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123 Affiliate Marketing Review – Don\’t Buy This Course

123 Affiliate Marketing Review: Why You Should Not Buy This Course?
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Welcome to my 123 Affiliate Marketing Review. As the 21st century marks the era of digitalization, many people are trying their way to make money online.

In fact, some are heading towards online marketing, more specifically affiliate marketing.  And to outstand competition, people are looking for valuable resources to learn affiliate marketing. 

And there are many educational programs like Affiliate Institute, Authority Hacker, Income school, etc. But only a few serve the purpose. To save you from trouble, I am on a mission to review every affiliate marketing training course on earth.  Today, I will be giving my two cents on 123 Affiliate marketing. Read on to know: 

What is 123 Affiliate marketing?

Who is Pat Flynn? 

What’s inside 123 Affiliate marketing? 

Who should Join 123 Affiliate marketing? 

What’s the cost of 123 Affiliate Marketing? 

Pros and Cons

Is it legit or a scam? 

Alternatives to 123 Affiliate Marketing

What is 123 Affiliate Marketing? 

It is a training course that aims to teach people how to make money online via affiliate marketing. Pat Flynn promotes this course through his blog


Pat Flynn created this course in 2017. To date, the course is being updated. As the name indicates, the foundation of the course is built upon three steps. 

Pat Flynn hosts this course on teachables. It contains five modules and 23 videos that are of high quality. You can watch them at 360p to 1080p as per your internet speed. He makes sure you won’t get bored watching the videos.

In a nutshell, the course will teach you about selecting the most profitable product and platform to promote affiliate products. It will also discuss how to build trust with your audience and create healthy relationships. 

Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur who lives in San Diego, CA. He got his B.A degree in architecture from the University of California. After graduating, he created a website to help him pass LEED, an architectural exam.  


To his surprise, his website generated thousands of views a day. Getting motivated by results, he started learning about online business. He soon created an ebook style guide o help his visitors pass the LEED exam. In the very first month of launching that ebook, he made $7008. 

After realising his potential, he created smart passive income to share with the world how he achieved this success. It made him over $200,000 in the very first year. He also started his podcast and youtube channel, which at the moment has 305k subscribers. 

This was his success story in a nutshell. No doubt, there are many other inspiring stories like that. But what made him unique is he shares accurate screenshots of his earnings over his blog, smart passive income. In 2012, Forbes declared him as one of the most transparent leaders. 

Pat Flynn offers multiple courses; the highest one is priced at $999 and the lowest one at $99. He promotes evergreen products and programs like Bluehost (earn $110 for each referral), teachable, ConvertKit, etc. He has made over more than $3 million from affiliate revenues alone. 

Who should join Pat Flynn’s affiliate marketing course? 

Pat makes it clear that this course is not for beginners. Not for people who are starting from scratch. 

He won’t be teaching you how to build affiliate sites and getting traffic. So it’s meaningless for any beginner to invest in this course. 

He would teach you how to promote affiliate links to the already existing traffic. So, anyone who has an online presence can benefit from this course. 


What’s inside Pat Flynn’s Affiliate marketing course? 

There are, in total, five modules. Before the actual course starts, Pat Flynn will be giving you a traditional introductory session and thank you for purchasing the course. 

In the first module, he will teach you about what affiliate marketing is and how to get the most from this course.

The foundation of this course lies in the following three modules, which I will be describing in detail. 

2nd module: Choosing the right product

In this module, he will be teaching you the first step. Choosing the right product determines your success in affiliate marketing. 

You should choose the product that provides value to the customers. It should be a solution to your audience problems. 

You will also learn how to determine your focus product and how to get affiliate links. This module will also highlight the importance of building healthy relationships with product creators and affiliate merchants. 

It is good information, but I bet you can find it easily on blogs and youtube for free

Module 3:  Passive Promotional Strategies

This module will teach you about the strategies to promote the product you choose and earn commission passively. 

In this module, Pat will also show you his favourite homepage conversion strategies so that you can replicate them. He will also teach you how to boost conversion by setting up an autoresponder sequence for your email sequences. 

Module 4: Active promotional strategies

This module talks about the active promotional strategies to promote the product.

These strategies include email broadcasts, campaigns, bonuses, etc. Pat will also be talking about the tools you need to use and opportunities for long term success. 

I have high hopes for him to talk about blogger outreach, link building, guest posts, etc. But he didn’t even mention these things. 

The next module will provide you with extra resources and recommend softwares, training courses, and books to learn affiliate marketing in more detail. 

I am disappointed by the stuff one of the most well-reputed and successful affiliate marketers teaches. 

What’s the cost of 123 Affiliate marketing? 

Its cost has changed multiple times since the time it was created. At the moment, It’s priced at a one-time payment of $599. You will get lifetime access to this course. 

I know many of the affiliate marketing courses are as costly as $997. But still, I would say 123 Affiliate marketing is an expensive course compared to the value it offers. 

Check my top recommendation that is priced at only $447 and covers most topics of affiliate marketing.

Pros and cons:


Successful Instructor

The biggest positive of this course is Pat Flynn himself. His reputation and transparency give good vibes about the course. I didn’t find any scandal associated with him, which is a plus point. 

Support system: 

The course has a good support system. Pat is himself available during office working hours and responds to queries of his students. 

30-day money-back guarantee

Pat offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course content. You can get a refund within 30 days. 


Doesn’t teach organic and free traffic: 

I am surprised that he only teaches in this course how to select products and promote them through affiliate links. He does not teach SEO in his course. While smart passive income gets most of the traffic through organic search. 

The most hardest yet essential part of affiliate marketing is getting tons of traffic. Because no matter how effectively you use the affiliate links, your time and energy will waste if your blog is not getting traffic. Pat created his blog in 2008. Back then, creating quality content was enough, but in 2021, you can’t succeed without SEO. 

I was expecting him to share how he built smart passive income to this level, but I am disappointed.

Check my top recommendation that teaches you how to drive organic traffic to your affiliate blog. 

Recommends Expensive tools

$599 is already not justifiable as compared to the value Pat brings to the table. Yet, he recommends expensive tools. 

You are likely to be spending money on these tools: 




Key research

You can check my top recommendation that offers free keyword research tools and website hosting domain services. 

Is it legit or a scam?

Till now, we know that Pat Flynn is a legit man. And I appreciate him for his transparency. After reading about him, your expectations about this course must be too high. 

But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Despite its legibility, I won’t recommend this course as it doesn’t cover all of affiliate marketing. The content you get just doesn’t justify $599. 

Alternatives to 123 Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is one of my top recommendations to anyone looking for budget-friendly training on affiliate marketing. 

Unlike 123 affiliate marketing, it covers traffic generation, building affiliate sites and almost everything related to affiliate marketing. 

Yet it’s cheaper and brings lots of value to the table for free. It provides you with a premium keyword analysis tool and website hosting domain services for free. 

It also provides its users with a freemium version, so they can get access to it for free as long as they want. I would recommend you sign up for wealthy affiliates’ freemium version so that you can make a better decision. 

Forex signals

It’s not an affiliate marketing training course. It helps people master forex trading. Forex trading is selling one currency and buying another. 

It provides you with 24/7 mentors support and 300+ hours of video training. It also takes interactive quizzes so that you can evaluate your understanding of the topic. 

Final thoughts: 

I spent hours researching 123 affiliate marketing and presented all the facts in front of you. I appreciate Pat Flynn for who he is. But I can’t recommend his course knowing what it offers. The large yet essential part of affiliate marketing, i.e. traffic generation, is missing in his course. 

You can check out my top recommendation to learn affiliate marketing that offers more value and free tools. 


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