, affiliate marketing doesn’t require your constant click-work; it’s about a smart, strategic setup that can earn you money while you are doing other things – maybe even while you sleep.

Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate serve as launchpads for aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

They offer tools, training, and community support to help you build an online business.

The investment here is upfront in terms of learning and setting up; after that, the income generated can be much more sustainable and significant compared to the pennies earned on PTC sites.

Goldenclix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some frequently asked questions on Goldenclix include how to earn more referrals, how to increase daily earnings, and how to cash out earnings.

If you have read this Goldenclix review until here you do not have to worry about those questions

Let me answer those questions I found repeatedly during my research

How much money can you earn with Goldenclix?

The amount you can earn with Goldenclix may vary depending on how much time you dedicate to clicking on ads and completing other tasks.

Some users report earning anywhere from a few dollars to $10 per month.

The key to maximizing your earnings with Goldenclix is to consistently log in each day, complete as many tasks as possible, and refer friends to the platform to earn commissions on their earnings

Is Godenclix real or fake?

The reality is that Godenclix, like many other websites or online platforms claiming to offer easy ways to make money, is often met with scepticism and doubts regarding its legitimacy.

While some users may claim to have earned money through Godenclix, there is also a significant amount of feedback suggesting that the platform may not be as reliable as it presents itself to be.

Let me assure you that that not a scam since I have seen many Goldenclix proofs of payment.

Goldenclix Review – Final Thoughts

Goldenclix is a popular paid-to-click (PTC) platform that has generated mixed reviews in the online earning community.

While some users praise its user-friendly interface and reliable payout system, others criticize its low pay rates and lack of available tasks.

After conducting thorough research, analysing the website and reviewing user feedback, it is safe to say that Goldenclix may not live up to the hype for everyone.

Despite its potential for earning some extra cash, users should manage their expectations and be prepared for the possibility of limited earning opportunities.

Additionally, some users have reported technical issues and delays in receiving payments, which may deter potential new users from joining the platform.

Therefore, if you think Goldenclix is your deal breaker you can also check out My Top Recommendation for step-by-step training on how to earn passive income with Affiliate Marketing

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