Is Tissa a scam?

Is Tissa a scam?

It always amazes me how many people are desperately looking for a job and they can jump into anything that they see on the internet without doing proper research.

I understand in South Africa there is a high rate of unemployment and the economy is not too good, people are desperately looking for anything to survive.

Unfortunately, the scammers know that people are desperate for employment and desperation gets the better of us.

So, they create these websites allegedly providing you with the holy grail of work at home.

But is that what you’re really looking for? Today in my TISSA Review, we are digging into a company that claims to offer jobs.

What Is TISSA?

The full name is The Income Solution South Africa started in 2004. The site claims they provide income opportunities for South Africans and Namibians.

The site clearly states they offer real income opportunities with the PROVEN success they continue saying join a registered company TODAY and achieve total Financial Freedom.

They said you can earn income by doing DATAHUB COPY & PASTE SYSTEM, MY @HOME CAREER AND SURVEY365 and they request a joining fee of R440 once off.

How Much Money Can You Make?

TISSA claims you can make money with its system from R450 – R850.00 per day. Are you serious? Then why aren’t more people doing this?

The only time you can make money with TISSA it’s only when you are completing their worksheet which is to collect emails from people by advertising false Job in GUMTREE, OLX and others free Classify Ads if someone joins you got pay R90.00.

Actually, those systems TISSA is offering are affiliate Company like PAYDOTCOM, CLICKBANK and others and to join those companies is FREE.

You can really make a lot of money if you join those affiliate company but you need proper training to be an affiliate marketing if you are interested in becoming an affiliate marketer you need to read this Wealthy Affiliate Review

Tissa Complaints

As a company, you can’t make everyone happy and it does not mean if there is too much complaint their company is doing scam but if there is too much serious complaint it comes to our attention to judge the company its legitimacy.

We know TISSA always tell its member to put some good comment on their Facebook Page and in Hello Peter to motivate others to join by seeing those comment.

False Advertisement

TISSA always give a strategy to its member how to advertise for Job so they can collect more Email to people mostly Its Data Capturing Personnel Job, Part-time Admin personnel Job and Office Clerks Job. Be aware of the job offer from Gmail, Yahoo and another email account mostly are scams.

Where TISSA got this business?

The name of those companies below belongs to one person he uses a different name to blindside people. Usually, companies are doing this to cover their tracks when one company name or brand has been ruined already.

This is where TISSA got the Idea:

  • My Data Team Jobs
  • Global Data Entry Processing
  • Worldwide Data Entry

Scarcity Tactics

I don’t know of any legitimate Company or Recruiter that pressures people into pay upfront FREE without an interview.

Basically, TISSA sends you an email every week with a new strategy to make you think that you need to hurry to get a job there.

There is no real deadline. All these tactics are used to put pressure on you to become a member.

A real Recruiter or Company will never send you a message to pressure to join the company. But marketers that are trying to sell you their products use it all the time.

So, Is TISSA Legit?

Honestly, this Company is trying to put money in their pocket. TISSA is misrepresenting a legitimate way to make money online.

It gives my business and the industry a bad name and the entire work at home Industry.

If you want to learn how to make real money online CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT HERE as a Starter Member we will give a chance to check things out until you decide to become Premium Member No Upfront Fee and not Credit require Totally FREE better yet if you do not want to upgrade to Premium Member you can remain Starter Member for a lifetime.


I would highly recommend you to avoid this company. I am very sure you will be very disappointed with what you get.

I am always looking forward to your feedback and comments. If you have any experience or comments on the company, It always welcomes in our comments section.

Until Next Time…

8 thoughts on “Is Tissa a scam?”

  1. Gerhard Boshoff

    I am a member of Legendary Marketer, since I have joined I was not able to earn any money from it. I tried to create a funnel through Click funnels. The problem I have is that after the 2 weeks free trial the monthly minimum subscription is 98 USD and I do not have 1400 ZAR to see if it really works. Therefore I have cancelled every time after the 2 weeks free trail. Is there any other platforms where one can market the affiliate programme. Also I had a problem to make a video to load on the landing page. I think that is the name of the page. Can you maybe give me guidance.

    1. Hi I understand the frustration and I tried the Legendary Marketer it did not work for me and click funnels is expensive however there is a platform for every affiliate marketer whatever level you can try it here. there are more than 1.4 million members worldwide they are willing to assist you and their training is super good.

  2. I have used Tissa for 3 years now and I still make money. No company can make you instantly rich online. You have to work to get money! The fee is not for any online work but for the support ladies that I can phone to assist me when I struggle. You need to get your facts straight! Do they know that you as a new company are slandering their name? I will be sure to let them know!

    1. Thank you for the comment. I know the inside of Tissa I used to be a member, the only time you will make money with them is only when you recruit people to join the tissa. They do not provide any job and those are fault ads. Tissa provides Affiliate Marketing training and their training is very poor they only give links to do your ads on the free classifieds website.

    2. Hi there Dora i would like to know if TISSA really works and pays as i am a young single mother needing more income could you please give me advice on joining or not.

      1. Tissa does not provide you with a job and the only time you will make money is referring people to join tissa and get a commission for R90 per person. Tissa is an affiliate marketing training which does not provide value to be successful affiliate marketer you will need to know the basics. Like having Website. You can start your free training with Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested

    3. Hallo Dorra, what kind of work do you do on Tissa? I want to do administrative work but don’t want to involve other people to become part of it.

  3. Admin you are so right I send my R440 and they refused to refund me since 2011 I think and yes you have to lie to make money give false information and I was not gonna tell people about something that hasn’t worked for me yet. So I totally agree with you

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