VoicesAfrica Review – Scam or Legit Survey Website

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The Untold Truth About VoiceAfrica The Market Research Website

Shout VoicesAfrica let us hear your voice!!! Africa is rich with a lot of mineral resources that means money. Do you know you can also make money by completing a short survey online? Yes!!! It is not only about a mineral resource that can give you money your voice also can give you a money company like VoicesAfrica can pay you by participating in their clients market research. Yes, you hear me damn right.

I guess you have a little information about this and you are going through VoicesAfrica Review to find of it this the truth or VoicesAfrica is playing a trick with your mind, I can confirm that there is no trick or whizkid you can earn point by completing surveys on VoicesAfrica Dashboard.

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VoiceAfrica is an Online Paid Survey site and it has been around since 2000 and the reward its user with Airtime by completing surveys on their dashboard.

However, if you are looking for a way to earn money on the internet I would not recommend joining any paid survey online because of the reward Its user with a penny.

I would rather suggest you check My Best Recommendation this by far the greatest way to earn money on the internet. 

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However, everything is not pretty good about the website I have done some research and I have found the good, the bad and the ugly you will need to read this VoicesAfrica Review carefully until the end you have to know this before you become a user.

Therefore, VoicesAfrica is not the only way to earn on the internet I used to Uber Eat Delivery and I said no on sweat my butt to make a living so I quit now I am earning a big commission from Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and other online stores without even leaving my house. Do you want to know how it works? Click my picture below and get up to 10 lessons for FREE

What is VoicesAfrica?

VoiceAfrica was found in 2000 and is an online market research site that connects users with companies by providing an online survey to its user for the companies to gather feedback to their market research so they can innovate their products and services. VoicesAfrica is operating by a company called Consumer Insight Africa and the headquarter in Kenya, Nairobi.

How to sign up with VoicesAfrica?

To sign up with VoicesAfrica you will need to visit their website www.voices.africa to complete the registration form and you will need to have a valid email address where you will receive a link to activate your account this process is to check whether you are human or robot. Once your account is activated you will be rewarded with 500 points just for being a user which is equal to $0.5

How does VoiceAfrica Works?

Companies like Apple, Samsung, Airline, Nokia, Huawei rely on people opinion to improve or innovate their product and service for sure you have your smartphone or your smart TV someone like me and you tell those companies how they want the phone and TV to be designed and what feature they want.

Therefore, they research company like VoiceAfrica to find people with different background to help them with the market research that why you will be completing surveys in the VoiceAfrica Dashboard for this purpose.

2 Ways To Earning with VoicesAfrica

Taking Surveys

Once you are a user of VoiceAfrica you will be invited to complete the survey online However, you won’t qualify for all the survey, your entry depends on your demographic the company are researching for every survey has a specific target market that the company need.

Survey duration is between 10 to 30 minutes and the reward is 1000 to 5000 points depending on the duration of the survey. If we do the math is 30 minutes per survey the maximum earning is 5000 points which are equal to $5 so you will be earning an average of $10 per hour despite the disqualification rate you will need to complete 4 surveys that reward you with the high amount to meet the Payment Threshold.

Invite Your Friend and Family Program

To increase your earnings you will need to invite your friends, families, cousins and your neighbors every successful user you invite you earning 500 points equal to $0.5 you much be active chief to make it happen.

However, paidviewpoint.com pays $25 for every successful friend and family you invite to the website but it might not be available in every country you can also check out ysense.com, swagbucks.com and timebucks.com their referral pays more than VoicesAfrica.

Therefore, you will be busy on Facebook Group, Twitter and LinkedIn to try to find someone interested in earning cash by taking survey anytime they have free time right? Do you know you can do the same thing by referring people to a company like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank and other online stores they will pay you much mother then online paid survey?

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Can VoiceAfrica Make you Rich?

I understand your question is pretty simple and straight forward if your purpose of joining VoicesAfrica is to replace your current income or earning a second income even maybe to fire your boss this won’t happen. VoiceAfrica will not make you rich and the sad part you can not redeem your point in cash only Airtime.

However, you can rely on My Top Recommendation and Build a Stream income but you will need to make it happen chief by going to every step by step training and mostly taking action this program is by far the best way to earn money online from the comfort of your house and if you master it you can fire your boss and be your boss by middle of the years but it not overnight success or get rich scam.

VoiceAfrica Complaints.

You have to put in mind every company has complaint no matter how quick you deliver service and product they will be something that will slip out. So it time to know VoicesAfica Complaints and decide if they are your deal-breaker shall we?

No Available Survey

There are two ways to complete surveys with VoicesAfrica, you will be invited via email once there are available surveys to complete or login the VoiceAfrica dashboard and look for the available survey. I have joined the site to check it out and it been almost a month I never get an invitation and the dashboard is dry I thought I am alone this common complaint about the site.

Survey Disqualification

Like I said on the start you won’t qualify for all the survey all depend on the demographic that companies are looking for like your gender, employment status, income household and responsibility must match with the market research otherwise you will be disqualified for the particular survey.

Poor Customer Service

As a user, you will also need to faster customer service whenever you start with anything because of your opinion count for the market research. I found a complaint from one user who is trying to redeem his point is failing and he has the training to contact the customer support no luck.

No Cash Redeem

I can afford my airtime what about you? It very unfortunate that VoicesAfrica does not understand the cash language like paidviewpoint.com, ysense.com, timebucks.com and Swagbucks.com that language you will hear by redeeming your point is airtime.

Is VoiceAfrica a Scam?`

VoiceAfrica is not scam site they have been in the business since 2000 and it looks like they are delivering good service to its client who need the market research butto  the user not everything is perfect and they are trying and I hope they will introduce the cash rewards soon.

My Conclusion About VoiceAfrica Review

I always say taking surveys is a faster way to make few bucks online and it is risk-free since you do not have to invest any money besides your time. Will I recommend someone to join any survey site? Big NO!!!

I would not recommend anyone to join VoiceAfrica or any online paid survey site I worth my time and those sites are killing time and pay users a penny I will rather recommend someone to check My Top Recommendation only if you are willing to push a bit hard to build your passive income.

But if you are looking for a quick-fix financial solution or overnight success I got nothing to recommend you and your desperation will lead you to fall in the hand of the internet Gurus I like AWOL Academy who is in the business of making money for themselves.

I guess you have much better information in this VoicesAfrica Review I hope this will help you to get what you want and make an informed decision. But if your purpose is to make money online with VoicesAfrica than you know you won’t get hard cash only airtime so do not stop here just check throughout My Recommendation you will find the big opportunity that will give you financial freedom and life the life that you always wish for.

Your Feedback Regarding My VoiceAfrica Review and your Experience

Enough will this VoicesAfrica Review is time to raise your voice in the comment section. Do you have any success story about VoicesAfrica? How to you Redeem your Point in VoiceAfrica? Is it VoiceAfrica a scam or legit? How many points you can make with VoiceAfrica? Please shout and let me hear your voice and your comment will help someone to make the right decision.

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