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FU Money Review 2021 by Dan Lok- Is It Really A Piece of Crap?

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Welcome to my unbiased FU Money Review 2021. Did you ever want to give your opinion so badly but were afraid that people’s reactions might hurt your life?

Do you often suppress the urge to say ‘no’ to your unfairly demanding boss because you fear that you might end up losing your job and money?

If yes, FU Money is the antidote to all your fears.

FU Money gives you the privilege of enjoying your desired lifestyle without anyone’s assistance. 

So, who doesn’t love FU Money?

No one. Right?

You can get FU money through many offline and online ways.  Well, to our luck, Dan Lok wrote a book disclosing secrets to get FU Money.

But is it really worth reading? How much it helps you get close to earning FU Money?

Read on to know about the detailed review of FU Money and the pros and cons. 

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What is FU Money

Until now, you have no idea what F.U money is all about right? According to lifehacker.com FU money is defined as: 

Any amount of money allowing infinite perpetuation of wealth necessary to maintain a desired lifestyle without needing employment or assistance from anyone

Dan Lok claims to show you the way to make FU Money through this book. He teaches you the importance of mindsets and limiting beliefs that hold you back from getting your desired lifestyle. 

The book is about believing in yourself and encouraging you to do whatever it takes to get FU money. The book is more like a bitter truth where Dan Lok emphasized readers take responsibility for their failures instead of blaming others. 

But if you think the book is only about it. Stop fooling yourself. I would call this book a lead magnet because you will be invited to visit the webpage after turning the pages. On the web page, they will make sure you get enrolled in Dan’s free master class. 

And here is the actual purpose of this book: you will be invited to join his High Ticket closer course that roughly costs $2495.

That’s the end of his sales funnel. Before we get into the summary of a book, let\’s have a close look at the man behind F.U. money. 

Who is Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a self-made billionaire. He grew up in Hong Kong with his mother and father, enjoying his childhood until his parents divorced.

\"TheAfter that, he and his mother were on their own. That was the time when this man took the lead and started experimenting with different ideas.

At the age of 21, he was in debt of $150,000. It must have been tough for a 21-year college dropout to survive.

But he did. His life took a turn when he met with a man named Alan Jacques.

To keep the story short, Dan learned to write copy, started an advertising agency, and earned his first significant profit with the assistance of Alan.

At the age of only 27, he was an eight-figure entrepreneur. And until now, he has written 12 books. Inspirational!

FU Money Book Summary

Dan Lok didn’t write this book for sweethearts and kind people. He used harsh language that can easily piss off sensitive people. Dan Lok is going to push you constantly if you read the book. There are exercises at the end of each chapter that will force you to take some action or change your perspective. 

However, the book contains four parts that discuss the attitude and mindset needed to get F.U money, so let’s get into the details. 

1. FU Money lifestyle 

By the term ‘F.U. Money,’ Dan Lok means financial freedom where you no longer need to please and worry about anyone. It’s enough is enough number when actually money no longer matters. You can enjoy your holiday abroad without worrying about running short of money. 

\"SummaryDan Lok describes the reason you are not making FU Money and the time you need to put in.

It’s simple because you don’t know the value of your time. Calculate how much money you want to make a year, and calculate the worth of your single hour.

For example, it’s $100 per hour.  Make someone else do your work for less money, say $20. 

It will let you enjoy the freedom otherwise, your focus would be just on money rather than enjoying your life. 

2. Myths

This part of the book describes the 8 myths which are fed to us by traditional society. These are the myths that keep us away from reaching our goal of getting FU Money. 

  • Money can’t buy happiness

Money can’t buy happiness. It’s such a manipulative statement that lets people believe they should not be striving to get money.

\"FUAs per Don Lok, money translates into the freedom to do whatever your heart desires.

It buys you time for personal growth and freedom to pursue your happiness. He shared the moments from his personal life when his father was suffering from a stroke.

At that time, he had already failed many business ventures. He couldn’t visit his sick father because of a lack of money.

At that moment, he decided he would not allow himself again to fall into a situation like that. In conclusion, money can buy happiness that what Dan Lok claims. In the FU Money Book

  • Rich people are assholes

Well, there is a common misconception that rich people are a brat. However, as per Dan Lok, money only amplifies the personality of a man.

He used the examples of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to present that this myth has nothing to do with reality. 

A nice person can get nicer by getting money while a jerk by getting money will become a bigger jerk. 

  • You can afford to wait

Can you afford to wait and get rich by the time you are old? Is this what you want from life? The life of an average man is 70 years.

Minus 20 years when you are still a baby, and the time you wasted. You hardly got 10-15 years to get your FU Money in which you will repeatedly fail and start again. 

  • You are lucky to be rich

It is the myth we all have believed. Well, by luck, you may win a lottery, but you will never develop skills to stay rich. And you will eventually lose your money bought by luck.

Dan Lok describes one-third of lottery winners get bankrupt within five years of winning. So you don’t get rich by luck; you must earn the right to be rich. 

  • You have to be a cheapskate

Well, many of us are inspired by the idea of a tight budget to get a glimpse of FU Money one day. But the idea is insane to Dan Lok. He emphasized enjoying money while on the way to grow your FU business.  

  • You have to get rich slow

There is a common misconception that getting rich quickly involves some kind of illegal activity. But in actuality, there are many ways to earn money shortly.

Rich people are entrepreneurs who invest. Don encourages readers to stop wasting time and use one of the short methods to get FU Money to live your desired lifestyle

  • You have to work hard to make money

You don’t always have to work hard to get FU Money. Most of the time you are required to work smart to rock your world. 


Once you used the time and worked hard to develop the skills to bring your FU Money in.

Dan Lok encourages readers to make easy money by selling and promoting products on websites. 

This what you can do as Affiliate Marketer and in My affiliate Marketing Case Study.

I have shown how people make passive income online by promoting other people products and services.

This method can help you to make FU Money and people are making 5 to 6 figure income with Affiliate Marketing.

  • You have to be perfectly ready

Don’t wait to be perfectly ready, because you will never be. How is it possible to know something even before trying?

Dan Lok tells a story of a man who is asked to run a marathon race in a year without any training. The man prepares only by putting on his running shoes and running. He will figure out the rest as he runs. 

2. FU Money Mindset

A proper mindset is what makes it possible for you to get FU Money. As per Dan Lok, you can’t make FU Money if you can’t control your emotions.

You should be deaf to the advice from strangers and your loved ones to get your desired lifestyle. This kind of arrogance will let you overcome the pressures, discouragements, and self-doubt.

It will help you to keep your spirits high. Dan Lok says completing your daily income goals should be a priority. Without setting daily income goals, you would soon be out of track with your goals.

Dan Lok pushes the reader to think beyond conventional wisdom as it is baseless coming after generations after generations with no practicality. And many of the rich men didn’t follow the traditional ways while making their fortune.

3. FU Money Business

Here Dan Lok describes the reason why people can’t make their FU Money. They get easily tricked by the latest money-making scheme, which puts them far from reaching their goal.

He also presents the 9 characteristics of an ideal business, which almost resonates with elements of online business. Dan Lok also gives the reader 7 tips to replicate his successful business online.

He favours the idea of using the time and resources of others to create your unique method to sell. 

FU Money Pros and Cons


  •  Exercises at the end of each chapter

These exercises at the end of each chapter can be helpful to people who need a push to take some action. These exercises may help someone to define their goal or change their business perspective. 

  • Easy to read

Well, it’s a long book but it’s easy to read. If you are used to the way Dan talks, you will find it fun to read and easily digest the information. 


  • May put off some people 

Well, Dan Lok used solid ideas, but some readers might find it offensive. Any book that is written on getting the desired lifestyle should appeal to the masses. But this book is not for the faint-hearted person who is easily offended. 

  • Not actionable 

Without being biased, I agree that this book is helpful in motivating people to take action. What after motivation if they don’t know what to do?

This book doesn’t present any actionable strategies to get your FU Money unless you sign up for his high ticket course that costs $2,495.

If you want t take action and make FU Money you can check My Top Recommendation platform to learn how to get close to your FU Money. 

  • Pursue you to join the high priced course

The whole purpose of writing this book is to make you craved for more. You will ultimately be invited to join a high ticket closer course that costs you $2495.

You can easily take any other high-quality courses/programs at less cost. You can also join Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to make money online. You can also sign up for the 10 free lessons to understand the process of making money online without buying and products.

Actionable alternatives to Dan Lok

Here are some of my recommendations that practically teach you step by step how to make FU Money. Wealthy Affiliate is an online institute that teaches people how to do the internet and affiliate marketing the right way.

It will not only motivate you, but you will get all the tools and learn all that is needed to start making FU Money.

You will learn how to choose your niche, find products that sell like hot cake and make passive income with your laptop and internet connection. By putting all of your struggles and joining multiple affiliate programs, you can easily earn FU Money in a short time. 

There is also another alternative if you are thinking of getting your FU Money. Forex Signals can be the best alternative if are interested in Forex Market. It provides you with the best signals, mentorship, different strategies, and everything you need to succeed in forex trading. 

FU Money Review – Final Thoughts

FU Money Book is suitable for those who lack the motivation to struggle for FU Money. The exercises at the end of each chapter may prove a kick start to your business, forcing you to take the first step. 

But if you ever heard his ted talk, then there is no need to buy it. You will get all in the book by listening to his ted talk. Further, this book doesn’t present any actionable steps, which makes it just an okay book.

I would encourage you to check My Top Recommendation to learn how to get FU money with the Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Your FU Money Review and Achievement

have you read the FU Money book by Dan Lok? Please share your experience with this book whether good or bad it does not matter as long as it is helpful to the reader. One last question what are your plans to achieve your FU Money and escape the rat race of 9 to 5 job?

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