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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Guide to make up to $1000 per sale in commission

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
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What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing? I have seen this topic trending on Google Trend and as an Affiliate Marketer with 3+ years of experience with Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

I have decided to create this High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – The Ultimate Guide to make up to $1,000 per sale in commission.

This Ultimate Guide will help my reader to understand the concept and start their internet and affiliate marketing and make passive income from anywhere in the world.

In this High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Ultimate Guide, I will cover:

  • What is High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing all about
  • How to start Hight-Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • If the Business Model is worth it
  • The training you need to succeed in this business model
  • The pros and cons

Without further ado let get started…

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What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is the process or strategy an affiliate marketer choose or implement to promote only expensive product or service to earn high commission.

There is no wrong or right definition since there is no book that defines High Ticket Affiliate Marketing all depend on your understanding and the concept. define it as “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing as a technique that gives huge profit on fewer sales”


This is the best strategy affiliate marketers can implement to increase revenue online.

It breaks my heart to see some affiliate marketers only focus on low ticket affiliate marketing as promoting amazon products that cost $9.99 that payout up 10% in commission.

You will need to sell hundreds or thousands of those items to make $1,000 in commission.

The waste part I have seen is some are promoting online survey websites also known as GPT (Get Paid To Website).

As beginners will all start to promote those websites.

As soon you realise that the energy you invest to promote those low high affiliate marking and what you can in return is not worth it.

Then you will move to something more profitable. I am still promoting those websites until now.

But it is just a strategy to educate my audience and show them where the money is. This business model is about educating and helping people.

Therefore, if you are here reading this article maybe you have seen my review and it leads you here that means my strategy works and if you follow everything in this guide and take action.

You will increase your online revenue in no time.

How does high affiliate marketing work?

Most people think high ticket affiliate marketing is to sell items that cost up to $2500 or more on the front end and earn up to 50% commission for one sale.

It is very hard to sell such expensive items especially online. According to my experience, high ticket affiliate marketing works in two ways.

  1. Upselling Method

First, you need to provide value to your target audience. Offer them free e-book, guides, training or webinar.  This is just to put them in the buying model and build trust.

Then refer them an offer on the front end that cost $22.50 and the next offer can be $100 and until they end up spending $2500

Think about McDollar upselling you can go and buy a burger that cost $7.50 and they offer you to buy flies and drink and you end up spending $14.99


This is how it works with most high ticket affiliate marketing. The money is on the back end. Most big companies use this sale funnel with a lower offer on the front end to break even and the profit is on the back end.

  1. Subscription Method

They are a lot service that you can promote that offer a subscription service which means the customer must pay a recurring price.

This can be software, web hosting or a training course as long as that person keep on paying for the service will earn a recurring commission.

You can see this screenshot below I am making recurring commissions almost every day.


Let say you are promoting a service that cost $99.0 per month and pay 50% in commission. Every month you manager to make 10 sales in 12 months you could be making $5,940 per month in commission.


I am being very realistic here they are many people who are making 5 to 6 figure online with the recurring commission.

But to arrive at this result you need to build an effective sale funnel.

According to

The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.

To build a sales funnel you will need a landing page.

This is where you need to offer something valuable for your target audience to reach your sale funnel. You need to offer free ebooks, training or free webinar in exchange for their email.

We called it a lead magnet. All the processes seem clear right?

The hardest part most Affiliate Marketers face is to generate quality traffic without it you do not have a business.

They are two types of traffic Organic Traffic (free traffic) and Paid Traffic.

  1. Organic traffic

You can get organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engine. This involves learning how to create a blog page and rank your content on the Search Engines or create a youtube channel.

What you need to know is organic traffic take time to generate and it involves creating quality content most of the time.

But it is the most effective method most successful Affiliate Marketers use and your posts or videos can bring you traffic to the landing page for years.

If you want to learn how to generate organic traffic you can sign up for free training with Wealthy Affiliate. If you are reading this article right not it means their training works.

  1. Paid traffic

Paid Traffic is the traffic you can generate by placing ads on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and other platforms.

As sooner as you put in your credit card you will start to generate tons of traffic to your landing page.

The high the budget the more traffic you can get. If you have the budget and you want a quick result you can sign up with Legendary Marketer.

Their entire training is focused on paid traffic and how to build profitable high ticket affiliate marketing.

Is high ticket affiliate marketing a scam?

First of all, let define the term “Scam”. \”It is a dishonest scheme or a fraud\”. In the beginning, I define High Ticket Affiliate Marketing as a strategy some Affiliate Marketers use to promote only a high product or service to increase their earnings online.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting someone else or company products or services and make commissions when sales occur

It is just a simple marketing strategy. It does not have anything to do with scams or frauds.

I do acknowledge scams exist in the online world and there are also scam programs on the internet.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you need to do your due diligence to make sure the company that you are partnering with is honest and do pay their affiliate and on time.

You also need to check if their products or services add value to it is customers.

That is why I always recommend my audience to promote products or services that you have used before or you are using now.

Integrity in this online world is the key to build a successful online business with internet and affiliate marketing.

If your audience trust you and they will become loyal customers and buy whatever you are recommending to them.

How do people start high-ticket affiliate marketing?

The process of starting high ticket affiliate marketing is the same as starting a low-middle-high ticket affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is:

  • Search for a profitable niche to focus on
  • Find affiliate network or program
  • Reach your target audience (Generate organic or paid traffic)
  • Make commission (make money)

These are very simple steps to start your high ticket affiliate marketing business. Anyone can do it even my 12 years nephew.

As said before the hard part is to generate quality traffic that converts to sales. If you have the traffic you are all set and you will start making money.

But without traffic, you do not have a business and you can not make any sales.

Just imagine setup your store in the middle of a desert and hoping for your potential client to find you.

I recommend my audience to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to generate quality organic traffic that converts to sales.

Therefore, if you have some budget and you are willing to learn how to start a high ticket affiliate marketing business Legendary Marketer training focus on building a profitable high ticket affiliate marketing business with paid traffic.

high ticket affiliate programs

I have listed here the Best High Ticket Affiliate marketing Program you will need to check out and below are a few High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs:

  • Wealthy Affiliate – Pay recurring commission (MMO Niche)- sign up free Trial
  • Legendary Marketer – Lifetime commission (MMO Niche) – Sign up Free Trial
  • Clickfunnal – Recurring commission (Software) – Sign up free Free Trial
  • GetRespondse – Recurring commission ( Autoresponder) – Sign Up Free Trial

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Is high ticket affiliate marketing legit?

If you have read this guide until here you already understand that high ticket affiliate marketing is a legit strategy any affiliate marketer can use to increase their online revenue by promoting costly products and services instead of promoting low ticket affiliate marketing.

But the lifeblood of any business is traffic (people come to your store or website or sale page) not just by choosing a costly product or service to promote.

If people can find your offers or you can not reach them you do not have any business.

To generate organic traffic (Free traffic) you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate this is a platform that will teach you to step by step how to build your niche website and get free traffic to your website and make money.

If you are here reading this article it means their training works and it will work for you if you follow all the training and take action.

High ticket affiliate marketing secrets

The secret to building a profitable high ticket affiliate marketing is to focus on helping people. The internet is full of fake gurus and who are in the business of making money by selling scrap products just to increase sales and revenue.

Do some research or buy the products and test it before you start recommending them to your target audience.

Last year I want to promote a stock trading platform just because they were paying a good commission.

But they have in the business of looting people. Few days before I start creating content to promote the platform they were shut down by the Federal trade commission.

Some scenarios that happen MOBE (My Online Business Education).

Be careful do not to promote anything your hard work and money will go to waste. You can also check out this article on Why People fail with Affiliate Marketing to be on the safe side.

After analysing your future partner below is the secret of building a profitable High Ticket Affiliate Marketing:

  • Only promote Digital Product
  • Stay away from Physical Product and Amazon Associate Program
  • Focus on products or services that pay recurring commission
  • Promote products or services that pay lifetime commission

High ticket affiliate marketing pros and cons


  • Making passive income

Affiliate Marketing is a very good business model to make passive income other people calling it to make money while you are sleeping especially if you choose a service that is paying recurring commission.

  • Being your own boss

You can work anywhere and anytime with your laptop and internet connection. You do not need a boss you are the boss. Most companies need Affiliate Marketer to increase their revenue.

  • Build a stream of income

You can promote different products and services and earn commissions. Bet yet if you decide to be a blogger or Youtuber you can signup with Google Adsense and get paid for everyone who visits your website or watches your video.

  • Learning new skills

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will learn different skills, as copywriting, video editing, design, coaching and a lot more.


  • Changing the algorithm

The search engine algorithm is changing all the time. I have seen people losing 30 to 70% of the traffic overnight. If you keep the best practice that Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you are almost cover.

  • Paid Traffic is very costly

Paid traffic cost is increasing every year. If you always throwing your money into an advertisement you might not break even if your traffic does not convert sales. That is why I always recommend my audience to learn how to generate organic traffic.

Yes, organic traffic takes time but it is free traffic and effective.

  • Competition

To start an affiliate marketing business does not require any capital or stock of any products.  You can sign up for free with any affiliate network or affiliate program. This brings more people to the business and it comes very competitively.

High ticket Affiliate Marketing – Final Verdict

High ticket affiliate marketing is a good strategy that you can implement to increase your online earnings whether you are a beginner, advance or expert affiliate marketer.

Before you start implementing this strategy you need to do some digging to find the right affiliate program that values their affiliate and pays on time.

You have to promote only products or services that will help your audience or add some value.

As I said before the lifeblood of any online business is traffic and if you do not know how to generate traffic you do not have a business.

If you want to increase your earnings by generating organic traffic you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and learn step by step how to build a niche website and make commissions.

You can also sign up with Legendary Marketer the focus on how to build high ticket affiliate marketing. The training is focused on paid traffic and if you have the budget good for it.

You will certainly get high-quality training and build a successful online affiliate marketing business.

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