Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero Review – Is The Course Worth It In (New Update)

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Welcome to my unbiased Commission Hero Review.

Are you confused about purchasing a membership of the Commission Hero Course?

I understand it is difficult to trust online courses in the world of fake gurus.

This fact encourages me to review every affiliate marketing training course online. 

I spent hours researching and analyzing the Commission Hero training course.

In this Commission Hero Review, I will cover: 

  • What’s inside the commission hero
  • If Commission Hero is legit or a scam
  • If the Commission Hero is worth the cost
  • Why does the Commission Hero face criticism? 
  • Who should buy Commission Hero? 
  • Alternatives to Commission Hero

Without further ado let get started…

Commission Hero Review
  • EASY


Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing course that teaches how to make money online with paid traffic.

Robby Blanchard entire focus is on how to make money with Facebook Ads. But there is pros and cons to Facebook ads. The pros it helps you to generate leads fast and the cons you have to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads with the risk of your Facebook account being banned.

The course cost $977 once off or $597 two time payment. There is also some upsells including the Facebook Ads budget. Therefore, not everyone can afford this course and you can not build a successful business focusing on paid traffic only. If you are serious about starting your Affiliate Marketing business you should learn how to generate organic traffic (free traffic) and paid traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform to start your training and it offers Freemium membership and you can also upgrade to premium membership for $49 per month.

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What is Commission Hero? 

Commission hero is an online course that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. 

It is focused on getting affiliate revenue by promoting the product through paid advertisements. 

Here is the introduction of commission hero from its sales page:

\"Introduction Introduction of Commission Hero from its sales page

Robby Blanchard, the creator of this course, claims you can make up to $1000 per day using his strategies. He also makes a bold statement that you don’t need prior experience to get your hands on Affiliate Marketing.

In fact, he also states that you can start earning 6 figures online within 30 days. By the above claims, the Commission Hero gives the vibes of a quick rich overnight scheme.

Let’s find out, are these claims really true?

But before that, let\’s meet the man behind the Commission Hero. 

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard grew up in Massachusetts. He did his graduation in exercise sciences and earned an MBA degree afterwards.

He opened his gym and soon started advertising it on Facebook. 

\"Robby Founder of Commission Hero: Robby Blanchard

Stunned by the results, he decided to step into the world of affiliate marketing. He promoted multiple products on ClickBank and earned millions of dollars.

In the contest of ClickBank Jan 2019, he was labelled as the top affiliate of ClickBank. And soon, he launched commission hero in early 2019. 

Robby revealed that he had already made over $1.8 million in just 4 months with Clickbank affiliate commissions. No doubt, Robby is a successful Affiliate Marketer.

But is he also good at teaching affiliate marketing? 

Let find out…

How does Commission Hero work?

Commission Hero is all about making money with affiliate marketing through paid advertisement. If you follow all the strategies Robby teaches in his course, the process looks likes this: 

  • Select someone’s product on ClickBank to promote
  • Create a landing page to promote an affiliate product
  • Create Facebook ads that lead visitors to a landing page
  • Customers purchase the product through your affiliate link, and you get a commission. 

The above steps describe the basic overview. In fact, your Facebook ad account is likely to shut down multiple times. 

What’s inside the Commission Hero? 

Commission Hero offers training in video and text format. It also includes done-for-you landing pages, an active Facebook community and limited-time bonuses. 

Here are some of  the topics Robby covered in his course

  • Find the right product to promote on Clickbank

Clickbank is the favourite platform of Robby to select offers. Other than that, he also used Max Web, A4d and offer spotlight to choose products.

In this section, he will reveal the strategies he used in selecting the right product. 

  • Getting started with Facebook accounts

In this module, Robby will teach you: 

  1. How to launch your first campaign? 
  2. How to set up your fan page and ads? 
  3. How to create a custom audience? 
  • Creating a million-dollar landing page

Landing pages are vital to convert visitors into customers. Robby teaches to create landing pages with Clickfunnels. The other alternative he suggests is PHP.

  • Dealing with ad account shutdown

I am glad that Robby at least acknowledged the problem and presented the solution in his course. However, I am not satisfied with the solution as it\’s a bit frustrating. 

 The other module includes million-dollar images, tracking and scaling. 

Is Commission Hero worth the cost? 

Commission Hero is priced at a one-time payment of $997 or a two-time payment of $597. Considering the value it provides, commission hero is expensive.  

Further, relying on paid traffic for affiliate marketing is going to burn your hard-earned money. Keep in mind; there are hidden costs and upsells too.

There are many alternatives to Commission Hero that cover affiliate marketing in more detail and teach how to generate organic traffic (free traffic).

You can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for 10 free lessons on how to build a niche website and make money with Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Commission Hero Pros and Cons


  • Robby simplifies the content

It’s difficult for beginners to understand the complex techniques of affiliate marketing. But Robby makes sure it is easier for beginners to digest the information.

For example, I was impressed by how he explained Facebook ad policies in his course in a simplified way.

  • Successful testimonials

The best thing about commission hero is students are getting results until their account gets banned from Facebook. 

The testimonials on the sales page of the commission hero are pretty impressive. So it’s true that commission can help you make $1000 per day.

But, it doesn’t necessarily mean a profit margin of $1000 per day.

Don’t forget that you are paying for advertisement ads and other things too. The more money you spend on ads, the more money you will make.

Here is the comment of a commission hero student under one of the youtube videos. 

\"The The comment of commission hero user on a youtube video

  • Active Facebook Community

The Facebook community of Commission Hero is active and supportive. At the time of writing this article, there are 10.4K members in the group.

On average, 30 posts are approved in the group per day. Most of the members’ queries are heard. Even Robby, himself, sometimes responds to the questions. 


  • Facebook add account shut down

By following the strategies Robby teaches, your Facebook account is likely to be shut down or banned. Robby talks about the issue in the course.


It happens because Facebook doesn’t approve ads that directly link to affiliate offers. Robby teaches his students to link the ad to the landing page where customers click on affiliate links.

But still, the problem of banned ad accounts is common among students of commission heroes. 

So if you are wondering what happens next, the process looks like this: 

  1. You would try to get your Fb ad account back. 
  2. In case of failure, you would end up using someone else\’s account or creating another Facebook ad account. 

Remember, Facebook algorithms are getting smarter every day. It can track you from your IP address. It can be annoying to create an account again and again.

 Honestly, you can’t concentrate on building your brand when facing these headaches constantly. 

  • Focused on ClickBank

It makes sense Robby teaches to promote products from Clickbank. As a trainer of the course, he should be more aware of the risks. But he is not! 

As I said in  Affilorama Review, Clickbank is dying and is full of scammy products. It has lost its glory. It sounds weird to learn how to promote questionable products from ClickBank for $997.

Doesn’t it? 

  • No Refund policy

In the past, commission heroes used to offer a refund policy. But many users complain of difficulty in getting refunds. The terms and conditions of the refund policy were also shady. For example, you can only get a refund after the year of purchase within only 7 days. 

But now, Robby clearly declared there would be no refunds. Better!

\"No No Refund Policy offered by Commission Hero

  • Hidden cost

You would not be spending money ($997) only to purchase the course, but you would end up paying for: 

  • Clickfunnel: $97 per month
  • Click magic: $27 per month
  • Aweber: $29 per month

As per commission hero, the daily cost of Facebook ads is $10-$20

For the month, it would be $300-$600.

After you join the commission hero, Robby would also pitch you for another upsell, the inner circle. It costs $297 per month. 

  • No training on free SEO

The other affiliate marketing courses worth $997 covers almost all aspects of affiliate marketing. But Robby missed a lot. He doesn\’t even teach free training on SEO to get traffic for free. 

Who should join Commission Hero? 

Well, Someone who has a big budget to spend money on Facebook ads. But if you are still looking, here is the answer. 

  • If you are willing to spend a lot of money even before getting revenue. 
  • If shutting down your Facebook ad account does not trouble you. 
  • If you can afford this course for $997. 

But if you want to build a niche website and you are willing to put in some effort and build a relationship with your audience you can check out My Top Recommendation platform.

Better yet you can start your free training without providing your credit card information.

Is Commission Hero a scam or legit? 

Commission hero is not a scam, as it provides you access to the training material. But I don’t consider it valuable for $997. You can find most of the stuff he teaches you for free. 

Shutting down Facebook ad accounts, again and again, makes me hesitant to recommend this program. Find the best alternatives to Commission Hero in the upcoming section. 

Alternatives to Commission Hero

If you are looking for a less expensive course that provides a lot of value and actually build successful Affiliate Marketing from scratch.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 top recommendation Affiliate Marketing course that gives training and tools to build a niche website and make a lot of commissions online. 

You can also check out  Wealthy Affiliate members who are making 5 to 6 figure income in this Affiliate Marketing Case Study.

Unlike Commission hero, WA teaches how to generate paid and unpaid traffic. You can even get access to keyword research tools for free.

It also offers hosting,  web build and side domain services for free. 

If you are more interested in Forex trading this can be another alternative Affiliate Marketing and Commission Hero.

You can sign up with and learn how to make money in the financial market. 

Commission Hero Review – Final Verdict

Commission Hero can be a good platform to learn how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing by running Facebook Ads.

But you will need to have a big budget for this course and save some money for Facebook Ads. I also do not think you can run a profitable business focus on paid traffic only.

Commission Hero would be a good course if there was no problem of shutting down Facebook ad accounts.

Further, the price doesn’t justify the value it brings to the table. You can try out Wealthy Affiliates which is the #1 recommendation and also an alternative to Commission hero, as it provides more value with less price. 

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