Affilorama Review 2021: More Reasons Not to Buy This Course

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Welcome to my Affilorama review for 2021. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

If you wish to make money with affiliate marketing, there are many affiliate marketing training courses out there from where you can learn. 

Some of the courses are worth the praise, while others don’t live up to the hype. Unfortunately, Affilorama falls in the latter category.

After spending a lot of time researching, I present to you all the facts about Affilorama.

In this Affilorama Review I will cover:

  • What is Affilorama all about
  • The background  of Affilorama founder
  • How good is Affiloram training
  • Is Affilorama legit or a scam
  • Programs and tools offered by Affilorama
  • Pricing 
  • Alternatives to Affilorama

Without further ado let get started…

Affilomara Review
  • EASY


Affilorama is an affiliate marketing education and community website on the internet. The main focus is to teach affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), niche market research, website building, content creation, email marketing and social media.

Unfortunately, you can not build a successful Affiliate Marketing business with what you learn from Mark Ling. Some of the pieces of training are not up to date.

I am pretty sure Mark Ling focus is not Affilomara. It is not active on its social media and the youtube channel is stuck with few subscribers and the last video update was 6 years ago.

If you to learn how to build a successful Niche website and make passive income with your laptop from anywhere in the world.

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What is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an online educational platform that offers various tools and programs to help people succeed in affiliate marketing. This Newzealand based company was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade. 

Here is the intro of Affilorama from its website: 


Affilorama provides free and premium training, which I will be reviewing in the upcoming section. It has done quite well since it was founded. To date, it has got 1,008,715 members. 

Who are Mark Ling and Simon Slade? 

Mark Ling is a New Zealand-based digital entrepreneur who has been doing digital marketing since 1999. Mark has been ranked as one of the top affiliates for Clickbank.

At the age of 21, Mark earned the title of an internet millionaire. After spending a decent time researching about him, I would conclude two facts here: 

  1. He is a successful affiliate marketer. 
  2. He makes money by earning commission through affiliate marketing and creating training courses. 

Here are some of his programs: 

  • Healthy commissions
  • Profit Singularity
  • Traffic Travis
  • Pathway to passive 
  • AffiloTools
  • AffiloJetpack
  • AffiloBlueprint
  • AffiloTheme
  • Learn build earn
  • Overnight freedom
  • Manifestation miracle 

The noteworthy fact here is only a few of his courses mentioned above are available. I must say, It’s a miracle that Affilorama is live to date. 

I didn’t find his portfolio website. However, he has a Twitter account, but he is not either active there. 


Simon Slade, aside from being co-founder of Affilorama, is associated with many other companies, including:

  • Double Dot Media 
  • SaleHoo
  • Smtp2Go

 Simon regularly comments for Forbes, NZ business, and Fortune SMH. He also has appeared in many publications. 

From the screenshot below, it seems Simon also does guest blogging. 


Simon Salade, just Like Mark Ling, is not active on Twitter. However, he owns a personal website. 

What does Affilorama offer?

Affilorama offers free training and premium tools and programs. Let’s review free training first. 

Free training

Once you signed up, you will receive access to over 100 video lessons and interviews. You will also get access to affiloTools and analytics software. 

After confirming your email, you will be redirected to a page to receive a welcome gift. 


 Fact: You can access the first two chapters of this guide without even signing up. The lessons are not something fancy or advanced information.

It’s just a theory with no actionable advice. The ideal candidates for this training are people who want to know about the basics of affiliate marketing. 

Here is the list of topics Affilorama covers in free training:


In the past, many bloggers complained of the content being outdated. But at this time, it seems they are updating the content. 

In a nutshell, I didn’t find anything exceptional except a pdf of 32 pages, A quick start guide to affiliate marketing. 

If you lack time and want to get most of affilorama’s free training, I highly recommend you to go through this guide. 

Premium packages

In the past, Affilorama used to have various programs and tools to offer. But at this time, only three are being offered. 

Pathway to passive

Pathway to passive is also a guide just like a quick start guide to affiliate marketing. But considering its premium, my hopes for the pathway to passive were high. 

But I am disappointed!

Firstly, there are no video lectures, while free training includes over 100 video lessons. The content in the pathway to passive is less scattered.

But there are a lot of recommendations and claims with only fewer actionable steps.

In Pathway to passive, there are 7 chapters containing 33 lessons. Affilorama claims to cover these topics in this guide: 

  • How to find profitable products and niches? 
  • How to target the right people?
  • How to convert visitors into customers? 
  • How to create content that receives links?


Affilotools is a freemium tool. Currently, it is in the beta version, and everyone can access it for free. Affilotools helps you in:

  • Checking Backlinks 
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Checking rankings
  • Finding high-quality sites in your niche for link building

To evaluate AffiloTools, I compare the beta version of AffiloTools with the free version of ubersuggest. And here’s what I conclude:

  • AffiloTools is less efficient than other tools out there. See the screenshots below. 
  • AffiloTools (free version) limits you to 1 backlink report per day, whereas ubbersuggest lets you generate unlimited reports.

Here is the backlink analysis report from Affilotools: 


It shows 80 backlinks for

And here is the report from ubersuggest:


It reported 131 backlinks for the same site. 


AffiloJetpack claims to provide you with a system for making profitable websites. It provides you affiliate marketing template packages and an almost pre-made setup of 5 websites. 

The introduction to Affilojectpack sounds great, Right? But it’s not good as it seems to be. Here are the reasons why it’s not best among other alternatives:

    • Constantly upsells you to buy more and more 
    • Expensive 
    • No built-in commenting system (people can’t leave comments on your website: one of the factors for search engines to recognize your website)
    • Limited customizations with AffiloTheme

Pricing of Affilorama

Affilorama offers 4 membership plans that are priced as:

  • Free training: $0
  • Pathway to passive: $37
  • AffiloTools: currently free as it is in beta version
  • AffiloJetpack: $997

For getting Pathway to passive for $19, you need to buy it within three days of signing in. 

After evaluating these programs, I must say that AffiloJetPack and pathway to passive are overpriced compared to the value these bring to the table. 

You can check My Top Recommendation that is less costly and provides more value.  You can also check out the success story in this Affiliate Marketing Case Study.

Affilorama Pros and Cons


  • Money-Back guarantee

Affilorama offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on their premium products.


As far as I have researched, I didn’t encounter anyone complaining of difficulty getting a refund. Here is the review of an ex-member of Affilorama:

  • Recommend Multiple products

This is the far best thing I have noticed in Affilorama. In many other affiliate marketing training courses, instructors only recommend those products they are affiliated with. 

It leaves the audience with only a few choices to select the best one according to their requirements and budget.  However, Affilorama recommends multiple products. 

For example, In free training, Affilorama recommends two tools to generate longtail keywords.

  • Updating content

Many bloggers complained that Affilorama doesn’t update its content. And that was true. It seemed like Mark and Simon have abandoned Affilorama. 

But I am glad to know Affilorama is updating its content. 


  • Costly upsells

Affiloram offers many costly upsells. Its premium training and upsells can fairly charge you a lot of money. The upsells include: 

  1. Pathway to passive 
  2. Affilojetpack
  • Focused on Clickbank

A huge part of Affiloram’s training is attributed to Clickbank. In free and premium training, Affilorama recommends affiliate marketers to promote products from Clickbank.

For example, the free training lesson on how to choose an affiliate program only talks about one platform, Clickbank.


I won’t have any problem if Clickbank is worth recommending. But there are too many problems with Clickbank. It’s full of scammy and trashy products. It is also an outdated platform. 

  • Lack of engagement of course creators

The course instructors, Mark and Simon, are not active on Affilorama. It gives the impression they aren’t much interested in it. 

The students can’t take advice from the course creators or ask any queries. 

Is Affilorama legit or just another scam? 

The training and content inside Affiloram are not just worth the price. But, Affilorama is not a scam as it provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.   

In my good conscience, I can not recommend this program, especially when the best alternatives are present and I will compare it with Affilorama. 

Alternatives: Affilorama vs Wealthy Affiliate 

A lot of people search for the comparison between WA and Affilorama on google. Here’s what I found: 

  • The creators of the Wealthy Affiliates are far way more active than the founders of Affilorama on respective platforms.
  • The free membership of Affiloram includes less organized content. Meanwhile, the free membership of Wealthy affiliates offers access to lecture videos and 2 websites (hosting and domain). 
  • The premium training of Affilorama includes Pathway to passive and AffiloJetpack. Both are not worth the price. There are too many upsells. In comparison, Wealthy Affiliates offer video lessons with actionable knowledge. 
  • WA and Affilorma both offer their keyword tools. Affilotool is currently in a beta version and is free to use whether you are a member or not. WA offers access of Jaxy to freemium (limited access) and premium members (full access). 
  • Affilorama is priced at $1068 ($37+$997), while WA only costs you $49 per month.

Guess who the winner is?

Wealthy Affiliates! It is my recommendation for anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing with an affordable range. 

Affilorama Review – Final Verdict

Affilorama might have shone brightly at the time it was created. But at this time, it has lost its worth. Its founders are way too busy with their other affiliate products. 

However, if you are still interested in Affilorama, I encourage you to read Affilorama’s free guide to start affiliate marketing.

You can also check My Top Recommendation to get the high value for less money. 


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