AWOL Academy Review – It costs $20,883 Be Warned!!!

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Welcome To My Awol Academy Review. I understand you are doing this research you probably looking for to find more information about AWOL Academy.

awol academy reviewTherefore, you are asking yourself if this is a great deal or if they offer good training worth your time and money or maybe you just want to find out if AWOL ACADEMY IS SCAM?

Or maybe you are looking for more information to start your Internet Marketing Business.

I have done my research about this program not everything is pretty good about AWOL Academy. 

To get the best of this review you will need to read it until the very end and I will try to answer those questions and explain how this Training Program works.

By being here I guess you already have a basic idea of the Internet Marketing Business or you do not know anything about it do not worry I will help you out.

The internet is a great place to build your business and it will build many millionaires in the near future due to the geographical independence.

As a newbie in this Internet Marketing Business, you do not know where to start and what you need to start your own business you might end up in the hand of the internet Gurus that are in the business to make money for themselves and care little about you.

The good news is there’s ton of good people like me who review program, training or any product online that claim to help people.

I review the product and show you the good, the bad and the ugly and most important show you another alternative training or program that does the same job at the affordable cost that why are reading this AWOL Academy Review today.

What is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is the Internet Marketing Program and Coaching Platform found by Kameron George and Keala Kanae in 2015.

What is AWOL Stand for? Another Way Of Live or (Another Way Of Lying. Just kidding!!!) before the company was called Project AWOL it was part of the MLM business with Empower Network.

The Owner of AWOL Academy

Company AWOL Academy
Founder Keala Kanae and Kameron George
Founded 2015
Headquarters Las Vegas ( United States)
Products Internet Marketing Program
Website Official website
Revenue $20 Million to $50 Million

How to Join AWOL Academy?

There are few Training Programs that offer a Free Trial like Wealthy Affiliate. I think it is the best way to allow someone to check the program out and decide if it is a good Training Program or not.

Any way to signup with AWOL Academy the initial price $99.00 you will be filling the billing information and the company offers 14 days money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the training.

How does AWOL Academy Works?

AWOL Academy teaches how to start the Internet Marketing Business you will go to the step by step training how set up your website, domain name, lead generation, sales funnels, Email Marketing and more. Is it worth it to pay $99.00 for this course? I would say yes if they were not any up-selling.

Drining CoffeeIn the meantime, have a cup of tea or coffee and read very carefully this AWOL Academy Review this where you will decide if you have enough budget for this training and know your deal breaker.

AWOL Academy Pricing

Pro Academy is an initial package of AWOL Academy that will cost you $99.00 

But, there is a lot of upselling that will cost you $20,883.00 if you decide to continue with the training.

Why spend this kind of money if you just learning how to start the online business?

I know somewhere you can start the same training for free as Starter Member no credit card required and if you enjoy the training you can upgrade to premium it will cost only $49 per month no up-sell no bullsh*t. You Can Create Your Free Account Here

Any way let continue with  AWOL Academy Review I am giving you all the information that you are looking for please do not blame me for being honest stay tuned.

1. $99.00 Pro Academy 

This is the initial course when you join AWOL Academy you will get step by step training that explains the Internet Marketing Business and how to set up your website, domain name, sales funnel and email autoresponder.

The training includes 5 modules and 25 videos where Keala Kanae is explaining how the Internet Marketing Business is working.

This is just for you to get started if you ask my opinion for the $99.00 is very fair for this Training Program because Keala Kanae and Kameron George work hard to provide its member with the course.

During this course you will have to fill up a questionnaire where you need to answer question about your current situation, your financial plan and goals enough question for someone to know you and after you will have to request one hour call with the coach most people think the call is just to help you to get started with your business guess what is the sell speech to convince you to buy the next program the coach already know your current situation and how bad you want to succeed in this Internet Marketing Business.

In this course, you will need to buy more tools to get started

  • A landing page costs around $27 to $35
  • Email Autoresponder cost around $29 to $150 depending on your subscriber
  • Tracking System cost $12 to $30

You will end up spending more than $99 for this course if I want this to work I would not mind spending a few bucks for business but AWOL Academy they already have a tactic in place to suck you until your bank account is empty does not get me wrong if you have the budget you can go for it.

2. $49 Internet Income Explained 

This is the next program if you decide to go a little further with AWOL Academy this training contains 4 videos that explain how the online sales processes and digital marketing works. Enough marketing strategy to scale up your business.

3. $447 Inbox Academy 

This training explains how to grow your email, increase the opening rate and click. It is very useless to send your email marketing no one opens it.

AWOL Academy claims that in inbox Academy training program has the secret strategies used by the world’s best email marketers to increase your opening rate and clicks.

4. $1,797 Conversion Academy 

As an online business owner if you do not convert your visitor or your subscriber to paying customer you are not making any profit.

This training will help you to convert your subscribers to paying customers by learning live presentations, storytelling and persuasive sale copy this will increase your conversion rate. But it is way too expensive.

5. $2,997.00 Traffic Academy

A website without traffic (Visitor) It’s just died beautiful design website no one is going to notice if you do not have what it takes for visitors to find you in the search engine.

AWOL Academy claims that this training has the secrets to generating a flood of website visitors that convert into loyal customers but the program focus on the paying traffic, not free traffic like keyword research which means $2997 is not enough you will need to spend again money to paying traffic.

You can signup for the Free Keyword Tool Here this will help you with the Keyword Research Analysis.

However, if you come up with your right keyword your website will rank high in the search engine and you will get free traffic to your website the fact that you are reading this AWOL Academy Review means it works for me without paying the damn $2,997.00.

Better yet if you want the same training that you can pay 49 per month as Premium Member or just check it out for free as a Starter Member and learn the Internet Marketing up to 10 lessons better than the Pro Academy that cost $99.00 check My Top Recommendation

6. $5,497 Masters Academy 

This cover the more advance a topic such as an Entrepreneur Mindset, Money Management, Strategic Tax Planning, Investing, and More. I got nothing to say about this because I am very exhausted with the upsell and tactic just for people to spend more in this program

But I think this mindset they should have introduced it at the early stage without the great mindset no matter the tools and training it will be kind hard to succeed because they internet marketing need a lot of work and good spirit to succeed online.

7. $9,997 AWOL Elite 

This is the highest module for AWOL Academy if you buy this training program you will work closely with Keala Kanae and Kameron George you will have access to weekly webinars, personal mentoring and You will have access to their Facebook Group.

As you can see AWOL Academy has too much up-sell by the end of the training will spend more $20 883 this is a very good business for the owners but it is not good for me and it does not think it good for your either. If you are seriously looking to start the internet marketing business I will suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review

Is it AWOL Academy a Pyramid Scheme?

This question is up for debate although AWOL Academy is teaching its member the Internet Marketing and how to promote another entrepreneur’s product it is highly recommended promoting the AWOL Academy training program.

You will get all the tools and support to perfectly promote their Training Program. 

In my option AWOL Academy is not a pyramid scheme and is not a must recruit other people to buy the program if you do not agree with me please leave your opinion in the comment section we can talk about it.

Is AWOL Academy a Scam

AWOL Academy is not a scam it is just a high ticket program with a lot of upselling.

Please do not get me wrong their program is very great but I would not spend $20,883 for the training.

However, if you have the money you can go for it but I will not recommend someone to spend that much for online training.

You can save a lot of money with Wealthy Affiliate training and invest some cash to speed up your profit.

AWOL Academy Complaints?

It very hard to find a company without any complaints even if the support system is 5/5 rate. They will something that people will be unhappy and it will lead a complaint so, let’s look at Awal Academy Complaints.

Pricing: There is no doubt about this I personally think the program is too expensive I thought I was alone. 

There are many folks who are complaining about the price. If you think this extremely high and you want to learn the Internet Marketing please check My Top Recommendation

Too much Upsells: AWOL Academy always tries to sell you something if the Power Bank was part the Internet Marketing Tool they would not a doubt to sell it to the Member. They do not see you as a learner they see as a potential client.

Conclusion About AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy is a legit company that offers a great Internet Marketing Training Program however, the course is very expensive and it demands a great budget to buy all the programs the company is providing.

In short average people who are willing to learn the Internet Marketing Business can not afford to buy the program.

The reason I write this AWOL Academy Review is to help out folks you are interested to start the Internet Marketing Business and if they can not afford this Higher Ticket Training Program and show similar program that is very affordable and you can even have a free account to check it out. Do not take my word for it, I will suggest reading My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Your Feedback about My AWOL Academy Review and your experience.

Do you have the AWOL Academy Success story? Do you agree with this AWOL Academy Review? Do you have AWOL Academy Complaints? What is the AWOL Academy refund Policy? Please give your answer in the comment section it will help someone.

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